Five Times




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Summary: The five times Haru approached Gokudera because she liked him and the one time he approached her because he liked her back.


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This Is My Decision

Its been two days since Haru has seen Hayato.

Two long, bittersweet, heart aching days. As she sits in her room, curled into a ball on her bed with a pillow clutched against her chest, Haru wipes away another tear that falls from her eye. "Don't cry, desu~!" She whines out loud to no one but herself. Lightly slapping her cheeks, she takes in deep, steady breaths. Ever since that incident at the market, Haru has wanted nothing more than to disappear. She remembers the look on Hayato's face so clearly.

He looked like he was in pain.

No doubt, something she caused. After they awkwardly checked out together, they left through the door and he just stood there. He looked like he wanted to say something. Instead, he furrowed his brows and went back inside. Left outside all alone, that was more than enough confirmation of how he felt about her. Haru ran away then.

Not once looking back.

Feeling too scared, she didn't contact him after that. Kyoko has been asking her where she's been lately but Haru ignored her too. If she's going to be heartbroken, she wanted to be heartbroken alone. Another tear fell down. Sniffling, she wipes that away too. Her heart hurts.

A lot.

Every time it beats, it's like walls are closing in on it. Keeping her heart in a tighter and smaller box each time. Sighing deeply, Haru shoves her face into her pillow. All she can remember is how Hayato doesn't feel the same way she does. 'For a moment... I thought he liked me too. Even if just a little bit.' Biting her lip, she feels shame wash over her. 'How conceited. Just because he protects you, treats you differently, spends time with you, you thought he would feel the same way?' She clutches the pillow tighter against her, trembling in frustration as she feels the water works come again. "Stupid Haru. You're so dumb." She whispers harshly to herself.

Of course he wouldn't like her. She is the one who acted on her feelings first. And to do that, she purposely forced herself into his life. She's the one who kept pushing her time onto him. She is the one who acted all on her own, forcing him to go along with her with whatever she wanted. All in hopes to get him to like her with purposeful, (and looking back on it) deceitful, acts.

"Shameful, shameful, shameful." She hates herself for it.

Knock knock

"Haru, honey?" It's her dad's voice from beyond her door. "There's someone here who's here to see you." He says softly. She moans out loud.

"Send them away daddy!" Her words are muffled by the pillow but she doesn't care. "I don't want to see anyone right now!"

"Ah, umm..." Her father's voice sounds awkward. There's some whispering on his part but soon, he begins to leave. "Very well. I'll leave her in your care."

'Huh?' Curious, Haru turns her attention at her door. She can hear her father's steps down the hallway. However, looking at the crack at the bottom of her door, she can see that someone is still there. "D-Daddy?" Questions Haru in a soft voice. Her door slowly opens and she gasps in surprise.

Entering her room in a shy manner, is none other than Hayato. He's overdressed to just be over at her house. Wearing one of his nicest black shirts and dark gray jeans, the boy closes her door as softly as possible. He turns to looks at her, his silver hair swaying softly. Vibrant, emerald jeweled eyes zoom in on her and Haru notices that in his hand is a medium sized gift bag. He shoots Haru a small smile. "Hey." He calls out, standing in place.

Haru feels like she can't breathe.

Just the sight of him has her heart jumping erratically. In fear or love, she's not sure. Looking down at her attire, Haru winces at the sight of being in an overly large, pink pajama shirt which barely covers her shorts. Not to mention the tear stains on her cheeks and her black hair tied into a loose ponytail. 'Are my eyes puffy?' She wonders for a moment, panicked.

Yeah, there's no way he wouldn't know she's been crying.

Cursing her dad a little, Haru gulps. "H-He—Heeey." Her voice comes out dry.

Hayato shuffles a bit in his spot before asking in a hesitant voice, "Can I come closer?"

Wordlessly, she nods and scoots over a bit. Hayato approaches her bed slowly, worried that if he went too fast, Haru would run away. Or worse.

Ask him to leave.

Gingerly sitting next to her at the edge of the bed, Haru notes that he's far enough for her to be comfortable but close enough that if he reached out, he could touch her. It's only until now does Haru realize how much she actually missed Hayato. It feels like it's been eons since she last saw him. And despite the hurt she feels, she's more than happy to have him by her side. It's quiet between them for a while. Neither person says anything and they just focus on each other. Haru can feel her heart skip lightly and tries to, in vain, fix her hair.

It's Hayato who breaks the silent spell. "How have you been the past couple of days?" He sounds genuinely interested. It makes her smile a bit into the pillow.

"I've been okay." She sniffles.

He winces at that.

Sighing deeply, Hayato captures her gaze with a look she's never seen before on his face. "Before I got here, I had planned out everything I wanted to say to you. But now... It's like I've become useless. I don't know how to say what I want to say." Scoffing at himself, Hayato brings his hands to his lap, clenching them into tight fists. "Give me a moment?"

All Haru can do is nod.

Waiting patiently, she peeks at the bag he has with him. It's settled on the floor and she wonders if it's a pity gift. Hayato notices that she looks at the bag. "It's a present for you, after I say what I need to say."

'Definitely a pity gift.' Thinks Haru, sadly.

"...screw it." She hears him murmur under his breath. "Haru, I'm sorry that I made you cry." From his spot, he bows low. Haru waves her hands in the air, embarrassment filling her.

"N-No! It's not your fault!" She tries to deny but the moment he sits back up, Haru can tell that he's having none of that.

"It is my fault then. I'm sorry." He apologizes once more. Unhappy with this turn of events, Haru purses her lips and narrows her eyes at him.

"If anyone should be sorry, it's me. I-I'm the one who's sorry." She admits, hiding her face under her bangs so she wouldn't see him anymore. She misses the guilt that washes over him. "I did a lot of unnecessary things and bothered you for a long time." Her voice breaks into a sad sob. "Forcing myself onto you, I'm really the worst." Haru holds the pillow up, her hands trembling. Tears are falling down her face again. "I-It was so conceited of me. I am so sor—"

"I like you." Confesses the hot-headed teen.

Haru freezes. For a moment, she thinks she's misheard him. Large hands, so gentle with her and yet rough to the touch, slowly push the pillow down and away from her face. Long, slender fingers reach under her chin and forces her to look back up. She blinks with surprise at the sight of a pink-faced Hayato.

Perhaps she didn't mishear.

"I like you a lot. It took me a while to realize it on my own." His face turns red. Suddenly, the past two days of feeling heartbroken do not exist anymore. Instead, Haru can feel an intense flare inside her heart. She prays that this isn't a dream. Hayato continues, "I wanted to come earlier but I was too scared." A painful look crosses his face at that and Haru's heart reaches out to him. "I was scared that maybe you didn't want to see me anymore. That after that day, you didn't want to be by my side anymore."

Oh, but how she missed him when he was away.

"And... By myself, with only Uri... I realized, I'm a really selfish man when it comes to you." He sucks in a deep breath and reaches out to take Haru's hand in is. They shake with nervousness but they do not let her go. "I want you by my side. I miss you a lot when you're not there. I never knew I wanted someone to help make my bombs and dynamite." She smiles wetly at that. The upward curve of her lips ease Hayato's nerves a bit. "I didn't know I wanted someone to make me food every day, to help me take care of Uri, to entertain my interests with the UMA's..." Haru releases a giggle at that. This only makes him smile in return. "Didn't know I wanted to walk to school with someone every morning, just to make sure they got there okay. But I do. I do want that. And Haru..." He leans in closer to her, pressing their foreheads together.

"I also want to be sure when I'm choosing the one for me. Lucky me though, since she chose me first." He grins very boyishly then. "I'm just an idiot sometimes."

"Haaa..." Now Haru's laughing, happy tears in her eyes. Pulling her hands away from his, she presses them against her cheeks to keep herself from matching Hayato's red face. It doesn't work. In less than two minutes, the Storm Guardian has made her the happiest girl in the world. "Oh, Gokudera-san... I don't know what to say." She breathes out, feeling light-headed with joy.

He brings his hands over hers and rests them along her face. Slightly, he leans in closer just so that their lips are but a breath away from each other. "Then don't say anything yet." Says Hayato in such a gentle tone, she can't help but to sigh, shakily so. "I like you, Haru." Leaning in, he leaves a tease of a kiss on the corner of her mouth. She hums at that and grins so large, her smile feels like it might actually split her face.

She doesn't know what her smile does to him.

"Uhh, here." Hayato grabs the bag and hands it to her. "It's for you."

She takes the bag happily and opens it. As she brings the gift out, Haru's eyes widen with surprise. Inside the bag was the new chemistry set she told him about. She looks at it before turning her attention to him. Realizing that she's confused, Hayato clears his throat, feeling somewhat embarrassed. His face turns a noticeable red. "Umm... I think you and I have great chemistry when we're together, or whatever kind of cheesy shit I'm supposed to say." Haru laughs at the lame attempt of a pun pick up line. "And...I bought this so that you would help me make bombs again at my place?"

"Of course!" She answers in a happy chirp.

His face turns redder. "Everyday?"

"Yes!" She nods.

Scarlet red. "...as my girlfriend?"

"O-Oh." Now it's Haru's turn to turn red. However, more than anything, she is so overjoyed. "Y-Yes. I would love to be your girlfriend." Placing the chemistry set aside, she scoots closer to Hayato until their knees touch. He sucks in a deep breath and that makes her smile. "Gokudera-san?" Asks Haru.


"Are you sure I'm..." She motions to herself. "You know, it for you?"

"I'm positive." He holds her hand. "Are you sure I'm it for you too?"

Giggling, she nods her head. "Yes." She leans in to kiss him. Hayato is about to meet her halfway until a large rumble disrupts them. The girl jumps at the sound. "What was that?!" She cries, looking around.

The silver haired teen rubs a hand over his face and groans. "That's my stomach." He admits. "Sorry... I haven't eaten yet."

"Today?" Haru frowns. As she is about to offer him something to eat, Hayato continues.

"...two days." He confesses. Haru blinks once.


Then blanches. "Gokudera-san?!" Her voice rises. "It's been two days since you've last eaten?!" She almost doesn't believe it. 'While I've been crying, he's been starving?!' Hayato gives Haru an embarrassed look. She knows that look. It's a look that tells her he forgot to feed himself. Folding her arms, Haru huffs and shakes her head. 'He's hopeless without me.' Despite this thought, she smiles.

"Well... I also don't have food." He tells her. "I returned the things for the sukiyaki and bought this." He motions to the chemistry set. "It was part of my plan to asking you out."

Her heart nearly sky rockets at his confession. Hayato has basically told her that he had decided to ask her out the day they were at the market. 'If I waited a little longer that day, maybe?' Shaking her head from those thoughts, it doesn't matter. They're here in her room together right now. 'That's all that matters.' "So you haven't had sukiyaki yet?" Questions Haru.

Not so subtly, he leans in closer again. "No. Will you make some for me?" Haru grins and replies in the best possible way.

She kisses him.

On the lips.

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