Cheryl trudged through the woods. This wasn't how the plan was supposed to go. She'd thought it would be so simple. She and Jason would go for a paddleboat ride. He would depart. They would make it look like the boat had sunk. She would stay around for any rescue crews and tell them the story they'd manufactured. She would cry about how she'd seen him disappear under the water after he'd saved her. It would be all so simple. However, things didn't go exactly as planned. Cheryl had chosen a rock that was sticking out of the water to sit on and wait for her recuse. The thing was, she'd underestimated the strength of the current. It knocked her from her spot and into the river. But she wasn't going to die that day. Fortunately for her, she could swim. Her family owned a pool where she swam everyday. She managed to keep herself afloat and make it to land.

The area was rocky, but she managed to climb ashore. Thankfully, the land became smoother and easier to navigate. Unfortunately, Cheryl had no idea where she was. She didn't think the current had taken her that far from Riverdale, but she couldn't recognize any of the surrounding area. Maybe she'd become disoriented in the river. In the excitement she could've lost track of time and been taken miles away from home by the river. Now she'd been walking for hours and there was no sign of another human. Cheryl's best chance of survival was finding someone to help her. She had no idea how to prepare a fire or make a shelter. She liked to imagine herself as a badass who could hunt her own food if the opportunity arouse. She had a killer instinct. Still, that was only one skill out of the hundreds she'd need to survive out here. She'd need to find help fast. She looked up at the sky to see the sun was setting. The moon was already visible. She felt chilly. Who could help her? At that instant, she heard the sound of a twig cracking.

Erica sighed. Currently she and Sarah were in the middle of the woods. She was leaning against a tree, while Sarah lay on the ground. Sarah turned to Erica and glared at her. "Keep it down. You'll scare away the deer. They're skittish."

Erica rolled her eyes. "Scaring the deer? Oh no. We wouldn't want that to happen. I mean these woods are just crawling with them."

"Look, let's just be patient," said Sarah. "Any minute now one of them is going to come here and we'll have dinner."

"I've been patient for the last five hours," said Erica. "It's almost night and we haven't seen a single deer."

"What are you scared of the dark?" said Sarah.

"No," said Erica. "I'd rather spend the night doing fun things. You know, going to the mall and picking up cute guys. Or dinner. Or both."

"No Erica," said Sarah. "We're not doing that."

"I was just joking," said Erica. "Unless you're up for that kind of thing."

"I am not," said Sarah. "And you can get the same nutritional value from a deer as you can from a human."

"Yeah, I doubt that," said Erica. "And I really don't care about nutritional value. I want taste."

"And a deer tastes just as good as a human," said Sarah. "I'll show you once we find a deer."

"If we find a deer," said Erica.

"Well speak of the devil." Sarah pointed to a clearing ahead of the two. Erica followed where she was pointing and could see a large doe feasting on the grass.

"Good," said Erica. "Now we just have to kill it and drink its blood."

"Easy." Sarah reached into her backpack and pulled out a crossbow and aimed it at the beast.

"You know what movie this reminds me of?" said Erica.

"What?" said Sarah, lining up the bolt with the deer. "The Hunger Games?"

"No," said Erica. "Bambi."

Sarah looked back at Erica. "Why would you think of Bambi?"

"You know," said Erica. "That scene where Bambi's mom gets killed by hunters. This is just like that."

"No it's not," said Sarah. "This is nothing like that scene in Bambi."

"Sure it is," said Erica. "Poor defenseless deer is minding its own business and gets murdered by humans."

"You can't murder an animal," said Sarah.

"Didn't you always tear up during that scene?" said Erica.

"No," said Sarah, wiping a tear from her eyes.

"Do you think this deer has kids?" said Erica. "You know, helpless babies who'll be on their own once she's dead. That's basically a death sentence for them."

Sarah could barely hold the crossbow straight. "Why would you say something like that?"

"Like what?" said Erica. "I'm just talking about Bambi."

"I know what you're doing," said Sarah. "You are not slick."

"It worked on you didn't it?" said Erica.

"Why do you have such a problem with eating animals?" said Sarah. "Why do you always have to eat humans? And why can't you just let me get my blood from animals?"

"Well humans just taste better," said Erica. "And I can't bare to see you suffer scarfing down lower quality blood. Come on, be like me. Have fun."

"Well unlike you I have a conscience." Sarah got up and shoved Erica.

"Ow." Erica shoved Sarah back.

Sarah tripped backwards, stepping on a twig and breaking it. "Hey, I didn't shove you that hard."

"You shoved me pretty hard," said Erica.

"Oh you big baby," said Sarah.

"Hello. Hello. Is anyone there?" The two heard a voice off in the distance. They turned to see a redheaded girl off in the distance. She didn't seem to see the two girls.

"Oh look," said Erica. "Dinner."

She took a step towards the girl, but Sarah got in front of her. "No. You are not eating her."

"I am sick of your hippie talk," said Erica. "I'm starving and her neck looks delicious."

Sarah refused to budge. "She looks lost. Do you really want to eat someone who's in distress? Wouldn't you rather eat some jerk who has it coming?"

"Ideally," said Erica. "But right now I'm kind of desperate."

Erica tried to shove Sarah aside. Sarah dug in her heels. "Come on. You owe me. After all you just cost us dinner."

Erica rolled her eyes. "Really? I owe you? If it wasn't for you, I'd be feasting on the finest guys this town has to offer."

"You two!" The girl was looking right at them. "Can you hear me?"

"We sure can!" said Erica, a ravenous look in her eyes.

"Run!" said Sarah, who was still fighting to restraint Erica."

"Excuse me?" said the girl.

"She can't control herself!" said Sarah. "She needs to feed! I'll hold her off."

The girl looked confused. "What are you talking about? Wait, is this a Dusk LARP or something?"

Sarah's mouth turned into a grin. "She's a Dusk fan. You wouldn't eat a fellow Dusker now would you?"

Erica sighed. "I guess not."

"Who's still a fan of Dusk in this day and age?" said the girl. "Hashtag Jakeward is a creep."

Erica's eyes widened and she glared at the girl. "Okay calm down Erica."

"She insulted Dusk," said Erica.

"You know I thought you were over that noise since you became a vampire?" said Sarah.

"And she speaks in hashtags," said Erica. "Who does that?"

"I'll admit it's a little annoying," said Sarah. "But does that really warrant death?"

"I say it does." Erica tossed Sarah aside and marched to where the girl was. However, when she got there, the girl was gone. "Where'd she go?"

Cheryl continued to trudge through the woods. Those two girls looked like they could help her sure, but she just couldn't stand Dusk fans. They were just so obnoxious with how they obsessed over Jakeward. Braving the wilderness was preferable to listening to them prattle on about how cute he was and how they'd want a boyfriend just like him. Cheryl shuddered at the thought.