This time, they weren't meeting in her chambers. Morgana wanted to try something adventurous. Gwaine agreed. He was always up for something new and he never showed any fear. Even when Morgana told him what they would be doing, he didn't seem to be phased. She took him to a corner of the castle located beneath the stairwell. Servants often crossed the area, carrying things throughout the castle. However, Morgana believed that they wouldn't be able to see her or Gwaine in their little nook. At least, if neither of them made any noise. That would be the rub.

Gwaine and Morgana stood in their little nook. A servant carrying a barrel of wine walked pasted them. He didn't seem to notice either of them. Morgana smirked as she undid Gwaine's breeches and slid them down his legs. She ran her hand up his thigh, taking a moment to knead his flesh. She found his member which was sufficiently hard already. She just needed to make it harder. She grasped his shaft and began to pump. Her other hand found his balls and began tickling them. This caused the hairs on his back to stand on end. She could see him bite his tongue under his cheek.

Morgana got on her knees and lifted the shaft, exposing his balls. She stuck out her tongue and licked his balls. She widened his mouth and tried to fit his balls in it. However, they were too big, so she had to fit them in one at a time. First she started with the right ball, then the left. She sucked on each until they were sufficiently wet with her saliva. Her hand was pumping furiously. She ran it from the base of his shaft to the tip. Once she got to the tip, she kissed it. Her mouth sucked up the precum, slobbering all over the crown. She slipped her lips over the tip and forced her mouth down the shaft. She could feel Gwaine's hand on the back of her head. He forced her down his shaft, a little too quickly for her tastes. She felt like choking, but did what she could to prevent this, knowing it would get them discovered. She relaxed her throat, allowing Gwaine's shaft to enter her mouth. Soon, her lips were touching the base of his shaft. Gwaine let her pull up, relieving the pressure in her throat. When she got to the top, he forced her back down again. Morgana began to tickle his balls again. Her head moved feverishly. She could feel a mixture of drool and precum oozing out of the corner of her mouth. Gwaine's entire shaft was lubricated by now. A warm, sticky substance soon filled her mouth.

Morgana swallowed and got up. She let Gwaine pull up his breeches. She ordered him to wait. She would leave their nook first. Then he would leave after a few minutes. This was to prevent them from being discovered. Not long after she headed up the stairwell, she could hear the patter of Gwaine's feet behind her. Morgana smirked.