I know that many have been patiently waiting for an update to my other stories, especially Camp Cretaceous. I am really sorry, but the new chapter will be out soon, I had run out of ideas for a bit (and I was waiting for Season 3). The other stories will be on hiatus.

Cal Haywood was having a fairly good day. The blonde-haired and brown-eyed man was in his car, on his way to visit an old family friend in Surrey. As he pulled over to the sidewalk and parked, he mused to himself, "I wonder if old Arabella has finally lived up to the crazy cat lady stereotype. "

As he walked through the town of Little Whinging, he nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard a loud *CRASH*. A little panicked, he rushed to the source, a seemingly ordinary household. Mr. Haywood peered through a window in a discreet manner, and spotted a toddler. The child couldn't have been older than six, and he was standing on a stool in front of a stove. At the child's feet was the remains of a plate and what used to be pasta.

Haywood tilted his head in confusion and mused to himself, "What on earth is that child doing? A kitchen is no place for a child, let alone one as young as that."

His musings were cut off by some loud yelling, and he turned to see a morbidly obese man storming up to the child. The obese man screamed, "BOY! YOU USELESS THIRD-RATE SACK OF MEAT! I GAVE YOU ONE! SIMPLE! JOB! I JUST GOT A PROMOTION, WHICH APTLY DESERVES A SPECIAL MEAL! AND YOU WENT AND RUINED IT!"

Haywood's eyes narrowed as the pieces began to fall into place. His eyes then widened when he saw the obese man's next course of action. Haywood sneakily took out small video camera, which he kept with him at all times, since he was an undercover policeman. He recorded as the obese man loosened his belt and whipped the frightened child.

The porky man sneered at the whimpering child before grabbing a red-hot poker. With that, he began mercilessly hitting the child. He capped it off by grabbing the full pot of pasta and dumping the boiling contents on the child.

The kid screamed in agony and Haywood was fighting a battle to not lose his dinner. The kitchen door soon banged open and two more figures stormed in. A hysterical woman with a pinched-up face was screaming at the boy calling him a 'freak' many times.

An equally obese boy also joined switching back and forth from throwing a tantrum to hitting the boy.


That got the Cal's attention, 'Was he from the wizarding community like his wife and two daughters?'

Having gathered enough evidence, he sneaked towards the front door. To his surprise, it was unlocked, and he crept inside. He stealthily made his way to the kitchen, where the three assailants were still wailing on the child.

Cal Haywood loudly cleared his throat and the three froze. A split second later, they turned to see him fuming. The man took a look at him and nearly exploded. He screamed, "How did you get into my house?! Get the hell out! This is a private matter! I'll call the pol-"

Cal snapped, "I am the police, you bellend!". As he said this, he fished out his wallet and flashed his badge. He then took out a radio, "This is Officer Haywood, I need someone over at No. 4 Privet Drive at Little Whinging. Three suspects caught red-handed committing serious child abuse".

A disembodied voice crackled back, "Cheers, we'll send someone over! Do you need an ambulance?"

"Nah mate, I can take it from here."

Then he walked to the house's telephone and dialled a number. All the while, he kept an eye on his charges, Cal spoke, "Hey honey, I need your help. I'm at No. 4 Privet Drive at Little Whinging… Yes, THAT kind of help."

Mere seconds later, there was a *POP* and an auburn-haired woman with blue eyes materialized next to Cal. The obese man's eyes widened and he turned apoplectic with rage, "You! You're one of them freaks! And you married-".

She grabbed her wand and pointed it at him, "Silencio!"

The witch did the same for the woman, who began to screech, as well as the obese boy. Cal's wife then called out, "Incarcerous", and three coils of rope sprung out and tied the three.

She growled at the obese man, "Call me a freak, will you!"

She turned away from them and gazed at the cowering boy. The auburn-haired woman then crouched down slowly, making sure to stay in his field of vision.

She slowly and tentatively reached out a hand. His sobs quietened and he carefully turned to face her. Her heart broke when she saw the damage to his face. There were bruises everywhere and he was bleeding profusely. She softly whispered, "Hey sweetie… I'm not going to hurt you. I promise."

He shrank back until his back hit the wall. She inched forward slowly; arm still outstretched. Then, she slowly and gently placed it on his back. He hissed slightly, and she recoiled, realizing that she touched a sensitive spot.

She held out her wand, "Episkey"

A soft yellow light surrounded the child, healing his burns a little. The witch was not prepared for the freak-out. He began to struggle and clamped his eyes shut, "I'm sorry Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia! I did the freaky stuff again! Please don't hurt me!"

A beat later, he opened them, because no fists were hitting him. The child turned back to the woman, who smiled at him. She said, "Hello love, there's no need to worry, they won't hurt you ever again".

Then she did a slightly bold move. She carefully wrapped her arms around the boy and hugged him gently as he teared up and cried on her shoulder, picking him up. Then, she noticed something on the child's forehead. She parted his hair slightly, revealing a lightning bolt scar, and her eyes widened. The woman turned back to her husband, "You can give your colleagues the video evidence that you recorded. I just need the memory; this child is too important for Magical Britain's future."

A knock on the door got their attention. Cal opened the door to see two policemen. They stepped in and one tipped his hat in greeting, "Evening Officer Haywood! Emily… Cheers for the prompt call, we'll take the culprits from here! Officer Haywood, come with us for a statement."

Emily smiled, "Go ahead, honey. I'll take care of the child from here."

As they left, Emily gazed back at the child, who had now cried himself to sleep on her shoulder. Her expression hardened a little, "Tilly! I need your assistance!"

A house elf popped into the house immediately, "Mistress Haywood! What Tilly do for you?"

"Find Amelia Bones of the DMLE and ask her to come here with a few Aurors!"

Within moments, there were more *POP* sounds as a middle-aged woman with a monocle apparated into the house, along with two other people. Emily Haywood smiled, "Hi Amy! Kingsley… Tonks…"

Amelia stopped short when she saw the sleeping child, "Bless my soul… Is that who I think it is?"

Emily nodded, "Yes… It's him. My muggle husband happened to catch his relatives physically abusing him. My husband has evidence on his video recorder, that muggle device."

Just then, there were two more Pops and an old wizened man materialized in the room, along with a woman in a green robe and pointed hat. Emily nodded in acknowledgement, "Headmaster Dumbledore… Professor McGonagall… To what do we owe this pleasure?"

Professor Dumbledore spoke, "I happened to feel a disturbance in the wards placed on this house. Where are young Harry's relatives? Shouldn't they be taking care of him?"

Emily snorted, voice dripping in sarcasm, "They were doing a very fine job of it. My husband caught them physically abusing the boy. They have since been arrested."

He was stunned, "Surely you jest!"

Emily shook her head firmly, "Madam Bones, do I have permission to access the child's memories?"


With a wave of her wand, Emily extracted the memory and placed it on a Pensieve that Auror Tonks had placed on a nearby table. When the memory ended, Dumbledore seemed to age 50 years, while Professor McGonagall glared at him. She sternly lectured, "Albus! I told you that placing him with the Dursleys was a bad idea!"

He looked at her sheepishly, "I am terribly sorry Minerva. I had hoped that Petunia would let go of her silly vendetta with Lily. However, it is important that Harry must be in a safe and well-protected home."

Emily raised a hand, "I can take him. I can talk to my husband. I'm sure my daughters, Penny and Beatrice would love him."

Dumbledore's eyes lit up and twinkled, "Splendid idea! Now remember, it falls on you to teach him about the magical world. It is painfully clear that the Dursleys have made no attempt to educate him on the magical world."

A while later, Emily reunited with her husband. He was more than willing to take Harry in. He turned to her, "Are we going to see someone to treat his injuries?"

"Yes dear, the Hogwarts nurse, Madam Pomfrey will be coming home to heal him. A couple of healers from St. Mungo's will also come to run a full diagnostic. However, I'm worried about one thing… How will we break the news to the kids?"

At that moment, Harry awoke from his nap. Initially, he looked around in confusion as he saw the strange woman holding him in her lap. Then, his eyes fell on the man next to her, and himself by default. That was when all hell nearly broke loose. His breathing grew more rapid and he squirmed in the woman's grasp.

She immediately wrapped him in a hug and murmured soothing words. The woman whispered, "It's okay sweetie, he won't hurt you. I promise. He was the one who got you away from those nasty people. You're okay sweetie, you're okay."

Harry managed to calm down a little, though he still glanced at Cal in a wary manner. Fortunately, they had just reached their home in London, and the three of them exited the car.

Inside the house, they saw two witches in healer garbs. One stepped forward, "Hello, I am Poppy Pomfrey, matron at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is Healer Strout from St. Mungo's. May we see the patient?"

Emily gently laid Harry down onto a conjured hospital bed before she and her husband stepped back and let the healers do their work. Then, she had an idea, turning to Cal, she said, "Honey, I think you should be the one to break the news to the girls. Harry seems a little more comfortable with me, no offence. So, I'll stay with him, while you tell the girls."

He didn't argue, but went further inside the house. Cal called out, "Girls? Daddy's home!"

The next thing he knew, two blonde missiles glomped him. Cal laughed as he ruffled both of their heads, "Hi Penny! Hey there Bea! I have some news for you! We have a guest in this house and he will be staying with us for a while. You're familiar with all the tales about Harry Potter, right? Of course, most of them are fiction. He's not a dashing hero like all those books say, he is just as normal as you and me. Now, Harry's is a little shy, so don't startle him too much and don't pester him about his scar or anything, because it is rude to stare. Bea, please go to your room, I need to have a private talk with Penny."

After the 6-year-old girl left, he crouched down and looked at his 8-year-old daughter in the eyes. He placed both hands on her shoulders and spoke in a serious tone, "Penny, you're a big girl now and what I am about to tell you is very important... Sweetheart, do you know the meaning of the word, 'Abuse'?"

The blue-eyed blonde shook her head, "No daddy".

He took a deep breath, "Okay, so abuse is when a person says or does something bad to hurt another person. There are two types of abuse. There is verbal abuse, where people say mean things about you or people who you love. Your mother and I will not tell you those words until you are much older."

"Okay daddy"

He continued, "The other kind is physical abuse. Now this can vary. Remember when your mother caught you with your hand in the cookie jar? She bent you on her knee and gave you a light spanking on your bottom. That is called disciplining, Physical abuse is much worse and sometimes people do it to others for no real reason."

He took another deep breath, "Harry is a victim of physical abuse and he is very traumatized. The worst part is that it was his aunt, uncle and cousin to did it to him. Luckily, I caught them in the act and offered to let him live with us. Since you are the oldest, I need you to be there for him. Beatrice is too young to know what happened to him, but I will tell her the truth soon."

Soon, Emily entered hand-in-hand with Harry. She spoke to the child, "Go on sweetie, go and meet your new sisters. Daddy and I need to talk."

He shyly stepped towards Penny and she led him away to meet Beatrice. Once the two kids left, Emily turned to her husband and gave him a look. The meaning was clear, 'We need to talk'.

The couple convened on the couch and she took a shuddering breath, "Oh Merlin! What those monsters did to him was horrible. According to Madam Pomfrey, he is severely malnourished. He is the same age as Penny, but his malnourishment makes him look like he is six years old. He has so many scars and burns on his body. Also, I found out why he freaked out when he saw you. He was…raped…repeatedly; I'm assuming that the culprit was his wicked uncle. By Merlin! They make You-Know-Who seem like a saint in comparison. "

Stunned, he wrapped his arms around her and she cried into his chest. After a few moments of silence, she mumbled into his chest, "Pomfrey also told me that he suffers from PTSD because of the rape and he is prone to panic attacks. I think its best if he sleeps next to the girls."

He nodded, "Good idea. I'm positive that Penny and even Beatrice can be a good influence. Also, will you be teaching Harry about the magical world? I'm assuming that those monsters neglected to do that."

She nodded in return, "Of course."