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Reaching out, Harry grabs Gabrielle by her hair as he makes his choice. Burying his cock in the gorgeous quarter veela's hungering twat again and again, he growls, forcing Gabrielle to look him in the eye.

"Is that what you want, Gabrielle? Is that what you need?"

Deep, DEEP in her heat, Gabrielle's eyes are wide as she nods best she can in his grasp. With him holding her by her hair, she can really only manage little jerks of her head up and down. Its honestly rather adorable in his totally unbiased opinion.

"Nnnngh… y-yes! Please! 'Arry, I'm begging you! Cum inside of me!"

He keeps fucking her but holds back his release for the moment. It's not easy, but then nothing worth doing ever is, is it? He won't cum though. Not just yet.

"You're asking… but you're not really begging, are you? If you were truly begging, you would address me properly…"

It's a whim, if he's being honest. But it's also an educated guess, based on everything he's experienced with the Delacour women so far. He watches as a brief moment of confusion crosses over Gabrielle's young face… and then the light of understanding dawns.

To her credit, she doesn't hesitate once she comprehends what he's demanding of her. She wants it that badly, moaning and whining and squirming in desperation beneath him.

"Please… Master! Please pump your silly little v-veela cum dump full of your seed! Please sir, please use me as your broodmare!"

There it is. That's some honest, earnest begging right there. Harry can't say for sure where it came from, but some part of him believed that without that… cumming inside of Gabrielle Delacour would have been a mistake. Without her complete and total submission, without her calling him Master, he would have been giving in to her, rather than the other way around.

Now though, she's debased herself more than enough for his tastes. And she's given him the proper respect. So, without further ado…

Gabrielle's eyes widen, as she feels him slam deep into her drooling quim one final time. Her pouty, perfectly kissable lips part in an o of surprise as he begins to cum inside of her. That surprise only lasts for a moment however, before it's replaced by pure, unadulterated bliss. As her eyes roll back in her head, her tongue sticks straight out of her mouth, acting like a siren's call towards Harry.

Just as her voice is starting to leave her lips, just as she's beginning to get LOUD, Harry surges forward and captures Gabrielle's mouth with his own one last time. He dominates her twofold, both by kissing the ever-living shit out of her, and by emptying his balls in her needy womb, filling her to the brim with his seed.


The muffled noises she makes as he creampies her right there on the spot are absolutely adorable. For a moment, its just the two of them in a lover's embrace, no one else in the whole wide world.

… And then the moment passes. Harry finishes cumming inside of her, and Gabrielle finishes her own explosive orgasm. They keep kissing for a little while longer, but eventually they do have to pull apart. For a second, they just stare into one another's eyes… until, over the sound of their heavy breathing, they hear a third set of lungs doing overtime, as well as the sound of fingers shlicking in and out of a sopping wet cunt.

Looking over, Harry and Gabrielle take in the sight of Fleur Delacour. The older veela is naked and standing there by the bed, one hand on a tit and the other between her legs where she's vigorously masturbating as she pants breathlessly. Staring back at them wide-eyed, the part veela whimpers needily.


Harry just snorts, knowing full well that he's in for a long weekend with the Delacours. Still, not only is he happy to help Gabrielle with her heat… perhaps he can make use of this whole situation for his own ends as well. More allies can't be a bad thing, right?


"… I am sorry to say zhat all we can offer is our… personal submission, 'Arry. Our loyalty belongs to ze Clan."

Sitting there, Harry has to admit… those were not the words he was expecting to hear when he broached the subject. Especially not from a very naked Apolline Delacour, kneeling there between his legs with her equally naked daughters positioned on either side of her.

He's fucked the three Delacour women all weekend long, to hell and back. It's been a trial and a half, and a few times Harry wondered if he just might die. He'd consoled himself with the knowledge that if he DID die, he would at least die a happy man.

But no, he'd survived till the end of the weekend, and more than that he'd come out on top against all odds. The constant onslaught of horny enthusiasm and veela allure had been a trial to be sure, especially when it had gone on for nearly forty-eight hours, but Harry had maintained his position of dominance in Chateau Delacour.

As such, when he'd had the Fleur, Gabrielle, and Apolline all on their knees giving him a three-way blowjob, he'd figured it was finally time to broach the subject of their assistance regarding his issues at Hogwarts and abroad. After all, while the Lodge was a problem at Hogwarts, there was also the matter of potentially more than one Dark Lord over in America that he might end up having to contend with.

It was all such a damn mess, so Harry had been eager to get some backup in the form of three gorgeous part veela who were not only loyal to him, but quite capable witches in their own right.

Alas, Apolline had shut that down just now. And from the way Fleur was continuing to slurp at his cock and Gabrielle was suckling at his balls while neither of the younger Delacours looked him in the eye… she spoke for all three of them.

Furrowing his brow, Harry tries not to be too angry as he seeks… an explanation.

"Elaborate, please. What is the difference between personal submission and loyalty, exactly?"

Apolline looks at her two daughters for a moment, before clearing her throat. She looks regretful, but also firm in her resolve.

"We are your sexual playthings, 'Arry Potter. You 'ave dominated my daughters and I so thoroughly that we can be nothing else. 'Owever… we are also of zhe Clan. We are but a branch family of zhe Delacour Veela Clan."

Harry blinks at that, taken aback.

"Wait, but isn't there a Lord Delacour?"

He could have sworn there was, hadn't Apolline brought a man with her to Fleur and Bill's wedding? Then again, he hadn't seen a single soul all weekend. It was a little strange, now that he thought about it… the Chateau was entirely empty, save for Apolline, Fleur, and Gabrielle. Was that because Gabrielle was in heat? Did Apolline send the servants away until it was passed? But that still didn't explain where Fleur and Gabrielle's father had gone.

Smiling softly, Apolline shakes her head.

"Non, 'Arry. I am zhe Lady Delacour and share my title with no other. Fleur and Gabrielle's fathers were… men of some middling strength zhat I procured zhe talents of for a time."

Oh. Harry supposed that explained it. And whoever he saw Apolline with at the wedding had just been the Lady Delacour's plus one. To be fair, the wizard hadn't looked much like Fleur and Gabrielle thinking back on it. But Harry had just chalked that up to the two part veela taking very much after their mother. In fact, that was still the case… looking down at them now, Harry would never have guessed in a million years that they weren't full sisters. The veela blood must have rung true, at least in terms of looks.

"Zhat said, I am not zhe Clan Matriarch. I cannot make zhe decision you want me to make. Not when zhe Delacour Veela Clan already 'as an agreement with zhe Lodge of Sorceresses."

THAT sends a true jolt through Harry, and in a heartbeat, he's standing up and stepping away from all three Delacour women. Fleur and Gabrielle both whimper and whine in unison, trying to move after him, but Apolline likely sees the dangerous glint in her eyes as she reaches out and holds her daughters back. Damn it. Damn it all, was this whole thing a trap? None of the women before him were exactly a threat right now, kneeling and naked as they were. But maybe that was just what they wanted him to think before they unleashed their innate veela magic upon him or something.

Harry wets his lips and gets ready to summon his wand to his hand, only for Apolline to hold up a hand.

"Peace, 'Arry Potter. It iz not what you zhink."

Emerald eyes narrowed, Harry grits his teeth.

"Then what is it, if its not what I think?"

"Zhe pact between zhe Delacour Clan and zhe Lodge of Sorceresses iz a pact of non-aggression, nothing more. We do not move against zhe Lodge, and zhe Lodge does not move against us. To do otherwise would be to invite war."

That… alright, so yeah, that wasn't as bad as Harry thought. Seeing him calming down, Apolline turns her grip on her daughters' shoulders into a pair of smacks on their asses. Harry doesn't stop them from hurrying over to him, crawling up and returning to his cock with haste. Though amusingly enough, Gabrielle uses this opportunity to take his actual member in her mouth, relegating her older sister down to his balls, much to Fleur's momentary consternation before she gets to work all the same.

Apolline, meanwhile, rises to her feet, prowling over to where Harry is standing and her daughters are now kneeling. He has to admit, the Lady Delacour positively exudes eroticism. Not just in the perfectly sculpted shape of her gorgeous body, but also in every movement she makes with it.

"So you see, our hands are tied. I cannot make zhe Clan end the pact, I do not 'ave zhe power to do so."

The way she's talking… Harry tilts his head to the side. He can tell he's being led along a bit here, but at the same time… well, he's alright with being a little led along, he supposes.

"And who does have the power to do so, Apolline?"

The Lady Delacour shivers at his use of her first name. Not quite as disrespectful of calling her something crass like 'slut' or 'bitch', but still disrespectful enough to be hot. She loves being talked down to, at least by him.

"… Zhat would be my mother, sir. Zhe Matriarch of zhe Delacour Veela Clan."

Her mother. Harry tries to picture it, and frowns. Apolline was… VERY fit for her age. Very youthful, very gorgeous. She was a mother of two but didn't look it. However, Harry had to admit, he was having a hard time imagining Fleur and Gabrielle's grandmother still being as fit or as beautiful at whatever her advanced age must have been.

"You would need to persuade 'er, 'Arry. If you wanted to 'ave any chance of breaking zhe pact, you would need to convince 'er to do so."

From the tone of Apolline's voice, Harry can tell exactly what she means. She wants him to fuck her mother the same way he's fucked her, Fleur, and Gabrielle. However… Apolline's mother, Fleur and Gabrielle's grandmother… she'll be a full blown veela, won't she? That goes without saying, Harry supposes. Not only is Apolline half-veela and Fleur and Gabrielle quarter-veela, but Harry can't imagine a Veela Clan accepting a Matriarch that was anything less than full veela.

Her allure would likely be out of this fucking world. Was Apolline trying to ensnare him even now? Was she trying to lead him into a trap after all? Was the whole bit about the pact being just non-aggression a lie and she WAS actually working with the Lodge? But then, why tell him anything about it in the first place? She wouldn't have said all of this if she weren't being honest… right?

"I can see the concern in your eyes, 'Arry Potter. Let me lay your fears to rest. I would not suggest zhis course of action if I did not zhink you could 'andle my mother. Zhere is more to you then meets zhe eye, 'Arry. I can feel it."

Well, the vote of confidence was nice, Harry supposed. And he HAD come this far in a bid to get allies for his upcoming battles. Turning the Delacour Veela Clan to his side would not just gain him new allies, but had the potential to blindside the Lodge, since they thought that no aggression would come from that avenue.


"How… old is your mother, exactly?"

Down below, Fleur and Gabrielle both pause their fellating of his genitals for a moment before continuing on as if they'd never stopped. Meanwhile, Apolline lets out a tinkling laugh.

"My, asking a lady her mother's age? 'Ow shameless of you, 'Arry Potter. Zhe Matriarch iz centuries old, if you must know. But if you are imagining someone old and decrepit, put such expectations to rest. We veela do not DO old or decrepit."

Centuries old. Harry was beginning to suspect there was an awful lot he did not know about veela, especially full-blooded veela. Still, from the sound of things, the Delacour Matriarch wouldn't look her true age. That was good to know, he supposed.

… Reaching down, Harry rests his hands atop both Gabrielle and Fleur's heads. He doesn't pull them away, but pushes them in closer, guiding the two young women up and down his cock and deeper into his ball sack respectively. As they gurgle, Apolline glances down in amusement and a hint of envy, before lifting her gaze to meet his eyes once more.

"Tell me more about your mother and Clan. As much as you can without betraying any prior loyalty, I suppose."

"Zhen you will meet with my mother and make your case?"

Harry shakes his head at that.

"I haven't decided yet. Start talking."

It was true, he hadn't decided yet. But he knew which way he was leaning. In for a penny, in for a pound. That was the saying, wasn't it? Harry was loath to abandon this effort after coming so far. But maybe that was sunk cost fallacy talking. Maybe he should cut his losses here and just treat this weekend as the fun little vacation it was.

It really came down to whether or not he thought Fleur and Gabrielle's grandmother would be more of a headache than she was worth. He'd come out ahead with Delacour Veela so far, but that was with a trio of part veela he was already familiar with. Did he risk going even further?


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