A/N: Here's a quick story I wrote. This is inspired by that sex scene from Labyrinth.

Lady Morgana lay facedown on her bed, her legs dangling off the side. The moonlight illuminated her pale skin. Behind her was Sir Gwaine. She glanced back at him and wiggled her rear. He smiled and began lowering her breeches. She bit her bottom lip and turned forward. She could hear the patter of his feet as he approached her. He got so close that Morgana could feel his warmth radiating onto her. He placed a hand on her behind and pinched her. Morgana squealed.

Then something hard and muscular pressed against her thighs. She took a deep breath as Gwaine forced himself inside her, stretching her flesh. Gwaine's thrusts pushed her body forward. Her breasts bounced wildly. She grabbed the blankets. Gwaine's muscular legs pushed his body in and out of her. Morgana tried to raise her body, but Gwaine put a hand on his lower back and shoved her down. She gasped and moaned as he continued to thrust into her. She could feel his other hand on her thigh. It ran up to her waist and he began rubbing her sex. She groaned as he did this. The hand that was on her lower back moved up her body until it was on top of her shoulders. It then snaked around and he groped her breasts. Morgana let out a sigh. She could feel her body tighten around him, followed by Gwaine releasing his seed inside her. She screamed as she came.