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Chapter Three: Hermione's Puzzle

"Morning" Harry said brightly as he came downstairs, his eyes alight as he sat down across from Hermione. Predictably, Ron wasn't up yet even though it was lunch time

"Afternoon" Hermione corrected automatically as she fixed her gaze on her friend and Harry inwardly smirked, wondering how long it would take for Hermione to figure it out

"Harry dear" Mrs Weasley said, bustling over to straighten Harry's shirt "I've laid out some clean clothes for you and…"

"Thank you Mrs Weasley" Harry interrupted politely "but I've already got an outfit picked out for the trial" he smiled kindly at her, his lips quirking slightly as Hermione's eyes narrowed into slits

"Oh, are you sure Harry dear, you need to look presentable and…"

"They're new robes Mrs Weasley, Remus picked them up for me; I thought I should make a good impression like you said" Harry said and that seemed to appease the mother as she nodded and went back to making lunch, but Hermione…well it was very difficult to get things past her, wasn't it.

He fought a laugh as she pretended to read, but Harry knew she hadn't turned a page in quite awhile

He simply sat down and bit into a piece of toast

As his teeth sunk into the piece of bread, Harry froze, his mind coming up with an idea and he jumped up, running to Remus' room, taking a moment to appreciate Hermione gaping at him as her pretence of reading fell

Hermione sat the next morning pondering the strange behaviour of her friend - what on earth was happening… she felt like she had missed something - he was usually so easy to read. Whatever it was, Hermione was happy; her friend looked happier than he had in years.

"Good morning" Sirius sang and Hermione's head snapped up as she looked at the prisoner escapee, her eyes jumping between him and the memory of Harry

Hermione looked at her watch. Sirius was rarely up this early and she assumed that, like her, he was looking to see Harry off for his trial

"Good morning" Hermione returned suspiciously as she looked the man over. Besides looking happier and healthier - just like Harry, her mind insisted - he had cleaned himself up, he was dressed in everyday wizarding robes that looked new and expensive

But that didn't prepare her for the change in her best friend.

She was chatting with Moody, Remus and Arthur, while Mrs Weasley started to make breakfast, the time now 6am. Sirius was sitting reading a paper, but Hermione had to bite her lips from all the questions as she stared at the Black escapee

"Morning" Harry said cheerfully and Hermione did a double take as she stared at her best friend

"Mrs Weasley , who was busy frying just murmured a hurried "morning" and resumed her cooking

Harry had changed, and Hermione wasn't just talking about his state of mind anymore. His features were ever so slightly changed… he appeared more elegant and had filled out quite a bit more. His eyes remained the same stunning emerald green, his hair was still jet black…but it was effortlessly elegantly messy now…and just cheekbones had risen, giving him a more pureblood face…if Hermione had been around 50 years ago she would have been able to see the resemblance to the Black family.

As it was, she did recognise Sirius' features in there and looked between Harry and Sirius…both happy…somehow Sirius had made Harry his son…she was sure of it…but she had never heard of such a thing. She'd have to head off to the library if that dratted friend of hers wouldn't give her anything to go on besides a smirk.

She glanced around the room to see Arthur staring at Harry agape, while Remus had greeted his previous student and gone back to his conversation with Moody and Kinsly, both whom didn't express their surprise beyond a lifted eyebrow at Harry's entrance.

Hermione's eyes drifted down and she noticed the formal expensive pureblood robes her best friend was wearing. He looked every bit the pureblood heir that he should and she even noticed several rings adorning his fingers that hadn't been there before.

"Morning Pup" Sirius said smiling as he kissed Harry's temple and Hermione smiled to herself, despite her shock, as Harry lent into the touch "morning dad" Harry murmured so softly that Hermione barely caught it

Ahhh, so she was right. Something had happened between Harry and his godfather -well father now.

Hermione continued to stare at Harry as a full blown beam made its way across her face and Harry glanced up and smiled at her