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Sam 3

"Alrighty, so the bathrooms are over there," Sam said, pointing to the right. "Every time someone says something, the show will pause so y'all won't miss anything. I have a feeling y'all will be talking a lot. If y'all want to sleep or eat stuff that isn't movie food, there are two rooms over there that have bunk beds and a dining hall. Any questions?"

A chorus of "No"s went throughout the room.

"Great, now let's get to the good stuff!" Sam said as a wicked grin spread across her face.

The lights dimmed and Sam bounced over to her own seat, which was in the front next to Melissa.

The screen lit up and everyone leaned forward eagerly. They were all excited to see what waited for them on the Other Side of the movie screen.

A black screen appeared and then a big red N appeared on the screen, making a big "Duh-dun" sound.

"Wait," Julie said, looking confused. "The show is on Netflix? How have we not seen it before?"

Sam brightened. "Oh, that's because it's not on here in your dimension. You guys have everything we have except this show."

"Ohhhh," everyone from 2020 went, while the people from the '90s looked confused.

Sam went on explaining. "You know Kenny Ortega? The guy who made Descendants?" Everyone from 2020 nodded. "Yeah, he's the one who made this show. Cool, right?"

Trevor smiled a little bit. "I met him once. He was really nice. Great sense of humor."

The 90's people looked even more confused. "What the hell is Netflix?" Ryan asked.

Sam grinned along with everyone else. "It's an American over-the-top content platform streaming service and production company. And yes, I just copy-and-pasted that from Wikipedia."

"Oh. What is this Wikip–"

"Let's continue, shall we?" The screen unpaused.

The N spread into a rectangle of rainbow colors and in its place, new words stood. It said, "A Netflix Original Series". Then, new words appeared. It said, "Hollywood 1995".

The families paled as they realized what this was. Julie opened and closed her mouth in shock. She had figured it out. Trevor's breath hitched as he realized what was happening. Reggie, Luke, and Alex glanced nervously between their families. They were about to see how they died firsthand. That couldn't be good for their mental health.

Ray, Carrie, Carlos, Victoria, and Nick glanced at the others in worry, trying to figure out what was wrong with them. Carlos had only just found out about the ghosts; he didn't know when or how they died, heck, he didn't even know their names! Flynn looked at her best friend curiously. She bit her lip. Why were Julie and the guys so nervous looking? Did it have something to do with their deaths? Flynn was never told how or when the guys died either.

Ray, Carrie, Victoria, and Nick... well, they just didn't have a clue why everyone was so sweaty all of a sudden.

Loud wind blew throughout the theater and a big, glowing, blue sign that said, "The Orpheum" loomed in front of everyone's faces.

Ross turned to Sam with a panicked, yet angry expression on his face. "Are you seriously about to make us watch this?!"

"Yup!" Sam chirped happily.

Audrey had tears in her eyes. "W-Why?!"

Sam sighed. "Have any of you guys ever even heard them play before?"

Who is "them"? Nick, Carrie, Victoria, and Ray wondered.

The families shifted uncomfortably. "No," they muttered.

Sam placed her hands on her hips. "And why is that?"

Emily looked up and said in a small, guilty voice, "None of us liked that they were in a rock band and putting it before school, especially Mitch and me. We all got together one day and decided that we would never want to hear them play if they continued this. We all just thought that they would be really bad anyway since most ten bands are, so we had no desire to hear it."

Luke spluttered. "I—We—Our music is amazing, thank you very much!" Alex and Reggie just sat there looking deeply offended.

Julie pursed her lips trying to hide her grin. Emily and the others really had no idea that their sons were absolutely amazing. She wondered how they would react when they heard them for the first time.

Sam snorted loudly. "Y'all are in for a treat then." Everyone looked confused at her comment but turned back to the screen. The screen unpaused.

Cars and honking were heard in the background, along with static. A squeal was heard from the static and then a rhythm guitar started to play. Another sign loomed in everyone's faces that read, "SUNSET CURVE SHOWCASE - SOLD OUT".

Ross jumped around in his seat excitedly. "That was the name of the band," he shouted. David snapped his fingers. "I knew it sounded familiar!"

Julie rolled her eyes. Not even knowing their son's band name. Honestly!

Alex appeared on the screen, sweaty and his blond hair hanging in his face. He had on a light pink shirt and a golden necklace.

The Mercer family gasped loudly as they saw their dead son and brother on the screen.

"ALEX!" Reggie screamed happily, throwing his hands into the air. Flynn laughed and shook her head at him.

Alex had drumsticks in his hands and he hit them together three times while shouting, "ONE, TWO, THREE!"

Alex went bright red when Luke, Reggie, Julie, Carlos, and Flynn turned to look at him with bright smiles on their faces.

The camera zoomed out to show four boys playing instruments and singing.

Take off, last stop

Countdown 'til we blast open the top

Face first, full charge

Electric hammer to the heart

The families gaped stupidly. "No way..." Melissa whispered.

"Holy shi-" Ryan muttered before being smacked by Regan.

"Amazing..." the adults breathed. Trevor's eyes stung as he saw his dead best friends right in front of him.

Clocks move forward

But we don't get older, no

Kept on climbing

'Til our stars collided

And all the times we fell behind

Were just the keys to paradise

"I really like the lyrics," Mary said, bobbing her head along to the music. Everyone nodded in agreement. Luke grinned proudly.

Don't look down

'Cause we're still rising

Up right now

And even if we hit the ground

We'll still fly

Keep dreaming like we'll live forever

But live it like it's now or never

Ray, Nick, and Carrie narrowed their eyes. Those three boys looked extremely familiar to them. Julie looked nervously at the three of them. She could practically see the gears turning in their brains.

Hear the noise in my head

It's calling out like a voice I can't forget

One life, no regrets

Catch up, got no time to catch my breath

Tears welled up in the Patterson's eyes as they watched their son sing and play his heart out. If only they had supported him... If they had, the boys might not be dead...

And clocks move faster

'Cause it's all we're after now, oh

Won't stop climbing

Julie couldn't help but notice how amazing Luke's arms were.

'Cause this is our time, yeah

When all the days felt black and white

Those were the best shades of my life

Ross's heart clenched as he saw his big brother up close. He missed him so much.

Reggie made a face at Luke. "Oh, sure. Just shove me out of the way. I see how it is," Reggie teased. Luke stuck his tongue out at his best friend.

Sam faintly whispered to herself, "Ruke. I so ship them." Reggie and Luke, the only ones who heard the comment, looked at her in confusion. What the heck was a "Ruke"?

Don't look down

'Cause we're still rising

Up right now

And even if we hit the ground

We'll still fly

Keep dreaming like we'll live forever

But live it like it's now or never

"Oh my God, those harmonies are amazing!" Flynn fangirled. Julie laughed at her friend, while Reggie looked at her brightly. "Thanks!" he said. Flynn blushed, but you couldn't see it well since it was so dark in the room.

We ain't searching for tomorrow (tomorrow)

'Cause we got all we need today (today)

Living on a feeling that's been running through our veins

We're the revolution that's been singing in the rain

The Mercer parents gawked at the screen. "I didn't know Alex could sing!" David said, shocked.

"Me neither!" Aubrey said.

"I did," Melissa stated. "He used to sing me to sleep when I was little and had nightmares." Audrey and David blinked at her, surprised.

Meanwhile, the Peters had their eyes wide with shock. "Did anyone know that Reggie could sing?" Mary asked her family.

Everyone shook their heads no. "I just thought he played bass," Ross explained.

"We didn't even know he played bass!" Regan and Ryan wailed. Guilt crept up everyone's throat. They'd been so busy fighting or trying to get away from the fighting, they drifted away from Reggie so much that they felt like they barely knew him anymore.

Don't look down

'Cause we're still rising

Up right now

And even if we hit the ground

We'll still fly

Keep dreaming like we'll live forever

But live it like it's now or never

It's now or never (now or never)

With the last note struck, the guys turned around, looked at each other happily, and turned back to their "audience". Luke spread his arms like the Rio de Janeiro Statue of Jesus as if asking, "Well? How'd we do?"

Everyone in the theater clapped while the three kinda invisible boys sat there blushing and grinning madly. "That was really good," Julie whispered shyly to Luke.

He grinned at her. "Thanks, boss."

Julie shook her head. "It's so weird seeing you guys up there and knowing that you weren't dead there. It's just weird to see an alive you."

"I know what you mean," Luke told her.

"Whoo! Excellent!" The place was "filled" with waiters and waitresses wiping down the tables. All of them were clapping and cheering for them.

"Sounds great, guys!" a boy yelled.

"Whoo!" Another girl shouted while clapping. "Yeah!"

"OH MY GOD!" Julie, Victoria, Carlos, and Ray shouted as their blood froze in their veins.

"What?" Everyone asked them worriedly.

"That's my mom!" Julie and Carlos screamed.

"Rose was your mom?!" Luke, Alex, and Reggie shouted.

"Rose... God..." Ray muttered to himself.

"Mi hermana pequeña..." Victoria whispered.

Sam watched all of this with a wide smile on her face.

Flynn smacked Julie's shoulder repeatedly. "Signs! What if this is why you're connected to the boys?!"

Julie gaped at the frozen screen containing her mother's face. "Maybe..."

Trevor shifted uncomfortably and glanced at Ray. We all know why.

Reggie winced and leaned over to Luke. "This is gonna get awkward reeeeaaal fast."

The three boys laughed and started putting up their instruments. Reggie, however, stayed at the microphone. He grabbed the mic and said with a flirty wink, "Thank you! We're Sunset Curve!"

"Tell your friends," Julie and the guys muttered. Trevor did the same except no one heard him.

Carlos narrowed his eyes at Reggie and the rest of the ghosts. "You better not have flirted with my mom, ghosties."

They just shot him nervous smiles.

Except for Alex.

He just snorted.

The camera switched to the rhythm guitarist.

Trevor shifted uncomfortably. He felt like someone was glaring at him even though no one was there. Little did he know that his former best friends were drilling holes into the back of his head. Carrie squinted at the screen along with Nick. That guy looked super familiar to them.

"Too bad we wasted that on the soundcheck. That's the tightest we've ever played!" Bobby exclaimed as he did a wrist bump with Luke.

Sam scratched her head. "I still don't know what he meant by that. Tightest we've ever played? Huh?"

"Just wait until tonight, man, when this place gets packed with record execs," Luke said with a happy smile on his face.

Alex grinned at Luke but turned around when Reggie said to him, "Alex, you were smoking."

Alex smiled shyly. "Oh no, I was just warming up. You guys were the ones on fire." He gestured to the rest of the band.

Melissa sighed. "Alex had to be the most modest person I have ever known." David and Audrey agreed with her along with everyone who had met Alex.

"Could you just own your awesomeness for once?" Reggie pleaded.

Alex bit his lip as he looked hesitantly at Luke and the rhythm guitarist. They gave him encouraging nods.

"Alright, I was killin' it," Alex chuckled as Luke kneaded his fingers into Alex's shoulders.

Luke grinned and suggested excitedly, "Okay, well, I'm thinking we fuel up before the show."

"ABORT!" Reggie screeched frantically at the screen. "Abort mission! Don't do it, you walnuts!"

"Did you just call us walnuts, Reg?"

"Yes, I did."

"I'm thinking street dogs."

Reggie went "Ooooh" and Alex pointed his drumstick at Luke and said, "Yes."

All three boys groaned. "Great idea, Luke," Alex grumbled.

The families had strangled looks on their faces. Don't do it! was everyone's thoughts. Meanwhile, the boys silently vowed to never get near another hotdog. Those things were evil.

"Don't do it, don't do it, don't do it," Melissa whispered to herself over and over again, rocking slightly in her chair. Alex shot her a concerned and longing look, while Julie looked at her worriedly.

Ross placed his arm around Melissa. "Deep breaths, Mel. Deep breaths."

Bobby hopped off the stage and headed towards the waitress who was apparently Mrs. Molina.

"Hey, Bobby! Where you going?" Luke shouted after their rhythm guitarist.

Trevor winced while Carrie looked at him suspiciously. Did her dad know these guys? It would explain why they looked familiar.

"I'm good," Bobby responded briskly, heading straight for the girl.

Julie made a face and glanced over to Trevor. Ray had his eyes narrowed at the screen.

"Vegetarian," Bobby explained while the rest of his bandmates joined him by the bar. "I could never hurt an animal."

The boys shook their heads and Julie rolled her eyes. Trevor was most definitely not a vegetarian. Back when she and Carrie were friends, he would take them out for cheeseburgers all the time.

Rose glanced at him and then looked over to Reggie and Alex, almost completely ignoring Bobby. "You guys are really good," she told them, her beautiful accent curling the ends of her words.

Ray's eyes grew sad as he saw his dead wife on screen. Julie soaked up her mom's words, knowing that it would probably be the last time she heard her voice.

"I almost forgot how beautiful your mom was," Flynn stated quietly.

Luke looked over at Julie and lightly tugged on a curl of hair. "Looks like we know where you got your hair from," Luke teased, trying to lighten the mood. Julie giggled.

"Thank you," Luke responded. He looked almost bashful.

"I see a lot of bands. Been in a couple myself. I was really feeling it," Rose stated.

Luke gripped Bobby's shoulder. "That's what we do this for." He pushed Bobby behind him while Bobby scowled lightly. It was his turn to be in the spotlight. "I'm Luke, by the way."

He's flirting with my mom, Julie grumbled in her head, side-eyeing Luke's head with a death glare. She could tell that Luke noticed because his entire body went tense like he was about to jump up and run away screaming. It would have been a smart choice.

"Hi, I'm Reggie!"


"Bobby," Bobby shoved himself in front of Luke again.

"Nice meeting you guys," the girl said politely. "I'm Rose."

Ray squeezed his eyes shut to block out the tears. It'd been so long since he had seen or heard her voice... It was just a bit too much for him to handle. Julie took a deep breath as she looked at the screen while Flynn wrapped her arm around her best friend. Carlos' eyes welled up with tears and his lower lip trembled. Victoria pulled a tissue out of her purse and dabbed at her wet eyes. Everyone in the room—for Carrie—was looking at them with concern.

"Are you okay, guys?" Nick asked quietly. Julie nodded shakily and the show unpaused.

Luke stuck his finger in his mouth while keeping eye contact with Rose and placed the finger in Bobby's ear. Bobby made a disgusted but defeated face as if this wasn't the first time Luke had done this.

All of the kids snickered while the Pattersons sighed in fond exasperation. Julie turned to Luke with pure annoyance written all over her face.

"Did you just wet willy Bobby in front of my mother?"


Julie's annoyed glare hardened and Luke shrank back in his seat. Nick looked at Julie in confusion. Why was she talking and glaring at the air?

"So, here's our demo," Reggie continued in a flirtatious voice. "And a T-shirt: size beautiful."

Flynn and Julie shared an understanding look. So that's how the demo ended up in the loft and why the T-shirt was in her mom's trunk that was filled with her old clothes.

Sam tilted her head thoughtfully. "Okay, that actually was a pretty good pick-up line. I would have fallen for it if it happened to me." Reggie looked very happy to hear that while Luke and Alex face-palmed. Flynn didn't feel like mentioning that she thought the same as Sam.

Alex groaned, shaking his head at his three friends.

"Alex," Julie stared at him.

He looked nervous. "Yeah...?"

"You are officially my favorite."

Alex's face broke out into a relieved and happy grin while Julie ignored Luke and Reggie's whines of protest. Carlos and Flynn sniggered at the two of them.

"Thanks. I'll make sure not to wipe the tables down with this one," Rose responded, her tone unimpressed.

Julie was grateful that as cute as the boys were, her mom didn't fall under their spell. That would have been extremely awkward especially since said boys and her dad were in the same room together.

"Oh, good call. When they get wet, they kinda just... fall apart in your hands," Alex informed her in a disappointed tone of voice, using his hands to mimic what he was trying to tell her.

"Don't you guys have to go get hot dogs?" Bobby reminded them.

"Yeah." Luke shoved him back one last time. He was not about to let Bobby get the last shove in. "He had a hamburger for lunch," he revealed to Rose, smirked, and then lead the boys away.

Bobby gave an awkward smile, opening his mouth and closing it as he tried to defend himself. Tried is the keyword. He didn't get a single word out of his mouth.

"You guys are total idiots," Julie muttered to the boys.

The three boys batted their eyes and puckered their lips. "Oh, please," Luke smiled charmingly. "You know you love us."

Julie flushed and looked back at the screen, trying to ignore Luke's gaze on her.

"Chemistry!" Reggie and Alex sang in Luke's ears, making him go bright red. He cuffed them on the heads and turned back to the screen.

"Now, that's what I'm talkin about!" Luke shouted excitedly as they walked out of the Orpheum's back doors.

"The smell of Sunset Boulevard?" Alex asked in a curious, yet sarcastic, manner.

"No," Luke laughed while kicking at a puddle. "What that girl said in there tonight."

Luke picked at a loose string on his sleeve. Flynn wrinkled her nose. "Who knows what was in that puddle. You could've splashed in pee for all we know!"

Luke cringed. "Haven't thought of that. I've never liked those shoes anyway. I don't wear them often."

"About our music. Right? It's like an energy—it connects us to people. They can feel us when we play…. I want that connection with everybody," he explained dreamily, his arms draped over Reggie's and Alex's shoulders.

The families hung their heads in shame. The boys had tried to make that connection with them one too many times and they had always pushed them away in the end. No wonder the three teens had decided to run away.

"Then we're gonna need more T-shirts," Reggie joked. Luke chuckled softly in a fond manner.

"Let's go, boys," he instructed his friends, flipping his hood up. He was wearing a jacket—with sleeves—for once.

Julie's eyes went big. "Whoa, you're wearing sleeves!" Her voice was astonished. "I thought you were allergic to them!"

Ray and Victoria looked at her weirdly. "Julie? Why are you talking to the air?" Victoria asked worriedly.

Julie stumbled over her words as she tried to make an excuse.

Reggie lagged behind, handing out T-shirts to the girls that were waiting in line to see them. It took them a few seconds to recognize him but when they did, they totally freaked out as he walked away with a happy smirk on his face.

Flynn rolled her eyes at Reggie. "You are such a flirt."

Reggie shrugged and grinned playfully. "Hey, might as well put my good looks to use. We don't want all this," he gestured to his body, "to go to waste."

A faint red tint appeared in Flynn's cheeks and she looked back at the screen. Reggie looked confused. Did he say something wrong?

The next scene started with Alex putting pickles on his hot dog with a mildly disgusted expression. Those pickles happened to be right next to a pair of jumper cables.

Julie leaned over to the boys and hissed furiously. "You told me that you died by eating hotdogs! You never mentioned that they were the most unsanitary hotdogs to ever exist!"

Luke rubbed his neck sheepishly. "Yeah, but we were desperate..."

Alex winced. "That was definitely not our finest moment..."

Julie groaned and smacked her forehead repeatedly with the flat of her wrist.

"Hey, sorry. I got some pickle juice on your battery cables," he told the vendor anxiously, who was standing over a grill.

"No problem. It will help with the rust," the man responded, clapping him on the shoulder and laughing when he saw Alex's alarmed face.

Melissa's face turned green and everyone's face turned alarmed. "Rust?" Nick asked. "If they eat those hotdogs, they could die!"

Audrey wailed when she heard what Nick said. That had hit too close home for her.

"That can't... Okay..." he said in a disturbed voice as he shook his head, but then he walked away anyway. "Whaaat?" he muttered to himself as he went to join his friends.

The three friends plopped down on a... couch? In the middle of the street? Huh?... and Luke smiled as if everything in the world was exactly how he wanted it to be.

Carrie made a revolted face. "Okay, that is disgusting. Can you imagine all the diseases that couch is holding?"

As much as everyone didn't like her, they had to agree with her.

"Hey, it was either that or sit in one of those disgusting puddles that may or may not be pee! We had limited options, okay?" Luke defended himself along with Alex and Reggie.

"This is awesome, you guys," he insisted, biting his lip in anticipation. "We're playing the Orpheum. I can't even count how many bands have played here and then ended up being huge!"

If only that was the case, the three families thought mournfully.

It was as if Luke's happiness was absorbed by Reggie and Alex. They were practically glowing with joy!

"We're gonna be legends," Luke sighed dreamily.

"And we're gonna be legends soon," Alex whispered.

It dawned on the band, Flynn, and Carlos that they were supposed to be playing at the Orpheum that night. Were they going to miss their performance if they stayed here any longer?

Sam leaned back to them as if she sensed their worry. "Don't worry," she whispered to them kindly. "I froze time. You won't miss it." She sat back up and continued looking at the screen.

The kids looked at each other in surprise. Had she read their minds?!

"Eat up, boys!" he continued, unaware of what was about to happen, raising his hot dog in cheers.

"NO!" everyone shouted, including Luke, Alex, and Reggie.

"DON'T DO IT, REG!" Ross and Ryan shouted. Regan and her parents shook.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no," Melissa yelled frantically. "Come on, Alex! Be smart!"

David and Audrey were on their feet and screaming at the screen hysterically. Alex was very surprised, to say the least. His parents hated him! Why would they freak out over his death?

Mitch and Emily sat in their seats sobbing with their hands clasped together with each other.

Ray looked at the screen horrified. These kids were going to die and there was nothing they could do about it! According to Sam, these kids were real! They were actually going to die!

Bobby had bent down to where his head was tucked between his knees. His body was wracked with sobs as he saw his best friends sign their own death sentence. Carrie placed her hand on his back and rubbed soothing circles on it. She didn't know how her dad knew these boys, but she knew that he held a special place in his heart for them. That much was obvious.

"Because after tonight, everything changes…."

Well, it definitely changed, that's for sure... Just not in the way we hoped, Luke thought to himself.

The boys took a huge bite out of their hotdogs at the same time. They chewed on happily, Reggie licking his fingers to get rid of the condiments on them.

Everyone groaned loudly.

Suddenly, Alex stopped, an odd expression on his face. That wasn't the only thing on his face. There was a smear of mustard on his lips.

Reggie laughed and pointed it out to Alex, who, in turn, rolled his eyes at his friend.

Alex held up his hotdog. "That's a new flavor." His voice was slightly muffled because it was filled with poison—Er, I mean a hotdog.

"Well, at least you noticed it," Julie grumbled.

"That's not good either way, Jules. They could have stopped eating it, but they didn't," Flynn reminded her.

Julie sighed in defeat.

Reggie shook his head dismissively at Alex. "Chill, man. Street dogs haven't killed us yet."

Everyone wanted to laugh because it was should have been funny. It should have been but seeing as it actually happened to them, it wasn't. Nobody laughed.

Luke whined. "Reggiiiiiie! You jinxed us!"


All the boys looked down at their hotdogs hesitantly—Reggie a little less than Alex and Luke—and then after a moment of staring at the streetdogs, took a ginormous bite out of their hotdogs once more.

"The hotdogs didn't sound that mushy when we were eating them..." Reggie stated. "Why do they sound like that in the show?"

The two there boys shrugged. It did sound pretty gross.

Flynn moaned loudly in exasperation. "You three boys have the survival instincts of a squirrel on crack cocaine!"

They didn't really know how to respond to that, especially when Julie and Carlos agreed with her.

The next thing you know, the scene shifts to an ambulance with wailing sirens zooming down the street. A crowd of teenagers was watching it drive towards them.

By now, all of the families were wailing and clinging onto each other, sobbing their eyes out. The three boys watched them sadly and Luke turned to Sam, opening his mouth.

"No," she told him before he could even get his question out.

His shoulders slumped. He looked like a kicked puppy.

The screen made it where the camera slowly slid up from the ambulance so that it was pointing to the starry black sky. The sign Julie and the Phantoms poofed onto the screen and then after about three seconds, it poofed back out with a swirl of mist. The screen went black.

"Julie and the Phantoms?" Nick read out loud. He turned to Julie in confusion. "What does your band have to do with these guys?"

Julie shrugged and avoided his eyes, still thinking about that awkward failed asking-out situation.

Ray turned to the rest of the families who were starting to calm down. "Why did you guys react so badly to this more than we did? Did you know them?"

Mary Peters straightened up. "They—They were our sons." She sniffled.

Everyone's eyes got big. "I'm so sorry..." Nick said.

Mary nodded her thanks and went over to hug Ross who was staring at the blank screen with tears running down his face.

About five minutes later, everyone had finally calmed down. Sam bounced up to them with a happy grin on her face. "Well, that was one emotional rollercoaster! Alright! Who's ready to eat?"

Everyone raised their hands.

Someone's stomach growled.

"Yay!" Sam cheered. "If y'all will just follow me–"

Suddenly, Sam was cut off. Purple and pink smoke appeared out of nowhere and started swirling together like a miniature tornado.

A short person stepped out of the fog, struck a pose that consisted of one hand on one hip and the other thrown into the air clutching a Starbucks coffee.


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