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When Issei returns from visiting Ravel, its to find that Vali has pulled a runner. Everyone else is still in the mansion, but not the White Dragon Empress. Apparently, she'd stewed in her room for a little bit, before ultimately racing off into the nearby woods.

Issei wasn't worried though. In fact, he knew exactly what she was up to. All he had to do was consider what HE would do in her shoes. He was supposed to be her rival. And yet, when they'd come face to face, Vali had come up short. Their first meeting, over the badly injured body of Kokabiel, they'd been somewhat closer in power. But right now? Issei was on top.

One might argue that it was in his best interest to chase Vali down now and pin her to the ground while she couldn't put up a decent fight. Weaker than him as she was, Issei would have no issue making her his bitch. However… that simply wasn't how he operated. Sure, he had no problem kicking the asses of those weaker than him, but only when they came to him and asked for it. If they knew what they were getting themselves into, if they knew what they were risking by challenging him, then Issei didn't have a single compunction about putting them in their place.

However, if he hunted Vali down as he and she both were now… that wouldn't be fair. It wouldn't be very sporting either. Call him stubborn. Call him arrogant, even… but Issei preferred to give his prey a fighting chance if they weren't going to walk straight into his open, slobbering jaws. And Vali was one of the few people in his life smart enough to recognize that she needed to train and get stronger before she confronted him properly.

Heh. Been a long time since I had a wielder send one of Albion's wielders running with their tail tucked between their legs. Too long!

Stopping in the middle of the hallway, Issei tilts his head to the side and smiles.


Ddraig snickers, clearly pleased as punch with the state they left Vali in.

Oh yes. And to think, that last one my wielder had over three decades on Albion's! It was no contest, Issei… but this time around, you're younger than the Vanishing Dragon's current wielder. This Vali has no excuse… you're just better than her. When you do finally put her in her place, Albion won't be able to say anything!

Issei's smile grows as he chuckles at the excited tone his internal pet dragon girl currently has. He shakes his head in fond amusement.

"You think so highly of me, Ddraig. You're certain I'll win, even with me giving Vali time to get stronger, huh?"

Bah! Of course you will! The bitch might have gone off to train, but SHE doesn't have a Fallen Seraph with newly discovered sadistic tendencies to put her through her paces, now does she? Ugh, I'm safely hidden inside of your damn soul and Gabriel's training regime still managed to traumatize ME with how rough and bloody it was!

Issei can't help it, he shudders right alongside with the metaphysical shudder he feels coming from Ddraig. He's about to open his mouth and respond when he's cut off by another voice that's NOT coming from inside of his head.

"There you are, Hyoudou. Been looking all over for you!"

Turning, Issei looks on in fresh brand new amusement as a blonde blue-eyed beauty in a breastplate atop a dress. She has a rapier already drawn in her hand, and she points it at him the moment he looks at her. Issei raises an unimpressed eyebrow at the rapier, before shrugging his shoulders.

"I had business to attend to elsewhere. I'll be generous and assume you're not breaking guest right by attacking me in my own home. That would… certainly cause issues between me and mine and the Grigori Faction, I'd think."

Jeanne scoffs at that.

"Hah, like I care about them!"

Fair. Gabriel had explained a fair bit about Jeanne and Le Fay alike, so Issei knew the two weren't exactly loyal members to the Grigori Faction. In fact, as Gabriel told it, she didn't quite know what Azazel was thinking, letting Vali build a team like this to be the Fallen Angels' liaison. It was a powder keg waiting to blow, one filled with conflicting loyalties from all sides.

Issei didn't really care who Jeanne was loyal to however. He still didn't detect a single ounce of killing intent or active malice from the girl, despite the way the blue-eyed blonde was pointing her rapier at him.

Seemingly realizing she wasn't going to make him flinch, Jeanne finally just offers a cheery grin as she swings the rapier to the side.

"You're right, I'm not attacking you! I'm challenging you to a spar! Unless you're chicken, Hyoudou!"

… Jeanne's behavior would have left a lot to be desired if he was a more serious and traditional individual. But as she'd already said, she didn't really even care about the major faction she was supposed to be here representing. Issei, still amused, shrugs his shoulders after a moment.

"Sure, a spar sounds lovely. I could use a light workout."

Jeanne's eyes widen at that, and he can tell he's actually gotten to the girl at long last. Her smile turns positively wolfish as unrefined, amateurish killing intent finally begins to leak out at him. Issei brushes it off with ease, of course.

"Oooh… I'm going to enjoy making you eat those words, Issei Hyoudou!"



"What was that, Jeanne? Something about making me eat my words?"

"S-Shut up! Oh fuuuuuck! Nnnngh, f-fuck you, you bastard!"

"Heh, yes Jeanne, that is what you're doing with me right now, very good. Unless you want to stop… you just have to say the word."

"N-No! Fuck! Don't stop!"

… This wasn't how it was supposed to go. Jeanne was supposed to be the s-stick! Le Fay was the c-carrot! But as she peeks through the door at them, the small witch trembles at the sight she's bearing witness to. Namely, the sight of Jeanne on her back, legs high in the air… as Issei Hyoudou holds the swordswoman by her ankles and plows into her with the full length of his cock, again and again and again.

The sound of his balls and thighs smacking against her ass cheeks as he fucks her continues to fill the room, though it has competition in the form of Jeanne's constant squeals and moans in between her decrying his honor while also crying for him not to stop and to keep fucking her.

This DEFINITELY wasn't how it was supposed to go! Jeanne had been very clear! She was going to go find Issei Hyoudou alone, and provoke him into sparring with her! Then, she was going to win, using her Sacred Gear Blade Blacksmith to beat him down. Once he was nice and injured, both physically and his pride… that was where Le Fay was supposed to come in!

She was supposed to be a balm on his weary soul, a soothing presence t-to… to make him feel like he finally had someone who he could rely on! All of them back in the Hero Faction knew Issei Hyoudou was a good sort deep down inside. Sure, he'd gathered up a harem that was as much devils and fallen angels as it was humans, but that didn't mean anything!

What mattered, at least in Le Fay's humble opinion, was that he'd had the opportunity to be reincarnated as a Devil… and he'd ultimately rejected it. THAT was what mattered… or so she'd always thought!

But this? Issei Hyoudou was a p-pervert of the highest caliber! And Jeanne… Jeanne was e-encouraging him! Bright red, eyes wide, Le Fay can only watch from her hiding place on the other side of the door as Jeanne is railed nonstop into the floor of the sparring room.

To the other blonde's credit, she'd at least put up something of a fight from what Le Fay could see. The room was littered with Jeanne's swords, all scattered about and sticking out of surfaces. But that honestly made it even worse, because as much as Jeanne had CLEARLY given it her all… Issei didn't have a scratch on him!

Oh sure, his clothes were completely shredded. The tatters of his garments were all over the floor with only scattered remnants and bits of cloth clinging to his chiseled, muscular frame as he continues to pound Jeanne into the floor in a powerful mating press. But his actual body? It doesn't have a single sign of the battle that CLEARLY must have taken place here.

Le Fay was beginning to realize… they'd entirely underestimated Issei Hyoudou. Jeanne's instincts had even caught it… Vali-sama's reaction should have been more telling! But the other blonde was so brash and headstrong that she hadn't been willing to listen to what her own instincts were telling her. Just because she didn't feel whatever Vali-sama felt… didn't mean that Issei Hyoudou wasn't very, VERY dangerous!

Now, Jeanne was on her back and Le Fay didn't know what to do! SHE was supposed to be the carrot, not Jeanne! N-Not that she wanted Issei to mating press HER or anything l-like that! C-Certainly, she didn't want him to pin her d-down and hold her in place with those b-big strong muscles, nor did she want him to take her virginity and fuck her s-silly like he was doing with Jeanne! She-!

"My oh my… she's certainly enjoying herself, isn't she?"

Le Fay damn near jumps out of her skin, even as a hand casually winds its way around her head and covers her mouth just in time to muffle the surprised scream that threatens to erupt from her lips. In the room itself, Jeanne continues to squeal all on her own, and so Le Fay's muffled shriek doesn't reach the ears of those she's spying on.

… Or so she thinks. She misses how Issei's head twitches for a moment, his senses finally picking up on the peeping tammy he has watching him and Jeanne go at it. But Le Fay doesn't notice it, and when Issei picks up on who else is there with her, he doesn't turn around. Instead, he just keeps on fucking Jeanne into the floor.

Meanwhile, Gabriel the Fallen Seraph slowly winds her other hand down Le Fay's trembling body.

"Do you like what you see, darling?"

Le Fay whimpers into the Fallen Seraph's palm. This was… the worst case scenario. Her brother had warned her of things like this. Unfortunately, he hadn't exactly told her what to DO in this situation. Running to him wasn't an option right now, he was nowhere near Japan! And fighting back… she couldn't fight back! That would be breaking g-guest right or something, she was pretty sure!

Jeanne might not care that they were here to be the liaisons for the Grigori and Governor General Azazel, but Le Fay did. Not because she cared about the Fallen Angel Faction OR Azazel… but because she cared about Vali-sama and didn't want to ruin anything for her. Vali-sama was clearly under enough stress already without Le Fay and Jeanne making too much of a mess of things.

That was why she couldn't do anything but let Gabriel quietly molest her. Yes, that was the o-only reason. It certainly wasn't because Le Fay was e-enjoying it or something! No sir! She definitely didn't like a single bit of Gabriel's exploratory touches a-all over her nubile, supple y-young body!

"Mm, you're just so cute…"

Le Fay blushes all the harder as those words hit her ears. She wasn't cute! No matter what everyone including her brother and now the Fallen Seraph said! She was a big girl! A fully grown woman, thank you very much! She- ooooh~

Gabriel's fingers slip under her skirt, past her panties, and dip into her sex. Le Fay's legs threaten to buckle and give out on her as she sees stars. The Fallen Seraph's touch had no RIGHT feeling that good. It was as d-delicious as sin. Whimpering into Gabriel's hand, Le Fay squirms about, panting needily as she subconsciously bucks her hips against the older woman's fingers.

Much older, at that. Le Fay has to remember, Gabriel is THOUSANDS of years old. She needs to… she needs to focus. She can't let the creature g-get the better of her! This is exactly what the Hero Faction was made t-to fight! She couldn't give in, she just couldn't! She had to-!

"Mm, you're trying to be so quiet… is it possibly because you're afraid of being discovered? Even though… they already know you're here?"

Le Fay Pendragon goes ramrod straight at that, her eyes flicking forward into the sparring room just in time for Gabriel to push open the door and reveal her captive state in the Fallen Seraph's arms. There, in the sparring room, Issei has moved Jeanne onto her hands and knees and faced her in the direction of the doorway. The blonde, blue-eyed swordswoman registers Le Fay's presence at the same moment that Le Fay registers she's now exposed.

They stare at each other with wide eyes for a long moment in silence, even as Gabriel continues to finger Le Fay while Issei continues to rail Jeanne from behind.

For a few seconds, Jeanne just looks gobsmacked by Le Fay's presence and situation. But does she regain herself and finally start fighting back? Does she try and break free to defend Le Fay's honor and save her from the predatory Fallen Seraph preying upon her? No… no, Jeanne doesn't do either of those things.

Instead, she gets a sheepish yet large smile on her red face and moans throatily before laughing.

"S-Sorry Le Fay… it turns out, H-Hyoudou was the one with the big stick all long. Nnngh, hey… mm, l-let's both be carrots, o-okay?"

Le Fay watches wordlessly, mouth still covered by Gabriel's hand, as Issei pulls Jeanne's hair back into a makeshift ponytail and starts pounding her all the harder from behind. The swordswoman's blue eyes soon roll back in her head, and she's clearly lost to the world as she drowns in the pleasure.

"Mm. She looks like she's having fun. What do you say, little one? Would you like to join her and be the carrot after all?"

Gabriel finally lowers her hand from Le Fay's mouth to one of her breasts, toying with her nubile body in two places now. Le Fay squirms in the Fallen Seraph's grasp as she watches her comrade get positively railed by their host. This… all of this is so, so wrong. She shouldn't. She can't! She must resist temptation. She has to stay strong, even if Jeanne won't! She…

"I… I…"


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