The next day Hermione went back to the library eager to learn more about 'Shinobi'. Arriving inside she booked to the 'N' section looking for 'Nakano Nakamura' as the author. Finding another book she read the title. It was called 'Clans of Konoha' and she immediately took interest and picked it from the shelf.

? ンヨラ? ンヨム? ンヨフ? ンヨハ: ? ンヨモ? ンヨラ? ンヨノ? ンヨネ? ンヨホ? ンヨフ ? ンヨム? ンヨモ? ? ンヨヒ ? ンヨヤ? ンヨヤ? ンヨニ

Within the village there are many powerful and well respected clans. Of these there are five clans which are regarded as noble clans. These are the: Aburame, Akimichi, Hyūga, Uchiha and Nakamura clans—the latter of which is regarded as the most powerful clan in the village. All known clans in the village are: The Aburame, Akimichi, Hatake, Hoki, Hyūga, Inuzuka, Kohaku, Kurama, Lee, Nara, Onikuma, Sarutobi, Senju, Shimura, Uchiha, Uzumaki, Yamanaka and Nakamura.

? ンヨヘ? ンヨユ? ンヨハ?ᅡᅠ1: ? ンヨヌ? ンヨラ? ンヨメ?

The Aburame Clan (油女一族, Aburame Ichizoku) is one of the four noble clans of . At birth, members of this clan are offered to several special breeds of insects as a nest, residing just under their host's skin. These insects will then live in symbiosis with their host from that point on. Because of this, its members are characterized by their use of insects as weapons.


The clan members may also carry additional insects in jars or gourds with them on missions. The insects can leave and enter their host's body through various pores. They feed on chakra as a food source, making them quite deadly. The relationship between the shinobi and the insects is mutually beneficial. The host grants the insects shelter and allows them to feed off their chakra, their body becoming a living hive of tens of thousands of these insects, and in return the insects do the user's bidding, allowing the shinobi to perform ninjutsu-like techniques without the use of hand seals or chakra conversion. A major defining trait of the Aburame clan is that all of its known members' eyes are obscured usually by glasses, as well as they wear clothing that usually cover up most of their body.

A female insect can be left on a target, which then can be tracked by smell by the male insect, or scout insects can be sent out and return to tell the host information about the area. For this reason, Aburame clan members are experts in espionage; they can communicate with the insects, and the insects specialise in stealth because they make no noise or motion during combat. In addition to utilising insects in battle, the Aburame clan also studies insects. They were rivals of the Kamizuru, a clan of bee users, until they defeated them in battle. Even though their insect-related techniques are known only amongst the clan, Aburame do not limit themselves to using just a single type of insects.



The Bikōchū (微香虫, literally meaning: minute scent insect) is an insect that was once used by the Aburame Clan the in the great ninja wars. It was becoming an endangered species, however, so they let it live in a special bug habitat, uninhabited by humans. Two of the female's distinguishing traits are its long nose and its blue eyes, but a giant bug-like creature that looks exactly like it is sometimes confused with the real thing. It also has an incredible sense of smell, stronger than even that of a dog.


The kidaichū (寄大蟲, English: Parasitic Giant Beetles, literally meaning: Parasitic Giant Insects) are a species of beetle-like insects that are bred and utilized by select members of the Aburame Clan as part of their Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique.

Though initially small in size, if provided with the incorrect amount of chakra, these insects immediately begin to devour the flesh of their host, causing them to undergo rapid growth to ultimately giant proportions.

Kikaichū (Not to be confused with Kidaichū)

Kikaichū (寄壊蟲, English: Parasitic Insects, literally meaning: Parasitic Destruction Insects) are one of several species of insect used by members of the Aburame Clan. They resemble small, flight-capable beetles.


The kochū (蠱虫, literally meaning: worm insect) are a species of insect used by members of the Aburame Clan. They can produce a poison that will paralyze their victims and kill them a short while later; the poison disappears upon death, preventing it from being found during autopsies. Danzo Shimura noted that kochū are perfect for performing assassinations, as they are as imperceptible as mosquitoes yet as deadly as scorpions.


Rinkaichū (燐壊虫, literally meaning: Phosphorus Destruction Insect) are a breed of nano-sized, venomous insects (ナノサイズの毒蟲, nanosaizu no dokumushi, English: Nano-sized Venomous Beetles) Hosted by a select few members of the Aburame Clan. These bugs destroy their enemies' cells, causing excruciating pain in the process.


The shōkaichū (消壊虫, literally meaning: Neutralising Destruction Insect) are one of several species of insect used by members of the Aburame Clan. They resemble worms. They can dig into the ground and locate chakra signatures that they then report to their respective Aburame.

? ンヨヘ? ンヨユ? ンヨハ?ᅡᅠ2: ? ンヨミ? ンヨメ? ンヨネ? ンヨホ

The Akimichi Clan (秋道一族, Akimichi Ichizoku) is one of the four noble clans of Konohagakure. Many of their clan's techniques revolve around the the manipulation of their bodyweight and size through the use of Yang release.


Members of the clan possess great physical strength and are able to quickly convert calories into chakra, which they then use in their various secret techniques. Most of these techniques rapidly consume the user's chakra during use, and maintaining them during a prolonged battle can be tiring. For this reason the Akimichi have high chakra levels and eat a lot in order to build up or replenish their chakra reserves.

As a tribute, members of the clan wear the kanji for "food" (, shoku) on the their clothing. If standard calories aren't enough for a battle, Akimichi can use the clan's Three Colored Pills to convert excess fat into chakra, at the cost of one's health.

Many Akimichi use a as their weapon of choice. These have the ability to lengthen in proportion to their wielder's size. These weapons also have small appendages at the top of them. These clan members have all also been depicted with markings of sorts on their cheeks and most of them have been seen wearing plate armor, both with and without flak jackets.

The Akimichi clan has a special relationship with the Nakamura, Yamanaka and Nara clan. For generations, members of these three families have formed "Ino–Shika–Chō-Naka" quartet, named after the first part of the names of the members with the Akimichi members being the "Chō" in the quartet. To strengthen the unity between the four clans, a member of the Sarutobi clan will give them special earrings to present to each generation head when they are promoted to chuunin after which they will swear their oaths. The earrings also symbolize that they are considered adults by their respective clans.

? ンヨヘ? ンヨユ? ンヨハ?ᅡᅠ3: ? ンヨニ? ンヨニ? ンヨハ

The Hatake Clan (はたけ一族, Hatake Ichizoku) is one of the many clans that reside in Konohagakure.

Its only known members are renowned ninja: Konoha's White Fang (木ノ葉の白い牙, Konoha no Shiroi Kiba) Sakumo, and his son Copy Ninja Kakashi(コピー忍者のカカシ, Kopī Ninja no Kakashi). The latter would later become the Sixth following the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War.

The clan possessed at least one heirloom: the White Light Chakra Sabre, which produced white chakra when swung.

? ンヨヘ? ンヨユ? ンヨハ?ᅡᅠ4: ?ō? ンヨホ ? ンヨニ? ンヨホ? ンヨ゙

The Hōki Family (ホウキ族, Hōki-zoku) is a matrilineal shinobi clan (and family) of and information gatherers from Sunagakure, who originated in and moved down to the village of Konohagakure.

The members of the family are also called "people who work behind the scenes" and were never placed in the center of Sunagakure's government. The women of the family don't show their faces without make-up to any man, with the exception of the one they're going to marry.

? ンヨヘ? ンヨユ? ンヨハ?ᅡᅠ5: ? ンヨ゙? ンヨレ? ンヨニ

The Hyūga Clan (日向一族, Hyūga Ichizoku) is one of the four noble clans of Konohagakure, as well as the second strongest clan in the village. All members born into this clan possess the Byakugan, a kekkei genkai that gives them extended fields of vision and the ability to see through solid objects and even the chakra circulatory system, amongst other things. Members of this clan also possess an innate ability which allows them to expel chakra from any of the tenketsu in their body.


The Hyūga clan are descendants from the Otsutsuki Clan, specifically from Hamura Otsutsuki's lineage. As a result, they are also distant cousins of the Uchiha, Senju, Uzumaki, and Kaguya clans. They are considered to be one of, if not currently, the second most powerful clan in Konohagakure. Their fame and prowess stretches far and wide, leading others to both praise and covet their abilities. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, a Kumo-nin noted that they had a hard time against them during a previous war.

The clan is separated into two parts: the main house (宗家, sōke) and the branch house (分家, bunke), a system that protects the secrets of the Byakugan from outsiders. The main house runs the family while the branch house protects it. The members of the branch house are branded with a curse seal upon the third birthday of the heir to the main house. This seal gives the main house members absolute control over the branch members, because they can destroy the branch members' brain cells with a simple hand seal, or cause them great pain to punish them. This seal also makes sure the secret of the Hyūga's Byakugan is safe, because it seals the Byakugan after the wearer of the seal dies. Because they are essentially servants, simply because of their birth order or heritage, some branch house members are hostile to those of the main house.

In the past, there have been several attempts on the part of Kumogakure to acquire the dojutsu of this clan. This even culminated in the death of the would-be-thief: the Head Ninja of Kumogakure and the demands of Hiashi's corpse who had killed him according to the stipulations in the peace treaty that the two villages had signed. Ultimately, Hizashi was the one who sacrificed his life for the village and clan, sealing away his Byakugan as he died and avoiding war. This event would become known as the Hyuuga Affair.


It has been noted that this clan possesses more than one kekkei genkai. Unique to the Hyūga's main family, they had inherited the powerful chakra from their ancestor Hamura directly. Only those who possess this special chakra can touch the Tenseigan without suffering its side effects.

The Hyūga are renowned for possessing the highly coveted Byakugan (白眼, literally meaning: White Eye, meaning: All Seeing White Eye), a Kekkei Genkai feared for the great visual prowess that it grants its wielder. The first ability of the Byakugan gives the user a near 360º field of vision, except for one blind spot at the back of the neck above the third thoracic vertebra. The second ability is being able to see through solid objects, and can use a degree of telescopic sight. The distance and the degree of telescopic sight varies from person to person, and can be improved. In his early stage, Neji was able to see an area of 50 meters, but later he increases his visual range to at least 800 meters, while Hinata's range stretches at least as far as 10 km. However, the Byakugan cannot see through certain barriers, such as the Four Black Fogs Formation used by the Sound Four. The third and one of the greatest uses of the Byakugan is the ability to see chakra, its flow, as well as the chakra circulation system inside the body with great detail.

Members of the clan are instructed in the use of the Gentle Fist style, which uses the Byakugan to view the opponent's Chakra Pathway System and deal precise blows to disable and impede the flow of chakra. Due to training in this style, Hyūga clan members tend to have excellent chakra control. This is emphasised in techniques that utilise this chakra control, as well as the nuances of the Gentle Fist Art. Because of this, the Gentle Fist is regarded as Konoha's strongest taijutsu style.

Another ability possessed by members of this clan grants them the innate ability to expel chakra from every tenketsu in their body, allowing them to fully utilise chakra with attacks such as the Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven and the Gentle First Art One Blow techniques. This allows descendants of the clan to use the Gentle Fist despite lacking the Byakugan. In addition, the clan's techniques outside the basic Gentle Fist fighting style, like the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms etc., are only taught to members of the main house. Neji, however, has bypassed this restriction by learning them on his own through basic observation, furthering his reputation as a "genius" within the clan.

? ンヨヘ? ンヨユ? ンヨハ?ᅡᅠ6: ? ンヨモ? ンヨ゚? ンヨミ?

The Inuzuka Clan (犬塚一族, Inuzuka Ichizoku) or Inuzuka Family (犬塚家, Inuzuka-ke) is a family of Shinobi in Konohagakure known for their use of Ninken (忍犬, English: Ninja Hounds, literally meaning: Ninja Dogs) as fighting companions and are easily identified by the distinctive red fang markings on their cheeks.


The members are given their own canine partner(s) when they reach a certain age. Thereafter, the shinobi and their dog(s) are practically inseparable. The shinobi and canine allies fight using Coopoeration Ninjutsu, such as the Fang Passing Fang or Fang Rotating Fang techniques amongst others, that take advantage of their teamwork and their sharp claws and teeth. The clan members are also able to communicate with canines even if unlike Kuromaru, the dogs cannot talk. The members of this clan, much like their canine partners, have greatly enhanced senses, especially their sense of smell. By concentrating chakra to their noses, this sense is amplified to an even greater extent allowing the user to be able to detect, track and monitor targets from a fairly long distance away. The clan's fighting style primarily revolves around their enhanced speed, strength and agility granted by the Four Legs Technique and other canine-based attacks, in conjunction with the tactical advantages granted by their heightened senses.

? ンヨヘ? ンヨユ? ンヨハ?ᅡᅠ7: ? ンヨヤ? ンヨニ? ンヨレ

The Kohaku Clan (Kohaku Ichizoku) was a shinobi clan that had a village near the border of the Land of Fire to that of Amegakure. This village was one of many villages that was attacked by Furido's 4-man Team, and all villagers subsequently massacred.

The deceased members of this clan were later revived as zombies by their killers and used in Furido's attack on Konohagakure.

Despite having their own village, the clan was also seen to be affiliated with Konoha, since one of their revived members was seen wearing a Konoha flak jacket. The members had the symbol of black futatsudomoe (double tomoe shaped like yin and yang) tattooed on their upper arm with two lines going around it.

? ンヨヘ? ンヨユ? ンヨハ?ᅡᅠ8: ? ンヨレ? ンヨニ? ンヨニ

The Kurama Clan (鞍馬一族, Kurama Ichizoku) is a clan of extremely skilled genjutsu users. This talent in genjutsu is due to the kekkei genkai that the clan possesses. However, once every few generations, a member of the clan will be born with such enormous skill in genjutsu that their illusions causes the brain to make anything that happens to the victim within the genjutsu physically real, allowing the clan member to potentially kill their opponents with genjutsu.

Such frightening power is not without its drawbacks, however. The user can rarely control the full extent of their abilities, and as such their subconscious will often regulate that power, leading to the creation of a second personality in control of that power. This personality then overwhelms the original, turning the individual into a monster that is a danger to everyone that surrounds them. They were originally one of the more prominent clans in Konohagakure, but the number of ninja in the clan has severely dwindled.

? ンヨヘ? ンヨユ? ンヨハ?ᅡᅠ9: ? ンヨニ? ンヨニ

The Nara Clan (奈良一族, Nara Ichizoku) or Nara Family (奈良家, Nara-ke) is one of the many clans of Konohagakure. They are known for tending deer and their ability to manipulate shadows through the use of Yin Release. Two of its members, Shikaku and his son Shikamaru, are well known for their high-level of intelligence, and both have served as advisors to the Hokage. After Shikaku's death, Shikamaru became the head of the clan.


The clan has kept a book with various medicine preparations and effects for generations, implying that they are skilled in the area of medicine and healing arts. Among the medicine described in this book are the secret pills used by the Akimichi. The Nara also have a special bond with the deer of the Nara Clan Forest, and only members of the clan are allowed inside without the deer attacking unless an outsider is given permission.

The Nara clan has a special relationship with the Akimichi, the Nakamura, and the Yamanaka Clan. For several generations, members of these three families have formed "Ino–Shika–Chō-Naka" quartets, named after the first part of the names of the members with the Nara members being the "Shika" in the quartet. To strengthen the unity between the four clans, a member of the Sarutobi Clan will give them special earrings to present to each generation head when they are promoted to after which they will swear their oaths. The earrings also symbolize that they are considered adults by their respective clans. The clan members also seem to favor wearing their hair in ponytails.

The Nara clan also has a research facility with an abundance of medicines stored in it. It is located deep in the mountains, and thus has little security. Mizuki raided this laboratory for ingredients for his Cursed Seal.

Upon the current head, Shikamaru, and his marriage with Temari, the Kazekage's bloodline has been introduced into the Nara clan.

? ンヨヘ? ンヨユ? ンヨハ?ᅡᅠ10: ? ンヨニ? ンヨレ? ンヨヤ? ンヨホ

The Sarutobi Clan (猿飛一族, Sarutobi Ichizoku) is an influential clan from Konohagakure. It has produced several renowned members who have held positions of high authority, including the Third Hokage; whose son, Asuma Sarutobi, held membership in the Twelve Guardian Ninja, while his other child served directly under the Hokage along with their spouse as ANBU. All known members have also been devout observers of the Will Of Fire.


After Konohagakure's formation following the Warring States Period, the Sarutobi were amongst the first set of clans to ally themselves with the Senju and Uchiha-founded village, alongside the Shimura Clan. Not much is known of this clan but, in order to strengthen the unity between the Nara, Yamanaka, Nakamura, and Akimichi clans, it has become a tradition that one of the Sarutobi give each of the members of the current Ino-Shika-Cho-Naka quartet special earrings when they swear their oaths.


The Sarutobi are famous for their high willpower, and exceptional strength. The clan also uses hidden Ninjutsu involving the Fire Release Nature Transformation.

? ンヨヘ? ンヨユ? ンヨハ?ᅡᅠ11: ? ンヨハ? ンヨマ?

The Senju Clan (千手一族, Senju Ichizoku) was one of the clans responsible for founding the first shinobi village: Konohagakure—the other being their rival Uchiha Clan. Although the clan itself no longer appears to exist as a group, the Senju continue to influence Konoha's politics through their philosophy of the Will Of Fire and the corresponding interpretation of the role of the Hokage position. As such, three Senju have achieved the position of Hokage.


As descendants of Asura Otsutsuki, the Senju inherited his powerful life force and chakra, and through Hashirama Senju eventually manifested as Wood Release. Compared to other shinobi clans, the Senju didn't specialise in one area, instead mastering ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu to give them a wide variety of skills to combat their enemies. Due to this they acquired their name,"Senju" (千手, literally meaning: "a thousand skills", "a thousand hands"), in reference to their being "the clan with a thousand skills" (「千の手を持つ一族」, "sen no te o motsu ichizoku"). It is due to this they were the Uchiha Clan's primary rivals, and ultimately crushed their will to fight by the end of the Warring States Period.


The Senju are distant relatives of the Uzumaki clan, and for that reason the two clans remained close allies throughout the years. Members at times married between clans, as with Hashirama Senju and Mito Uzumaki, and the Uzumaki would provide Fuuinjutsu whenever the Senju needed one performed. More distantly, the Senju are also related to the Uchiha Clan, who descend from Hagoromo's elder son, Indra. Whereas Indra believed peace could be achieved through power, Asura believed peace could be achieved through love, a difference of mindset that caused them to battle over inheritance to the Sage's ways during their lifetimes. Their battle continued through the generations to their descendants, though neither the Senju nor the Uchiha remembered this reason for their conflict.

The Uchiha vs. the Senju.

By the time of the Warring States Period, the Senju and Uchiha had emerged as the strongest shinobi clans in the world. When one of the fledgling countries of the era would hire the Senju to fight in their wars, the opposing side would hire the Uchiha. The constant warfare between their clans only fuelled their hatred, with all Senju owing the death of a loved one to an Uchiha and vice versa. But centuries of conflict began to wear on members of the clan; Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha met as children and became friends, bonding over their disapproval of the combat and death that they and their younger brothers were constantly subjected to and dreaming of a time when children wouldn't need to fight. Unable to do anything about the world at their age, Madara turned away from their dreams.

The Senju clan under Hashirama's leadership.

Hashirama and Madara continued to face each other in battle over the coming years. In time, each became the leader of their respective clan, position that Hashirama tried to use to broker peace between them and finally achieve their childhood dreams. Despite growing interest in peace amongst the Uchiha, Madara was reluctant, opting instead to have one last contest for supremacy against the Senju. He was defeated, but rather than kill Madara, Hashirama offered to give up his own life if it would stop the fighting. Madara was moved by the gesture and agreed to peace. Their unified clans made a pact with the Land of Fire to create a Hidden Village within its borders, what would become Konohagakure. Other clans settled in Konoha to share their peace and Konoha's model was adopted across the shinobi world.

The villagers of Konoha selected Hashirama to be their First Hokage, Konoha's leader. Madara interpreted this as the first step in the Senju's supremacy over the Uchiha, and for that reason left the village in protest. Hashirama had no intention of the Senju being left in charge and in fact believed it would be best if all Konoha's villagers, the Senju and Uchiha included, focused on Konoha's interests rather than their clan's. Despite this, Madara's fears would end up coming true: Hashirama's brother became the Second Hokage, his grandaughter becomes the Third Hokage, and all other Hokage have been part of a tree of student–teacher relationships that trace back to Hashirama.

Senju Park in Konoha.

? ンヨヘ? ンヨユ? ンヨハ?ᅡᅠ12: ? ンヨヘ? ンヨメ? ンヨラ?

The Shimura Clan (志村一族, Shimura Ichizoku) is a Shinobi clan from Konohagakure.


After Konohagakure's formation following the Warring States Periods, the Shimura were amongst the first set of to ally themselves with the Senju and Uchiha-founded village, alongside the Sarutobi Clan. Not much else is known of the clan. The clan was also well renowned, as was shocked upon hearing that the clan was joining the newly formed village.

? ンヨヘ? ンヨユ? ンヨハ?ᅡᅠ13: ? ンヨネ? ンヨホ? ンヨニ

The Uchiha Clan (うちは一族, Uchiha Ichizoku) is one of the five noble clans of Konohagakure, used to be reputed to be the village's second strongest (Until their downfall) because of their Sharingan and natural battle prowess. After helping found Konoha decades ago, the Uchiha grew increasingly isolated from the village's affairs, culminating in most of their deaths during the Uchiha Clan Downfall. Few Uchiha now survive into the present day.


The Uchiha are descendants of Indra Otsutsuki, the elder son of Hagoromo Otsutsuki. Through Indra, the Uchiha inherited Hagoromo's "eyes", granting them powerful spiritual energy and chakra. As part of the so-called "Curse of Hatred" first displayed by Indra, Uchiha are subject to powerful emotions: these emotions typically start as love for a friend or family member that then become overpowering hatred when the object of their love is lost. This loss, whether actually experienced or merely threatened, awakens an Uchiha's Sharingan. It is due to the Sharingan that the Uchiha have received much of their fame and notoriety.

The Uchiha have been fighting the Senju Clan for centuries, a rivalry that traces back to the days of Indra and his younger brother, Asura Otsutsuki. When the Sage of Six Paths was dying, he selected Asura as his successor, believing Asura's desire for peace through love was better than Indra's peace through power. Indra, driven by his Curse of Hatred, fought Asura to claim what he believed was his birthright. The Uchiha and Senju, descendants of Indra and Asura respectively, continued their battle through the centuries, though none still remembered this reason for their conflict.

The Uchiha during the Warring States Period.

By the time of the Warring States Perios, the Uchiha and Senju had emerged as the strongest shinobi clans in the world that was known. When one of the fledgling countries of the era would hire the Uchiha to fight in their wars, the opposing side would hire the Senju. The constant warfare between their clans only fuelled their hatred, with all Uchiha owing the death of a loved one to a Senju and vice versa. But centuries of conflict began to wear on members of the clans; Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senj and met as children and became friends, bonding over their disapproval of the combat and death that they and their younger brothers were constantly subjected to and dreaming of a time when children wouldn't need to fight. Unable to do anything about the world at their age, Madara turned away from their dreams.

Madara and Hashirama continued to face each other in battle over the coming years. Driven by his desire to defeat Hashirama and through competition with his younger brother, Izuna, Madara became the first Uchiha to awaken his Mangekyo Sharingan. With its increased power he took control of the Uchiha. Hashirama, by then leader of the Senju, tried to use their positions to broker peace between them and finally achieve their childhood dreams. Despite growing interest in peace amongst the Uchiha, Madara was unwilling to agree to peace after Izuna was killed by Hashirama's brother, Tobirama Senju. Using Izuna's eyes to acquire "eternal" Mangekyō, Madara challenged the Senju for supremacy one final time. He was defeated, but even then refused Hashirama's offer of peace, insisting that Hashirama kill himself first. When Hashirama agreed to these terms, Madara was moved to accept, withdrawing his request for Hashirama's death.

They unified with Senju and made a pact with the Land of Fire to create a within its borders, what would become Konohagakure. Other clans settled in Konoha to share their peace and Konoha's model was adopted across the shinobi world, ending the turmoil of the era. When it came time to select Konoha's First Hokage, Konoha's leader, the villagers selected Hashirama. Madara interpreted this as the first step in the Senju's supremacy over the Uchiha and tried to rally his clan to take control of the village. Weary of the fighting, the Uchiha ignored him, prompting him to leave the village. He later returned, challenging Hashirama at what would become the Valley of the End and dying in battle.

Despite Madara's actions, Hashirama did not hold anything against the Uchiha, and in fact urged his successor as Hokage, Tobirama, to be careful not to offend them. Tobirama created the Konoha Military Police Force for the Uchiha to lead, believing it would be both the best use of their skills and the best way to focus the clan's energies towards serving Konoha. But the Military Police Force was headquartered in a remote part of the village, and by its nature prevented Uchiha from holding any position of real influence within Konoha's government. As such, some Uchiha came to feel as though they were being deliberately isolated from Konoha, a sentiment that spread amongst the clan over the following decades.

After the Third Shinobi War, many within the Uchiha clan believed the clan's leader, Fugaku, should become Konoha's Fourth Hokage. But Fugaku was not even considered for the position, and the title of Fourth passed to yet another disciple of the Senju. Fugaku's supporters were outraged, but Fugaku resisted their calls to protest. A few months later, during the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's Attack, Fugaku made immediate plans for the Military Police Force to join the village's defence, believing their Sharingan's ability to control the Nine-Tails would be indispensable in protecting the village. Before they could lend aid, however, they received instructions from Konoha's leadership to patrol Konoha's borders instead, a sign that, even in the middle of an attack, the village already suspected an Uchiha was responsible; just as the Sharingan could be used to stop the Nine-Tails, so too could it cause the Nine-Tails' attack in the first place. Fugaku once again complied with the orders without comment. In the aftermath of the attack, the Uchiha clan were relocated to a compound along the village's outskirts on the pretext of it being a necessary step in Konoha's reconstruction. In truth, the Konoha Council was convinced that the Nine-Tails' attack was the first manifestation of the Uchiha's long-simmering dissatisfaction, and needed to put the entire clan together in order to monitor them and prevent any additional attacks. With this, Fugaku and the rest of the clan could no longer sit idly: to be treated with such scepticism despite their years of service to the village convinced them that Madara had been right.

The Uchiha clan during Fugaku's leadership.

Under the leadership of Fugaku Uchiha, the Uchiha began plotting a coup d'état to overthrow the Sandaime Hokage and his administration. They strategically placed some of their members within the ANBU in order to spy on Konoha, but some of these very spies disagreed with the Uchiha's plans, believing an Uchiha coup would only begin a world war. Shisui Uchiha tried to use his Kotoamatsukami to force the Uchiha to stop their plans, but he was prevented from doing so by Danzō Shimura. Danzō after that approached Itachi Uchiha, a longtime double agent for Konoha, and gave him an ultimatum: allow the Uchiha to carry out their coup, inevitably ending with the eradication of all Uchiha, or Itachi could wipe out the Uchiha before they had the chance, and in exchange he could spare his younger brother, Sasuke. Itachi chose the latter.

The Uchiha Clan Downfall.

Before assassinating his clan, Itachi sought out the help of Tobi, who he believed to be Madara Uchiha. In a single night, Itachi and Tobi wiped out the entire Uchiha clan, with Itachi taking responsibility of killing his parents. When he was discovered by Sasuke, Itachi pretended to be solely responsible for the attack, concealing Konoha's involvement and the fact that he did everything for Sasuke's safety. Overwhelmed with grief for killing his family, Itachi wanted Sasuke to take revenge against him, and to do that, he began pushing Sasuke to get strong enough to kill him. In the meantime, he left Sasuke under the Third Hokage's care, due to the fact the Third had long desired a peaceful resolution to the Uchiha's grievances.

In the decades following the massacre, the Police Force would be placed under the authority of the Fuuma Clan, themselves distant relatives of the Uchiha. Only three Uchiha survived their clan's downfall: Itachi, by publicly acting as a criminal by joining Akatsuki, continued serving Konoha for the rest of his life until finally dying while fighting Sasuke, Sasuke, by seeking power (at Itachi's insistence) at any cost so that he could someday kill Itachi, a pursuit that drove him to eventually defect from Konoha and become an international criminal, and Tobi, real name Obito Uchiha, who kept to the shadows for many years following his apparent death during the Third Shinobi World War, only taking public actions after Itachi's death so that he can gain Sasuke's assistance during the Fourth Shinobi World War. From learning from Obito about what Konoha forced Itachi to do, Sasuke initially decides to destroy Konoha to take revenge. When he's able to talk with a reincarnated Itachi, however, he changes his mind, as Konoha's destruction would make all that Itachi sacrificed meaningless.

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Madara Uchiha is temporarily brought back to life. He and Obito join forces in trying to use the Ten-Tails to enslave the world with the Infinite Tsukuyomi. After learning the truth from Itachi, Sasuke opposes them and joins forces with the Allied Shinobi Forces, and Obito, in time, also sides against Madara. However, after being redeemed, Obito gives his life to end the war and Madara dies shortly afterwards, leaving Sasuke the last surviving Uchiha. Following his subsequent battle with Naruto, Sasuke is redeemed and escapes the Curse of Hatred that plagued the Uchiha for so long. Despite his years of criminal actions, his contributions to the Alliance's victory in the Fourth Shinobi World War were enough for him to be pardoned for his crimes.


The Uchiha were known for having an innate aptitude for all combat-oriented skills and an advanced growth rate. They also have an especially potent chakra quality as well as a natural affinity for the fire nature transformation; Uchiha are not truly considered adults until they can successfully perform the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique (カトン:グレートファイアボール術). Exceptional Uchiha have such skill with Fire Release that either multiple Water Release users working in tandem or a similarly skilled Water Release user are required to extinguish their flames. Uchiha also frequently use ninja tools in combat, being best known for their use of shuriken.

The Sharingan.

The Uchiha clan are most feared for their dojutsu kekkei genkai, the Sahringan. They can use their Sharingan to see chakra, cast various genjutsus, and, most infamously, copy opponents' jutsu. The Sharingan is such a versatile ability that many ninja consider it wiser to flee than to face an Uchiha in one-on-one combat. Sharingan can be evolved into Mangekyo Sharingan (万華鏡写輪眼) by experiencing loss of a loved one, granting the user new and more powerful jutsu. Overuse of the Mangekyō eventually robs the Mangekyō of its sight, something that can only be restored by receiving another's eyes, preferably a sibling's, to create "eternal" Mangekyō. The Mangekyō's mechanics were long poorly misunderstood by the Uchiha, causing many to personally kill their loved ones to gain power.

? ンヨヘ? ンヨユ? ンヨハ?ᅡᅠ14: ? ンヨ゚? ンヨメ? ンヨミ?

The Uzumaki Clan (うずまき一族, Uzumaki Ichizoku) is formerly a prominent clan in Fuuinjutsu. Since its disbandment, most of its known members reside in Konohagakure.

Despite its demise, fifteen years after the Fourth Shinobi World War the clan is once again active.


The Uzumaki, being descendants of Asura Otsutsuki, also shared distant blood relation with the Senju Clan. Through the years, the Uzumaki and Senju kept close ties, with members at times marrying between clans, as with Hashirama Senju and Mito Uzumaki. Following the founding of Konohagakure at the end of the Warring States Period, the Senju chose to symbolize their clans' friendship by adding the Uzumaki's emblem to Konoha's flak jackets. Konoha and the Uzumaki's own Ushiogakure (Village Hidden in the Whirlpools) remained close allies over the following decades, with the Uzumaki providing Fuuinjutsu (among other things) to Konoha whenever there was a need. In time, the Uzumaki's Clan's Mask Storage was even constructed on Konoha's outskirts.

The Uzumaki's skill with fūinjutsu earned them both respect and fear throughout the ninja world. At some point after Kushina Uzumaki immigrated to Konoha, some of the world's nations banded together to destroy Uzushiogakure, believing the village was too powerful to be allowed to continue. The survivors of Uzushio's destruction went into hiding and spread throughout the world. Of the known members, Nagato was raised in the outskirts of Amegakure, Karin apparently lived in for a time, Kushina in Konoha, who had a son, Naruto. At some point, the clan was recognized as being part of Konoha.


Uzumaki naturally possess incredibly strong life-forces. As such, they have very long lifespans and likewise age slower; Mito Uzumaki was born before the founding of Konoha yet lived well into the reign of the Tird Hokage (三代目 火影) while still retaining full-colouring in her hair. This also enables them to survive and endure much more severe injuries while likewise able to recover from injuries and exhaustion with much greater efficiency in short periods of time. These traits are strong enough to survive the removal of Tailed Beasts, although they are still left severely weakened afterwards.

Karin's chakra being consumed, healing the target.

Uzumaki also have the ability to quickly heal themselves and others, through consumption of their chakra. It is dangerous, however, to use this ability too regularly. Some members, like Karin, can display a unique sensory ability as well as the ability to suppress their chakra signature making them undetectable.

Kushina incorporating her adamantine chains with a barrier.

Some members, Kushina and — to a lesser extent Karin — , also possessed a unique form of chakra with special properties which made them especially well-suited to become jinchuuriki as well as produce adamantine chains made from their own chakra. In addition to their life-forces, the Uzumaki were most famed for their fūinjutsu, the seal of which typically appears as a spiral crest reminiscent of their clan's symbol.

? ンヨヘ? ンヨユ? ンヨハ?ᅡᅠ15: ? ンヨニ? ンヨニ? ンヨニ? ンヨニ

The Yamanaka Clan (山中一族, Yamanaka Ichizoku) is a family of shinobi found in Konohagakure. They specialise in mind related techniques, and they own and run a flower shop in the village. They traditionally lead the Konoha Barrier Team.


The members of this clan specialize in mind-related techniques which makes them experts at intelligence gathering, espionage and interrogation amongst other things. They have also displayed sensory abilities and their techniques include transferring their consciousness, reading minds and communicating telepathically. The flower symbol of this clan is the Bush Clover which symbolizes a "positive love". Most members of the Yamanaka clan wear their hair in a long ponytail, which appears to be traditional.

The Yamanaka clan has a special relationship with the Nakamura, Nara and Akimichi clans. For generations, members of these three families have formed an "Ino–Shika–Chō-Naka Quartet", named after the first part of the names of the members. The Yamanaka members are the "Ino" in the quartet. To strengthen the unity between the four clans, a member of the Sarutobi Clan will give them special earrings to present to each generation head when they are promoted to chuunin after which they will swear their oaths. The earrings also symbolize that they are considered adults by their respective clans.

? ンヨヘ? ンヨユ? ンヨハ?ᅡᅠ16: ? ンヨニ? ンヨニ? ンヨレ? ンヨニ

The Nakamura Clan (中村一族, Nakamura Ichizoku) is one of the five noble clans of Konohagakure, reputed to be the village's strongest clan because of the power of their rare Zandaka (残高, directly translates to 'Balance') and natural talent with weapons and strength at Genjutsu and Fuuinjutsu.


The Nakamura are descendants of Indra Otsutsuki, the elder son of Hagoromo Otsutsuki. Inheriting a hidden Kekkei Genkai from Kaguya as she is Indra's grandmother, which included the Light and Dark affinity that they are also known for.

The Nakamura were a neutral clan during the Warring States Period only engaging in battles when threatened in which they usually won. Though, being in close relation with the Uchiha they forged weapons for them. They had a little village earning the title Nakamura which directly translates to 'Middle Village' as it was located in between (but not directly) the Senju and Uchiha compounds.

When Konohagakure was formed their leader; Nakamaro Nakamura-the clan leader at the time-decided to join the newly formed village to have a new start. They acted as bodyguards with their affinity to Light Release () and Dark Release () to hide their location and attack any visitors with malicious intent. They soon were seen as one of Konoha's noble clans and the strongest clan besides the Senju.

It was soon with Nakano Nakamura that a new bloodline was introduced, the Metal Release (金属) similar but different from the Steel Release () used by Metero Konjiki.

They are close relatives to the Uchiha considering the fact that they are descendants of Indra, but are also relatives to the Uzumaki and Senju just as the Uchiha are.

Their compound is filled with Dahlias considering that dahlias are seen as the flower of 'balance' and that that is what they specialize in the most.

The Nakamura clan has a relationship with the Nara, Yamanaka and Akimichi clans For generations, members of these four families have formed an "Ino–Shika–Chō-Naka Quartet", named after the first part of the names of the members. The Nakamura members are the "Naka" in the quartet. To strengthen the unity between the four clans, a member of the Sarutobi Clan will give them special earrings to present to each generation head when they are promoted to chuunin after which they will swear their oaths. The earrings also symbolize that they are considered adults by their respective clans.

The main family also never cut their hair unless it reaches the floor and needs to be trimmed as this symbolizes their everlasting growth in their techniques and what they can do.


The Nakamura, being descendants of Indra Otsutsuki, also shared distant blood relation with the Uchiha Clan. Through the Warring States Period, the Nakamura and Uchiha kept close ties, with the Nakamuras providing weapons that they forged. Following the founding of Konohagakure at the end of the Warring States Period, the Nakamura clan head, Nakamaro chose to strengthen the bond between Uchiha and Nakamura by joining the village. The Nakamura provided weaponry for the village's shinobi and offered protection.

The Nakamura's skill with weapons earned them both respect and fear throughout the ninja world as they constantly invented more and more powerful and useful alloys, strengthening Konoha's weaponry. At some point during Nakahira's genin days, some of the world's nations banded together to try and destroy the Nakamura, believing the clan was too powerful and skilled to be allowed to continue, though they ultimately failed to do so. The Nakamura decided to train their offspring in forging or the shinobi arts in hopes of the event never happening again.


Nakamaro Nakamura- Apart from being the clan's leader and forming an alliance with Konohagakure, Nakamaro was the first ever Nakamura to gain the 3rd stage of the Zandaka, which allowed a handful of abilities that led to his assassination for these eyes, fortunately, he created a seal that turned his eyes to dust when they were removed and made it 'Nakamura Law' that once a Nakamura gains any stage of the Zandaka to put this seal on them.

Nakazo Nakamura- Despite being Nakamaro's son, Nakazo was known for also gaining the fabled 3rd stage Zandaka and being the father of the first Taijutsu Nakamura specialist Nakahira Nakamura. Nakazo also was very good friends with the Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi and saved his life on multiple occasions.

Ichika Nakamura- Ichika was the sister of Nakazo Nakamura and aunt to Nakahira Nakamura. She was the first summoner of the dragons whom were said to be a myth and not real until she proved them wrong. She was also a part of the Densetsu No Shinnin (Legendary Four), teammates of Tsunade Senju, granddaughter of the Shidaime Hokage (Hashirama Senju), Jiraiya, Toad Sage, and Orochimaru, a Nuke-nin. She was also the first ever female to be able to use the 3rd stage of Zandaka.

Nakano Nakamura- Nakano is the daughter of Nakahira and Great Niece of Ichika and had a lot to live up to. She was considered a prodigy when she awakened her 1st stage Zandaka at the young and ripe age of 5, although not through the best means. She was also the first to ever summon the King of all dragons-Acnologia-and the first Senjutsu specialist. She was also the youngest ever to unlock the 3rd stage Zandaka. Her most important and recognized achievement though, was making a Forbidden Jutsu that can help travel through time and space when needed, it is so powerful that it is a S+ rank forbidden jutsu.


The Nakamura were most famous for their rare, and hard to unlock Kekkei Genkai (決系 限界, directly translates to Determining Limit), the Zandaka. They are also known for their rare battle prowess and Taijutsu style, which focuses on not only raw strength but speed and agility. They are also known for their bloodline the Light Release and Dark Release that helps in their genjutsu and earned them the title as the clan of 'Balance'. Once they can beat their parents or older family members in a freestyle spar they are considered adults and can marry. They are exceptional in weaponry and have their own weapons shop in which they forge and sell shinobi tools.

They are exceptional black smiths and work well with alloys (Mixes between different metals to form a more useful metal for the specific use).

Hermione was astonished by the utter power and skill of these clans and set off to find Harry and Ron to share her discovery. The two Gryfffindor boys, fortunately for her, were looking for her as well and bumped into each other when she started to exit the library.

"'Mione! We were just looking for you and," the ginger head paused to see Hermione clutching an old looking book to her chest tightly as if it was the most precious thing in the world "what's that?" He asked pointed to the old and worn-out looking leather book.

"This book holds secrets that they haven't been teaching us Ron, and I believe that it should be in the History Regime so I am going to ask Mr. Binns about it in our next History session." Hearing this both Harry and Ron groaned at their female friend's suggestion not liking the idea of learning more boring history.

"I don't see the point in learning something we don't have to 'Mione...' Harry tried reasoning with the smart one of the group, but to no avail as she was not budging from her decision to learn more about the 'Shinobi' of the past, and their clans as she was 100% sure that there were more clans then the ones she read about a few minutes ago.

"No Harry, I believe that this is an important part of our history and needs to be shared with all of us, now if you'll excuse me, I'm heading to the dorms as it is bedtime already. See you tomorrow." With that said, she walked away and to the Gryffindor dorms just as she said she would, leaving to annoyed boys who didn't ask about what she wanted them to learn so badly, as they followed her to the Tower and separated to go the the Boys' dorm and she went to the Girls' dorm.