The cold fall morning was unpleasant.

It was cold and moist and left him shaking as he tried to heat his hands through his gloves. His fingers were stiff as he licked his lips, feeling sick with how his gut felt at the moment.

Sev could feel the sweat run down his body even in this weather as he slowly loaded his luggage into the wagon. His gaze did wither as he glanced to the manor, up to its second floor, and there he saw them, the Master and Mistress of it.

Abigail held a hand close to her lips, biting her nails while her husband stared down at him, a hardened look in his eyes.

He was angry, yet he did well at suppressing it to cold rage.

"Dear...please...look at me…"

The words that echoed out from the woman's lips filled the silence of the cold manor, and she was struggling to stand to the point she needed help. Thus, her handmaiden was forced to help her stand, consistently telling the woman to rest and take her health first.

Such pleas went unheard as she worked hard to draw her husband's attention, trying to get anything from him and not to be left in silence. He rejected his wife's pleas and them to be unheard as she could only stumble after the man she loved.

His eyes fluttered open, and he could hear a croak leave his gullet. Following it were his eyes shakily darting left and right. He saw the soft glow of artificial lighting, wooden walls, other misc furniture of a quarter, and finally two women. One of which was holding him, she was dressed as a servant and kept him nicely snug in a cloth wrapping.

He had been reborn…

'A surprise to be sure...but a welcomed surprise nonetheless…;'

"Ah, he's awake again…" the maid uttered as she noticed his opened eyes, his own eyes locked with her brown eyes. "And no crying, either we're just lucky, or he's just a rare case…" another popped out as she stood upright, looking up from a suitcase she was packing. "I'll say lucky, I rather not imagine a child being sick in the head" the maid that held him hummed out as she shifted her grasp and moved him around.

"I heard he was born quietly…" the other uttered out as she folded a tunic in her hands before placing it in the suitcase.

"Like a mouse at midnight."

"Do you think Sev will be worried? We've all heard stories about quiet ones-"

By then the reborn soul tuned them out, lost staring up at the woman he was held by, right into her green eyes, and at her sandy brown hair alongside her own pointed ears.

'That's right...elves…'

Elves existed in this world, and he had certainly seen that one butler with a tail…He didn't like it, it was all foreign, different.

Gods he sounded like a racist just then, would this even count as racism?

`Technically, but they all hold the base factors to be human…`

"It makes you wonder what it's like, being a baby", the voice of the second maid broke him from his rambling, and drew his attention back to the duo.

"To be so ignorant and bliss from the world…"

"If the next words that leave your lips are akin to 'Do you ever wonder why we're here?' you can go find another room to sleep in tonight."

The First maid seemed unamused by her coworker's words, it was the only thing keeping the two unaware of the third occupant's frown.

Dev kept his palms raised, enjoying the blissful heat that the fireplace before him made, all the while his cousin Sev prodded, messed, and shifted the logs around within the orange inferno. The Elf's quarter provided him with peace as the rest of the staff were busy working, Sev was an exception, providing aid for Dev.

It certainly didn't help break the silence between the two cousins, Sev had been the reason Dev had gotten employment at the manor, it must have looked bad for Sev.


Dev wanted to speak, but he didn't know what to say, he had stained his and Sev's reputation. Of course, his child would have to live with it as well, the fact he was a bastard child of a noble.

" I tell them…"

The words left Dev's lips without thought to process them over, Sev perked up and glanced back to his Cousin, "What was that?" he asked.

"Do I tell them...ya, dad...everyone…" Dev repeated as he met his cousin's eyes, and despite how best he tried, Dev's emotions swelled through. He was scared, he was terrified, he was going to be a father, he IS a father now! He had a son! Sev clearly picked it up as he opened his mouth to speak, he clearly struggled to find his words.

Dev should have realized the consequences, he should have known better than sleeping with that damn woman!

"...No…this…it's probably best he doesn't…well, at least the baby shouldn't know…", Sev croaked out as he raised one of his hands to rub his neck. The Elf would break his gaze with his cousin following it, with Sev returning his stare to the fire.

Dev nodded, be it shakily, as he joined his cousin in staring at the fire and swallowed as he raised his hands and buried his face into his palms and silently broke down.

He was being taken somewhere, that was obvious.

There was a tense silence with it, as he was held by one of the maids, she had swathed him in cloth before picking him up. There was a conversation between her and her coworker as they left the room with them, with him coming along for the joyride…

Perhaps he should have been paying more attention…

The soft sound of giggling would break the silence, causing him to blink and look upwards at the woman that carried him. She was giggling as she looked down at him in return, she had a smile and found clear enjoyment in what she saw. Her actions drew the attention of her partner who looked to the first elf with a raised eyebrow, "What's so funny…?" she asked.

"It's the baby, he looks so miffed…" she giggled out as she shifted her body so her coworker could gaze upon the infant. To the first elf's credit, the baby did look rather annoyed as he had a clear frown with slightly narrowed eyes.

". . ."

The Infant's mouth parted, a gurgle slipping out from their maw as they squirmed slightly and turned their head away. The duo of women softly chuckled and shook their heads, soft smiles, and pity in the crevices of their minds.

'Gods this is embarrassing…'

He could feel his head heathen up as he blushed from the shame of it all, and just wished he could somehow escape this mess. Yet baby legs were indeed baby legs, and even now he could barely move his arms and head…Three months, that was right, three months till he had at least had some muscle strength. Though that was for a infants with no idea of just what workouts and muscle development was, though was it even healthy for infants to exercise-

Wait, what was he thinking? Oh right avoiding situations like this-


A shrill squeal of discomfort left his lips upon feeling a rush of cold air caress his body, and instantly thoughts of avoiding babying were gone. He wanted to get out of this damn cold! And it seemed the maids were kind enough to ensure his warmth as he was swathed in a thick blanket that brought some warmth to him.

Gah! He lost focus again, to the point he hadn't exactly realized they were heading to a door, to the outside world. It was cold and it was some time in the early morning, with the sun barely beginning to creep its way from the horizon. A soft fog drifted amongst the property of a manor, which he had now been able to confirm, and from the looks of it the manor was remotely located in a forest. There were trees surrounding the manor with a fence acting as a barrier for the property, and along the ground laid grass coated in thin layers of ice.

Though his attention was quite literally forced to a wagon where two men resided on, one a man with an additional set of ears atop his head, canine in descent. The other was an elf, Blonde hair and green hair, and the cliched elongated ears…

There were others besides the two maids and the two, as the baby could spot a woman alongside a more elderly gentleman next to her. The woman he recognized, he recalled those icy blue eyes and the fear that had over taken them.

She was his mother…

The statement made a taste overcome his mouth as he stared her down, and she had seen it as well with a slight cringe. The older man next to her had a face he couldn't recall, he certainly wasn't one of the men he saw during his…birth.

…yeah that wasn't going to be an experience he was going to regress easily.


He didn't recognize the older man, but he did stand out as one of the few humans he had seen so far.


Ah that's right he was being moved around against his own will, and now he had been handed to the blondie. The young man held him with a grip of uncertainty that made the newborn's head droop and-

"Dev make sure to keep his head supported, like this…"

Though with the intervention of one of the maids, 'Dev' had shifted his hand about and now properly held him. He and 'Dev' locked eyes, with Icy blue meeting emerald green, and for a second a sense of recognition gnawed at the back of his head…

Yet again, he found himself being moved against his will, and more so turned to face the woman, mother…

She had moved to stand next to the wagon, a frown on her face as she looked from him and then to Dev and spoke. "I expect you to be at your best, and to make sure they remain safe", she ordered the elf as she narrowed her eyes for a glare. He felt Dev flinch slightly, and glancing up he could see in the corner of his eye how the man looked away.

"Oh little one…"

The stern tone of his mother shifted, and drew his attention back where the newborn looked to his mother with a sense of surprise and curiosity. This made her face soften as she would reach up, and with Dev leaning down, she was able to easily cup his cheek and lean up to kiss him atop his forehead.

"Stay safe Sigismund…"

Sigismund…was that…him?

The newly declared Sigismund found himself stunned from this declaration, and when he was pulled away he blinked. He felt a rise of heat in his eyes, with gurgled noises coming from his mouth as he shifted a limp arm towards her.

Yet even with his noises of distress his mother turned her back to him, and with the other servants giving bows to the two men on the wagon they too would follow mother. A crack of the lead for the horse pulling the cart would follow, with the horse neighing in response and began to move forth. Confusion set over Sigismund's mind, where was going? Why was he going? W-Why was he beginning to cry?

He was crying, whines were beginning to rise from his mouth while tears would run down his cheeks!

"Shh, h-hey…come on…daddy got ya…"

Those words brought a ceasing realization to Sigismund, with the newborn's eyes going still as he turned to look upwards to the elf man.

It clicked.

It finally clicked.

He was an Elf.

He was a Bastard elf.

He had been reborn as a damn. Bastard. Elf.