The Third Person




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Summary: There are only three people in the whole world Gokudera really listens to. Tsuna, obediently. Bianchi, reluctantly. And... Haru? Well, how'd she manage that?


(A/N: A one-shot special, if you will. Lol.)

"You can't tell me what to do!" Hayato growls towards Kyoko, who in some way, ended up stuck with him at Tsuna's house. She is trying to have him stay in the living room as a favor asked by Tsuna (who needed a break from the Storm Guardian and went to pick up the little kids). Kyoko had thought nothing of it when she agreed but now she was starting to see why Tsuna needed a break from him.

He was driving her crazy. Always going on and on and on about "Juudaime this" and "Juudaime that." Whenever she asked him to be patient, he was aloof or just downright rude, throwing insults her way. Kyoko has never heard so many colorful words used in such an intelligent way in all her life. 'How does Tsuna-kun do it?' Thinks Kyoko with disdain, blocking the only exit from the living room. "Can you please just stay here until Tsuna-kun gets back?!" She pleads, desperation filling her. Tired, hair probably a mess, and about ready to give up, she looks at Hayato.

Amber eyes are tearing up.

All the Storm Guardian does is fold his arms across his chest and smirks. "Can you graciously move out of the fucking way? Useless woman."

Pouting, the last of Kyoko's nerves allows Hayato to pass her. She sniffles and rubs at her eyes. 'He's so unreasonable.' She thinks, turning around to watch him leave through the door. How the heck everyone else deals with him, she'll never know. Nor does she want to.

Meanwhile, as Hayato finishes tying the laces on his shoes, he goes to open the door and is surprised to find Haru. Her hand is raised as if she is about to knock. Blinking, the dark haired girl shakes her head and smiles. "Gokudera-san!" She greets chirpily. Tilting her head, she see's Kyoko who, in all honestly, looks like a mess. Her brows furrow with worry as she steps aside the boy. "Kyoko-chan? Are you okay?" Asks Haru who places a comforting hand on Kyoko's shoulders.

She sniffles. "T-Tsuna-kun asked me to have Gokudera wait here while he goes get the kids but he... He just wont listen to me!" As if falling apart, Kyoko sobs and buries her head in her hands. "Oh, Haru-chan! He's just been so horrible to me! He won't listen to anything I say, no matter how nicely I ask!" As she continues to cry, Haru twirls back around and glares at Hayato who glares right back.

"What?" He spits out, brows furrowing even closer to his eyes.

Haru takes a moment to breathe in deeply before letting out a long breath of air. "Gokudera-san. Apologize to Kyoko-chan right now." It's not even a request. Haru is demanding this in a monotone voice. Kyoko sniffles but peeks through open fingers. To the auburn haired girl's surprise, the silver haired teen falters a bit before shaking his head.

"No way annoying woman! It's her fault that she got in my way in the first place." He snaps in an irritated way.

"Gokudera-san." Haru says in a warning tone. She narrows her eyes and places her hands on her hips. "Apologize to Kyoko-chan." Her voice is more stern now, colder even.


"Right." Haru takes a step forward. Kyoko gasps as Hayato visibly winces. "Now." She growls. To Kyoko's shock, Hayato huffs and folds his arms across his chest. Reluctant, he has a stare down with Haru. They glare at each other for nearly a minute. The atmosphere is tense and Kyoko is afraid to move at this point.

Afraid to even breathe.

Hayato crumbles first before shooting a wicked and heated glare at Kyoko. "But sh—!"

"Gokudera-san." Haru speaks in a tone Kyoko has never heard from her before. Shivers crawl up her back, the hairs on her arm shooting up from surprise. If she we're being honest, Kyoko feels more afraid of Haru than she ever would be of Hayato. Said boy scoffs once more before whispering, in a very reluctant way, the words sorry. Haru snarls and he flinches. "I don't think she heard that."

Kyoko did hear it.


She wants to hear it again.

Haru takes a step forward. Hayato looks like he's about to whine but thinks better of it. Instead, in a louder voice, he apologizes again. "I'm sorry Sasagawa. I'll be nicer from now on." He glares at Haru. "There, are you happy now?" He retorts in a snippy tone.

Haru turns her attention to Kyoko. "Was that good enough for you, Kyoko-chan?" She questions in a cheery, much brighter voice.

Suddenly feeling put on the spot, Kyoko giggles shakily. From her peripheral vision, she can tell from Hayato's body language that he is unhappy with what just transpired. However, she's so blown away by his sudden...reaction towards Haru, she can only nod her head. "Um... Yes? Thank you, Haru-chan. I feel better now." Haru chuckles before she grabs Hayato's hand. Kyoko's eyes zoom in on their intertwined fingers. Hayato notices that and scowls lightly at her before putting their hands in his pocket. Suddenly, everything is beginning to make sense to her.

She raises a brow. "What's this, Haru-chan?" Asks Kyoko, veeeery curious.

Haru winks at her and shows a peace sign. "Ta-daaa! We're dating now!" To show Kyoko some proof, Haru kisses Hayato on his cheek. His pale cheeks flush with a rosy-pink color but he does nothing to deny it. Kyoko would almost call him cute at this point. If he, you know, wasn't such a bitch to her earlier. Haru laughs evilly. "And I'm pretty sure Kyoko-chan told me that Tsuna had asked for you to stay here. Inside the house, right Gokudera-san?" She smiles at him sweetly.

Too sweetly.

Hayato gives Haru a 'kicked puppy' look. "But he needs me!"

"Not if he's asking someone else to watch over you, he doesn't!" Scolds Haru as she pinches his side.

"Ouch! Damn it! Haru!" Hayato growls. "Stop that!"

"Stop being such a Bakadera then!" She rolls her eyes at him before turning back at Kyoko. She points her way and looks back at him. "Do you know that you made my best friend cry?!" Shouts Haru. Hayato looks everywhere except at his girlfriend. She pinches him again.


"You're lucky Kyoko-chan is so nice! I wouldn't have let you off so easily!" As she scolds him, Kyoko can't help but look at the pair with soft eyes. When she sees how clearly Haru can keep Hayato under control and in-check, she can't help but think of how well suited they are for each other.

'They're so alike and yet so different.' Giggling a little bit, Kyoko suggests that they go back to the living room. Haru agrees with her and pulls Hayato along with her. Whether he wants it or not. Kyoko enjoys this new found tidbit of information. Haru is wrong about her. Now that she knows that Hayato will do almost anything that Haru says, she plans on using it to her advantage. Especially since Haru is more than willing to take her side. The best friend side. 'Kekeke...' She smirks to herself as they all sit down. Kyoko on the long couch while the couple take the love-seat. "So, how did you two happen about?" She asks, making small talk.

Haru brightens at this and turns to Hayato. "Oh, do you want to tell her or should I?" She asks, eager. Hayato narrows his eyes at Kyoko.

He saw her smirk earlier. He knows evil intent when he sees it. Instead of answering, Hayato leans in to give Haru a full-on kiss.

Right in front of Kyoko.

Tongue, moans, and everything.

He sees her look away, uncomfortable with their PDA. Mentally, he laughs. He knows that after today, Kyoko will do her best to make his relationship with Haru a living hell. That's fine with him. He'll just take the small victories. As he stops kissing Haru, he smiles softly at her dazed expression.

She breathes out slowly. "My, Gokudera-san." Haru shakes her head and apologizes to Kyoko. "I'm so sorry! That was rude of us!" She blushes fiercely.

Kyoko shows her a thin (and totally fake) smile. "It's...okay."

Hayato grins and turns Haru his way. "Instead of telling her, let's show her how we started out." He offers, smiling with a glint in his eye. Haru slaps his arm.

"That's less appropia—mmpf?!" Hayato kisses her again and pulls her onto his lap. Haru moans, unyielding to his touch and melting like butter against him. Hayato sneaks a hand under her skirt and while making out with Haru, he shoots Kyoko a glare.

If you get in my way, you'll regret it.

Those are what his eyes are saying. Kyoko turns away and blushes fiercely. After ten seconds of hearing her best friend moan, their tongues sucking each other off, Kyoko just can't take it anymore. She stands up and shuts her eyes. "Maybe Gokudera should leave and find Tsuna-kun!" She yells, feeling mortified at what just transpired. She runs into the kitchen to get away.

Hayato smirks in their kiss before Haru pulls away. "Ah! I'm sorry Kyoko-chan!" Haru leaps off of his lap and follows her friend out. Hayato snickers, albeit a little sad that he and Haru stopped. Sighing, he slaps his knees before getting up and leaving the house to find Tsuna. As he leaves, he can hear Haru comforting Kyoko and he sticks his tongue out.

Hayato: 1.

Kyoko: 0.

Little does he know that for the rest of his life, that would be his only win against her.

(A/N: Wow, that small make-out session came out of nowhere. But I don't regret it! Thank you for reading! Please let me know what you think. Ugh. I'm weak against soft!Hayato when it's towards Haru. And I love a Hayato and Kyoko rivalry. Hehehe. I wrote this in one night without it being beta'd, so there might be some errors. Let me know if there are!)