Becoming The Sun

Chapter 1

Author's Note : When one Brucas story ends another begins. This is set in season 6

Brooke and Lucas are engaged. After Lucas calls Brooke and she meets him at the airport.

"When we get back to town no one is going to believe this actually happened." Brooke said. As she paced around the hotel suite.

"Should we order room service or go out.? I didn't exactly plan out this spur of the moment proposal very well."

"You surprised me Pretty Girl. I thought you would of hung up on me. But you didn't and i couldn't be happier." Lucas said.

Brooke stared back at him. The expression on her face softening.

"You are.? Because i'm freaking out! I mean we're engaged. There is no ring. No date. I have plans to make. A dress to buy or design. Figuring out if i'm a winter bride or summer bride. The location and reception. My head is spinning." Brooke stated.

"Those are important but minor details. What matters most of all is the two of us becoming husband and wife. I'm looking forward to sharing and building a life with you. And of course the honeymoon." Lucas replied.

Brooke glared at him with her eyes wide. "Lucas! I'm being serious! I need you're help. Or at least you're suggestions on what you like and what you don't." She proclaimed.

Lucas got up from he was seated on the bed. Taking her hands in his as he leaned over kissing her lips gently.

"I'm sorry. I can tell from the tone in you're voice that you are very tense and stressed already. I'm here to help make this wedding happen. We're in this together fully." Lucas stated.

"That makes me feel alot better. A massage would be even better." Brooke announced kinking her brow.

Lucas turned down the lights. Lit candles and watched Brooke get undressed. As she laid down on the bed.

Lucas opened the body oils rubbed it on his hands. Then gently spread it throughout her body.

Brooke bit down hard on her lip as her eyes fluttered close. Feeling his hands work the knots out of her body.

"You're hands are incredible. The way you know how to touch me." Brooke said.

"I like making you feel so satisfied. You look so good." Lucas gushed.

Brooke stared at him. With lust and love in her eyes.

"You have far too much clothes on." Brooke said. Pulling off his shirt. Running her hands on his bare chest.

When he kissed her hard brought her closer.

Brooke gasped trying to cool him down.

"Luke. We have neighbors." She warned. Knowing full well their hotel had shared walls.

"I like when you're loud." He replied. Sticking his hand into her skirt. As he slowly pulled down her panties. Went between her folds. And rubbed her clit slowly.

Brooke's eyes shot open. "Faster Lucas!" She screamed.