It was cold. It hurt. He couldn't feel his arm…


Someone was yelling at him, it was almost deafening, yet he couldn't understand a single bit, he just knew they were scared…

He saw the light, and it was blinding, he couldn't see...he couldn't feel...he...wasn't...anything…

"Order: Awaken."

His eyes snapped open with a sharp gasp leaving his lips, and he frantically looked around as he scrambled and stumbled to his feet. His hands danced across his chest, groping and squeezing every feature he had as if he had lost something.


He exclaimed out, his voice ragged as he keeled over, coughing and gasping for air. All he could see was a white void around him, empty and void of life, nothing at all.

"Input: W-where-!"

A voice echoed out, filling the void; it was sharp and almost dead. He heard his voice echo out. He stumbled to a stop and focused on trying to figure out who was speaking.

"Answer: Error, autocorrection….correction selected, Djeniere."

The response only left him with more questions, more questions he was unable to answer.

"Order: Soul Scan. . ."


"Warning: . . . Error detected, correcting. . .Program # #$&.Exe running. . .# #$&.Exe failed, running #^*(! #.Exe. . .Null detected, correcting. . .Null corrected."

He arched back with a screech of pain. What he felt was hell. He felt something revolt in him as whatever was happening to him continued. Each spacing almost lasted a minute, leaving him with a hoarse voice and soft cries of pain as he teared up. When the pain ended, he keeled over and fell unto all fours, gasping for air yet again.

"Statement: Scan complete, initiating alignment. . .Alignment failed, correcting. . .Error corrected. . .Alignment chosen, Alignment; CHAOS."

"C-Chaos...w-what...what i-is going on-" he whimpered out, pathetically, to the voice, hoping for some answer as he pushed himself up to his knees, a hand rested over his chest. Specifically, his heart, It felt like someone had tried to break the damn thing!

"Answer: Renewal Process."

"W-what's the Renew-"

"Interruption: Good Luck Hero."

In that single statement alone, the blinding white of the void was gone. Warmth and darkness are what he felt. It was comforting, and the pain was gone. He felt at peace.


The words filled the silence of the room; one of its two occupants, a woman, blinked and looked down to her stomach, her pregnant belly. Her hair was a fair black, while her eyes were an icy blue. She was barely past her twenty-third winter. "Is something wrong, Madam Kue?" the concern of one of her handmaiden's echoed out as the maid slowly walked to the woman's side. Isabelle Kue looked up to the maid, staring into their eyes with a slight frown, "I believe I'm going into labor," she uttered out.

The maid blinked as she processed the statement before she sprung into a run out of the room. The exclamations that followed most likely were going to alert the others within the manor quickly. Isabelle hummed as she was left alone and gazed to her stomach. She felt the twine of an early contraction, softly mirroring it was a twine of fear.

'Please be human….'

Arthur Kue let out a small grunt as he crumpled the piece of paper into a ball and tossed it into his study's fireplace. He frowned as he turned his chair and rested his hands closed to his face, his digits interlocked as he contemplated the information he had just took in.

'It's a tempting offer, one that can wait….'

He sighed and closed his eyes; he felt exhausted most days. His age was finally catching up to him; his hair was thinning while some began to turn gray.


The rapid knocking on his door jerked his eyes open, and he looked to the door as he turned his chair to face it, "Yes? What is it?"

"Sir! It's your wife!"

The voice of one of his servants responded, loud and almost panicked. It got Arthur to his feet, he quickly raced to his study's door and opened it, he gazed down at the maid who recoiled and lightly stumbled back.

"S-She's gone into labor!"

It was hard to say how long he had been there. Hell, had any time passed at all? He couldn't remember. His mind felt slow, as too was his body. It wasn't a bad feeling, and it was welcoming; it let him begin to drift and sleep.


He would have cried with a somber smile, but he wasn't for sure if he was even awake to do so.

'Perhaps I'm sleeping...I hope it stays this way forever….'

His mind wandered and drifted, as one would dream, and like all dreams, it would come to an end with his eyes eventually opening to see the light of the world.


The woman's cries echoed out through the halls. It left the aura of the mansion tense, at first was the soft yelp, but now the woman descended into screaming like a banshee. It indeed didn't Dev's mood; with the man tugging on his rugged tunic, the brown cloth felt tighter than usual. He certainly didn't have the appetite to down his meal alongside his co-workers, many of course, were just like him. Blonde hair, great eyes, and faces, alongside pointed ears, separated them from the other humans and demi's they worked with.

They were Elves, one of the many races that occupied their world, sadly growing minority with each passing year. Dev was only in his forties, a year ahead of the master of the manor, with his brethren being decades older. A shrill screech echoed out, breaking him from his thoughts with a wince as he brought his mug to his lips, "Can't help but feel bad for her…" he muttered out.

"I mean, how can you not?" Sev uttered out, one of Dev's distinct cousins said in response to his words. Again more nods and mutters of agreement filled their table, he saw a few listening to their conversation.

Each type of species and group stuck to each other, even with the years passing and the constant work of heroes, division remained…

The servant's dining room was probably the closest they all decided to share a room.

"Honestly, that doctor is a mook," Another elf spoke out with a slight scoff and rested his hand on his palm, "Could have easily gotten a better option from a mage…."

Dev huffed as he felt his stomach twist and turn at his coworker's statement, only worsening how he felt at the moment as another scream from Isabelle echoed out.


The noble cried out as she tightened her hold on the hand of one of her servants that attended to her, the girl flinched as a result. She didn't mind the pain, and it wasn't the worst she had felt. It was more so the fact of her doing something in the situation. The screams had gone on for hours now, and it had left many on edge as they were left under the gaze of both their employers. Arthur himself remained quiet and reserved, as expected from the older man as he watched his wife squirm and jerk in place. It was almost frightening, well for the younger and newer staff, the much more senior servants knew well how the older man was.

It wasn't hard to believe if the two nobles didn't love each other at all; they were put together via Arthur Kue and Isabelle's father negotiating the marriage. The child to be born was the main goal of the aging man. His previous wife had been lost in an accident while his son perished while in military service. He needed to secure an heir.

The opening of the room's door caught the attention of most; from a turn of their head or shifting of gaze, the intruder of the scene was apparent. An older gentleman tugged on his suit's collar, and the white stood out from the dark colors of the morning and black uniforms of the servants. That aside, the bag he carried jingled with the noises of objects within jerking around.

"Apologizes for the wait sir, I was occupied with a patient…" the doctor croaked out as he reached up to remove his hat. It was lousily offered to a reptilian demi-human servant who had to snatch the cap out of the air as the doctor didn't wait for the sub-human.

"You can't rush, Medicine doctor, I understand your need to… treat your patients," Arthur uttered out as he looked hazily down at the old man, who stood a few inches shorter than him. The doctor nodded as he licked his clammy lips, "Yes...she was quite sick, needed a few examinations…" he uttered out as he shuffled to the side, next to the bed. His bag clattered onto a table as the handmaiden was forced to move out of the way of the doctor.

Arthur held back the need to look at the doctor with disgust. He knew the doctor was much more… closed-minded like the previous generations, but he expected better…

This wasn't heaven.

He knew better, and he knew this was something different. There were grumblings and muffled voices, as too a shifting that slowly guided him along.


Another muffled scream, they had torn away from the peaceful equilibrium of the dark void, following it was a shifting of his body.


After hours of being forced to endure each scream and pained wail, he grew annoyed and almost angered. Why must he be dragged and torn away from his peace, especially so soon after arriving, he would have fought against the shifting if his limbs could coherently respond to him.

The dark void would be lit up, tearing him from his thoughts; it was so blinding as it caused him to clench his eyes shut and let out a whine from it. Immediately his senses were filled with so many factors, and he could smell hints of Alcohol. He felt his body begin to cool down instantly. Finally, a pair of giant hands was holding onto his head. There were also sounds of words, people speaking. It all sounded so incoherent to him.

Clenching his eyes shut and feeling himself get held up, and then thankfully wrapped in a cloth brought him some peace. His eyes fluttered and struggled to remain open as the light dampened his vision, no matter how little it was. He was handed a long, multiple times from the first pair to a set of smaller and gentler ones.

There was a silence that followed it, an unnerving one, and it let him hear his gasps for air and the breathing of another. It allowed him time for his eyes ever slowly to adjust, and with it, he saw who or what held him.

A woman.

His eyes stared into her's as she looked into his. He felt curiosity fill him as he merely observed her; she was beautiful. Her hair was black as the sky, while her eyes were a familiar Icy blue.

'Why...does she….'

He thought as he watched her gaze past him and to...someone else? He couldn't tell from this angle-oh no, he was being held out to a man.

Arthur Kue was silent as he looked down to his wife and his 'child.' Blonde hair with a set of icy blue eyes, just like his mother's, and with a pair of arrow-like ears. They were quiet and did not cry and faintly looked up at Arthur with heavy breaths.

". . ."

Arthur slowly leaned back and looked left to the right, giving each of his servants a long stare before he turned and made his way to the door.


His wife cried out to him as the door quickly opened and slammed shut behind him; his steps grew too heavy stomps as anger boiled in his gut.