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It had been around four and a half years since Shinji and Rei had found out they were going to have a baby.

So much had happened after Seele had been crushed.

Shinji and Asuka had agreed to be adopted by Misato, not that it really changed anything with how they treated eachother, despite the fact that Shinji had moved out. He originally intended to move in with Rei at her apartment, that was until they had gotten their imbursement from the U.N. He had never seen so much money on one check. All the pilots, and even Misato had gotten imbursed due to their contributions with the angels, and Seele. They had asked to remain anonymous to the world about their previous status as the evangelion pilots, though Asuka took some convincing.

Rei had decided to instead move into a higger, better apartment, Shinji joining her. It was fairly easy to move what stuff they had, as it so little, to the point they actually had to buy more furniture to accommodate all the space

Asuka had eventually calmed down with her jealous anger. But of course other people had found out about Rei being pregnant. Shinji stated he was the father so she wasn't alone. It was especially bad when the school found out, as it caused a big scandal. That was when Rei decided to finish school online, which only took her three years. Shinji also switched to online schooling so Rei wouldn't feel alone, though he kept in touch with his few school friends.

The couple had spent most of their new found free time figuring out what they needed to actually take care of a baby. From reading books on parenting, to looking things up on websites, and reading online articles. Buying all the necessities, toys, clothing and then some. Rei's stomach had gotten bigger, something that made her feel uncomfortable when around Shinji, but he constantly told her he didn't mind about that and was rather worried about her and the baby. Then they eventually had their baby. Shinji was with Rei as she practically crushed his hand during the delivery. But in the end, Megumi Ikari was born January twenty third, two thousand and sixteen. Rei and Shinji both teared up when they saw her. Misato was so happy despite her initial reaction to Rei being pregnant and then about the girl's origins, and was going on and on about being a grandma. Even Asuka was alright with being something of an aunty.

She had brown hair, red eyes, and pale skin, though not nearly as pale as her mothers.

The first month, they had watched her like hawks, always making sure she was nearby or in view. Shinji was constantly worried and nervous about her, always asking Rei if he was taking care of her okay or doing something correctly. Which made Rei also nervous and worried as she herself didn't always know and would end up consulting every parental guide she could find for answers. It was very tiring, but Misato was always willing to watch her. They even got Asuka to babysit on a few occasions. She protested at first, but had grown somewhat fond of the child, despite her saying otherwise.

Misato still had her apartment, the only difference being the two large fridges, one was of course for Pen-Pen, while the other was so she could have more beer. It was after one night of binge drinking that she woke up to find herself in bed with Kaji. They ultimately decided to give the whole dating thing a second chance, but only if he gave up his life of espionage. He decided it was for the better and resigned from his position at the U.N. They were engaged in six months and married a year later. Asuka had been upset when she learned her adult crush and her adoptive guardian were getting married, but she learned to grit her teeth and bear it, only shedding a few tears.

It was almost two years later when Kaworu had returned, the only difference with him was that he was slightly taller. He had dropped in unannounced on Shinji and Rei when they were out eating at a restaurant, having a date night that was all too rare for them nowadays, what with having a baby. The pale teen suddenly barging in on their meal obviously caused a scene

Kaworu had told them about his family reunion in which his siblings were ecstatic to have their father back. When he had asked them to stop their attacks on the Lilums, they had agreed, as they found no reason to go there when they already had what they wanted.

He told them that he wanted to do as much as he could in Tokyo-3, also not so subtly mentioning that he had needed a place to stay. Shinji and Rei, after a little bit of reluctance, offered their guest room on the condition that he kept tidy and gave them help with Megumi. Kaworu accepted without hesitation.

The 'teen' had stared at Megumi the first time he'd seen her, apparently having never seen a baby in person. He was rather interested by the baby girl, poking and prodding her, much to the babies giggling delight, and to Rei and Shinji's exasperation. He had later met Asuka when she came to babysit, Kaworu had ended up getting insulted and slapped more than he ever had been that night. His cheeks had handprints for days after. Asuka had decided after that day, that the angel boy would be her new outlet of aggression, seeing as how Shinji was somewhat off limits, less she anger Rei.

One day when Misato and the german redhead were not available, Shinji and Rei had asked if Kaworu if he could babysit her while they went out shopping. Shinji and Rei had fretted for nearly half an hour making sure that the pale boy knew how to take care of her. He assured them over and over until they left. They returned to find various baby things strewn about the living room. Kaworu was sitting disheveled on the floor, leaning against the couch asleep. Their daughter was sitting in his lap watching the tv, sucking on her pacifier as she clapped at her favourite show.

They decided that they shouldn't leave Kaworu to babysit for long periods of time, and due to their usual babysitters becoming more busy with their own live, they had eventually decided to hire a babysitter named Mari Makinimi. She was from the U.K and was eccentric and enthusiastic, but Megumi seemed to like her, so the decided to keep her.

Rei and Shinji finally got engaged when they were seventeen. Shinji had proposed one night when they were at dinner, he gave her a silver ring that had a single sapphire in it. Rei had cried when he did, immediately agreeing and hugging the boy.

They had started planning their wedding the next day. Rei had apparently wanted a western wedding as it seemed quicker and easier to plan. They already had a guest list that was composed of close friends and family.

They had gotten married soon after they turned eighteen. It was a small affair, but it was still just what they wanted. Rei had worn a simple white dress, which still stunned Shinji, as he himself wore a basic tuxedo. It went with out a hitch, as Kaworu and Asuka had thankfully waited until after the ceromy before they had any conflicts. The newly weds thought it was especially hilarious when Asuka wanted to dance, and had to settle for the pale boy as a partner. The to bickered as they did. Afterwards, Misato, Ryoji, and Asuka had opted to take care of Megumi while her parents spent their honeymoon together in Okinawa. They returned positively vibrant and were all too happy to see their daughter.

Life was good.

-Present day-

Rei Ikari, as she was now known as, walked with her four year old daughter Megumi around a park, holding her hand as the little girl looked around in wonder. The now nineteen year old woman had grown much since her days at Nerv. Her figure had filled out more, she had also grown taller, and her hair was longer, reaching just past her shoulders and was tied in a side plait. Her daughter looked more like her father besides her nose, eyes, and skin. Megumi had brown hair that also went past her shoulders, but it was tied into twin tails like her aunt who she adored. Something that had surprised her parents a lot at first.

The little girl wore a green overall dress with a white shirt underneath, along with a pair of pink shoes. It was her favourite thing to wear.

"Mama, Mama! Look!" Megumi called to her mother as she pointed to a patch of violet flowers, trying to pull her as she went towards.

"I see, Megumi, I see," Rei replied with a small smile at her daughter's antics, letting herself be led to the flowers.

"They're pretty," Megumi said as she sat on her knees in front of them, reaching out and touching some of the flowers.

"Yes, they are," Her mother agreed as she sat next to her.

"What are they?" She asked as she looked at her mother, her red eyes shone with wonderment.

"I believe they are carnations," Rei said as she looked at the flowers.

"Oh… I want to give some to daddy and them" Megumi said as her eyes turned pleading, the question going unmasked if she was allowed.

"That should be fine," She told the little brunette.

"Yay! One… two…" The little girl smiled brightly, she began counting flowers as she picked them. Making sure to count one for everyone until she had a handful of the purple flowers.

"Why don't we go give them to the others now?" Rei suggested as she stood.

"Yeah!" Her daughter jumped up and excitedly started towards where her father was, pulling her mother by her hand as she did.

Shinji was with Kaworu, Asuka, and Misato as they sat on a large picnic blanket they had gotten. They had planned the outing a few days in advance, having brought some sandwiches, snacks, and drinks so they could have a nice picnic, the weather was perfect for one. Unfortunately, Kaji had to leave early as something came up at his new line of work. Overall, they haven't changed much in appearance, Asuka, Shinji, and Kaworu looking pretty much the same, only taller, Asuka still even had her interface connector clips, seeing as how nobody brought it up, she just kept them.

They had been chatting about random things that had been going on with them in their daily lives. A few laughs, a bit of scolding from Misato when they commented on her drinking habit, the purple woman replying that she was now drinking lite beer, to which the others would deadpan. There were also of course a bit of arguments between a certain redhead and pale boy that were usually accompanied by a few slaps delivered from the former, the others sweat dropping when this happened.

"Shut up you long necked Baka!" Asuka shouted as she hit Kaworu upside the head.

"My neck is not long! Your's is just short, you banshee!" He retaliated as he growled at her, she growled back.

Their interactions were interrupted by the yelling of a little girl's voice.

"Papa! Papa!" Shinji turned to see a blur slam into his chest and hugged him

"Oomph, Hey Megumi" Shinji greeted as he hugged her back.

"She wanted to show you something," Rei said as she came and sat down next to her husband.

"Papa Look!" She held up her handful of flowers.

"Wow, they look so nice," he told his daughter with a sweet voice.

"Uh huh! This one- No this one's yours" Megumi said as she picked a random flower from the bunch and gave it to her father.

"Ah, thank you" He said as he patted her on the head, making her smile even bigger.

"This one's Mama's" She said as she handed another flower to her mother, getting a warm smile from the bluenette.

She then made her way over to Misato.

"This ones for grandma Misa" She said as she called her grandma by the nickname she gave her before giving her a flower.

"Ah, come here" Misato responded by pulling the little girl in for a hug, making her giggle.

She then moved to Asuka who was still next to Kaworu.

"This ones for aunty Auska '' She said enthusiastically as she shoved a flower to her.

"Why thank you my little fraulein,'' Asuka told her affectionately, making the girl giggle at her aunt's nickname for her.

"And this ones for uncle Koru" Megumi held one for the pale boy.

"I appreciate it very much, Megumi," Kaworu told her as he smiled.

Shinji chuckled.

"Hmm?" Rei turned to her husband with an eyebrow raised as she had grabbed an iced tea they had brought and took a drink.

"I just think it's funny that Megumi calls Kaworu her uncle, I mean you and him could easily pass off as being related" He explained to his wife.

"I suppose we could," Rei agreed.

"Even if i'm not her real uncle, I'm still her favourite uncle" Kaworu boasted.

"You're her only uncle," Rei stated dryly.

Megumi spoke up as she still had a flower, "Papa, I still have one…"

"Well…" Shinji started as he plucked the flower from her, "I guess its yours then"

Shinji then put the flower in her hair and pulled his daughter into his lap, making her giggle.

"Even if I am her only uncle, I'm still her favourite in general" Kaworu continued

"Pff, as if" Asuka dismissed.

"You're just jealous that it's true," Kaworu justified.

"No it isn't!"

"Yes it is" The two had started growling at eachother again.

"Megumi does seem to be more fond of Asuka…" Rei added.

"Huh?" Kaworu said dumbfounded.

"HA! See!" Asuka folded her arms and held her head high.

Kaworu bit his lip.

"Well why don't we ask her?" He retaliated.

"Fine! Why don't you!" She shot back.

"Fine, I will!" The others just watched the two converse as Kaworu then turned to the little girl in question, putting on a smile.

"Megumi, who do you like more? Asuka, or your uncle Kaworu" He asked her.

"Umm..." The little brunette put her finger on her chin as she thought about it.

Asuka and Kaworu waited quietly.

"Mmm… Auska!" She eventually announced, causing Kaworu to deadpan.

"HA! Eat it baka!" Asuka said as stood up in victory, pointing and laughing at the angel boy.

"No, you can't mean Asuka, you mean Kaworu right?" He asked desperately.

"Auska! Auska!" Megumi continued, waving her arms as she did, much to her uncles chagrin

"Nooooooo!" Kaworu slammed his face on the ground Asuka continued to gloat. The others watched, laughing and chuckling at their interactions.

Shinji held Rei's hand and smiled at her, she returned it before giving him a peck on the lips. Shinji moved his arm and wrapped it around Rei, the other going around his daughter. He let out a contented sigh as he watched Kaworu who had a single tear going down his cheek, Asuku laughing boisterously with pride while Misato just sat back and looked at their antics.

Yes, life was very good.

-End of Epilogue-

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