The room was cold and silent, water flooding up to their ankles. Slowly, Anne pulled out her blade with a sickening sound, dropping it in the water below. Although the blade was stained in red, the water below refused to change, staying true to its crystal-clear form with a tinge of emerald hue. Grabbing hold of her weakened body, Anne lowered Marcy to the ground, careful and softly. She had to do it; there was no other way. Oh, how she wished there was. How desperately she wished there was.

Laying her head on her thighs, the two sat in silence, the light around them waning.

"Hey, Anne?"

"Yeah, Marcy?"

"I'm sorry for what happened..."

"It's okay, Marcy. I-It's okay."

"... Hey, Anne?"

"Yeah, Marcy?"

"Do you think... we would've been friends forever, even when I move away?"

"Of course. You'll always be my friend."

"T-that's good... That's good..."


"... Hey, Anne?"

"Yeah, Marcy?"

"Thanks... for being my best friend... ever. I'm glad I... I got to meet you..."

"... I'm glad too..."

There was no reply. There was no breath nor heartbeat. Yet, her smile stayed, this time forever.

Anne held her tight, a single tear falling from her eyes. No matter how strong she was, she couldn't help but choke.

"... Goodbye, Marcy..."