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He certainly considers it. Interfering early, that is. He could involve himself right now and things would probably work out… for a certain definition of 'working out' anyways. Thanks to Gabriel's training, Kuroka simply isn't on his level, not anymore. He's not entirely sure where his level is at this point. Still below that of the Fallen Seraph and thus still below that of some of the Faction Leaders, he supposed.

But he's decidedly stronger than many others, including every member of Team Vali. If he had to place himself on the pecking order, he would certainly place himself closer to Gabriel than to Kuroka, that's for sure. As such, her poisons weren't working on him. His dragon's fire blew them all away for the moment, giving him either outright immunity or incredibly high resistance to anything she might try to get into his system.

… Still, that's no reason to be ham-fisted about this. He COULD go over to the two cat girls and pull them apart before forcing them to focus on him, but there are two very good reasons that he's not going to.

Number One, Kuroka would fight it as she was now. She would lose, of course, and Issei held no doubt in his mind that she would end up submitting to him. But for how long? He knew from Gabriel's dossier on the Nekoshou what had happened to Kuroka's last… master. He even knew what many did not… Kuroka's real reason for murdering her master and becoming an SS-Class Stray Devil was for the sake of Koneko. She was protecting her sister.

Needless to say, Issei saw no point in forcing the issue only to end up in the same position as Kuroka's previous master. Oh sure, he might be able to stay ahead of her and continue to leverage his strength to force her to bow her head… but what would be the point? There was no advantage to be gained in making himself out to be the bad guy here. There was no benefit to be found in creating parallels between him and Kuroka's previous master.

Number Two… Koneko deserved this opportunity to even the score with her big sister all on her own. Maybe if it looked like Kuroka was turning the tables on the white-haired cat girl, Issei might have felt more obligated to step in, but so far Koneko was easily managing Kuroka all on her own. The Nekomata had the Nekoshou right where she wanted her, despite Kuroka's greater strength and power. It was honestly both adorable and inspiring at the same time, and Issei can't help the fond smile that spreads across his face as he watches the two of them go at it.

So long as Koneko had her big sis well in hand, it would be the height of foolishness for Issei to step in now. Far better for him to stay back and let things play out the way they were meant to. Whether he needed to enforce his will upon the situation or not had yet to make itself entirely clear… but he would of course be ready if it came to that.


Her… sister… was… such a… brat!

Kuroka gasps as Shirone continues to work her over. She's still struggling to come to terms with just how badly she's been played. Her little sister had used crocodile tears and Kuroka's own guilt against her! And now… now she was on her back, while Shirone was fingering her cunt and suckling at her teat like… like a damn perverted kitten!

This was all Rias Gremory's fault. It had to be. Kuroka had thought Shirone to be safe with the red head, but clearly not! Rias had been a bad influence on her little sister. After all, there was no way that Issei Hyoudou alone in the short time he'd been around her had been able to turn Shirone into this… this perverted mess!


Kuroka groans and then moans, a truly wanton sound escaping her lips as her eyes flutter. She can hardly believe it, but Shirone's fingers are working away at her cunt like an expert musician playing their instrument of choice. Another sign that this corruption of her little sister went beyond just the Red Dragon Emperor. Shirone's skill at fingering another's pussy could not have come from sex with him alone!

And yet, with Shirone continuing to leverage the strength granted by her Rook Piece, Kuroka can't break free. Not without leveraging her OWN greater strength, but if she did so, she's afraid she might hurt Shirone in the process. There's no easy way of escaping Shirone's grasp physically without injuring her little sister in the process. Which leaves trying to talk her down instead.

"S-Shirone, please, you mustn't-!"



Without missing a beat, Shirone bites her! AGAIN! Tears gather in the corner of Kuroka's eyes from the repeated chomps being taken from her poor breasts. They don't actually fall, mind you, but it certainly doesn't feel good! Or at least, it shouldn't. In combination with Shirone's pistoning digits down between her thighs, as well as Kuroka's feelings of immense guilt, it actually feels… not good maybe, but at least deserved.

She deserves this, doesn't she? For abandoning her little sister. For letting Shirone think she was dead. She deserves… all of this.

Of course, that's not why Shirone bit her this time. Pulling back off of Kuroka's tit, sliding her teeth along the older cat girl's breast until she's tugging at the Nekoshou's teat for a moment before letting it go, Shirone fixes her with another stare.


It's the second time she's corrected her. Kuroka gasps for breath, before pouting mightily.

"K-Kitten? You're saying your name is Japanese for K-Kitten?"

Shirone's glare doesn't abate though… and in fact, her fingers down below suddenly speed up. Kuroka barely has time to register the abrupt shift, or the realization that she was already close to the edge, when Shirone suddenly slaps her thumb down upon her older sister's clit, giving it a good solid rub after the whap.

Oh f-fuck. Oh fuck! Nonononooooo!

Eyes going wide, Kuroka's back arches and she shrieks as she ends up cumming all over Shirone's fingers. Her pussy juices coat the younger cat girl's hand as Shirone drives her digits deep one last time before pulling them out of Kuroka's clenching pussy lips. Then, to add insult to injury, the white-haired Nekomata shows her messy hand to Kuroka… and pushes her fingers right into Kuroka's open, gasping, panting mouth.

She'll never… she'll never think of Shirone as anything but Shirone! That was the name their parents gave her, and in the memory, Kuroka refused to forget it! But she can't exactly protest as much when Shirone is making her cream herself and then forcing her to lick up the resulting mess. Her little sister was seriously such a brat! When did she become such a damn bully?!

But unfortunately, it's not over. And Kuroka seriously doesn't know how to handle what happens next. If only the Red Dragon Emperor would step in, she could at least pick a damn fight with him! Even if she lost, she would still fight to the end to protect her little sister from his depravations! But how the hell was she supposed to protect herself… from her little sister's depravations?!

Spinning about, Shirone is suddenly kneeling on either side of Kuroka's head, revealing that up under her skirt, the Nekomata isn't wearing panties. It takes Kuroka way too damn long to realize she's staring at Shirone's puffy, slippery pussy lips. So long that Shirone proceeds to sit on Kuroka's face before she can actually react.

Hands grasping at Kuroka's breasts, the white-haired cat girl leans forward and places her own head between Kuroka's thighs. And like that… they're sixty-nining. Kuroka can only let out a muffled whimper as Shirone rubs her cunt into her face while starting to lick at the Nekoshou's own pussy. She shouldn't… but she does.

Leaning up, Kuroka tentatively begins to lap right back at Shirone's slit. It feels both wrong and right in equal measure. On the one hand, this was very clearly not appropriate by any stretch of the imagination. On the other hand, it was what Shirone wanted. It was what she desired above all else. And Kuroka… well, she wanted to make amends. Deep down in her heart, that was what she wanted more than anything.

She'd had so many plans for how she was going to do it too. She'd had so many ideas for how she was going to protect Shirone while at the same time letting herself ever so slowly back into the younger cat girl's life. And now… all of that was tossed to the side. Everything she'd thought she might do was no longer applicable, because she was on her back, her revealing black kimono pulled apart to truly expose her… and her own baby sister was turning out to be all grown up and going to town on her.

Kuroka can't do much more than squirm beneath Shirone, face bright red though thankfully hidden by the Nekomata's hips and ass. This definitely wasn't how anything was supposed to go… but maybe it wasn't that bad? Her licks start out hesitant, but the more enthusiastic Shirone gets, the more Kuroka finds herself matching her younger sister's energy.

… When had her little sister grown up? When had Shirone gone from being that… well, that kitten she'd killed to protect, to THIS? Kuroka is just beginning to realize she missed way too much along the way. By staying away for so long, she'd ultimately left Shirone to become her own person, and allowed others to influence her development. Had she failed her little sister? Had she made this happen by not being there for the Nekomata when she clearly needed her?

The tears do fall now, even as Kuroka continues to eat out Shirone, reciprocating while her hips buck and shake in turn. On the one hand, she finds herself mourning the child that Shirone once was. On the other hand, she finds herself capitulating to the pleasure that Shirone is now capable of giving her. But perhaps those aren't two hands. Perhaps they're the same hand, melding together.

Kuroka cums again from Shirone's tongue, squealing into the white-haired Nekomata's cunt as she does so. In response, Shirone moans and groans and grinds down even harder upon Kuroka's mouth, until she cums as well. Both of them end up covered in each other's pussy juices, as Shirone pulls away and spins around again. And yet, even with her face now messy, Shirone seems to see Kuroka's tear tracks. She specifically targets them when she begins licking Kuroka's face clean.

Overwhelmed, Kuroka begins licking Shirone back, even as her little sister grabs her wrists and pushes her hands above her head with that Rook Piece strength of hers. Both sisters lick and lick and lick for what feels like an eternity but is probably only minutes in the end. Until finally, Shirone pulls back and gives Kuroka a surprisingly warm smile.

"It's okay. I forgive you."

Kuroka's eyes widen as those five words do a critical hit to her already ailing heart. She crumbles into even more tears, which Shirone is quick to lick up before carefully holding Kuroka to her chest, cradling her big sister in her arms and hugging her. Kuroka responds by hugging Shirone right back. She never wants to let her go. She can hardly believe she got her back, even.

Still, eventually the tears run out and Kuroka is left trembling and shaking, still overwhelmed but no longer sobbing quite so much. When she lifts her head and looks her smiling sister in the eye, Kuroka bites her lower lip… and swallows the bitter pill.


She'll never stop thinking of Shirone as Shirone, but for the sake of her sister, she can call her by the name Koneko wants to be called by. Beaming happily at hearing her chosen name from Kuroka's lips, Shirone dips her head in a nod to show she's listening.

"I'm… so sorry. I never should have abandoned you."

At that, Shirone shakes her head.

"I know the truth. You were protecting me."

Kuroka's breath hitches. So Shirone even knew that. Then there was no helping it, was there? Her very being had been laid bare. Kuroka looks down at where their hands have subconsciously joined together, their fingers intertwining. As they hold hands, the elder sister looks at the younger, feeling a little lost.

"What… what now."

Shirone doesn't hesitate. She pulls Kuroka up onto her knees by the hands and turns to face… Issei Hyoudou, who has witnessed every moment of the Nekoshou's humiliation. Kuroka stiffens for a moment at the reminder that he's here, but Shirone gives her hands a quick squeeze and Kuroka's scowl melts away.

… She should probably be thanking him for this. For reuniting her with her brat of a sister. But she can't quite bring herself to say the words. And yet… as drained as Kuroka is, now that the Nekoshou is no longer trying to kill Hyoudou, she finds herself looking at him in a new light.

Surely not though, right? It was a very, VERY secondary desire of Kuroka's, but she couldn't possibly have it fulfilled here. For the longest time, Kuroka's main priority in life has been protecting her sister above all else.

Her second priority, however… had been the idea of having strong children. The way Nekomata worked, if a Nekomata had a child with a human, it would ALWAYS be a Nekomata. That said, if a Nekomata had a child with another supernatural being, they would likely inherit traits from that supernatural being. Issei Hyoudou might have still been baseline human, but he was more dragon than anything these days. She could smell it on him.

More than that, Kuroka's subspecies, that of the Nekoshou, were on the verge of extinction. She had always intended to do her part to try and bring her kind back. But honestly… Issei Hyoudou? He had been her enemy until today. Even today, he'd been her enemy until recently. She couldn't very well expect HIM to breed her, now could she?

"… Need to make amends."

Kuroka flushes and looks at Shirone, who's giving her a pointed look before tossing her head towards Issei.

"Issei is… mine. You tried to hurt him."

It was just like a cat to claim the dragon as hers, rather than admit that she was the dragon's. Kuroka can't help the twitch if a smile that pulls at her lips at that.

"I'm sorry for that, Koneko."

But Shirone just shakes her head.

"Not me you need to apologize to…"

Heh, right. Kuroka kneels there, tits out, pussy exposed, right beside her not-so-little sister as Issei Hyoudou finally approaches. Of course. She would be sure to apologize to the Red Dragon Emperor with all her heart…


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