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Dr Akagi let out a sigh as she regarded Rei. She did not like the girl, most of her hatred for her came from jealousy. Jealousy for her getting more attention from her boss who was also something of a secret lover, whom she also resents. But a jobs a job, so here she was having to do a medical check up on the girl her mother took care of before she commited suicide, and who she knew the truth about her. A truth which repulsed her and only made her disgust toward the unnaturally natural bluenette increase.

And why was she having to do a medical check up earlier then it was scheduled, because the girl had a small mishap during the synch test she and the other pilots took earlier that day.

-Flashback: Earlier-

"Alright guys you know the drill by now, just concentrate" Misato called out to the three pilots as their plugs were filled with LCL.

It was a while later when their scores were rising that the problem also arised.

"Um Senpai" Maya announced getting the not so good doctor's attention, "Pilot Ayanami's sync score is starting to fluctuate".

Dr Akagi took note of how the Commander seemed to pay more attention from his seat when he heard that.

Looking at the graph on the computer screen, Rei's score was indeed rising and falling from what it usually was, though not by much, it was still a possible concern since she was part of a trio of emotionally unstable teenagers tasked with saving humanity.

"Alright Rei, what's the problem?" the said girl broke her concentration and looked through the video feed. Asuka looked slightly irritated at the interruption, while Shinji seemed attentive at the mention of the first child.

"I don't understand, I am doing the same routine I usually do" was the dry reply that came. Dr Akagi pinched her brow and held back a sigh.

"Well, clearly something is wrong with your sync rate otherwise it wouldn't be acting so strange"

Rei simply closed her eyes and seemed to focus for a minute before her score started to stabilize slightly, but it was still fluctuating nonetheless. A fact noticed by a pair of eyes shielded by orange glasses.

"Dr Akagi, finish up the test, Rei, report to her office afterwards" came the commander's stern voice before he rose from his seat and promptly left the room, the sub-commander following shortly after.

-End Flashback-

Normally the only time someone would have a problem during synchronization with the eva units, it would be Shinji the third pilot, which would be somewhat justified as he has had the least training.

But no, since it was Rei, she of course needed to be checked for something wrong as god forbid the commanders wind up doll struggle in a task she had been raised to do.

"Lie down Rei" the dr spoke as she pointed towards the table, not that she should have to tell her what to do, but the girl being as antisocial as she is, is a nightmare when it comes to social norms everyone should know.

But of course she follows her orders as usual and lies down on the table. She still hasn't changed out of her plugsuit as she was told to go get her check up right after the test. Leaving her reeking of blood from the LCL.

She started running through most the physical tests on her which were turning up nothing unusual, some time passed before she started getting tired of this,

"Rei you wouldn't have an idea of what may be wrong with you" 'other than most things wrong with you' she mentally added as she pulled out a cigarette and lit it. Rei wouldn't comment on her smoking right then and there, so she would of course take advantage of that.

"I do not know Dr Akagi, however recently i've felt somewhat unwell. I have had moments where I felt queasy and have vomited a few times in the past few days" Rei stated calmly in her monotone voice. Dr Akagi just took a deep breath and pinched her brow.

"And you only thought to mention this now?" she said with another frustrated sigh.

"I wanted to make sure it was an illness before I approached anybody," Rei replied.

"Are you sure it's not just your period or something?" She asked, holding in a groan.

"No, I am sure as I have not had a period for nearly two months now, is that a problem?" Rei said innocently, while Dr Akagi jolted up wide-eyed.

"WHAT?!" she yelled as she stood up.

"I do not understand what the problem is," Rei said with confused head tilt.

"Rei haven't you taken health class!" she yelped.

"I have but I have many missed lessons, why?"

"Usually when your miss your period it means you might be pregnant!" that caused Rei to realise the gravity of the situation as her eyes widened. Dr Akagi went through one of the boxes in the room looking for something until she found what she wanted.

"Here, take this into the bathroom and follow the instructions" She handed Rei a pregnancy test and pushed her towards the bathroom.

Dr Akagi meanwhile was pacing back and forth, thinking about the situation she rather quickly found herself in. There was a very high chance Rei may be pregnant, and she didn't know what to do.

Rei came out of the bathroom soon after holding the plastic test device. Her eyes were glued to it as she walked up to Dr Akagi, her arm shaking slightly. The Dr saw it and immediately fell into her chair and covered her face, letting out a groan. It was positive.

She started thinking how, as she was fairly certain the girl was sterile, granted she never ran any tests to determine that. But now she was wondering 'who?'. Section two monitors Rei's apartment in shifts since she lives alone, and they always are somewhere around when the pilots go out. And Rei would have reported that she had been raped, so can't really be that.

She also does not interact with students at school unless she has too, and seeing as how she participates in little to no social interaction, it was boggling her mind as to who it could be.

Then a thought occurred. 'Could it be the commander?' The mere idea made her sick and want to puke. If that were the case, then she would castrate the man not so much for Rei but because the idea was sick and, disgustingly, also sparked her jealousy just a bit.

"Rei, who's the father?" She asked as she looked at the girl who was staring at the floor.

"I-I-I. . ." Rei stuttered

"Who Rei?" Dr Akagi asked again, she needed to know if the commander was going to be a deadman.

She muttered something that the Dr couldn't understand.

"What Rei?"

"It wasn't his fault" She said in a near whisper.

"Rei just tell me who"

Dr Akagi was barely able to make out the name


She blinked, asking herself if she heard that right.

"Shinji?" She asked the girl who could only nod.

"Shinji Ikari?" Another nod.

Dr Akagi just sat back, a blank look on her face. Shinji Ikari, the third pilot who definitely has an inferiority complex last time she checked, had gotten Rei Ayanami, an antisocial near emotionless person pregnant. She wished she could get hammered like Misato probably was going to be in an hour.

She put her head in her hands and took a deep breath. Slightly craving another cigarette as she thought of what she should do next.

"Well I guess we should tell him" She said after a few minutes of silence.

"T-tell Shinji. . ." Rei questioned, with a slight tone of fear? The girl refused to make eye contact and opted for keeping her head down.

"If he is the father, than it's only right he knows" Dr Akagi sighed as she ran a hand down her face.

". . .But what if he becomes upset?" Rei asked quietly as she rubbed her arm. Dr Akagi just blinked, starting to question if the pale girl really was emotionless as she once thought.

"I don't know whatever this… relationship, between you two is, but just from what I know about him, I doubt Shinji would do something drastic. He may be upset, but i'm sure it won't be something you two can sort out" She told her, which she indeed believed, Shinji just didn't seem like the type to abandon any kids he would have, especially considering his own past. In all honesty, she thought he was a good kid deep down.

"... Okay" Rei eventually got out as she continued keeping her head down. Dr Akagi then grabbed the phone off the counter and made an announcement for Shinji to report to her office.

She sat in silence as Rei stood in place for about seven minutes until there was a knock on her door.

"Come in" She called as the door opened and Shinji peaked in wearing his usual white button up and black pants.

"You wanted to… see me" he trailed off as he saw Rei look towards him from her place in the room, still distressed.

"W-whats going on" He said as he closed the door behind and looked between his fellow pilot and the doctor.

"-sigh- We were trying to find out what was causing Rei sync scores to be so erratic, when we found something interesting" She looked at Shinji, "It appears Rei is pregnant"

"Wha..." was all he was able to get out

"She told me you were the father, so I thought you would want to know"

"I um. . ." He looked at Rei who looked back before trying to avoid his eyes.

"You know what, I'm going to go smoke a cigarette, in the meantime you two can talk things out" Dr Akagi said after a pause before standing up and walking out of the room before anyone could object. Usually she doesn't care who she smokes around, but it's an excuse to leave. Also she supposed she shouldn't smoke around someone who's pregnant.

Shinji watched her leave, and as soon as the door closed, he turned back to Rei who had dived into him.

"I'm sorry" She said in a whisper as she clutched onto his shirt. Shinji just wrapped his arms around her and held her to his chest.

"It's going to be alright Rei" Shinji replied quietly as he held her while she trembled slightly, "Did you know you were pregnant?"

"I just found out" She managed to say, "Are you upset with me?"

He stroked her hair gently, "No, I'm not upset, surprised yes, a bit worried yeah, but not upset"

They stayed like that for a few minutes before Shinji spoke up.

"What do you want to do about this?"

"I. . . I don't know" she responded, her voice barely audible, "I d-don't want to, to get rid of it"

"It's your body Rei, if you want to keep it, then you can" she kept her face buried into his shoulder as he said this.

"How do you feel?" He asked as he held his embrace around her.

"I. . . I feel confused, anxious, and scared" She choked out, Shinji started to feel his shirt get slightly wet, and her soft sobs reached his ears.

"It's alright Rei, it's alright" he consoled her, rocking her gently in his hold.

"After we finish talking with Dr Akagi, do you want me to go with you to your apartment?" He gently asked. She nodded into his shoulder,

"Okay, I'll tell Misato and we'll go there, and then you could take a nice warm shower, and I'll make us something to eat, does that sound alright?" she nodded again.

"Alright, once Dr Akagi gets back, we'll finish talking with her and then go do that" He started running his hand through her hair as she started breathing evenly again and stopped trembling.

"I love you Rei," Shinji whispered into her ear.

"I love you too, Shinji" She replied as she looked up into his eyes, she leaned up to him and pushed her lips to his.

They pulled apart as the door opened and Dr Akagi came back in. She looked at the sight of the two in each other's arms and sighed, pinching her brow as she spoke up.

"It's getting late, you two should just.. . go home, just come back tomorrow afternoon okay?" they both nodded and she motioned them to leave.

They then went to the locker rooms where Rei changed into her clothes, waiting until she got home to shower as Shinji accompanied her there, letting her hold onto his arm.

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