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Chapter One

Jim hadn't meant to oversleep, but it was so hard for him to end his dream. Him driving down the road on his brand-new Vespa, Claire Nunez pressed against his back. Jim let out a wistful sigh as he reached the bottom of the stairs. He turns around and saw his sister already in the kitchen.

"You're up early." Jim comments.

"No I'm not, you're the one who slept in." She retorts.

Reaching the kitchen, Jim took this moment to look at her. If there was a word to describe Tina Lake, it was innocence. Reaching his shoulder, Tina had short brown curly hair, and grey eyes. She wore her usual outfit of pink crop-top over a yellow halter top, orange plaid skirt, and white stockings and sneakers. Around her neck hung a piece of quartz she's had ever since she was a baby. Next month she turns thirteen, the age where a child becomes an adolescent and begins to change. Jim sometimes dreaded the possible changes his little sister might make.

"No boyfriends or tattoos before you're twenty!" Jim suddenly blurts.

"Quit dreaming dummy. Do you want to cook or clean?" Tina asks, flicking Jim's forehead.

Rubbing his forehead, Jim saw that Tina had already pulled out the ingredients for her favorite, French toast. He moved forward to cook, leaving Tina to tidy the house. Both finished their chores quickly enough to have breakfast together.

"So, are you ready for this weekend?" Tina asks.

"What's this weekend?" Jim replies.

"Did you seriously forget?" Tina retorts. Jim thinks back and it suddenly hits him.

"Oh right, that. Yeah, it'll be okay." Jim answers.

"Speaking of 'no boyfriends'." Tina adds with a smirk.

"Look, I'm not against mom dating, in fact I'm happy that she feels ready to take this next step. But you don't have to see the guy on a regular basis at school." Jim argues.

"Speaking of school, we better hurry up or we'll be late." Tina finishes.

They both finish quickly and move on to the rest of their chores. As Tina took breakfast up to their mother, Jim made lunches. Meatloaf sandwiches for him, his sister, mom, and his best friend, Toby. Jim heads into the garage and sees his sister getting ready. He hands Tina her lunch before opening the garage. Outside, Jim saw his best friend waiting for him. As well as a racoon's mess on the driveway.

"You better get going, or you're going to be late." Jim tells Tina as he cleans up.

"Alright, see you later Toby!" Tina calls out, before pedaling away.

"You know, I wish I had a little sister as cute as yours." Toby confesses.

"By the way, this is for you." Jim notifies Toby, handing his friend the lunch bag.

"Oh." Toby exclaims, taking a long sniff of the bag's contents. "Meatloaf, chunky, sun-dried tomatoes, balsamic mushrooms, and what is that last bit that I'm detecting?"

"Cardamom." Jim answers.

"Taking chances today Jimbo?" Toby inquires.

"What's life without a little adventure?" Jim retorts.

"You know I'm on a diet." Toby states.

"Tobes, you've been on a diet for the past fourteen years."

"Gotta think long-term Jimbo. My body's constantly changing."

They both rode off down the street. On average, it took fifteen minutes to reach the school by bicycle. Less if you cut through the woods by the canal. Hearing the first bell ring, Jim knew that he and Toby would have to take that shortcut if they wanted to get to school on time. Toby always hated taking it because of the rough terrain.

"I don't get you man." Came Toby's warbling voice. "You have everything a guy could ever want. A little sister who adores you, an awesome doctor mom, you almost have free reign to do whatever you want. What more do you want?"

"Don't you want more excitement in life?" Jim calls back.

Peddling harder, Jim could feel adrenaline thrumming through him. He saw the edge of the canal and pressed against the bike. Waiting until he reached the last bit of ground, he jumps with the bike. Suspended in the air, Jim let go of the handles. In that moment he felt free and himself, not the responsible son and brother, not the student, just Jim. Gravity took hold, and Jim grabbed the handles as the bike landed into the empty canal. He waited for his friend to catch up.

"James Lake!" A chorus of whispers calls out.

A chill shot down Jim's spine. Looking around, he saw no one. There was nothing around but a pile of rocks. Thinking about it, why was there a pile of rocks in a canal? The overhead bridge was part of an overpass. It would be difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to dump a whole bunch of rocks over the side. As he walks towards it, Jim can hear Toby crash behind him.

"Jim, if we don't get a move on, senior Ull is going to suspend us until our grandkids are in high school." Toby complains.

"Did you hear that?" Jim asks, reaching the pile of stones.

"Hear what?" Toby questions, sounding annoyed.

"JAMES LAKE!" Ghostly whispers shriek, causing both boys to jump back.

"That pile of rocks just called my name!" Jim cries, moving around the stones.

"It's a pile of k-spar. And minerals can't talk, there's gotta be a walkie-talkie in there or something." Toby explains.

Jim lifts a rock and finds a glowing amulet. As soon as Jim picks up the amulet, it stops glowing. Fueled by curiosity, both boys around it waiting. Suddenly, a distant bell alarms them, reminding them of their priorities. The boys quickly get back onto their bikes and rush towards the school. Unaware that from the shadows, someone was watching them with intrigue and concern.