Five Times




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Summary: The five times Haru approached Gokudera because she liked him and the one time he approached her because he liked her back.


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I. The Weirdest Thing Happened

"You want to...what?" Hayato asks with bewilderment. The Storm Guardian was in the middle of upgrading his gear in his apartment, only to have Haru knock on his door and offer to help him. He knows she's weird but not "helpful-weird." Not to him at least. Tsuna? Sure.

But not him.

And this makes him very wary.

Narrowing his eyes, Hayato has half a mind to close the door on her face. However... The way she looks at him expectantly is throwing him off a little. Her large, silver eyes sparkle with anticipation and wonderment. And she's smiling at him. A warning in the back of his mind goes off but instead, he opens the door a little wider, motioning for her to enter. Haru fists pumps to herself and waltzes right in.

"Great! I'm so glad you agreed." Says Haru as she carefully places her school bag on his couch. Twirling around, Haru follows Hayato to his dining room table where he has all of his machinery laid out. There's also a little chemistry lab set pushed off to the side, something she takes immediate interest in. Pointing to it, she asks, "What's that Gokudera-san?"

Looking at where she is pointing at, he coughs. "That's...nothing." He replies before bringing Uri out for Haru to play with. He has no intention of letting Haru help him but Uri has been irritating him lately, and he knows how much the feline adores Haru so that might put it in a better mood. Just when he's about to take it out, he glances at Haru and his eyes widen. 'What is she doing?!' He thinks in a panic.

Haru is inspecting his chemistry set and reaches for one of the test tubes with a bright blue liquid inside. "Don't touch that!" He shouts and runs, reaching out for her. Grabbing her wrist, he pulls her away and into his chest. Startled, Haru shrieks a bit before turning her attention towards Hayato.

"U-Umm..." She begins, sounding shy. Her face begins to turn pink, not that Hayato is paying any mind to that. Instead, he glares at her.

"Idiot, do you know what you were touching?!" He scolds her before releasing her. Haru looks back at the test tube and then at him before tilting her head, curious.

"Yes, that's copper sulfate, isn't it?" She tells him and Hayato is floored.

'Was not expecting her to actually know that.' Raising a finger, he opens his mouth before closing it again. Now he's staring at her like she's grown a second head. 'Or a brain.' He thinks, folding his arms. "You...know what you're talking about." It's a statement, not a question. Haru smiles and nods.

"Mm hm! I know a bit about explosives these days. I can help you while you work on your Sistema C.A.I." She offers. "That would help you save time, right?"

She's not wrong. It would help him save a lot of time rather than doing it by himself. Still, something about this is all strange to him. Hayato gets a feeling that Haru is up to something but he just doesn't know what yet. "How do you know how to do all this stuff all of a sudden?" He asks, curious now.

Haru's cheeks turn pink again. She turns away from him and looks at anything but him. Placing her hand behind her back, Haru rocks on her feet. "I just took a little interest in it one day. Thought maybe I could help you."

"That's weird." Says the younger teen as he leans back against the table. He scrutinizes Haru closely, watching her reaction. All that she does is cough to the side and begins to hum. "Why are you helping me?" He asks then.

This time, Haru brings her eyes to him and there's a certain glow, a spark in them that he notices. It's gone in an instant though as she blinks before showing him a warm smile. He raises a brow at that, also not used to be on the receiving end of Haru's affections. He waits patiently for her to answer him. "That..." She begins. "It's because we're friends, right?"

His eyes widen at that.

"And because we're friends, I want to help you. It's not that strange, is it?" Questions Haru, now looking worried. Hayato purses his lips. She looks so sincere in wanting to help him and she actually knows what she's doing. Besides...

They've been friends for a couple of years already. He finds her tolerable at least.

"It's not strange. Okay then." He smiles and Haru releases a sigh at that. 'Weird.' He thinks once more before showing Haru the quick works of what he was trying to create. To his surprise, Haru took to his work like a moth to a flame. He hardly had to explain each component to her, he didn't have to show her how to handle the explosive liquids, and she even knew how to transfer them to a solid form. "You really do know your stuff." He tells her, making his way over to the machinery side of the table, but not before releasing Uri really quick.

Once the feline saw Haru, it purred happily and settled itself into her lap. Haru giggles happily at the compliment. "Thank you Gokudera-san. Again, I took an interest in it."

"Why is that?" He asks, focused on his work. He doesn't see Haru splutter over her words, nearly spilling and breaking a test tube.

"N-No reason!" She says in such a suspicious way, Hayato raises a brow to himself but pays her no more mind. He's completely focused on getting this done, so he can be a better friend and right-hand man for Tsuna. Haru notices this and sighs. She looks down a Uri and uses her free hand to pet the Box Weapon. Uri meow's at her in understanding. "Don't tell your master, okay Uri-chan?" Haru smiles so brightly, just happy being by her friend's side.

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