Love and Cakes

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Summary: Haru leaves a very strong impression on a customer inside a cake shop. Namely, Gokudera Hayato.

Hayato first see's her when he's waiting in line (impatiently, mind you) to buy a cake for his boss' girlfriend's best friend's birthday party. Tapping his foot, the young Italian man checks his watch for the umpteenth time and scowls. 'This is taking so damn long.' He thinks, frustrated that he got stuck with cake duty. Thankfully, someone ordered it ahead of time.

As he finally reaches the cashier, gives her the money, and snatches the cake from her hands, Hayato makes a bee line for the door. He stops, however, the moment he see's her from outside the large pastry's window.

He doesn't know her, but she's very pretty. Dressed for the weather in a soft pink scarf, a light gray pea-coat, and black slacks, her dark hair is cut into a little bob that suits her face with side swept bangs. She talks animatedly on the phone, smiling like no tomorrow. However, just as fast as Hayato's have seen her, she disappears from sight.

A little smile tugs on the corner of his lips at the little eye candy he saw. Shrugging his shoulders, Hayato continues towards the door, his mood doing a complete 180 degree. He stops again once he see's the pretty little lady run back towards the window. She slams a hand onto the glass and hangs up the phone. Her eyes are creepily huge and sparkly, growing wider by the second. Her mouth is open, and...

'I-Is that drool?' He thinks to himself, bewildered by her reappearance. 'And what the hell is she looking at?!' Confused, Hayato turns his gaze to where the pretty, and now creepy, little lady is looking at. His eyes meet with the many assorted sweets in the display case. Just to be sure that what she is really looking at, Hayato looks back and forth between the young woman and the cakes. 'She is really drooling over some cakes.' Hayato brings a hand to his mouth to hide a chuckle.

Try as he might not, he finds her a little endearing.

Then the woman then shuffles eagerly through her pockets and fishes out her wallet. She checks it through several times before looking back at the desserts, a sorrowful look on her face. Snickering, Hayato steps outside and is greeted by the chilling air. Looking towards his right, he see's her, in near tears, slowly placing her wallet back. He hears her whimper and that's all it takes for him to burst out laughing.

Startled, she turns towards him and tilts her head, a frown making its way on her face. Hayato clears his throat and walks over to her. "Hey," he greets with a little nod. The woman, out of politeness and culture, does a little bow.

"H-Hello?" She greets back, a little unsure. Hayato smiles warmly at her before taking out some pocket money. He hands her several dollars. She just looks at it, her frown deepening. "I-I'm sorry, but... I'm not a prostitute." Is the first thing she says.

Hayato gives her a deep chuckle. "No, I'm sorry. I mean, this is for you to buy something." It's silent for a moment between them as the young maiden just blinks at Hayato. "I... Saw you from inside and it seemed like you really wanted to buy a cake." He explains, money still out. He's kind of hoping she'll take it soon because people from inside are starting to stare at them. "So... You know, here." He offers again.

Instead of accepting Hayato's generous offer, the woman feigns a smile. "No thank you, I can buy my own cake." Her stomach grumbles, much to Hayato's amusement. The woman blushes and holds a hand to her stomach. "H-Hahi..." She whispers harshly. Hayato can't help but to laugh.

"Really, take the money. Buy you a cake." He says again.

She raises a brow. "Again, no thanks. I can buy my own cake." She snaps at him, glaring. Laughter forgotten, Hayato takes a step back at her attitude.

"What the hell...?" He murmurs under his breath before giving her a little glare of his own. "I'm just trying to be nice, stupid woman! Take the damn money!" Ah, his bad attitude has appeared and there's not much anyone else can do about it.

"No!" Shouts the woman before stomping past him. "I don't want pity cake!" Hayato turns around and shakes his head, confused.

"Pity cake?!" He calls after her. "I never said anything about pity cake!" Instead of replying back, the woman spares him a glance. She sticks her tongue out and pulls down on one eye. Hayato can feel a vein crawling up his neck at that. "You're crazy!" He yells once the woman stalks away again. Hayato grumbles and hastily places his money back inside his pocket. With the cake for his boss' girlfriend's best friend's birthday party still in one hand, Hayato begins to walk towards his destination. Though now in back in a bad mood, the silver haired young man looks up to the sky and sighs. "What the hell? That crazy bitch?"

He finds her feisty attitude also endearing and, despite being annoyed, he kind of hopes he'll see her again.

And soon.

She is, after all, very pretty.


Later that day during the party...

"Hahi, Yamamoto-san. You will not believe what kind of person I ran into!" Haru vents the moment she arrives at the front door of the address Takeshi had sent her. Her friend, a very tall and handsome Japanese baseball player, looks down at her with a raised brow. He has known Haru for a few years now, both meeting during their college years. She's become somewhat of a younger sister to him. Seeing how Haru entered rather rambunctiously, Takeshi prepares himself for a long spiel.

"What kind of person, Haru-chan?" He questions, humoring her while offering a plastic cup filled with a deep red punch. Taking it, she gulps it down it one go and crushes the cup in her tiny hands. Takeshi snickers a bit.

"I was looking at cakes, after talking to you, right?" She begins. Takeshi nods. "Then this really rude man comes out of nowhere, offering money as if I'm some prostitute!" He coughs, trying to hide a laugh. Haru doesn't pay mind to it. "Then after admitting that he was looking at me through the window of the pastry shop, like the creep he is, he then demands that I take his money to buy myself a cake with! Of course, I'm broke but there's no way he could have known that. But he's all like, take the damn money! And I'm like, no way! I don't take pity cake from anyone! I also don't need anyone else to buy me a cake!"

Her stomach makes a noise.

Haru flushes as Takeshi hides a smile behind a hand. "A-Anyways, he was the rudest, most irritating man I have ever me—"

"Ah, Gokudera-kun!" Takeshi interrupts, looking past Haru. "Great, Kyoko-chan was getting worried about the cake not making it here." He jokes loudly. Passing by Haru, Takeshi goes to greet his friend. Haru rolls her eyes but turns around with a polite smile ready on her face. Truthfully, the only person she really knows here is Takeshi. She was his plus one. 'And first impressions matter.' Not wanting to give him a bad look, Haru comes face to face with annoyed green eyes accompanied by silver locks. Her jaw drops. "Y-Y-Y-You..." Stutters the young woman.

The man called "Gokudera" hands Takeshi the cake (rather roughly) and crosses his arms. "I believe you were talking about me, stupid woman? Being the rudest, most irritating man you've ever met?" His voice is low as he walks closer to Haru and leans down towards her face. She gulps. "Care to continue?" He suggests sarcastically.

Haru has the nerve to give a sheepish laugh. Nervously, she tucks her black hair behind her ears and coughs into her hand in a very ladylike manner. "I...don't know what you're talking about."

It's a lie.

The man before her smirks. Takeshi looks between the two, a smile playing on his lips. "Since you two already know each other, I'll go deliver the cake to Kyoko-chan. I'll be right back!" Without waiting for either of his friends to respond, Takeshi disappears into the house, making sure to close the door behind him. Haru shifts uncomfortably on her feet, a scowl on her face as she folds her arms across her chest. She waits for the man next to her to enter the house as well but strangely enough, he doesn't.

'Hm?' She thinks wonders before taking a peek at him from the corner of her eye. Now that she looks closely at him, Haru begrudgingly admits to herself that he's handsome. Very handsome, in fact. With a face that is carved from the Gods, Haru notices that's he's not dressed properly for the cold. All he is wearing is a suit. No jacket, no gloves, no scarf, nothing. A cold wind blows between the two and Haru notices that he shivers.

"Achoo!" He sneezes soon, wiping a finger under his nose as discreetly as he can.

Haru, without really noticing what she's doing, takes her pink scarf off and begins wrapping it around the man's neck. Green eyes widen a bit at the sudden action. "What are you doing?" He questions, startling Haru.

"Eh?" She looks up at him and then at her hands. "Eh!?" 'He's right! What am I doing?!' Stuttering a bit over her words, Haru unintentionally tightens the scarf around his neck.


"Sorry! Sorry!" Haru immediately apologizes before loosening her scarf. "I, umm... Sorry. You just seemed cold." She says hurriedly. The handsome man just stares at her. Slowly, Haru brings her hands down and bows her head a bit. "Also, I'm sorry about earlier. I...realize that I was out of line." When she looks back up to him, the man still says nothing. But the way he looks at her, it's making Haru feel a little shy. There's something in his eyes she's never seen before in any man and it's beginning to make her feel nervous. "Geez, what are you staring at?" She murmurs under her breath and is about to walk into the house to look for Takeshi.

"...cake." He says, stopping Haru from reaching for the doorknob.

"What?" She asks, raising a brow.

"What kind of cake do you like?" He asks.

"Oh, um. Chestnut cake!" Haru answers happily. "It's the best, to be honest." Just the thought of the cake is making Haru drool.

Nodding his head, Takeshi's friend chuckles and continues. "The cake for this party is a fruit cake." Haru's face turns into a look of disgust. The man laughs again before reaching a hand out to her. "So... Can I buy you chestnut cake?"

The questions takes Haru by surprise and now she's looking at him, really looking at him. "Like, right now?" He nods. Haru points to the door. "But the party..." She says softly and is touched when the man brings his free hand up to touch her scarf around his neck gently. Maybe he's too cold, but his cheeks seem really red right now. "Yamamoto-san..."

"Is going to eat a really gross fruit cake." He deadpans.

'Ugh, he's right.' Hesitantly, Haru looks at his hand. It's the same hand that offered her money earlier. But now, now, he's offering her cake.

Chestnut cake.

(She completely forgets that the money he offered her was, in fact, for cake.)

"Umm... Okay." She accepts his hand and swears up and down that there's a tingly feeling that shoots up her arm, all the way down to her body. The man tugs her gently away from the party. Haru blushes. 'E-Eh?' Looking at the silver haired man again, Haru gulps. She doesn't normally just go along with strangers, but somehow...

She feels like with him, it's okay.

Besides, who's she really to say "no" to chestnut cake?


Even later in the day, back at the cake shop...

After finally introducing themselves to each other properly, Hayato watches with great amusement as Haru scarfs down her piece of cake. It's a bit gross if he were being honest and yet, he also likes the happy look on Haru's face. With powered sugar all over her lips, he laughs heartily once she finishes. She wears a look of grief stricken heartache. She just frowns at him once he laughs just a little harder. "It's not nice to laugh at a lady, Gokudera-san." She scolds him.

"I can't take you seriously when you have cake all over you." He quips back.

Gasping, she hurriedly wipes away any traces of food from her face with a napkin. "Oh, how embarrassing!" She mutters, a hot blush on her cheeks. Hayato can't help but grin as the woman before him panics a bit at her sloppy manners. Her mannerism, or lack of it, was something else.

Hayato liked it.

A lot more than he should have.

"Did I get it all?" Asks Haru suddenly, her eyes all wide and doe-eyed and pleading and...

God, she was cute.

"Yeah." He answers truthfully. Haru sighs with relief before looking down at his untouched cake. Raising a brow at her, he sees Haru looks at the sweet slice with sparkling eyes and drools a bit. 'She's so cute. It's a little unfair.' He toys around with the nuts that are decorated over his piece and then moves to eat the cherry that's on top. Haru watches him like a hawk and he does his best to hide his laughter. "Here." He moves the piece towards her.

"Are you sure?" She asks a little too quickly.

"Yea—wow." Haru is already taking a bite from the slice of cake. He laughs at her again and watches her eat quickly. As if noticing his look, Haru slows down and attempts to eat a bit neater. He sighs, almost dreamily.

"Umm, how come you didn't want to eat it?" Haru asks curiously, making sure she chewed and swallowed.

Hayato leans his head into his hand. "Want to know a secret?" He asks, mischief clear in his tone. The woman nods her head, taking another bite. "I don't like cake." Haru nearly chokes at that, causing Hayato to chuckle. As she pounds away at her chest, Haru takes a large swig of her glass milk before slamming it down on the table.

"Wh-Why did you invite me for cake if you weren't going to eat any?!" She yells but in a whisper-ish way.

Hayato shrugs his shoulders and admits, in a rather plain tone, "Don't know. But I think I like you."

Those words catch Haru off guard. She leans back in her seat and just stares at the silver haired man and blinks. Once. Twice. Three times. Folding her arms across her chest, Haru tilts her head a little to the side. Raising a brow, she looks at him, feeling just a little confused. Hayato just smiles at her. Despite the cold day, somewhere in Haru's heart, she begins to feel warm. "Huh." Is all she says.

"Yup." He agrees with her. "Huh."

"So when you first saw me today?" Inquires the woman.

"I thought you were really pretty." He confesses. "Definitely my type." A hint of a blush shows up on Haru's face.

"Even when I didn't give you a good first impression?" She squeaks, beginning to feel embarrassed.

"You left an impression I'll never forget." Hayato laughs a bit. "I'm annoyed by you, but I also like that side of you." With a boldness Haru wasn't used to, he reaches across the table and offers his hand to her. Hesitantly, Haru slowly and shyly places one of her hands in his. His long fingers wrap around her in gentle touch. She can feel a spark in her fingertips and they quickly make their way throughout her body. "This might be what they call love at first sight." Says the Italian man. "I don't like cakes, but I'm willing to eat 100 with you if that's what it takes to get to make you mine."

'He makes me seem like a cake addict.' Haru thinks (despite it being true). However brash his words sometimes are, she finds that she doesn't hate it. Why, if anything else, it's kind of exciting. Her lips curl upwards into a bright smile. She brings her other hand over theirs and holds him tightly. "Okay... I'll take you up on that offer, Gokudera-san." She replies, grinning but also challenging him.

Hayato smirks in reply. "Just you wait."

It takes them a whole year to eat 100 cakes. On Hayato's next birthday, it would be their 101st cake together. Haru made his cake that day, especially for him. And on their 101st cake, he asks her to be his girlfriend. She laughs and opens the cake to show him what it says. In cute, fancy writing on a cake he dislikes the least, is her answer.


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