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Waterparks were never his thing.

Really, in his 19 short (but so incredibly long) years on this earth, Shintaro Kisaragi could only recall a handful of times where he went to a water park — let alone to a water park in the middle of January.

But the Mekakushi Dan always seemed to have ideas for him, didn't they? That's the reason why he, the boy with an absolute distaste of waterparks, was at a water park. In the middle of January.

Needless to say, he didn't want to be there. But he had to because Momo and Ayano were absolutely terrifying when they deciding to get everyone together for "bonding trips" or.. Whatever they called it. The plans didn't stop him from escaping the second that his group checked in though.

And where would someone with a clear distaste of waterparks be found when inside a water park? That's right! As far from the water as possible!

That's how Shintaro found himself sitting on one of the empty benches, phone in hand, and as far away from everyone else as possible.

Shintaro wrinkled his nose in disgust as stray water from the kiddie pool (which couldn't be far ENOUGH) splashed on his legs. Gross. Who knows what was in that water.

He had never been fond of children - especially not now when the kids in the pool felt the need to scream at the top of their lungs whenever a particularly large wave hit their knees, but this was the only area with open seating for the hour. The second that the restaurant seating opened up, he was going to run to those seats instead.

Shintaro sighed as he looked down at his phone, cringing slightly as some splashed up water got a tad bit close to his precious screen. At least he had his phone to keep him company - and Ene wasn't around (which was a TOTAL plus), so he could try to relax and make use of this silly little trip as long as none of the Mekakushidan found him there...

"Momo's brother!"

He spoke too soon.

Shintaro knew that voice. Not very well, considering that he never really got the chance to talk to her, but he knew that voice.

Shintaro sighed heavily and didn't look up from his phone, hoping that maybe, just maybe, someone else who had a sister named Momo would jump in and save his ass from the pair of children that were undoubtedly making their way over to his seat.

But when was luck ever on his side?

"What do you two want?" Shintaro, ever the kind-and-polite role model that he was supposed to be, cut the kids off from whatever the hell they were going to say to him.

"Be our guardian for the water park," Hibiya demanded, also one to immediately get to the point. The brown-haired boy's arms were splayed weird at his sides due to the floaties he had under his shoulders. Shintaro couldn't help but think that Hibiya had to be way too old to still be using arm floaties of all things.

"Oh. Can't you ask Momo or something?" Shintaro asked. If Shintaro had actually wanted to be there, maybe he'd want to go on the adult rides too, he thought as he eyed the boring kiddie pool. He didn't really care though. All he wanted was to sit down under the sweet, sweet AC above him until it was time to leave.

"Momo isn't eighteen for like, another three weeks. Besides, She and Kido went to help Seto get snacks from the restaurant," Hiyori huffed, shrugging helplessly, grip still tight on the floatie around her waist, "it's whatever though, because now you're here!"

"That's a lie," Hibiya cut in from next to her, having finished adjusting the floaties around the tops of his arms, "you totally mind. You're just holding on to the fact that she promised to hang with you later -"

Shintaro winced as he watched the girl's fist slam into Hibiya's side. For a girl as small as her, he's surprised that she could hit that hard.

Eh, well he knows Ene. She's half a foot shorter than him and should still kick his ass. Maybe he shouldn't be so surprised.

"Why didn't you ask Konoha then?" Okay, he didn't know how old Konoha was, but he had to be eighteen, right? No way was a guy as tall as Konoha younger than eighteen.

"We tried, but apparently he doesn't own any legal form of identification," Hiyori sighed, pinching the space between her eyes, "He even asked if an ID was a type of sauce."

Shintaro thought that that should've been expected and that Konoha probably didn't know how to swim anyway. Ha, no wonder. The guy's the type to sink like a rock, Shintaro thought with an amused grin.

"So now I'm stuck with this loser and I can't even go into the cool part of the water park!" Hiyori pouted, "It's not like they cared that I'm an Asahina either. They just said the equivalent of come back with a warrant!"

Shintaro groaned, knowing where this was heading, "…and I'm your warrant?"

"Well, duh!" Hiyori grabbed his arm, pulling him up and off of his bench with surprising strength, "and besides," Hiyori said, taking her hand off of Shintaro's arm and wiping her hand (and apparently his germs) off on Hibiya's arm floaties, "you shouldn't keep loitering around here. You look like a creep with all these kids around."

That's it. He wanted to die. He didn't care if he dropped dead and shriveled up on the spot, because anything is better than being told that you look like a creep by Ayano's aunt (who is also a child).

"Ouch," said a sudden voice from his phone, "she told you."

The all-too-familiar voice was doing nothing more than rub salt in the wound. Except it was more like all the pools here were full of saltwater and he had way more than one cut across his body.

Why couldn't anything ever go his way?

"Why are you here, Ene?" Shintaro groaned, ignoring the snickering kids in front of him. Shintaro switched on his phone, the blue face hovering on the screen bringing him ungodly amounts of internalized rage, "Aren't you supposed to be at home?"

"That's why I'm here now, to apologize for not showing up there in real time," she spun around on his internet icon, seemingly having more fun there than he was having at the water park, "I had other important events to attend."

"You're calling 'passing out at an untimely moment' an important affair?" Shintaro said smugly, smirking, "Sounds a bit sad for you."

Ene narrowed her eyes, stopping the internet icon from spinning with a jolt. "Eh, it's all the better for you. One less person for you to make a fool of yourself in front of."

"Sure, Ene. That's definitely it," Shintaro muttered scathingly, internally thinking that the sight of another girl in a swimsuit (even if it was Ene) would be enough to make him spontaneously combust, "Thanks for the info." Promptly shutting off his phone and shoving it into the pocket of his hoodie, he ignored the phone's angry vibrations and turned back to Hibiya and Hiyori.

"Are you not going to answer her?" Hiyori asked, cocking her head, "That's kind of rude."

"Trust me, you'll get used to it." Hibiya shrugged, huffing a little as his floaties slid a bit further down his arms, "this happens a lot".

Hiyori was a newer addition to the Mekakushi Dan. She had been stuck in.. that mess with all of them, but, out of everyone, she was definitely the one he knew that least and the one who had seen the least of their shenanigans.

(But he knows that he should know her more than he feels like he does. Often times, fragmented memories of timelines long gone are all that he can think about. He sees Hiyori there sometimes, making plans against Clearing Eyes together with him and where she had been there in Hibiya's place).

Shintaro shook his head and looked up towards "Tsunami Town", which was apparently the name the company decided to go with when choosing the adult side of the water park. Not the best choice, if Shintaro had any say in the matter.

"It says it's thirteen and up," Shintaro squinted at the sign, "shouldn't you guys be fine on your own?"

"I'm still twelve and it's not like this loser looks a day over ten," Hiyori pouted, gesturing to the recently-turned-thirteen Hibiya, who wrinkled his nose at the comment.

"Hey! That isn't true! I could get in if they asked kids for identification instead of telling us to get an adult with one," Hibiya pouted, crossing his arms (albeit awkwardly due to his arm floaties) across his chest. "Besides, it's not like I would just.. leave you here by yourself! There are creeps!"

Hibiya was trying to be sweet. Even Shintaro could see that. It was sickening and all too similar to those Shoujo anime things Momo (and he) watched. But Hiyori didn't care.

"Implying that you're gonna be my protector is even creepier than the creeps," she said, taking a step away from him, "besides, I could just find Konoha again or something and hang out with him."


"Oh come on!" Hibiya blustered, throwing his hands up, "I'm trying to be nice here!"

This, the way the water uncomfortably splashed against his feet, and the chatter of the other water park-goers around him were starting to tire Shintaro out. He just wanted a calm day by himself, preferably a place with AC and no children. A wifi connection would be great too.

..He might as well get this over with.

"Look, just tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it." Shintaro reasoned, standing up from his spot on the bench and stretching, "Only on the terms that you can kidnap Momo instead of me when she gets back."

Hiyori turned to face him again, effectively ignoring Hibiya's indignant squawks. Her face lit up and She clapped her hands together, "Yes! You're at least eighteen right?" At Shintaro's nod, she smiled, "Great! Now we can go on the good rides!"

He remembered going on rides a few times when he was little, not because he enjoyed them, but because Momo begged him to. This was obviously before the whole… Y'know, "my sister was scared of large bodies water for like five years because she drowned and somehow got superhuman powers" thing. He had fun though. Shintaro, his dad, and Momo had probably gone on most of the rides at the park before he had begged them to take him home.

Wait, if his dad had to accompany them on the rides as their guardian, that means—

"N-no," Shintaro stammered rather pathetically, eyes widening as he came to a realization, "No way in hell am I being your guardian if it means I have to ride with you guys," he held his hands out in front of him defensively, "absolutely not."

Hiyori paused, her previously folded hands now resting at her sides. She turned back to Hibiya, whose eyes met hers, and they nodded in some kind of understanding that absolutely terrified him.

Both of the kids took a step towards Shintaro in sync, effectively backing him up against the (admittedly gross and moist) wall. Hiyori smiled sweetly at him and, for an instant, he thought that he would be relieved of all this pain and suffering. Then her eyes darkened, going from sparkling to demonic within an instant.

"Well, too bad for you!"

It was then Shintaro learned what true fear felt like, and that it came from a 12-year-old girl.