Over the last few weeks dick and Roy have been getting along pretty well, they were brothers in arms, sure their mentors never got along, but those two were stuck together like PB , every day they hang out.

It wasn't until batgirl notice dick's strange behavior and disappearance, until one day she meet speedy.

It started when batgirl was summoned to the bat cave to help The Batman bring in the joker after he kidnapped the mayor

She came in the bat cave on her motorcycle as she gets off she walks to The Batman who was on the bat computer, she looks around to see if the boy wonder was around

Batman: good your here

Batgirl: wouldn't miss it for the world

Batman: after my attack counter with the joker I managed to put a tracker on him

Batgirl: where's he headed

Batman: to the old abandoned warehouse

Batgirl: like of shady for a kidnapping place

Batman: then we no time to lose

He gets up from his chair to the batmobile

Batman: let's go

Batgirl: but what about robin

He stops in his tracks

Batman: he's- got company coming over

Batgirl: hmm company maybe I should get him

Batman: your working right now

Batgirl frowns

After they came back from rescuing the mayor and bringing the joker in, Barbara decided to meet dick's new friend.

As she walks upstairs, she hears voices

Dick: look out, oh no no no no no come almost there stop it

Barbara: (gasp)

She quickly runs and knocks the doors open

Barbara: whats going on (gasp)

She looked only to find dick playing video games with a red hair kid in a orange sweater, jeans and sneakers

Dick: come we almost there

Roy: I'm trying but the queen is giving me a hard time to go through oh no no no no no no no no! Come on

Dick looks to see Barbara

Dick: oh hey Barbara

He waves, Roy looks and waves too

Roy: oh hey

They go back to finishing their level, Barbara makes a look

Barbara: uh, who's this


Roy/dick: (groans) ah!

They both tilt their heads back in disappointment

Dick: ah man

Roy: we're so close

Dick: I know butt we'll get them next time

Roy: yeah!

They both fist bump reach other and went back to Barbara who was still waiting for an answer

Dick: oh (they both get up) babs this is Roy my best friend

He gives him a smile and Roy puts his hand out for Barbara

Roy: Roy Harper nice to meet ya

All she did was give him a glare, he pulls his hand back

Dick: Roy this is Barbara

Barbara: nice to meet you(she crosses her arms)

Roy: (chuckles softly) is this your sister?

Dick: no

Roy: oh, girlfriend

Barbara: (gasp)

Dick/Barbara: no!

Dick: no she's just my friend

Barbara: yeah besides I won't date him even if he was the last boy on earth

Her tone scared Roy, he hid behind dick

Roy: I don't think she likes me, is she mean

Dick: oh no, don't worry she's nice, it's just that- we have this thing

Roy: ohh ok

He gets up and dick wraps his arm around him

Dick: come on, don't think I gave you the proper tour of Wayne manor

Bruce joins in

She grabs dick's arm

Barbara: can I talk to you in private

He turns to Roy

Dick: go wait in my room ok I'll be there in a minute

Roy nods his head and leaves, she pulls him away

Barbara: I can't believe you brought a stranger here

Dick: he's not a stranger, he's May best friend

Barbara: yeah, well what if he find out who you really are

Dick: he already knows my secret identity

Barbara: what?

He pulls away

Barbara: I can't believe this, when the boss hears about this he's gonna fire you from being robin

Bruce: come down Barbara

He joins in

Barbara: but someone already knows who he is

She points at dick

Bruce: I already know

Barbara: what? well you can't trust him Whatever happened to keeping a low profile, what if he tells the whole world who the Batman was

Bruce: Barbara relax Roy is dick's special friend, besides with you joining the league, we thought that dick could use a friend

She turns to him

Barbara: we?

Bruce: remember Oliver Queen

Barbara: yes

Bruce: well he thought dick could meet his sidekick

Barbara: sidekick?

They turn to see dick hiding roy

Dick: allow me to Introduce...

He throw smoke pellets and out cane speedy jump over him, pulling out his arrow

Dick: speedy

Barbara was stunned

Barbara: oh

She looks back at Bruce

Barbara: so when we're you going to tell me about green arrow's sidekick

Dick: I thought you already knew

Speedy: huh?

Dick: speedy have you ever heard of batgirl

Speedy: who

Dick: you know the Batman's sidekick

Speedy: but I though you were his sidekick

Dick: I am but he has two sidekicks

Speedy: oh! No sorry

Barbara: (grunts)

Dick: Come on let's continue the tour

As they left Barbara was still upset

Bruce: as least you'll still be working with me and the league

Barbara: yeah (she crosses her arms) while dick hangs out with his BFF

For the last weeks, as dick and roy's friendship grew stronger, Barbara's jealously grew.

She was jealous of Roy, the way they team up together, as robin and speedy those two became unstoppable

Monday- they took down bane

Tuesday- they chased down joker

Wednesday- as an epic battle with penguin

Thursday- speedy saved robin from being eaten by one of poison ivy's plants

Friday- on their day off when they went to a monster movie marathon, Barbara went to check on dick, when she went in his room, she was pictures of Roy and dick together. Her blood started to boil, when on the tv, the news revealed robin and speedy fighting black masked

Reporter: looks like robin's got a new partner

And everyday her jealousy increased, when she tried to ask robin to train with her or when she tried to hang out with him, Roy would visit him everyday she felt like a third wheel

Meanwhile with the league, seeing how well robin gets along with speedy, they decided it was time for him to meet the others

But speedy... wasn't ready for him to lose him

Barbara decided to put her petty jealousy behind when the league called her

Batgirl: finally no more Roy or speedy

As she left the bat cave, dick returns home only to find Oliver Queen and Bruce talking and Roy looked upset

Dick: oh hey Roy

Roy: hey dick

It became quite between the two until Oliver talked

Oliver: Roy?

Roy: (gasp) come on let's go

Dick: where we going

Oliver: Roy, come on

Roy: i don't wanna do this Ollie, please don't make me do this

Dick: whats going on

Roy: nothing let's go

Oliver: Roy, I know your afraid that well he'll take him from you, but robin will never replace you

Roy: oh come on ollie, I lije it when it was just only me and dick only

Oliver: he's gonna find out eventually

Dick: find out what?

Roy: uh

Oliver: come on Roy tell him

Roy: (sigh)

Dick: tell me what? What's going on Roy?

Roy: there are others like us

Dick: huh?

Roy: there's other sidekicks like us but with superpowers and the league thought it's about time you meet them if you want

Dick: hmm

Roy: but you know what how about we don't do it and we could go back to the way it was you know just you and me only and nobody else

Dick: I think we should do it

Roy: awww maybe we shouldn't do it

Dick: come on Roy don't you want to be part of something big (he puts his hands on his shoulder)

Roy: well I'm kinda used to it just being you and me only and I'm afraid that a certain someone might steal you from me

Dick: hey (he gets his attention) no matter what happens, whoever I meet nobody could replaced you, you'll always be my best friend

Roy: (sigh) ok

Dick: pals forever

Roy: pals forever

They first pump

Roy: I still won't like it,

Dick: don't worry Roy, after I meet the team you'll see I'm right

They both go outside to watch the sunset

Dick: so when do I meet them

Oliver: tomorrow

Dick: ok, who's the first sidekick I'm going to meet

Roy: superboy