Part 2 of robin joining young justice

The next day Bruce and dick head to metropolis to meet Clark and superboy

Dick was excited but Roy was nervous, he told him everything he need to know about superboy

Dick: a clone?

Roy: yep I know it sounds crazy but-

Dick: I think it sounds cool, I wish I had my own clone, that way I can be at two places at once

Bruce: it that happened how would I know which son is mine

Dick: (chuckles)

Oliver: you know I'm glad Roy meet dick cause the others won't join in

Dick: and your hoping I can get them to change their minds

Oliver: he gets it

They arrived at Clark's apartment, they got off

Oliver: sorry we can't join you to introduce him, but we have done stuff to take care at star gate city

Bruce: I guess well see you guys later

Roy: I'll be back as soon as I can ok

Dick: don't worry Roy, I'm pretty sure I can handle superboy

Oliver: oh you haven't seen him Yet

Roy: well good luck

Oliver: your gonna need it

Dick: huh?

They drove off and Bruce and dick head to Clark's apartment

Knock, knock

Clark: Bruce come in both of you

When they get dick looks around to meet superboy, he goes to to the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen but there was no sign of him, this caught Clark's attention

Dick: hmm

Clark: whatcha looking for kid

Dick: uh

Clark became bonded with dick, he treated him like he was is own and at some days Bruce would get angry, he'll carry a kryptonite close to him

Dick: where's superboy

Bruce: that's a good idea dick

He sits down

Bruce: where is superboy? Huh Clark

Clark: oh uh-we'll he-he's-he's outside, why don't you out and play with him

Bruce: playings for children

He turns to dick

Bruce: go ahead and find superboy

Dick: ok

As he goes to outside, Bruce crosses his arms

Bruce: we need to talk

Clark didn't like the sound of it

Dick walks outside in the streets of metropolis, having no clue where superboy might be

Dick: hm, if I was superboy where would I be

Before he could think of anything else, he heard the swish sounds of a basketball hitting the net, he looks around and finds a basketball court, he also sees a big tall kid, with black hair, very muscular with a black t-shirt with Superman's symbol

Dick: that's got to be him

He goes to the court, superboy continues to shot hoops

Dick: well hi there

Superboy: huh?

He turns to find dick

Superboy: who said that

Dick: up here

He see dick sitting on top of the fence

Superboy: ugh

He goes back to shooting hoops

Dick: I know how you are... superboy

Superboy: (gasp)

He goes to him furious

Superboy: HOW DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM, who are you

Dick: oh how rude of me, where are my manners, allow me to introduce myself

He throws the smoke pellets in the air and quickly change into his robin costume

Superboy:...oh so you're the boy wonder

Dick: so you heard about me

Superboy: not really(he continues shooting hoops) I know was that I was supposed to meet some kid name robin

Dick: well I'm here

Superboy: funny you don't look like a robin, can you fly

Dick: no

Superboy: look kid, i know why your here, but I don't do teams, I prefer to work alone

Dick: so did my mentor, but then he learned that you'll never know when you might need a friend

Superboy: look kid you know me well

Dick: I know that your a clone from Cadmus

Superboy: (gasp)

He grabs him by the shirt


Dick: (calmly) relax dude I'm not a snitch

He lets him go

Superboy: people are afraid of me

Dick: well not me, do you know Roy Harper

Superboy: speedy, how do you know him

Dick: he's the one that got me to meet you

Superboy: that was an mistake

He quick puts on his normal clothes

Just then a large white wolf came and pounced on dick

Wolf: (growls)

Dick: nice dog

He gets away from him

Superboy: he doesn't like strangers

Dick: well he'll like me

Superboy: hell rip your arm off by the time you pet him

Dick: we'll see about that

When the white wolf attacks him again, the roll and he gets on top of him and scratches him under the chin and on the back of the neck, then he starts rubbing his belly, the wolf starts to like it

Superboy was impressed

Dick: who's a good, who's a good

The Wolf begins lick dick

Superboy: you survived

Dick: well I'm a big animal lover

Superboy: huh,

He grabs his truffle bag and walks away

Superboy: cone on wolf

Wolf follows him and dick joins in

Dick: so he's name is wolf yes

Superboy: yes

Dick: interesting, what's your name

Superboy: kid

Dick:... that's it

Superboy: yes that's how Clark like it

Dick: that's what he Could think of, I could give you a better name (gasp) that's I'll give you a name

Superboy: like what

Dick; hmm how about Conner

Superboy: Conner

Dick: yeah it suits you

Conner: hm, I guess I could go with it

Dick: I'm dick

He stayed quiet

Dick: you don't talk much do you

Conner: i told you nobody likes me

Dick: well I like you

He look at him

Meanwhile with Bruce and Clark


Clark: NO! I am not responsible for him

Bruce: quiet acting like he's not your, the results show he shares your DNA

Clark: I don't care, if he is my clone or my son (sigh) I'm just a constant reminder of what he's not

Bruce: look I know he troubles, but he's here and he needs his father, if you want to admit it or not

Clark: I'm not his father

He heads to the kitchen

Bruce: would you do it for dick

Clark: (gasp)

He turns to face him

Bruce: it's funny how you treat dick like his your son, but you act like superboy doesn't exist, I wonder what he would think of you if he found out that you hate kids

He grabs him by the shirt

Clark: you wouldn't

Bruce: he was excited to meet superboy and not you how ironic

He lets him go

Bruce: if you want dick to continue liking you, you better start treating superhero like he matters to you, oh and give him a name I mean who names their child kid

Back with boys, they were walking together

Conner: your not gonna leave me alone are you

Dick: nope

They go to an alleyway where he see the saddest thing, a small cardboard box, with a old blanket, what makes it sad is

Dick: you live here don't you

He sees him and wolf sitting inside the box

Conner: isn't obvious Sherlock, I'm homeless

Dick: but what about Clark, doesn't he know that your here, why aren't you with him

Conner: let me ask you something

He looks up at him

Conner: why do you care about me, when I was so cruel to you, when wolf attacked you and I didn't help you, why help me when you don't even know a lot about me

Dick: because, it's what I do I put others first when they need help even if they won't admit it, it's what heroes do they help people

He still wasn't really to trust dick but just then, their was this noise, they turned to see a large, muscular, white-skinned extraterrestrial male with dark red eyes, and black hair tied with a red knot. He wears a black vest, black pants, and fingerless gloves.

Conner: lobo

Dick: who

Conner: his name is lobo he's an alien bounty hunter. He comes from an alien races called the Kroloteans, he came here to kill Superman

Dick: we should probably take him down

Conner: I'll take him down, you just go get Clark

He runs to beat down lobo



Lobo: supermán where are you show yourself

He turns to get a punch from superboy

Lobo: oh great it's Superman's son, super kid

Superboy: it's superboy

He punches him more, but gets punched back and gets a knee kicked, as dick watches he quick changes back to his costume

As for superboy get continues to get beaten by lobo, lobo gives rabid punches and as he gets ready to punch lobo grabs his fist and smacks him on the ground, he tries to get up but lobo steps on him and as he crushes him, robin throws his smoke pellets at his face.

Lobo: ah

As clears the air, he didn't we robin coming at him, kicking him off superboy

Lobo: ah! (Groans in pain)

Superboy gets up and looks up at robin giving him a thumbs up and smile as he rubs to fight off lobo, superboy gets up

Superboy: that kid is crazy, but in a good good way, he see lobo trying punch as robin does backflips, lobo chases him, he grabs onto a street pole and swings himself around and kicks lobo again

Superboy: whoa

Superboy was impressed as he land in a pile of garbage

He gets up angrily and as robin as his back turn, he charges at him getting ready to knock him out, when superboy flew at him and pushed him off

Lobo: ah!

He land through a building wall, robin turns to see

Robin: thanks

Superboy: well I did owed you

They turned to see him getting up, then they both shared the Same idea, they came at him and punched him out, as robin handcuffs him, they ran to Clark's apartment, but when they got there they found that were already gone, dick still in his robin costume, they both came in and sat down to talk.

Conner: you still think I belong on a team

Dick: do you still trust me after I saved your life

Conner: t-thanks by the way even though I said I work alone you did great out there

Dick: it's what I do

Conner looked away

Dick: you know what you need

Conner: what (he looks up)

Dick: a dose of dr. R's H.U.G

Conner: a what?

Robin goes up to him and hugs him, superboy was shocked but liked it, wolf came over and buried his head in robin's cape.

Conner: what are you doing

Robin: when I'm upset a hug always cheers me up

He lets go, all Conner did was looked at him

Conner: why-why did you do that for

Dick: you looked like you needed one, you never got hugged before have you

Conner: no

Dick: don't worry I won't tell anybody

For the first time in his life superboy smiled

Dick: friends

He puts his hand out in front of him

Conner: friends

They shake and just in time for Bruce and Clark to see them

Bruce: well what do you know

They looked up to see them

Dick: oh hey Bruce

Conner: hey Clark, Batman

Bruce: looks like the boys got along pretty well

Dick/Conner: you can say that again

They looked at each other and smiled

Dick: oh Clark

Clark: yeah kid

Dick: why is superboy sleeping outside like a homeless person

Clark: oh well uh

Bruce: yeah Clark why is superboy sleeping outside isn't he your son

Dick: huh (he turns to Conner) your his son, if your his son, why isn't he living with you

Bruce: yeah Clark

Clark gives his a please-don't-do-this-to-me-Bruce look

Clark: well because-because-became, I-I-I want-ted to-o-o make the apartment nice for superboy

He lied and wrapped his arm around conner's shoulder

Clark: what are you doing sleeping outside when you should be living with me

He gives him a wink and Conner play along

Conner: you really mean it Clark

Clark: of course

Bruce: well this has be great but we better get headed home now, go get dress dick

Dick: ok

After he gets dressed dick says goodbye to Conner

Dick: here's my phone give me a call if you need someone to talk or if your in trouble or if you wanna hang out

Conner: ok

Dick: your welcome to Wayne manor, come by any time ok

Conner: ok thanks and dick

Dick: yeah

Conner: You're gonna be on the team right

He smiles at dick, he smiles back

Dick: don't worry you'll see me around

He winks at him

Dick: bye Clark, bye Conner

Clark: Conner?

Bruce: Conner?

Conner: it-it's my new name

Clark: what kind of name is Conner

Conner: uh

Dick: I gave him that name

Clark: oh

Bruce: I like it

Clark: me too

Bruce: sure you do

Clark: shut up!

Dick smiles at Conner, he smiled back

As they head downstairs, Oliver and Roy were waiting for them, when Roy see dick, he feels relieved

Roy: oh good you survived

Dick: where's there any doubt

Oliver: where superboy can be a stubborn one

Roy: how did you survived

Dick: I just talked to him

Oliver: oh really

Roy: well superboy can-well a little-a-bit

Oliver: hot tempered

Roy: he can have a bit for a angry issue, but I'm surprised that you made it in one piece

Dick: I'm the boy wonder remember, oh and superboy has a name now, it's Conner

Roy: Conner, hmm I like it, oh and how did you handle wolf

Dick: well I'm a big animal lover

Roy: really that's cool

They headed to the car and drove home