It only took Issei a few moments to decide that he wasn't going to pick either of these girls over the other. He couldn't very well blow off Yuuma right? He'd made a prior obligation, even if she was a stinking Fallen Angel. Ah, that probably wasn't fair, in truth she'd smelled quite nice, and as far as Issei was aware, Fallen Angels were bad guys or anything like that. Except for the minor detail that they'd done SOMETHING to be kicked out of heaven. But then, he was currently watching two devils bicker over him as well, and he'd been going to school with them for a while now with no issues, so…

Luckily, Issei doesn't have to actually say anything to make Akeno and Tsubaki leave him alone, because a moment later, the former lets go of him because of a particularly scathing comment from the latter, and stalks up to her, getting in her face. While the two big-breasted beauties might be moments away from a cat fight, Issei knows an opening when he sees one. Unfortunate, because it would have been interesting to see how they fought over him while trying to hide what they actually were from him… but in the end, needs must.

Making sure the two are fully distracted with one another, Issei… turns and walks away. Yep, simple as that. If he'd tried to run, the noise would have most certainly attracted their attention. So he just walks, casually, and not once does he hear either of them calling after him or chasing him down as he leaves Kuoh behind and steps outside the school's front gates to find 'Yuuma' waiting for him.

"A-Ah, Issei… over here! I was worried you might not come…"

Lifting an eyebrow at that, the brown-haired young man cocks his head to the side.

"You were? Why is that? I did agree to go out with you, after all."

Yuuma blushes, and once again he has to applaud her act, as she ducks her head shyly and tucks some of her hair back behind her ear in what's clearly meant to be a sort of nervous tic.

"Um, well… it's just, you seem so cool, a-and I'm, well…"

Issei rolls his eyes. Was this what her research of him told her he liked? Stepping up to the tittering girl, Issei slides his arms around her… and promptly grabs her ass with both hands. Her eyes go wide, and for a moment, he sees beyond the façade as she looks up at him with the beginning of fury in her eyes. But he pretends not to see that, already leaning in to capture her lips in a deep kiss as he was.

His tongue slips out and into her mouth, and after a moment of tension in which he's not sure whether she's going to attack or not, Yuuma finally finds it in her to melt into his embrace, her hands up against his chest between their bodies, but not attempting to push him away. Issei takes advantage of her feigned submission to grope and squeeze her absolutely astounding ass for a moment, as well as make out with her, right there in front of the school.

They were technically off school grounds, so it was probably fine. Not like 'Yuuma' actually went to Kuoh Academy anyways. Regardless, Issei pulls back finally, and while he keeps his hands on the dark-haired girl's ass, he does lean backwards enough to look down at her with a cocky smile on his face.

"You seemed like the confident sort when you worked up the courage to ask me on a date earlier this morning. And I said yes, didn't I? So have more confidence in yourself. I'm expecting you to show me a good time, Yuuma."

She stares at him for a good few moments, her expression unreadable. Then, a smile blossoms across her face, with just a bit of an impish quality to it.

"Ah… isn't it the guy who's supposed to show the girl a good time, Issei?"

Chuckling, Issei finally does let go of Yuuma's ass, amused to see that the Fallen Angel is capable of playing along. He's curious just how far he can push her on this little date, though he expects her to lead him into some sort of trap or ambush pretty swiftly. Regardless, the young man just shrugs and then offers his arm to the young woman before him.

"It's also the guy who usually asks the girl on the date. I figure a strong, upstanding example of femininity like yourself would be above such archaic practices. Was I wrong?"

His eyes sparkle with amusement and he can practically SEE the Fallen Angel's gears turning in her head past the human façade she's still trying to maintain. Eventually, a bit of something 'else' leaks through Yuuma's features, and she lifts her nose into the sky rather snootily while taking his arm in her own.

"You were not. I'm going to blow your socks off, Issei Hyoudou."

Issei grins, and unable to resist, leans in to lay a kiss atop Yuuma's head and smell her hair. At the same time, he mutters into her ear at a subvocal wavelength, his tone guttural and deep in a way he KNOWS gets the engines of human girls at least revving all nice and quick.

"Promises, promises…"

Judging by the way Yuuma shudders, it either has the same effect on her, or she's an even better actor than he thought. Either way, it seems that their date is finally starting…


To Issei's surprise, the disguised Fallen Angel does NOT immediately lead him into an ambush, or some dark back alley of the city where she can turn around and do whatever dastardly thing she wants to do to him with no witnesses. No, instead… she took him shopping. Or rather, then went shopping together, though more as a joke than anything else. Trying on silly shirts, or bands, or the like.

She SEEMED to be enjoying herself, so Issei went along with it, because really, what else was he supposed to do? At the end of the day though, it all had to be an act. Unless this particular Fallen Angel just wanted to play around and pretend to be a human with him, or something like that. The thought that she might actually be interested in starting a normal, mundane relationship with him DID cross Issei's mind, but he quickly discarded it as the height of foolishness.

After all, he was who he was. What were the chances that a Fallen Angel would pick him for a normal, mundane romance? There had to be more to it than that, coincidences like that simply didn't happen, ever. Regardless, eventually they leave the store, and head over to a small diner next. Seeing a chance to have a bit more fun with this whole encounter, Issei doesn't bat an eyelash when Yuuma orders the most expensive parfait they have on the menu. He simply gets himself a drink as well and waits with her for it to arrive.

They sit across from one another, and he watches as she takes small bites of her rather large treat with the tiny spoon provided. Honestly, given how small that spoon is, it'll take her about two hours to finish the thing she's ordered, even going at a rather swift pace. But that's alright, because Issei intends to distract her in the worst way possible.

Slipping his foot out of his shoe is easy enough. Sliding the sock-clad appendage across the floor to where Yuuma is sitting is easier still. He watches her, sipping casually from his drink, as he makes contact with her ankle and begins to slide his toes up the inside of her leg. Yuuma freezes, and for a moment, the façade slips again. Though, Issei is intrigued by the fact that it's not outrage or anger that he sees in her eyes for the split second that her real self shines through this go around, but instead something akin to… anticipation.

Then she manages to pull herself back, and 'Yuuma' blushes as she makes eye contact with him, acknowledging that she knows he's touching her, something of an accusing stare, as if she thinks he'll blush and stop just because she's nonverbally called him out. Issei just grins instead, and slides his foot up further, past her knee. His heel comes to rest on the edge of the booth that Yuuma is sat upon.

Her eyes go wide at that, and she hides behind her parfait.


Issei just cocks his head to the side.

"Hm? Yes Yuuma? Something the matter?"

Hah! You've got her now… oh man, this is going to be good…

The young man valiantly resists the urge to roll his eyes or react in any way to the perverted dragon buried in his soul. Though, they're both perverts, to be fair. They're just confident perverts. Seeing this, the Fallen Angel trying to pass herself off as a human girl infatuated with him clearly decides that she's supposed to find his confidence, his cockiness… attractive. Or perhaps she actually DOES find it attractive.

Still blushing, Yuuma ducks her head and focuses on her sweet treat, her eyes no longer meeting his own. Issei doesn't let that stop him, of course… if anything, it only spurs him on further. The top half of his foot comes forward, and as he expected, he slides along Yumma's inner thighs, before his toes come into contact with her panty-clad crotch. The young woman lets out an 'eep!' in response, one that's loud enough to draw some glances, but though some people admire her beauty and give him the stink eye for daring to be so lucky, no one pays them any mind, not really. At least… not at first.

Because Issei isn't letting up. As Yuuma continues to work her way through the parfait that she's not likely to ever finish, Issei works his magic, teasing her with the ball of his foot, with his toes, pressing into her in all the right places. She tries to trap him between her thighs, or perhaps she's attempting to push him out, but Issei isn't having it. He works around her, and continues to grind into her cunt, which he can already feel getting wet through the sole of his sock.

Still, Issei doesn't let up. Even as Yuuma begins to mewl and moan, even as she pants and her sizable chest jiggles in her top from her breathlessness, Issei doesn't stop. Eventually, Yuuma has to push the parfait away from herself, her hands clutching at the edge of the table instead as she squeezes her eyes shut, trying to keep a handle on her emotions, trying to hold back the sensations he's forcing upon her.

That's when Issei pushes just a bit of his essence through the ball of his foot, into the Fallen Angel's sopping wet quim. Yuuma's eyes shoot wide open, and she cums with a squeal, creaming her panties and even drenching his sock as well for good measure as she shakes and spasms, her chest bouncing all over the place, her eyes going crossed from the pleasure.

Issei grins, knowing that it's not faked or forced. No, that was a real orgasm, experienced by the very real female sat across the table from him. Yuuma is still recovering, when the waitress who originally took their order comes over, a look of concern on her face.

"Is everything alright over here? Young lady, are you okay?"

For a moment, Yuuma looks like a deer caught in the headlights. Issei thinks he sees a flash of indignation under her humiliated and embarrassed façade, and he knows that it's directed at him, even as he gives the waitress a saucy grin and gestures to the half-eaten parfait.

"My girlfriend just really likes the dish, I suppose. She couldn't get enough. Ah, but perhaps it was a bit much for her… can we get our check please? I think she's about done. Wouldn't you say, Yuuma?"

"Y-Yes… I'm finished."

Issei resists the urge to chuckle, and then he has to do so again when the receipt that he's given after paying has the waitress' phone number on it. He makes sure to 'accidentally' flash the set of digits to Yuuma as he folds the receipt up and tucks it away in his wallet. When he stands and offers his arm to the dark-haired young woman, she's glaring daggers at the waitress' back, so much so that he wouldn't be surprised if her uniform caught fire, right then and there.

It doesn't though, and Issei lets Yuuma lead him out of the diner and down the street, once she finally takes hold of his arm. The sun is beginning to set, and he imagines this is about when things will get… nasty.


It's rather obvious what's coming, as Yuuma leads him away from the already dying crowds and over to a remote part of a nearby park. As the sun sets overhead, turning the air a burnt orange, the disguised Fallen Angel breaks away from him and runs up to the fountain. Lifting an eyebrow, Issei stops and watches her, ready for whatever her plan is.

"Can I ask you a question? In honor of our first date… there's something I'd like you to do for me. To commemorate this special moment."

As she speaks, she moves closer, bobbing up and down, a clear attempt to draw his eyes to her jiggling, bouncing breasts and distract him. Staring down at her as she waits for his response, Issei considers ending the charade here and now and taking the first move… but there's always the ever so small chance that she's not hostile, even if all of his senses are telling him otherwise.

"And what would that be?"

Slowly, Yuuma's head comes up, a small smile on her face as she lets the façade she's struggled to maintain at multiple points of their date fall away completely. Her eyes are filled with death and danger, and the cutesy tone of voice she's had disappears entirely, to be replaced by a slightly deeper, albeit still feminine voice.

"Would you die for me?"

That's about what he expected. With a sigh, Issei reaches out… and flicks Yuuma in the forehead. She's more than close enough for him to do so, and he watches dispassionately as she flips end over end from the blow, slamming into the side of the water fountain with enough force to crack the stone and see the thing start to leak out around her.

Eyes wide with fury, the disguised Fallen Angel wastes no time in retaking her true form, even as a red welt grows into prominence on her forehead. Issei stands there and admires her, even as she scrambles to her feet. She's like a more matured version of her human disguise, taller by a few inches, much bustier, and with curvy hips to die for, that probably lead to an ass that just won't quit, though unfortunately Issei can't see it from this angle.

But the most important thing of course are the blackened wings on her back, which 'Yuuma' uses to propel herself up into the air, flapping overhead as she snarls down at him.

"You! How dare you lay a hand on me!"

Issei just looks up at her and smiles easily.

"I've done much more than that today, haven't I Yuuma?"

For a moment, her face flushes in embarrassment, but then a vicious smile spreads across her face.

"Hm, I suppose you're more interesting than I thought, Issei Hyoudou. Still, you fell right into my trap all the same. Your overconfidence has led you to an early grave."

In her hands, a beam of light takes form, before solidifying into what can only be some sort of hard-light construct in the form of a spear. She spins it about, and points it at him, smirking easily without a care in the world.

"Time to die."

And then she lungs forward, her wings beating hard to propel her through the air towards him. Her spear aims for his heart, to take him out in one single impaling stab. Of course, it never actually reaches said organ. It doesn't even reach his chest. As 'Yuuma' or whatever her name is closes in, Issei holds up a hand. Just as the Fallen Angel transformed in what seemed like a split second, so does Issei. Rather than connecting with human flesh, the spear of light heading his way smashes into a palm of red scales… and promptly shatters.

But her weapon breaking does not stop the momentum of the Fallen Angel it belongs to. In one fell swoop, 'Yuuma' loses her spear, and finds her neck clutched in a clawed gauntlet, made of dragon scales. Issei squeezes, and the Fallen Angel chokes as her hands come up to scramble at his transformed arm to no avail.

"W-Wha-hrk! You-!"

Issei smiles as 'Yuuma's eyes bulge and she tries but fails to talk around his tightened grip.

"From where I'm standing, Yuuma, the one who was overconfident was you, it seems. I don't know what you think you know about me… but clearly, you didn't do your homework."


Issei loosens his grip just enough to let her speak, even as he brings his other hand up and presses the draconic claws that have manifested on that limb as well against her exposed belly, ready to disembowel her at a moment's notice. She doesn't fail to take note of this, and Issei relishes the fear he sees in the Fallen Angel's eyes. She's finally taking him seriously.

"What is it?"

"I-I'm sorry! Please, forgive me! I did not know. S-Spare me. I can be of use to you!"

How quickly she changed. It seemed this one was a coward, and all too eager to save her own skin. The question was… what did Issei want to do with her, now that he had her? He could kill her outright, though it seemed somewhat of a waste. Still, if he killed her now with no one else around, perhaps her death would not be tracked back to him, and he could just go back to his casual life at Kuoh. Hah, unlikely, given the devils had taken an interest in him due to his decisions regarding the Kendo Club.

He could take her to them. Not having any ties to either the ORC or the Student Council at this moment, he would need to get in contact with both to try and find a way to hand her over to the two groups. Maybe they might leave him alone if he did so, a sign of good faith, an offering or what have you. But something balked within him at the idea. He didn't like the thought of giving up what was his.

Ah, but then, if he already thought of this Fallen Angel as his, perhaps he should keep her. She was already offering her services to him. Demanding that she pledge her loyalty to him… well, she would probably still try to betray him at some point down the road, but he could enjoy her in a variety of different ways until that time came.

And then there was the final option, and the least optimal in his opinion. He could… let her go. If he released her now with a warning, would she leave him alone? Could he get the devils to leave him alone as well, and be content with that? It definitely seemed like a silly choice, but part of Issei DID long to return to flying under the radar, even if that no longer seemed to truly be possible.

One way or another, with a fallen angel in his clutches, it was clear Issei had a choice to make.


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