Poll for a new story

Hello. One of my current fics is almost over so I've been thinking lately about starting a new fic. And I recently got an idea for a spin-off from "Back? Not Really".

It will be a Harry Potter/Justice League crossover where Death sends Harry into the DC world to prevent Darkseid from obtaining the Anti-Life Equation (something that would be able to mind-control/enslave all the intelligent beings in the universe). Even with how overpowered Harry Potter is in "Back? Not Really", people who are familiar with DC know what a tall order that is. Darkseid is basically the DC counterpart of Marvel's Thanos. That being said, this won't be a one-man show like the original fic. By himself, Harry won't stand a chance; he will need all the help he can get to accomplish his mission.

The pairing I'm going for is Harry/Power Girl, the grown-up, alternate universe version of Supergirl with a big... personality.

I'm tempted to make it a three-way pairing with Wonder Woman, in no small part because of that edited comic where Power Girl hands Wonder Woman her lasso which makes her blurt out something really interesting. Fellow men of culture know what I'm talking about haha. For those who don't know, search on google "Power Girl hands Wonder Woman her lasso" and go to the image section lol.

But I'm not sure about it since I've only written single-pairing stories until now. Therefore, I'm leaving it up to you to decide whether it's going to be a single pairing or a threesome with Wonder Woman.

So I'm putting up a poll on my profile. In order to vote in the poll, you need to be logged in and access the desktop version of the website (you cannot access the poll from the mobile browser nor from the app).

PS: for people who have not read "Back? Not Really" you won't require information from this story to enjoy the spin-off crossover. All you need to know is that Harry is a jaded war veteran in the service of Death who sends him to various worlds to restore balance and protect the sanctity of life.