He couldn't believe what he had just heard from the whispers. Lucy was leaving and she didn't even bother to tell him. Her best friend. They had been through everything together since they were in diapers. He thought they told each other everything as well. Apparently not.

"Well it's not like you've been completely honest either. There are still a couple of secrets you've kept all these years"

This is true. I told Lucy just about everything except for a few things. The first being that I've been in love with her since I was a teen and the hormones started kicking in full swing. It seemed to have happened overnight as well. One day she's just a friend that had taken baths with me and was at every holiday function. The next day she's glowing and I notice how kissable her lips are or that she has a cute nose. We can't forget about her golden hair.

The other secret is I'm the reason she never had a successful dating life in high school. Guys never had the chance to get her number and if they did, it would magically disappear. Dan Straight was the only one lucky enough to ask her out for a date. I happened to be home sick for the day and wasn't able to be around Lucy. I'm honestly surprised more guys didn't get around to asking her out but they all knew better. The day of the date however, I made sure Dan didn't show up for it; and thus, Lucy came crying to me. Was it petty? Sure. Do I care? Hell no. Lucy swore off dating and focused solely on her academics and hobbies.

I do feel bad about her self confidence though. Lucy never thought anyone was ever interested because I kept scaring them off from exchanging numbers or going on dates. She always thought something was wrong with her. No matter how many times I told her she was gorgeous, I don't think she ever believed me. It probably didn't help that I would tease her about her eating habits or her freakishly strong legs. A Lucy Kick is no joke and not something you ever want to receive. I received it once and then learned how to dodge or block it after that.

But I never thought she would keep this big of a secret from me! She was leaving and heading to the academy to further her studies. This will last her at least four years if not longer. Everyone knows how much she thirsts for knowledge so I wouldn't be surprised if she extended her stay. How am I supposed to survive with her being gone for that long?! I can't go from seeing her everyday to never. There isn't a day in my memory where she wasn't involved. Does none of that matter to her anymore?!

Gajeel walked over after seeing my face knowing I had finally heard the whispers. "It's not like this is a spur of the moment decision. You know how Bunny is; she overthinks everything. This decision wasn't made lightly and wasn't something to hurt you. She's finally thinking about herself for once. Maybe if you had told her how you've felt all these years then she would have figured something else out. You're both stubborn asses."

I could only glare and growl at him. "Shove it, Iron Dick. No one asked for your opinion." I hated that he seemed to know exactly what I was thinking at that moment. Gajeel came around in high school and we've been rivals ever since. We were always competing in just about everything in life. The only thing Gajeel didn't try to rival me was the subject of Lucy. The first time we all hung out, he kept flirting with Lucy and tried to get a kiss out of her. Thankfully she was too shy and wouldn't go for it with him. I was seeing red the whole night. We had a chat later that night, i.e. our fists had a chat, and we came to an understanding. Afterwards, Gajeel started looking at the bookworm Levy and making headway with that relationship.

Lucy decided this would be the perfect time to walk in and everyone hushed. She looked around and caught my face. Her eyes went wide with shock and then she lowered her head to look at the floor. "I guess you heard huh." Her voice was barely above a whisper. She couldn't even look at me. The whispers started back up behind me.

"She didn't tell him?!"

"I thought he was the first to know. Aren't they best friends?"

"They've known each other their whole lives. How could she not have told him first?"

"This has to be the worst way to find out."

I couldn't take the whispers anymore. I growled and stomped towards Lucy, grabbing her upper arm and dragging her all the way back to her place. Her attempts of planting her feet and begging me to stop didn't even register on my radar. The thoughts of she's leaving and how could she not tell me were on constant replay. Once we were up the stairs and inside, the air became tense. Lucy stood there fidgeting and waited for me to say something. I kept waiting for her to say something while the thoughts kept going over and over.

"So I take it, you heard that I was leaving?"

I needed a moment to get my thoughts in order so I started to pace. My fists kept opening and closing when they were not running through my hair. My muscles were tense and my emotions were in turmoil. I couldn't pinpoint one emotion that I was feeling more strongly over the others. I knew that I was hurt and furious at the same time. This just made me seem like an afterthought in her life.

"It's not like this was an easy decision for me, you know. This is something I've deliberated over and over before deciding my future. This is a good and smart move for me. I will get to learn so much and maybe even grow as a person. The opportunities from the academy alone are worth it and this was too good to let slide through my fingers. I thought you would be happy for me."

I paused with my pacing and slowly turned my head to look at her. Tears filled her eyes and threatened to spill over. Lucy took deep breaths to try and keep her emotions in check. But I knew that the tears would fall soon. One of the things I loved about Lucy was how she wasn't afraid to show her emotions. She seemed to always have a smile but cared so deeply and would cry for others. I remember the time she cried over someone else spilling their coffee wailing about caffeine abuse.


"How what?"

"How could you not tell me? How could you let me find out from the whispers? We grew up together so I thought that I meant something more than someone like Wakaba or Macao. Do I really mean so little to you?!" I couldn't help but to be yelling by the end. That's when the tears started flowing. You could see the hurt evident on her face.

"How could you even think that? You are the most important person in my life. I went over my speech thousands of times to try and tell you that I was leaving. In the end there was no right way for me to say that we couldn't see each other every single day. There was no right way for me to tell my best friend that I was moving to another country and could be gone longer than four years."

"So what, were you just going to say a quick goodbye and be off? Were you going to even say goodbye?!"

"I was trying to figure it out. I thought about not saying anything and maybe writing you a note to read after I was gone."

"It's just that easy for you isn't it? You say goodbye to everyone else and if I know you like I thought I knew you then there were heartfelt speeches and long drawn out conversations. Do I mean that little to you after all these years?!"

"OF COURSE NOT! IT'S BECAUSE YOU MEAN THE MOST TO ME YOU DOLT!" Lucy took a few calming breaths before she continued. "You were going to be the hardest person to say goodbye to for so many reasons. That's why I thought about writing you a letter explaining everything."

"I'm the hardest person to say goodbye to? Why? I figured I would be the easiest person. We grew up together and know each other's secrets. I think I deserve more than a letter. I think I deserve to hear it straight from your mouth."

Both of our hearts were accelerated and we were breathing hard. I resumed pacing while Lucy just stood still with tears cascading down her cheeks. It hurt to see those tears. I promised myself a long time ago that I would only make her cry tears of joy. She has already suffered so much in life and I have never wanted to be a contributing factor to that. I could figure something else out.

"I can't even begin to explain how much I'm going to miss you every second of every single day. When I think about not seeing you, it makes me want to change my mind and stay here. I could figure something else out if it meant that I won't have to be far away from you. And do you really not get why, after all these years, why you're the hardest person to say goodbye to? It's because I LOVE YOU! I've been in love with you. I don't even remember when I started to fall in love with you. All I remember is one day thinking I didn't care about another failed potential date because you were the only one I wanted to date. But I knew that you could never look at me that way. I've always been the friend, the little sister and I know that I will never be the woman you could love the way I want you to love me."

Next thing Lucy knew, she was in the arms of the person she loved the most and was being kissed fervently by him. He was pouring all of his feelings into the kiss hoping she understood just how much she meant to him. He needed her to know that he couldn't love anyone else the way he loved her. She was too good for him and she deserved so much more. He decided at that moment, he would let her go if she really wanted. But he would be damned if he let her go before showing her exactly what she meant to him.

Lucy gasped and he plunged his tongue into her mouth. She tasted like the strawberry smoothies that she just had to have every single day from Mira. He loved how she smelled like them too and relished in her hugs.

Lucy wrapped her arms around his neck once the initial shock wore off and deepened the kiss. She had dreamt of this happening for so long and couldn't believe it when he first pulled her in for the kiss. Her hands threaded through his hair and she noted how soft it felt. Lucy would often thread her fingers through his hair when the motion sickness got to be too much but this moment made it seem softer.

Next thing Lucy knew, she was lifted into the air and her legs were wrapped around his torso. Her back hit the nearest wall and her shirt was over her head and on the floor. He started moving his mouth down her neck with kisses, licks, and nips. His hands palmed her full breasts and his thumbs brought her nipples to a hard peak. Lucy let out a low moan and ground herself on the ever growing bulge in his pants. She held onto his shoulders tightly while he sucked all over her chest to leave hickeys. He wanted everyone to know that Lucy was claimed and not available.

"Bed. Now." demanded Lucy as she lifted his shirt above his head and threw it somewhere to be thought about later. Lucy was thrown on the bed and bounced once before he was covering her body with his own and his mouth covering hers in another searing kiss. Her hands explored the body that she had seen dozens of times but was never able to explore like she desired. Lucy couldn't decide which part she liked the most; his abs, the broad shoulders, his muscled back, or his squeezable ass. As Lucy grabbed his ass, they both grounded their hips together. She got a good feel for his size and gulped. 'How is that going to fit inside of me?!'

Lucy never realized her bra was gone until she found a warm mouth sucking on a pert nipple. He made sure to lavish her breast with attention while the opposite hand squeezed and fondled her other breast. His free hand was slowly pulling down her skirt and panties. Once those were shed, his mouth switched breasts. His hand came up to the abandoned breast to squeeze and fondle. Lucy had never experienced these sensations before. Nothing could compare to the high she was feeling at this moment.

Before she knew it, he was licking and nipping his way down to the place between her thighs. Her mind raced. 'Is he really going to do this?! I've never had this happen before so I wonder what it'll be like. But wait! Doesn't it smell?! Isn't this too gross of a thing to do for him?!'

While Lucy was having her internal monologue, she didn't know that his mind was stuttering as well. 'Holy shit! I can't believe this is happening! I've dreamed and fantasized about this for so long. And she smells even more divine. I can see how wet she is and I wonder how she tastes.' He dips his head and runs his tongue up her slit. Lucy's breath hitches. He glances up at her and sees lust in her eyes and surprise. While holding eye contact, he runs his tongue up her slit again and sucks on the bundle of nerves. Lucy throws her head back in ecstasy while gripping the sheets. He smirks before turning his full attention to her.

He throws both legs over his shoulders and uses one hand to hold down her pelvic. His other hand moves to slowly slide one finger inside her warm tightness while he continues to suck. Lucy lets out a low moan that steadily picks up volume and pace keeping time with his finger moving in and out. She could feel how close she was but didn't have the intellect to voice what was happening to her. She didn't have long to try and figure it out as another finger invaded her. At that moment, Lucy let out a loud moan and came all over his finger and mouth.

Before she could recover, he was covering her body again and she could feel him rubbing his tip along her slit to coat in her juices. Lucy looked up and saw pure love in his eyes. Her breath hitched thinking she would never see him look at her that way. This was more than she could've hoped for and she wanted to forever remember this moment.

"If you want me to stop then just say so and that'll be it; no questions asked. You're the last person I ever want to hurt and always the first person I want to keep safe. I love you more than you could ever know."

Lucy gasped at his words. She slowly wound her arms around his neck and pulled him close for a kiss. It started out sweet and turned hungry. She wanted him to know how much she has always loved him. He started to slowly push into her warmth noting how tight she was and wondering if he would fit all the way.

Just as Lucy was thinking about this possible issue, she felt him break through her wall and be fully sheathed. Her body froze at the sudden pain and a tear trickled down her cheek. He planted soft kisses everywhere whispering how beautiful she was and how he had been in love with her for years. Lucy rolled her hips and they started a slow pace of thrusts. Both of them wanted to take their time and savor the moment they had dreamed of for years.

Lucy felt herself starting to get close again. Her pants became shorter and her moans were louder. She wrapped her legs around his waist with her feet on his ass to make the thrusts more powerful and deep. He wrapped one arm around her hips to deepen the angle and the other hand started circling her bundle of nerves.

"It's too much. I don't think I can.."

"It's almost there Lucy. I know that you can cum once more. Cum only for me, gorgeous."

Next thing either of them knew, both of their releases hit and they were riding that high. After coming down, he pulled out and laid on her side gathering her into his arms. He pulled the covers over them and kissed her sweetly. Lucy nuzzled her nose into his chest and let out a happy sigh. He happily smiled down at her.

"I hope you never forget how much I love you and how I have always loved you. Get some rest and we can talk more in the morning."

They both fell into sweet dreams. Lucy dreamt about their years growing up together and he dreamt of a future of Lucy's belly swollen with their child. How he wants to make that come true now more than ever. Smiles adorned each face as they stayed embraced throughout the night.

The next morning brought sunlight shining through the curtains. He stretched his arms and rolled over to seeā€¦..