Disclaimer: This is a rewritten version of the original Issei and the Paranormal. I decided to rewrite it because a major plot hole disrupted the story and certain things didn't make much sense from my perspective. So I rewrote it in hopes of making a better story. Before reading this story, you need to know that it is an AU and won't follow canon's plot. There are some original elements added to this story as well. Enjoy reading!

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Issei ran out of the classroom and into the hallway. He had a necklace pressed against his chest and came to an abrupt stop, almost tripping himself at what he saw. On the floor, were the dead bodies of students. The monster must have done this. Issei's eyes jumped. A stream of blood ran along the ground and stopped at Issei's feet. The decaying aura he felt, made it impossible to move. He must be dreaming, as there was no possibility that this was reality.

Chapter 1: The abduction of Asia Argento

Issei remembered the night of the fire vividly. He was running, panting at every step, chasing the person in front. "Hurry up, Issei!" the girl called out, far ahead of him. She was always mysteriously faster than him. In this game he'd always lose, his steps became heavier just as his breathing. With sweat running down his face, he ultimately came to a stop.

Then, it came. A bright light filled his vision, like the sun, and before he knew it, flames appeared. Everything was burnt and turned to ash. On the other hand, his friend was nowhere seen. Perhaps, gone for good.

"Issei?" a gentle and soft voice called out.

"Issei?" it got louder.


Eyes thrust open. Looking in front, a blonde girl stood. Her emerald green eyes bore into Issei's own as if staring into his soul. "I... Issei? Were you spacing out again?" Issei seemed as if he just regained consciousness from a prolonged coma. His eyes glimmer in the early morning, giving off a vibrant look that reflected the blonde girl's beautiful face.

"It's nothing, Asia. Just was spacing out a little. That's all." he said, gently placing his hand on her shoulder. His eyes left her and landed on his father who wore an oversized shirt, buttoned up with a summer beach design. He also had a hat which was for vacations only, which so happened to be the case.

"Whelp, I'll be off now son, you and Asia take care now." his father drew stuffed suitcases towards his old SUV.

"Yes, you two take care!" his mother added, excitedly while also dragging her luggage along the stone pathway. She traced his shoulder as she passed. "You better take care of Asia. After all, she might be your wife soon, RIGHT?" she whispered, narrowing her eyes and grinning. Issei shot his mother an embarrassed look. Face flustered and eyes bulging.

"Mom! I told you to quit it with that wife crap," he seemed rather flushed about it.

His mother giggled. "Don't worry, Issei. I'm joking." she proceeded along her way while looking at him, "Honestly though, I'm counting on you to keep her safe and yourself as well."

Issei released a sigh. He felt restless, her jokes were becoming supremely unbearable and inappropriate. What kind of mother encourages their sixteen-year-old son to marry? Though he had never thought of that. Asia was extremely cute, always around him, good around the house, especially cooking but the thought never struck him. After all, there's more to being a partner than that.

"Bye Mr. and Mrs. Hyoudou! Have a nice trip." Asia waved, happily. Mrs. Hyoudou stopped.

"Asia-chan, it's about time you started calling me mother by now," she stated.

"I-I'm sorry. I know it's been like two years living with you b-but it still feels so sudden for me to call you that. I hope you're not offended!" she twiddled her fingers, looking down. Her face got extremely red. She had been an orphan for almost her entire life. Calling someone mom and dad felt extremely unusual, however, she had been grateful that they took her in.

"It's okay sweetheart." Mrs. Hyoudou fanned a wave at her. She pulled her large suitcase aggressively out the gate and flung it in the open trunk of the SUV. Wiping her face, she sighed in relaxation. "Ahh. A 4 months vacation in Okinawa, oh, I've worked too hard for this. I can't wait!"

The two teens stood idly by. Both dressed in their school uniforms. Issei gently waved at his parents, seeing the car pull out from the driveway. He quickly smiled at their departure. Asia seemed saddened though. She stared to the ground with dull eyes to which Issei noticed.

"Hey, it's okay Asia-San. They'll be back before you know it." he gently bumped her shoulder, trying to lighten her mood.

Asia reluctantly smiled before turning to Issei. "No it's fine, I'm just feeling under the weather that's all," she daintily scuffed her face.

Issei, feeling a tad worried, rested his hand on her forehead. Her face swelled at this.

"Uh...um, Issei."

"Hey, don't worry, I'm here for you okay and I'll always be, no matter what." He smiled profoundly while giving a thumbs up. It felt as if a beam of happiness radiated from him and just landed on Asia. She also smiled and looked away in embarrassment.

Something suddenly came to mind. Issei almost forgot. Well, it was Asia who had forgotten. Searching his pockets, he pulled out a cord attached to a holy cross carved from wood. "You never forget this do you?" he said, then gently fixed it around her neck.

"Legend says crosses like these can be used to fend off evil entities like devils and other beings. I doubt it's that spectacular but it sure does fit you, Asia." he peered down on her. She was always shorter than he was and admittedly cute as well, "You're like an angel, Asia."

At this point, her face was red like a tomato. "P-please don't say stuff like that Issei. You really don't need to flatter me." Asia hid her face, sounding coy.

Issei couldn't help, he disbursed with laughter. Her modesty was too much. "Seriously, Asia, you really are an angel!" he uttered just when Asia covered his mouth, shaking her head from the embarrassment.

And so their day began. The first thing was the bullet train to school.

It was 10:00 am and the train was practically empty. Issei loved the train ride to school, the scenery he received in the morning was splendid. The west side of kuoh, where he lived, was beautiful, harboring majestic lakes for fishing, historical temples, and other places of interest. Issei leaned back in his seat which was shared with Asia, taking in the fresh air. Asia seemed sleepy, perhaps the walk to the station was a bit long. In a couple of seconds, her eyelids gave way and she dozed off. Her head fell on Issei's shoulder as she slept peacefully. Issei was drawn back at this, and soon he too fell asleep.

Issei was originally a lonely child. There was one friend he had though. Her name was Irina. Sadly, she died from a mysterious fire that happened in the woods. No one identified the cause of the fire and so, it was left a cold case. Issei felt awful about his past, he blamed himself for not being able to save her but things were different now. No worries. No troubles. Issei wasn't the most interesting or talented person. His grades were average, he barely had any friends. Though, he always found himself smiling with Asia. This girl, a girl with many mysteries was like a spark in his life.

Regardless, happiness doesn't last forever. There were things. Things that could snatch happiness away in an instant. And when happiness is gone, it's like all hell will break loose.

The bullet train continued on its course, rattling along the metal rails of the track. It soon approached the entrance of a tunnel. The engine made distorted sounds whilst going through. The tunnel also served as a bridge, though no one was crossing at the moment. It was silent there. Though, something slithered along the cracked surface of the ground. It pulled itself towards the barriers of the bridge and peered off in the distance. It watched the train go off in the distance and opens its mouth, showing fangs of the devil.

Then, a voice called out. Rich like chocolate and clear.

"Not now, you filthy beast. We shall wait"

Issei and Asia finally arrived at school, and already, they are confronted with problems.

Two boys, who came out of nowhere, rushed towards them. They're both beaten up, bruised, and had bloody noses. Almost as if they got into a fight. They both stormed towards Issei, panting heavily with desperate looks.

"ISSEI, HELP US!" the boy who wore glasses grabbed on to him.

"YEAH MAN, WE'RE DYING HERE!" another guy with a buzz cut clenched onto him as well, sounding even more desperate.

A blank look swept Issei's face. "Uhhhhh? What's going on? Why are you all hugging me?" The two boys ignored him and whimpered like hungry dogs.

Suddenly, footsteps approached them. It was a group of girls dressed in robes. One of them, with pink hair, held out a wooden sword.

"You damn, pervs!" she yelled, trotting towards them. Issei felt he knew where this was going. He hinted at Asia, telling her to go to classes while he handles the situation. She did just that.

"Hey, you, Hyoudou-kun, you know what we heard?" she put her sword above her shoulder, setting it in Issei's direction, "That you've been secretly looking at us while we're changing with those two losers."

"What? I think you've been mistaken? Why'd we only look at you when there's other chicks in the school." Issei replied, then laughed awkwardly, "Let's just forget about this whole thing and head to class, shall we?"

"You ass! For punishment, we're gonna tie you to a pole, strip you naked, and beat you senselessly!"

Motohama began laughing. "Issei can't be easily beaten by your pathetic weapons, he's the toughest one in our group!" he declared.

"He's the one that takes all the punches!" Matsuda added.

She ignored their comment. "Doesn't matter, we'll just keep beating him till he breaks." After, the whole army of girls raced towards them.

Issei broke into fright and horror. He quickly turned to both his friends. "Sorry guys, but I don't feel like getting beaten today." he swallowed, nervously and in no time, they all bolted away from the angry mob.

The boys collapsed under a bench positioned beneath a tree. Issei was breathing heavily, he shoved Motohama, who was slung over him, to the side and sat upright. He felt so weak and sore. Not just his ability to maintain stamina, but overall. He turned his gaze to the guys who were basically worn out.

"Hey guys?" he asked, doubtfully. "Do you think... Do you think... I'm average?"

Matsuda mumbled something while slowly raising his hand, and Motohama was so tired he wanted to sleep.

"I...Issei...sh..shut up." he groaned.

Issei got up and put on a weak smile. "Never mind. Plus, I've gotta get to Asia. She's probably worried about where I'm at right now."

Issei arrived at his class. He knew Asia would be there, she'd often attend classes early, unlike Issei who occasionally skipped ones he didn't like. He approached Asia who was silently skipping the pages of a book.

"Sorry I came late, hope you didn't worry too much," he said.

"Oh no, I wasn't worried at all. I knew you would get out without much trouble," she replied, putting on a smile. She returned to her book and her face changed, now looking dejected.

Issei couldn't help but feel he knew the cause of what made her feel this way. He went to ask her though.

"Hey, Asia—" The light bulbs on the ceiling suddenly flickered on and off. Issei looked up with a puzzled face.

"What was that?" Asia asked.

"Probably just the electric switch going off. Or maybe, someone's just pranking us?" Issei mused, thinking about his bum friends as the pranksters.

Outside of the building, something peered into the tiny gap of the classroom window, quietly watching Issei, and then, its gaze went on Asia.

Back in the classroom, the atmosphere felt strange, as if an invisible presence lurked by. Issei felt an indescribable, apprehensive feeling and suddenly, the room began shaking. Issei lost his footing and quickly, stumbled to his knee. The building stopped moving and Asia went to help Issei.

"Issei! Are you okay?" she asked, assisting him back up.

Issei looked sort of dazed out. "Wha... What just happened? Was that an earthquake?" he muttered, "W-w-we gotta get out here and find somewhere safe."

"Bu-but" Asia swallowed nervously while trembling, "It might be an earthquake as you've said. We should probably take cover."

Issei didn't reply. If it was a tremor that was leading to an actual earthquake, going outside would be asinine. It seemed best for them to take cover somewhere in class. Asia scanned the room. Small desks were scattered everywhere from the shaking, and there was no actual furniture that could serve as good protection. Commotions were then heard from the other room. They both remained quiet and cautious. The sounds grew louder, more distinct, more like heavy stomps. Issei ambled back with alerted eyes.

In the other class after them, something was running directly towards the wall of their class. Issei had been Asia's shield, as he heard the stomping. Then suddenly, the wall exploded and what came from it, was some kind of behemoth with gigantic horns in place for eyes. Broken rocks and debris go everywhere, and a gust of dust blows towards Issei, who tried vigorously to block Asia.

The large, and muscular behemoth kicked away rubble. The dust cleared, and it was seeing looming over Issei. It had a menacing face, which sent shivers down Issei's spine. Issei gulped, nervously. Just what in the hell was he looking at. For some reason, he couldn't move. But, Asia! She had to be safe. So he then griped the palm of his hand and turned towards Asia.

"Asia...!" he screamed, but then, immediately, he went back, with eyes wide as day. He gasped at this unbelievable reality.

Asia had vanished. Her cross was the only thing left on the ground. It was broken at the chain as if taken off by force. Issei stared it down, entranced.

"...Asia?" he uttered, softly. However, he didn't notice a large shadow that was cast over him. And when he did, he jerked back. But, a large arm slammed onto him, knocking him to the ground. Issei slowly looked up, clenching his jaw. He was met with the behemoth's face and gasped, fearfully. Another large fist rose from above and went to crush him. Realizing this, Issei rolled out the way, snatching Asia's necklace meanwhile. He came to a stop, by slamming his foot into a wall.

He ran into the hallways with the necklace pressed against his chest and stopped, almost tripping himself at what he saw. Students were scattered about on the floor and were draped in blood. Issei's eyes widened. A stream of blood ran along the ground and stopped at Issei's feet. He was fueling with fear.

"AAAHHHHH!" he yelled. "Wha...what is happening." He grabbed his head in panic and took a few steps back. He then stooped down at a guy in the corner with black hair. "Hey, can you hear me?" He spoke above his face where he breathed weakly. Issei's hands were trembling. He lifted them to perhaps help or pick them up but paused as soon as the wounded child spoke.

"Le...leave...he...here. It's gonna get you too." The boy said, reaching out to Issei with his weak hands.

Issei knew what did this. It was the monster, it must have done this. He tried to wrap his head around this madness, struggling to identify if this was really real. The heavy feet of the beast was heard from behind. With no choice left, Issei left.

"I'm really sorry!" he shouted as the boy took his last breath.

Issei approached some steps as he turned a corner. His mind was cluttered, and in a nervous attempt to reach the 1st floor, he skipped about 7 steps, but, tripped on the upcoming ones which sent him rolling and falling to his face. He wiggled back up and continued. 'What the hell is going on?' He thought as he arrived on the outside. 'This has to be a dream. Asia is not dead. She just can't be. If I just keep looking, I'll find her somewhere; safe and calm and this whole nightmare will end. She just probably got scared and ran off, right? Right.'

Not contented with his thoughts, he began to yell. "Asia! Asia!" there was no reply. He turned the corner and went to the 'forbidden zone' also known as the back of the school. He immediately paused at what he was met with, jabbing his foot into the soil. His gaze averted to what was in front.

It was a rather tall man behind Asia. His hair was blonde, uncombed, and stopped at his neck. His hands were rested gently on Asia's shoulders as she shivered, uncontrollably. When he blinked, and his eyes opened, he was seeing to have beautiful, but dull blue eyes.

"Asia!" Issei screamed, then ran towards her.

"Who are you and what do you want with Asia?"

The man gave off a cold glance through unkempt bangs. "Hmph." he mused. "You can see me? Usually, humans can't see devils clearly not unless they focus really hard, or if the devil stops and allows themselves to be seeing." he then looked at Issei. "You don't seem to give off an overwhelming aura, just a peculiar one. What are you?"

Issei looked at Asia, who looked away as tears fell from her eye. This man clearly made her uncomfortable. Rage boiled within Issei, he took a few steps closer and slapped his hands from her shoulder. "Get your hands off her, you freak," he spoke, narrowing his eyes.

The man made an inaudible sigh. "This is why I hate filthy low-lives — they never know their place. How about you take a warm, comfortable nap, young man?" he rose two fingers and jabbed Issei in his forehead. Issei felt as if his skull had just been punched through his head. He felt weak, and his legs gave up, dropping him to the ground. Asia gasped. She reached out for Issei, but quickly caught hold of her hand.

"Let's go!" the tall man ordered, shooting her a damaging glance.

Asia wiped a tear. "Goodbye, Issei." She looked disheartened and walked off towards the mystery man.

He had an unusual unsmiling face and his eyes were dull. As he walked along the ground, a hand grabbed his shoulder. He quickly stopped. His eyes grew large in astonishment. He heard heavy breathing and felt the same unusual presence.

"I'm gonna ask you this one more time," It was Issei who spoke in a low, callous voice, "Who are you and what do you want with Asia?"

The man's gaze was focused on the boy's hand. His eyes trembled, and he frowned in disgust. "How dare you put your filthy hands on me?" his eyes landed on Issei. "You'll pay." He continued with a sudden snap of his fingers.

Above the first floor of the school building, the behemoth burst through the wall, shattering glass as well. It dived down and crashed into the ground. Issei shielded his face from the extra debris that fluttered by and without realizing what just went by, he was grabbed, held firmly around the stomach.

"What the...?" he murmured, making a puzzled face, and before he knew it, he was thrust in the air.

"ISSEI!" Asia yelled as her eyes sprung wide with horror. She gasped, not believing what she witnessed.

Fire blazed and surrounded both the man and Asia. It grew smaller, then dissipated, revealing nothing but smoke.

Issei was met with a gust of wind as he went up higher. Then suddenly, his vision became blurry and his weight became apparent, pulling him downwards. He approached the ground at full speed. He groaned weakly. As he was about to crash into the ground, his vision fades, and was covered with darkness.

The day had reached noon. A man dressed in a black coat and matching pants trotted the ground. He wore shades that sat perfectly at the ridge of his nose and he came to a stop when he arrived at the back of Issei's school. He rose his hand above his head, looking far out in the distance at the broken wall and a catastrophe-ridden area.

"What a mess," he said, unperturbed, then pulled out a smartphone and dialed some digits. He rose it to his ears. "Yeah, I'm gonna need some assistance here. It's a big one this time... Hmm-hmm, hmm-hmm, no I don't know exactly who or what the culprit is, but I do have some suspicions... Great! Why didn't I use magic to contact you?" he chuckled, dryly. "Couldn't bother. Just get over."

He hangs up the phone, then tucked it in his coat. He narrowed his eyes through his glasses, as he sees something in the distance, beneath a few bricks.

"Is that a person?" he uttered.




Issei's eyes fluttered open. He awoke on grass and subconsciously felt the ground. He drew his hand back in surprise as the bristles of the grass poked him, then he sat up. Some trees and bushes surrounded him, almost like a forest.

"Where am I?" he flung his head around. "Asia?! Where are you?!"

He felt a sudden unusual feeling, then it all came back. It seemed to be the forest 10 years ago, where the fire had started, and killed Irina. He wondered how he got here, and something about the environment felt off.

Tiny footsteps were heard from his unsuspecting ear. Quickly, he whipped his head around. "Who's there?!" he shouted, then immediately went back. It was Irina Shido. She had a warm smile and illuminated a comforting presence. She walked up to Issei. Issei gasped in shock.


"Don't worry about me, Issei." she chuckled. "I'm afraid I can't stay with you, but go save Asia. Be the best you can be, and use everything in your power to save the ones you love."

Issei eye's glimmered brightly. He couldn't believe it she was there in the flesh, and how did she know about Asia. Somehow this didn't feel right. Then suddenly, his vision began to blur, followed by a wavering light that dispelled his vision. Finally, his eyes opened again, but to a bright, blue sky. Reality.

Issei was laying down and sat up. He grunted as he rubbed his head in mere pain. An unsettling feeling coiled in his stomach and ran up to his throat. He covered his mouth while frowning, but couldn't resist the urge and puked on the ground. After, he groaned weakly in disgust. When he looked up, he realized he was seated on top of the school building. He had recognized it because it was used as a constant hiding place for when his friends would chase him.

"You're finally awake. Took you long enough." a male's voice spoke from behind.

Issei was frightened. He swiftly backed up and turned towards whoever spoke. It was the man dressed in all-black, sitting on an elevated platform with his jaw clenched against his fist. Issei blinked rapidly and wiped the extra waste from his mouth when he vomited.

"Wh–who are you?" he asked as his eyes scanned him.

"Oh, how rude of me" the guy removed his sunglasses, revealing gorgeous, clear violet eyes. He stood to his feet and extended a hand, "The name's Azazel, and you are?"

Issei looked down at his welcoming hands. He seemed shocked and his eyes were trembling. He gave off a look of trauma and couldn't identify if this was reality or not, but either way, he took his hand and shook it, unsteadily. The man's attire was rather, secretive and inconspicuous, but it suited him. He was way taller than Issei and his hair was black but blonde at his sharp bangs. Almost as if he dyed it. Also, his face was sort of relaxed and gave off a smug, but calm demeanor.

"Hi. I'm Issei... Issei Hyoudou." he replied.

"Good to know. See, I'm one of the head administrators at Kuoh academy technical: school of the arts. We at that institution solve paranormal cases that revolve in this town and around it. To be frank with you Issei, every year lots of humans suffer from unexplainable deaths. Some of which were caused by beings known as devils, fallen angels, or even vile monsters that wreak havoc, simply for no reason at all."

"Devils? Fallen-angels? Monsters?" Issei's voice trembled, he had an astonishing look as well. The last time he heard about those things was from video games he played and sometimes, the manga he read.

"Yes. Currently, the things we're dealing with are known as snare's, a special type of devil that consumes human flesh for its own survival. In the past few months, there have been a total of 47 deaths. 40 of which, were caused by those creatures."

Issei gasped in disbelief. So what happened inside of the school wasn't a dream. He did hear of cases in the past of people dying and it had shocked him, but it was stated that it was caused either by car accidents, or simple mindless murder and suicide. At that, a sudden thought came to mind that made him question Azazel.

"Um. Do these creatures by any chance look like huge, scary monsters with long horns as eyes?" He thought of the behemoth that attacked him earlier.

Azazel looked up in thought. "Hmph. So far they come in many different shapes and sizes. We have no idea where they originate from." he then shot Issei a glance while smirking. "Say, Issei?"


"When I arrived here, you were badly injured but somehow you survived. Fascinating. Or are you on something?" Azazel mused, rubbing the strands of hair that grew from his chin.

"What! No! I'm not doing any drugs." Issei replied while he shook his head, rapidly.

Azazel came closer to Issei, inching his head closer to his. Issei tilted back while averting his eyes the other way. Azazel felt his presence was unusual. Devils, angels, and fallen angels have a specific aura easily detectable, but Issei's own was weird.

'Maybe, he's like Vali.' Azazel pondered.

"Uhhhh. D...do you need something?" Issei asked, feeling uneasy.

"Yes," Azazel gave him space. "As a matter of fact, many students here died, sadly. I think it's obvious that a snare attacked the school and did this. Since you were one of them who were lucky enough to survive, do you have an inkling on who brought the snare here or where it came from?"

Issei turned away. He wore a crestfallen expression as his lips curled up. Once again, he felt pathetic, knowing he could've probably saved a few from dying. It was unfair that they had to die.

"No." He replied in a low voice. "Yes. I mean yes!" he said, briskly. "It was a man with blonde hair. He just sorta came outta nowhere. And, he... he took my friend away from me. I'm not sure, but I think he's the one who brought the monsters here. He controlled the snare that attacked my school."

Azazel gazed down at him, his face became serious, seeing Issei's distraught. "Listen Issei. Many people get abducted by supernatural entities every year, for some they don't come back, others, they let themselves be willingly taken away, and if they're unfortunate enough, they die." Azazel looks away with dull eyes. "I'm sorry, but I can't guarantee which fate your friend will face."

Issei released a horrified gasp. If anything were to happen to Asia, his parents would surely disown him. She became the staple of the Hyoudou family in just 2 years and also, Issei had grown so close to her, he thought the bond would become unbreakable. Sadly, it wasn't.

"But, is there any way you think you can get her back? Can I get her back?" he asked.

Azazel turned towards him with a blank look.


Issei's face immediately lightened, as his eyes jumped at Azazel's response. Though, he made a concerned look when Azazel walked forward.

"However, you've gotta stay out of trouble." Azazel rested his hands on his chin again. "There's just something about you that just puzzles me. Maybe, you've got potential."

Issei was bewildered at his statement. There wasn't anything weird or special about him. He just thought of himself as average. Though, the only aspect of his personality that he thought made him stand out, was his little, quirky nature of being a pervert. He was notorious for it. Azazel turned and walked off.

"Well, you take care now, Issei" After one step further, he halted and peered at Issei from over his shoulder. "Oh, I almost forgot. What was gonna happen if you got stuck up here." He then faded into the air and reappeared in front of Issei. He held onto his shirt and with little effort, threw him off the ledge of the building. The poor boy released a heart-wrenching scream as he fell. The school was about 8 meters high. A fall like that would surely grant his death. He covered his eyes, bracing himself for the impact.


When he opened his eyes he felt a hand over his shoulder. It was Azazel's, and when Issei looked up at him, a calm smile had taken place.

"Uh..uhhhhh. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" he asked, looking extremely terrified. Azazel then walked off.

"I'll be sure to notify the rest of the higher-ups at kuoh Academy that your so-called 'friend' has been abducted, as it is a very serious case. On the other hand, just don't get in trouble kid, and go home." With his hand neatly tucked in his coat, he continued off in the distance, then disappeared once more.

Issei was left astonished, but he quickly made a grunt from irritation. The day was getting weirder, and the last thing he wanted to do was go home and relax. There was Asia, somewhere in either kuoh or perhaps the world. Issei was determined to look.

After a couple of hours had passed, Azazel went to kuoh academy. He was seated in a dim room with little sunlight slipping through the blinds. Other people sat quietly in their seats, they were, perhaps, in a serious mood, awaiting Azazel's denouncement. He was rather preoccupied with the whiskey he swirled around in his glass cup. He finally began.

"A new case has arrived. It's a girl from the west side of kuoh. She was recently abducted in the attack on Managari High. Oh, and I've got more info on those snares we've been investigating." Azazel said then took a moderate sip of his drink.

A girl seated behind him was leaning against her fist. She had calm blue eyes and gave off an apathetic look.

"It's unfortunate that multiple students died in the attack. If only we'd made it earlier. And where are you getting this information about the snares from?"

"A boy by the name of Issei Hyoudou. Are you familiar with him, Gremory?"

"I'm afraid no, and what is it about this kid that made you decide to question him."

"His intrigue and his indistinguishable aura. Can you believe he survived what seemed to be an attack from one of those creatures? No human who's ever come in contact with them has survived."

"Oh. Is that so!" the girl inched forward, sounding a little surprised at this. The shred of sunlight light that touched her revealed a strand of red hair.

"Also, Gregory, does a tall man with blonde hair ring any bells?"

Hours had gone passed and Issei struggled with finding any clue of Asia's location. Firstly, the school had been placed on lockdown, bordered up with caution tapes and warning signs. Beyond that, the proclaimed witnesses seemed to be oblivious to what happened in the school building. Again, he became frustrated and decided to further his own investigation. Upon arriving behind the school, he jumped over the caution tapes. He recalled being violently flung into a wall and when he searched the entirety of the wall, it was in perfect shape.

It was absurd. But, he kept searching. He ran up the stairs to the second floor where Asia vanished, huffing and puffing as his breaths became shallow. He had taken a step too fast, and too hard. He stumbled back and fell a few more steps down. Finally, crashing heavily on the ground. He was exhausted. With each sickening breath he took, he felt weaker and weaker. He didn't understand why Azazel would think he is anything special. Just the fact he had to pause to take a break from a short run was merely enough evidence to say he's not special.

He heard rumbling within the building. It was weird because no one else was supposed to be there. Issei stood to his feet as the sound got louder, his expression became that of worry.

'The hell is that sound? I better get outta here.' He thought, just before he took a couple of steps down. As soon as Issei rushed, nervously, to the first floor, a large behemoth crashed through a wall on his left. Issei stopped in his tracks, gazing upon the beast with trembling eyes. He slowly recognized it though. Those two horns. That brawny statue. It was the same snare that attacked him before.

Abruptly, Issei turned and ran off.

"No way. No way. No way. No way. Why is this happening right now?" he muttered, as the so-called 'snare' ran after him.


Hearing that shrilling noise, he quickly covered both ears and turned at an intersection of the hallway. The snare was incredibly fast and slid down the corridor, unknowingly crashing into the wall. Issei quickly looked back out of intrigue and fear. It wasn't dead though as it slowly shrugged off chips of concrete from its hand and bolted after Issei. A girly shriek escaped from Issei and he began running again.

He approached another turn and quickly came to a sharp halt. He stared, astonishingly, at a hard wall at the end of the hall.

'Shit! It's a dead-end.'

The snare slid into view behind Issei. It stood tall and strolled towards him, menacingly. Upon taking a slow and calculating turn, Issei was now facing the beast. He knew, undoubtedly well, that this would be his last encounter. What was he supposed to do? It was unfortunate. He wouldn't have ever thought that today would've turned out like this. It was just supposed to be him and Asia at home right now, being silly teenagers, but instead, he's already being faced with DEATH.

He then wondered if this was how Irina felt in her last moment. Well, probably not. The difference between his and her death was that she was happy. But what's worse being happy and then dying or knowing you're going to die and accepting it.

But suddenly, he remembered the dream he had. 'I'm afraid I can't stay with you, but go save ASIA. Be the best you can be, and use everything in your power to save the ones you love.' Irina's voice poured hope into his heart.

For some reason, Issei didn't feel like dying just yet. He had to find Asia and live his life. It was the most illogical thing to think in this situation, but as the murderous beast came further, he formed his hand into a fist and with all his strength, threw a massive fist…. It barely scratched the snare. Issei gasped in disbelief…...right before he got gripped by the neck and then smashed through the wall.

Both the snare and Issei fell rapidly, down multiple floors of the building, and crashed into the ground. Issei bounced off the snare and landed no further away from it. He raised his head in pain as blood ran between his eyes. It got him good! When he went to feel his wound, he got grabbed again, but it was followed by a repulsive tongue that licked the blood from his face.

"Ugh!" he cringed.

He then got bashed into the ground. Over. And over. And over. At this point, his whole bones might be completely broken. He felt utterly weak and could barely lift himself to block another attack.


Issei grunted heavily, with that being the most painful attack yet. He puked a mouthful of blood and got kicked, vigorously. As he fell to the ground once more, the necklace he had found from when Asia disappeared, wiggled from his pocket. Laying flat, he weakly opened his eyes and caught sight of it. It brusquely reminded him of this morning, when he had put it around her neck. He stated something derived from an urban myth— that crosses and other holy relics can be used to fend off against evil and DEVILS.

Issei glanced down on the cross with a heavy, desperate look, 'Up until today, I was never one who believed in the occult. Devils and monsters were from fairy tales. I never once believed they could be a reality. But now, I'm left with no other choice than to go with a myth.' The snare angrily dashed towards Issei. It widens its jaw revealing blades of teeth like those of monsters in horror movies. It decided to eat Issei for sure!

Issei quickly grabbed the necklace, sat up, and chucked it under his arm. It swooped through the air and landed perfectly in the monster's mouth. The snare chomped his mouth shut as if eating something. It gulps down the cross. Issei gave the snare a bizarre stare. The snare looked back at him. He quickly resumed going towards him. Within seconds, its whole upper body disbursed like a water balloon. Blood and guts splatter everywhere.




A shriek of terror erupted from Issei as he daintily shoved away one of the snare's organs. Then, some footsteps were heard from behind. When he turned, he found Azazel standing behind him while grinning.

"A— Azazel?" he stuttered.

"Man, you got all messed up, Issei," he said barely being surprised.

"How did you get here?" Issei asked.

"I get notified when a supernatural outbreak occurs. Though, the notification doesn't go off in time." he glanced at the puddle of blood where Issei was kneeling. He noticed the cross especially. "Well, it's a good thing you somehow managed to take down that monster and is that a... cross?"

Issei glanced away for a moment, feeling saddened once more. "It belonged to her, Asia. She would always wear it." he gritted his teeth and spoke under his breath, "But now, she's gone."

Azazel gave him a blank look.

"I don't know, but something was pushing me to stay alive back there even though I knew I was gonna die. I don't even understand what you see in me, but I guess it's something I've gotta understand as well." Resuming, he gave Azazel a sudden determined look, almost like he had gone through a brief change, "Mr. Azazel, I want to find Asia. I don't care how much it takes or how hard it is, I have to get her back. Please! I just feel obligated to it."

Azazel paused. He then smiled.

"I like your spirit, kid. Very inspiring. Though, I'm afraid that alone isn't going to make you save her."

Issei retorted with an unhinged look.

"See, the higher-ups are rather conservative when it comes to allowing humans, who they don't deem as strong enough, to be a part of paranormal investigations. Ah! I got it!" he said while raising a finger. "If you really want to, you'll have to abandon your life as an average teen and become a SOLE PROTECTOR."

"A 'sole... protector' ?" Issei tilted his head, asking the question. The name sounded strange and the thought of leaving everything behind scared him. But, he decided to comply if he wanted any way of finding Asia. He then replied, briskly.

"Yes! I'll do whatever it takes!"

At that, Azazel became a bit more serious, looking Issei dead in the eyes. "With that being said, if you really plan on hunting down the person who took Asia, your gonna have to deal with a lot of horrifying and life-threatening situations. Some people quit and give up by then—"

"I said I'll do it! I don't care what the cost is as long as I find her." He said, aloud.

"Did I say I like your spirit? Either way, here" He pulled out a postcard from his coat. On it was a picture of a beautiful, victorian, school-like building.

Issei took it with interest and Azazel walked away.

"Be sure to take the fastest bullet train tomorrow and head to the east side of kuoh, where you'll find kuoh Academy. But for now, please go home and clean yourself up," he said as Issei was covered in blood.

Issei smiled as he looked at the card. Finally, he felt he was one step closer to finding Asia. On this horrible day, at least one good thing happened. As soon as the sun came out the next morning, Issei was already out of bed. He commenced with his customary routine and wore his school's blazer along with an old brown coat. He packed a bag and wrapped Asia's necklace around his neck, something he knew was essentially important. Not just as a reminder, but for safekeeping.

Before he left the house, he took one last look. He was unsure of when he might come back or even return at all. He left though and took the first bullet train that crossed the station. It was the first time in years he took one without Asia. He was completely alone. On the bright side, when he peeked through the window, way across a lake that expanded miles, he could see what looked to be a pinch of a building that resembled kuoh Academy. Being blocked by other landscapes, it was far too difficult to properly distinguish.

He realized that when he stepped into that school, things would change, forever.

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