Prologue -

The sounds of a baby's first cry echoed through the castle's medical wing and it was as though time had stopped. The nurses stopped in their tracks – tears welling in their eyes, the castle physician that wasn't assigned to the royal baby's delivery looked up from his paperwork with a smile, and the two little blonde boys who had been playing in the waiting area dropped their toy soldiers and began jumping up and down with happiness.

"Is the Princess here?!" the little blonde Lord asked excitedly, all the while still jumping up and down with happiness.

"Is she, is she?!" the Prince shouted from next to him.

"Yes, yes… the Princess has arrived – but we must give her time to get acclimated, no rushing in there you two." Hodge Starkweather, their royal tutor, said from his chair next to the boys. In lieu of the Princess' arrival he had canceled their daily lessons and allowed them to anxiously await her arrival with the rest of the kingdom – they were only three years old, after all, and their excitement could not be contained.

The boys frowned and hung their heads at his words, but a few minutes later went right back to playing. A little while later a beautiful blonde woman came out of the delivery room with a huge smile on her face.

"Momma! Can we see her, can we see the Princess?!" little Lord Jace Herondale exclaimed as he bounded towards his mother, Celine Herondale.

With tears in her blue eyes, she knelt down to her son and his best friend - Prince Jonathan Morgenstern – "Yes, my dears. Princess Clarissa is sleeping, but if you are quiet, you can come in and see her now." She glanced towards the Prince and gave him a big hug, "Oh sweetheart, you are a big brother now, are you ready for that responsibility?" she asked with a sweet smile as Jon nodded excitedly.

Celine held the hands of the little boys as she walked them into the room, where their previous excitement was instantly lost to unease and shyness.

Jace looked around dramatically, "Where is she, momma?"

"Here sweetie, her mom is holding her as she sleeps. Maybe if you are careful you can sit on the bed with them."

"We be careful, right Jace?" Jon asked as his friend nodded in confirmation.

"First, let's wash your hands. We can't get the baby sick." Celine said as she led the boys to the sink in the corner of the room to wash their hands.

"Okay then, up you go." Celine said as she led them to the bed and lifted them onto the plush – freshly cleaned - white sheets one at a time until they were face-to-face with the smiling Queen and sleeping baby girl in her arms.

"Hi sweet babies… meet Princess Clarissa" Queen Jocelyn said with a smile. "This is your baby sister, Jonny."

"So tiny." Jon said as his bright green eyes widened, and he leaned forward and kissed her pink cheek.

"Like a doll." Jace said as he stared at the Princess in awe. "Pretty hair." He whispered as he tentatively brushed a tiny lock of bright red hair away from her forehead. "Can I play with her?" he looked up at the Queen and asked shyly.

"She's sleeping now, sweetie. And she's still very tiny, but I am sure you will become good friends with time." Jocelyn answered the little boy with a smile.

Jace nodded as Jon leaned back into his mother's other arm to continue to stare at his baby sister. "I love her, momma." Jon said with the strongest conviction a three-year-old could portray.

Jace nodded his head up and down quickly, "Me too. I love her too."

At that moment, King Valentine Morgenstern walked over to the bed and smiled at his wife. "My dear, how are you feeling?"

"Fairly well, all things considered. What's this?" The red-haired Queen asked as she gestured towards the paperwork in his hands.

"Oh, the Lovelace's were anxious to have the betrothal forms amended to add the Princess' name, rather than simply 'The First-Born Morgenstern Princess'." He answered with a chuckle. "They couldn't even give us a day to settle in. I just finished filling it out. Clarissa Adele Morgenstern, not even three hours old and already I feel like I'm signing you away." He said with a sad shake of the head as he looked at his baby girl with tears in his dark brown eyes.

"It was the best decision at the time, my dear. The Lovelace's are good people. Anyway, we have nineteen years of her to ourselves first, so let's not fret it away." Jocelyn answered her husband as he leaned down to kiss the Princess and his Queen each on their cheeks.

"Momma, what do you mean? Clar – Clari – sissy is leaving?" Jon asked with tears welling in his eyes.

"Let's call her Clary for short my dear. Your sister will marry a King when she turns nineteen; she will become a Queen." Jocelyn said with a smile.

"Clary?" Jace tested the name out. "I like it."

Jon looked at his mom with wide eyes, "But, momma, I the King!"

"No, no dear. You will be King one day, but there are six Kings in Idris, little Clary will marry a different King. You remember baby Simon you met last year?" Jon nodded at his mother, both oblivious as Jace's golden eyes widened as he listed to their conversation and began to rub the Princess' hand with his tiny fingers and smile widely when she instinctively gripped his thumb in her hand, while continuing to sleep peacefully. The young Prince and Queen didn't even notice the Lord leaning down to kiss the Princess' cheek as he whispered, "I love you, Princess Clary."