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Blinking, Issei slowly looks up, lazily regarding the two girls who have stopped in front of his desk. With his face propped up in the palm of his hand, he easily manages the appearance of someone completely disinterested with the world.


Despite him not doing anything beyond acknowledging their presence and questioning what they want, his mere attention is enough to make both Murayama and Katase, the Captains of the Girl's Kendo Club, go slightly pink. Blushing a bit, the two share a glance for a moment, as if to draw strength from one another. In the end, it's Murayama who speaks for the both of them, the long-haired brunette steeling her nerves and clenching her jaw.

"Issei Hyoudou, on behalf of the Girl's Kendo Club, we request that you attend our club meeting after school."

Raising a single eyebrow, Issei regards Murayama, and then Katase.

"… Is this for the same thing as before?"

The blushes go from pink to red at that, and Katase steps in.

"Y-Yes! We require your presence for a demonstration we wish to put on for the club!"

Issei just nods to show he understands.

"Do the same terms as before apply then?"

Here, the Kendo Captains go positively incandescent. They lose all ability to make eye contact with him or each other, instead crossing their arms over their chests (Murayama's quite substantial, though Katase's is lacking) and look to either side. In the end, Murayama speaks up.

"Y-Yes. The same terms as before apply."

Letting out a sigh, Issei nods and waves a casual hand.

"Fine. I'll be there."


"D-Don't be late!"

And like that, the two young women hurry away, just moments before homeroom is set to start. At the same time, Issei can feel glaring eyes, burrowing into his back. He doesn't need to look behind him to know that Matsuda and Motohama are giving him death glares. The pair of boys, nicknamed by the students of Kuoh Academy as "those horrible perverts" very much had it in for Issei, in the same way they had it in for a pretty boy like Kiba.

But Issei thought they might hate him even more than Kiba. After all, Kiba's good looks, chivalrous attitude, and all-around kind personality were good indicators for why girls liked him. They might not have liked it, but at the very least, Matsuda and Motohama couldn't deny that Kiba had everything they didn't. Issei on the other hand… outwardly, Issei knew he was incredibly average. He wasn't ugly by any means, but he wasn't a pretty boy like Kiba either. And more than that, he wasn't at all chivalrous or kind. He was somewhat lazy, and perhaps a bit nonconfrontational, but when he was poked, it didn't matter who you were, you were in for a smackdown.

Which was why all Matsuda and Motohama would do was glare. Because they knew if they tried anything else, he would hurt them. Outwardly, Issei Hyoudou might not have looked like much… but the phrase 'don't judge a book by it's cover' had never been more apt.

Heh, those girls just can't get enough of us.

Outwardly, Issei just stares out the classroom window as the final bell rings and everyone sits down. Inwardly, he lets a tendril of amusement creep out to show he heard his… resident. At the same time though… who does Ddraig think he's fooling? It's Issei that those girls can't get enough of. Ddraig has nothing to do with it.

Pah! Don't be ridiculous. Do you really think you would be able to draw in such maidens if not for me? It is our connection that gives you such immense power. Those of the female gender cannot help being drawn to that power.

Well, he couldn't exactly refute that. Issei had seen the results himself, ever since he'd started on Kuoh Academy. They pretended otherwise, but he was no fool. He'd seen how the girls of the Academy, which was predominantly female anyways thanks to the fact that it had only recently become mixed-gender, looked at him. How they acted around him. Murayama and Katase were just the first to… act upon their desires. Not that Issei minded one bit.

Of course, you don't! As a dragon, all that exists around you is yours by right, so long as you are strong enough to take it. And we, my boy… are VERY strong.

That actually does bring the smallest smile to Issei Hyoudou's face. He slowly curls a hand into a fist, feeling the power pulsing through him. The dragon scales that sit right beneath his flesh, shifting, grinding against one another, all too eager to escape. In a moment, he could level not just this entire classroom, but the whole school.

But he wouldn't. That would just be plain rude. Issei wasn't a bad guy. He had no desire to hurt anyone. But… ever since that day, all those years ago, he had learned that, in order to protect himself, he had to be STRONG. In order to stand above the rest, he had to be POWERFUL.


Pain… so much pain. Little Issei Hyoudou, no older than four, didn't understand why he was in so much pain.

"Stupid little brat. You fucking deserve every bit of this. Thinking you're better than me. Thinking you're worth anything!"

It was just supposed to be a family trip. But little Issei had been separated from his parents. He'd wandered about, until eventually, he'd gone too far in the wrong direction. The Hyoudou family was by no means rich, but they were well-off. A boy of Issei's age wearing such fine clothes in a bad neighborhood like he'd found himself in… it'd only taken one spiteful homeless man, hopped up on some sort of drug, to make Issei's day a whole lot worse.

Now, he hurt all over. And he continued to hurt too, because the man was still kicking him, in the chest, in the stomach, in between the legs. Issei was curled up, trying to protect himself, his face, his whatever, but his tiny little hands weren't enough. One was broken, in fact, not that Issei even understood that. Several of his ribs were broken too, but once again, Issei had never experienced a broken bone in his very young life at that point.

It was all just pain for the boy, so much pain, unending pain… he wanted it to stop. He just wanted it to stop.

Do you? You're going to die, boy. How pathetic is that? One of my wielders, dying before his fifth birthday…

The words cut through the pain. They cut through everything, almost POUNDING against the inside of young Issei's head. But rather than shy away from this new sensation, the little boy GRASPS at it. What else can he do? It's not as bad as everything else, after all. Anything to end the pain is worth reaching towards.

Oh? What's this? Perhaps you're not as pathetic as I first thought…

However, when he grabs at the words, when he pulls on them… something ELSE answers him. Something immense. Something massive. There's a thing in his soul, contained within a prison, and it's roaring to be let out. It dwarfs little Issei's consciousness, it dwarfs all of him.

That's right, boy. Keep going. Release me, and I shall save you.

Except… even if this immense thing inside of him was bigger than him, bigger than everything that made Issei who he was at the tender age of four… he was still holding it in. And something told him he had power over it. Control over it. He didn't need to release it, or beg it, or plead with it. He just… had to TAKE.

Help me.


It is not a request. It is not a plea. It is an order, and it is backed up with an iron will beyond a little boy of Issei's years.

Ohoho… very well then. It seems I have no choice.

Back in the real world, the homeless man laying into Issei Hyoudou with the intent of ending the little boy's life, though he is growing a bit tired of waiting for the cries to finally stop, finds himself suddenly halted in his advance. His foot… it's caught. Eyes wide, the vagabond stares at where the boy is holding his boot.

"Get off you stupid little brat. Fuck, let go!"

In response, all the man gets is a growl… and then he watches as what he thought was a little boy, becomes something else entirely. All the man sees before the end is red scales, claws, fangs, and golden slitted eyes as a whirling devilish of a creature slams into him with ferocity unmatched. His life ends soon after that, his throat torn out by those fangs, his flesh rent by those claws. He died… and Issei Hyoudou lived.

As the little boy's body shifted back, miraculously healed, the pain gone, all Issei could do was stare down at the man he'd just made go quiet. The man's eyes are open, and yet, he says nothing, gurgling instead as blood bubbles up from both his lips and the hole Issei has put in his throat.

He's dying. You've killed him.

Issei stiffens up as the presence presses against his mind. Slowly, he curls blood-covered hands into fists and grits his jaw as he pushes back on the immensity of whatever is housed within his soul.

You are intriguing, little one. I foresee this being the start of a beautiful relationship.


And so, it was. That day had been the day Issei met Ddraig. Not that he'd understood everything at the tender age of four, but he'd learned. He'd had to, because in the end, it was do or die. Ddraig had pushed him hard, and slowly but surely, Issei had learned to be worthy of the power he'd used to save himself that day. He'd learned to be worthy of the title Red Dragon Emperor.

Yet… at the same time, Issei really didn't want to pick too many fights with anyone. Ddraig was of a similar mind, as it turned out. Whether it was because his personality bled into the dragon, or because the dragon's personality bled into him, they'd taken up a rather… lazy sort of lifestyle. Perhaps it was both of them bleeding into each other. Either way, Issei didn't have any desire to seek out other dragons, not even the one Ddraig called his rival. Albion, the White Dragon Emperor.

He also had no desire to get involved with other parts of the supernatural, of which he'd learned of many from Ddraig. And yes, he also knew that there were two devil peerages at Kuoh. That didn't mean Issei had to get involved with them. He'd flown under their radar well enough so far, had he not?

It was-

"Mister Hyoudou!"

Blinking, Issei is pulled out of his inner thoughts by the sound of his teacher calling his name. He looks up to the front, making eye contact with the woman, and waits patiently for her to follow up. Of course, she blushes the moment that he actually directs his attention to her, something no one in the class fails to notice as she fidgets a bit. Whatever she might have said before is lost in those following moments, and in the end, what she DOES manage to stammer out is lackluster at best.

"P-Please try to pay attention, alright?"

Issei doesn't even know her name. He can't be bothered to remember it. Sure, she's cute, but she's also a teacher. They're probably off limits. If she went out of her way to spend more time with him out of class, he'd learn it… but school was utterly pointless in his eyes. He wasn't exactly destined for the normal life, no matter how lazy he was. He might not be interested in the affairs of the supernatural, but he hadn't spent his entire life training with Ddraig in order to be a salaryman or anything like that.

Still, no point in completely disrespecting the woman. Issei gives a slight nod, and then endeavors to stare FORWARD as he daydreams and tunes out the world, making it at least seem like he might just be paying attention to what's going on in the classroom. In reality, his mind is elsewhere… but if his teacher realizes this, she doesn't call him out on it again.


With school over, Issei makes his way over to the Kendo Club. It's a bit of a bother, perhaps… but it's also worth it, in his eyes. After all, the deal that he has with Murayama and Katase is one that benefits him most of all. Not that the two girls don't get something out of it. They definitely do, or they wouldn't keep coming back to him for this. Still… they're a bit weird, aren't they? What a strange fetish…

"A-Ah, there you are! Come stand at the front please, Hyoudou!"

Issei just nods his head and walks in, moving past the rows of girls who sit seiza position. Every last one of them blushes in his presence, though he also notes the way their knuckles go white as they clutch at the practice swords that they hold across their laps. He doesn't pay them any mind. If they want to attack him, he'll defend himself. It's why he's here, after all.

"Right. As before, we've asked Hyoudou here for a demonstration. T-This time, we will be showing you the value of always pairing up. If there are two of you, no man can harm you. Katase and I will be going at Hyoudou with everything we've got, and you'll see that he will crumble before our combined might. Understood?"

"Yes, Captain!"

The entire room cries out as one, even as Issei raises an eyebrow at Murayama and Katase. The two girls blush a bit when they see him doing so, but they also tighten their jaws, showing their determination. The LAST two times that they'd asked him here, they'd come at him one at a time, attempting to show that a master of kendo was a match for any untrained boy. Of course, Issei was far from untrained, he just wasn't any good with a sword.

Needless to say, he'd defeated both girls each time, and extracted the price they'd offered him for attending the class as well for good measure. Of course, neither of the two Kendo Captains had complained as he deflowered them. In fact, they'd seemed to enjoy it, as embarrassed as they both were to be beaten by him. The first go around, he'd fucked them separately. The second go around, he'd taken them together, and Issei had to admit, having the two girls able to hold hands and stare at one another for support had certainly enhanced the process.

This time…

"Prepare yourself, Hyoudou! Here we come!"

And like that, Murayama and Katase were upon him, their bamboo swords striking from opposite sides in eerie synchronicity. They were good. He could give them that. But they were also only human. Issei casually lifts an arm to block the blow from Katase, even as his hand latches out and catches the Murayama's bamboo sword right at the hilt. His hand actually closes around Murayama's as he squeezes slightly, causing her to cry out and let go of her sword with that particular hand.

Issei tears it free of her weakened grasp at that point and turns the bamboo sword on Katase without a second thought. There's no technique to it. He is NOT a swordsman. He simply begins to rain down blows on Katase as she yelps and tries to block, only to find him faster and stronger than her, if not nearly as skilled in his technique.

To her credit, Murayama is not so weak willed as to give up just because she's been disarmed. Seeing her friend under assault by her own weapon, the long-haired brunette lets out a roar and leaps at Issei's back, clinging to him from behind as she tries to… distract him, perhaps? It's clear she hasn't thought it through, even as Issei pauses for a moment to reach back, grab her by the scruff of her Gi, and throw her over him.

Murayama hits the mat hard, but then, that's kind of why it's there, to soften falls. Issei though, is not done. He steps up as she's recovering and places the tip of her own bamboo sword against her throat, pressing down until she starts to choke a little. Her hands come up to grab the 'blade' to try and get it off, but Issei is unrelenting, and Murayama isn't willing to outright break her own practice sword. As it is, he's not truly hurting her, merely applying some pressure.

Katase, meanwhile, has taken all of this time to recover from the onslaught he'd had her under. When she finally catches her breath, it's to find her fellow Kendo Captain in such a situation, and Issei's gaze upon her. That gaze pins her in place, and Issei cocks his head to the side as he regards Katase for a second. Then, he speaks a single word.


The power behind that word is directly solely at Katase. As such, Murayama is still in a proper state of mind to fight back.

"N-No! Don't, ack, don't listen to hi-!"

With a clatter, Katase interrupts Murayama as she drops her own weapon to the mat, before kneeling down and bowing her head in surrender. The long-haired brunette is all set to explode at her friend, but then Issei directs his gaze at her… and she too goes limp. As he pulls the tip of the bamboo sword from her throat, Murayama slowly gets to her knees alongside Katase, head bowed in surrender.

Slowly, Issei turns to regard the rest of the all-female Kendo Club. They're all watching this, faces red. By this point, they know what happens when Murayama and Katase fight against Issei. They know what the end result is going to be. Though… they don't know what comes next. From the looks on some of their faces, some of them might enjoy finding out.

Issei considers things for a moment. He has a choice to make now. And as far as he can see, there are three options he's willing to take at this moment.

Well, there's always the fourth opt-

There were THREE options he was willing to take at this moment.

Heh, fine. Ya prude.

Issei just smiles slightly. He and Ddraig both knew he was far from a prude. But even a horny dragon knew better than to try and reverse gangbang an ENTIRE Kendo Club. Not all of them would be willing, for one. However, extracting his price, or at least part of it, from Katase and Murayama in FRONT of the club… now there was an idea that held merit.

He could demand that Murayama and Katase let him have his way with them right here, and right now. Issei had a feeling they would go along with it. They were kinky like that, he knew that already from when he fucked them together alone. Or, the second option, he COULD fuck them together alone again. Make them dismiss the Kendo Club, and then have his way with them both right here in their dojo. He knew they would both enjoy that too, from prior encounters.

Finally, the third option… he could do nothing at all. He could leave them here, and refrain from extracting his price from them this time around. They clearly wanted him to fuck them. They were insistent on constantly challenging him, despite the both of them knowing he was beyond their skill level at this point. If they wanted to be fucked… maybe he should deny them that. See what came of it, if he refused them what they desired.

Decisions, decisions…


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