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The Children of Lothario

Vicky didn't know what to think when she found her favorite sister staring dully into space when she went to pick her up from the hospital.

"What's wrong, Ames?"

"I found out who my birth father was," the girl replied. "I can't believe it."

"Oh?" Vicky's interest was piqued. "Was he a super villain or something? Is that why you're looking so out of sorts?"

"As if," Amy laughed, showing a bit of life. "He isn't even a parahuman."

"Why don't you start from the beginning?" Vicky suggested.

"Okay. I was brought in to heal a girl that had been locked in a locker and her DNA said that she was my sister."


"So I fixed her and I found an excuse to hang around till her family arrived."

"So you stayed and her dad is your dad, too?"

"Yeah," Amy agreed.

"I thought you couldn't do yourself?"

"I can scan my own blood once it's left my body. I know my DNA as well as I know yours."

"So did you say anything?"

"What could I have said? He put me up for adoption," Amy replied.

"He may not have known, Ames," Vicky pointed out.

"Oh, I-"

"Hadn't considered that?" Vicky suggested.

"No. I thought he threw me away."

"No one would ever do that, Ames." Vicky pulled her sister into a hug. "We'll do some poking around and then we'll decide what to do about him, okay?"

"Okay," Amy agreed.

"Now, you said our sister got locked in a locker. Who do I put into traction for that?"


"She's your sister, Ames. That makes her my sister, too, and if someone puts my sister into the hospital I do the same to them. That's the rules."

"She's still downstairs if you want to ask her."

"Lead the way," Vicky ordered. "I'll call mom to let her know we're going to get home late."


Taylor was at the front desk, checking out of the hospital with her father, when the world began spinning and she felt an odd sensation, as if she were rising off the ground.

"Hi!" The spinning stopped and Taylor realized that she was in the arms of a familiar blonde. "I'm Vicky."

"Taylor," she introduced herself.

"Something horrible happened to you," Vicky stated cheerfully. "You're going to tell me all about it so that I can make everyone involved regret the fact that they were born on this earth." Vicky pulled her into another hug. "It's going to be okay, Taylor. I'm here and I won't let anyone hurt you ever again without inflicting massive painful retaliation upon them."

"What?" Taylor's brain tried to process what was going on.

"Hi!" Vicky floated towards Taylor's father. "I'm Vicky Dallon."

"Danny Hebert," he introduced himself.

"You've met my sister, Amy?"

"Yes," he agreed. Danny turned towards the healer. "Thank you again for healing my daughter. She's all I have in the world."

"You're welcome, Mr. Hebert," Amy said nervously.

"Please call me Danny," he requested.

"Okay, um, Danny."

"So, Vicky, I take it that your sister has told you what happened to my daughter?"

"Yeah," Vicky agreed. "I'm going to go have a talk with a few people after Taylor tells me who to talk to." Vicky gave the girl in her arms another squeeze.

"Thank you," Danny sighed. "I've already talked with the school and they've said that there's nothing to be done and the police say that they'll get to it when they have a moment, which in this town means never."

"You haven't signed anything, have you?" Vicky asked intently.

"Not yet," Danny replied. "The school's offered to take care of the medical bills in return for agreeing not to sue. I have a friend who's an attorney that I was going to ask for advice before I agreed to anything."

"Don't sign anything and don't agree to anything, not even if your friend says to," Vicky ordered. "First thing they're going to do is lowball you to see if you're stupid enough to sign after they throw a couple bucks at you. Tort claims one oh one."

"How do you know that, Vicky?" Amy asked, seeing a side of her sister she'd never seen before.

"With as many lawsuits as I've been involved in?" Vicky laughed. "You pick up a few things."

"Alright," Danny agreed.

"I mean it!" Vicky said firmly. "What kind of lawyer is your friend?"

"He handles divorces," Danny replied.

"So he's not even the right kind of lawyer," Vicky pointed out. "We'll get you the right kind and I guarantee that they'll tell you not to take the first offer, too. Okay?"

"Alright," Danny agreed.

"And don't worry about the medical bills," Vicky continued. "They hospital won't charge you because-" the girl's mouth snapped shut. "Uh, because Amy is going to ask them not to," she finished weakly.

"I am?" Amy asked in surprise. Her sister shot her a meaningful look. "Oh. Yeah, I am," she agreed.

"So that's taken care of," Vicky chirped. "Taylor, do you want to talk with me and Amy about what happened to you alone?" Vicky glanced up at her sister. "Tell one of the nurses that we need a private room."


Shadow Stalker ghosted across the rooftops. Like a lion creeping across the Serengeti or a tiger stalking through the jungle, she was a predator in her element. A smile appeared on her face as she saw a par of likely thugs on a street corner. She'd found her prey.

Calmly, she lined up her shot. She'd take the ugly one in the chest with one of her broad-heads and then she'd follow the stupid-looking one to see if he led her back to the rest of the herd. Her finger was tightening on the trigger when her crossbow was wrenched out of her hands and she accelerated upwards at a high velocity.

It took a few moments to regain her bearing. New Wave's bimbo had decided to take her for a flight.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Shadow Stalker screamed. "Let me go."

Vicky let the other girl fall a hundred feet before catching her.

"What are you doing?"

Vicky let her fall a hundred more.

"You're crazy!"

"So I learned something about you today," Vicky said, gaining altitude. "Something that makes me very very angry. Care to guess what it is?"

"Fuck you!"

Vicky let the girl fall two hundred feet before catching her. "No, it's not how rude you are. Though that does bug me. Care to try again?"

"What do you want?"

"Tell me about the locker," Vicky ordered.

"What locker?"

"Wrong answer." She waited until Stalker was about to impact the ground before she caught the girl. "Care to try again?"

"What are you doing?" Shadow Stalker sobbed. "You're supposed to be a hero."

"So are you," Vicky replied. This time she didn't stop ascending until the atmosphere started getting thin. "The locker!"

"I don't know what you're talking about!"

Vicky shook her head. "I don't like being lied to." She let the other girl fall to rooftop level. "Last chance."

"So there's this girl, Hebert," Sophia broke. "I go to school with her and-"

"Hold that thought," Vicky ordered. "I want to make sure you tell it to the right people." She hit the speed dial for the Protectorate switchboard.

"Militia. What is your emergency, Glory Girl?"

"I'm here with Shadow Stalker. She wants to confess to a series of crimes she's committed both in and out of her identity," Vicky said. "Talk!"

Sophia spilled everything. From her treatment of Hebert to her unauthorized patrols, she left nothing out. She was a survivor. She wasn't going to let pride get in the way of her survival. She just had to get back to the PRT, she was valuable, no way they'd kick her to the curb over a twig like Hebert or a couple off the books patrols.

"Did you get all that?" Vicky asked.

"I did," Miss Militia replied.

"Good. Stalker doesn't get a slap on the wrist, she doesn't get a transfer, she goes directly to jail."

"That's up to the director, not me"

"Why don't you ask PR what a nightmare it would be if this gets out," Vicky said cheerfully. "Oh, forgot to tell you before but my phone is recording all this."

"Recording someone without their knowledge and consent is-"

"Exactly what you're also doing with all emergency calls," Vicky interrupted. "Not to mention the fact that you have no expectation of privacy as a government employee on government time using a government communications device. Try me."

"I will pass your concerns on to PR and Legal at the same time I make my report to the director," Miss Militia promised.

"Good." Vicky let Shadow Stalker go. "Have medical ready to admit a patient. Multiple fractures and a possible concussion."


Piggot's expression was flat and impassive as she listened to the report on what had happened the night before. Nothing she heard was too much of a surprise, unfortunately.

"Everything is fruit from the poison tree. Even the confession Shadow Stalker made after being admitted to the infirmary can be thrown out by a half-competent lawyer," Sam Smith, the branch's general council, stated. "We can still investigate, but we're going to have to be very careful to make sure nothing gets tainted with what happened last night. The only bright part of it is that Glory Girl is an associated hero rather than a full member of the Protectorate. Leaves us in the clear."

"That would only matter in a court of law," Glenn Chambers, the head of PR, pointed out. "You heard the tape. She's threatening to make everything public. There's no way for us to win if this gets dragged into the court of public opinion."

"Do we have enough to cancel Shadow Stalker's parole, Sam?" Piggot asked bluntly.

"Probably," he replied. "Terms of her parole say she's not permitted to go out in costume unless on official business. Which she was doing when Glory Girl caught her. Terms of her parole also say that we can search her possessions any time we want for any or no reason at all. Same with her electronic devices."

"Have we done so?"

"We have," Sam admitted. "And, yes, we have found evidence of wrongdoing."

"Cancel her parole and offer her immunity for what she did in her off time in exchange for flipping on her co-conspirators," Piggot ordered. "Strongly suggest making a deal to the state prosecutor on the co-conspirators so they stay out of state court."

"It could work," the general council allowed. "The problem is that it skirts the line of ethical misconduct."

"Find a new career and a new agency if you want to be ethical," Piggot replied. "Glenn?"

"I like it," Glenn stated. "Makes us look good even if it gets out. Public will understand that we did what we could in a difficult situation and all that. I'll write up a couple emergency press releases to be used if something leaks."

"Think we can use this to pressure Glory Girl into becoming a Ward?" Piggot asked.

"Not with Brandish on her side," Sam stated. "Definitely not if you want to keep things quiet."

"Fine," Piggot agreed. "We'll focus on the coverup. Pay off the victim through the school. Make sure whatever paperwork they sign to drop any through the school. Make sure."

"What if they don't want to settle?"

"Up the settlement until they do," Piggot ordered. "Comes out of Washington's budget so I don't care what it costs."


Sophia glared at the paperwork. Juvenile Detention until she was eighteen followed by ten years of probation in the Protectorate at a location chosen by the agency, which probably meant one of the exclusion zones, but only if she flipped on Emma and Madison.

"What happens if I don't sign?" she asked.

"Depends on the US Attorney," her minder replied. "If you're unlucky, they'll push for you to be tried as an adult and Birdcaged."

"I didn't do anything bad enough to get sent to the Birdcage," Sophia blurted. "I didn't even really do anything."

"If it goes to trial, the first thing the PRT is going to do is throw you under the bus," her minder explained. "You violated the first rule of government: thou shall not make thine agency look bad. They're offering you a sweetheart deal to keep quiet and help with the coverup. You turn it down and they'll make an example out of you."

"Should I talk to a lawyer about this?" Sophia asked.

Her minder shrugged. "You're not getting a better deal. Dragging your feet will only annoy the powers that be."

"Fine." Sophia signed on the dotted line. "What do I need to do now?"


Taylor blinked twice when she saw who was on the other side of the door through the peephole. What in the world did two heroes want with her? Did they figure out she had powers and were here to ask her to join just like how she'd dreamed things would happen when she was playing heroes as a kid? Sure, it wasn't Alexandria asking her to be her apprentice, like she'd imagined it would be when she was younger. But she'd take it.

Taylor flung open the door. "Yes, I'll join you."

Vicky cocked her head. "What?"

"You're not here because you figured out that I had parahuman powers and wanted to ask me to start an all-girl superhero group with the two of you?" Taylor blurted.

"No, we came for another reason," Vicky replied. "Hey, Ames, we could call it the Sisters. Wouldn't that be a good name for a group?"

"Not now, Vicky."

"We'll revisit the subject later, Taylor," Vicky promised. "Did you like the name I suggested?"

"Yeah," Taylor agreed. "Would you two like to come in?"

"Thanks!" Vicky said brightly. "Come on, Ames."

"You have a lovely house," Amy said as she stepped across the threshold.

Taylor waved them to the couch. "Do you want anything to drink? I have milk, tea, orange juice, and water."

"No thanks," Vicky replied. "Ames?"

"None for me."

"Sit between us, Taylor," Vicky ordered, pulling the girl onto the couch. "Hand."

"What?" Taylor asked dumbly.

"Give me your hand," Vicky repeated as she pulled a nail file out of her purse. "Your nails need a bit of work and I thought I could take care of that while we talked."

"Oh. Okay." Taylor hesitantly presented her hand to the perky girl.

"Have you gotten an offer from the school?" Amy asked.

"Yeah," Taylor agreed. "We got an offer and we turned it down. Then we got a second offer and we turned it down. Then we got a third offer and made a counter offer and they accepted it. I don't know how much it is but dad says I won't have to worry about paying for college and neither will my kids or their kids so I guess it was pretty good."

"Did you also get the transfer to Arcadia?" Vicky asked eagerly. "Other hand."

"Yeah," Taylor replied, presenting her other hand.

"You hear that, Ames!" Vicky squealed. "We're all going to be in the same school together!"

"I heard, Vicky." Amy turned back to Taylor. "What about the three girls who were bullying you?"

"They all got arrested along with the principal and a couple of the teachers," Taylor replied. "I don't know what happened to the teachers, but Emma and Madison accepted plea bargains."

"What about the third girl?"

"Sophia disappeared," Taylor replied. "I don't know if she's on the run or what."

"She's in the hospital with multiple broken bones," Vicky stated. "Amy refused to heal her."

"Not that I wouldn't have refused, but when did I?" Amy asked.

"When they called the home phone to ask and I was the one who answered," Vicky explained. "So, Taylor, tell us about your parents. Any dark secrets in their past?"


"We'll tell you about all the skeletons in our parents' closet if you tell us," Vicky continued, ignoring her middle sister? Vicky made a mental note to find out Taylor's birthday.

The Dallon sisters left the Hebert residence a couple hours later with the promise to return the day after next after school.

"So when are you going to tell her?" Vicky asked after they'd reached cruising altitude.

"Next time?" Amy offered.

"Good. Next time," Vicky agreed. "You don't, I will."


"Ames, I have a sister that doesn't know she has me as a sister. Do you know how much that hinders my fashion advice and makeover ideas?" Vicky demanded. "I'm willing to let you take the lead, since you figured out she was our sister first and that gives you dibs. But I am not willing to wait forever."

To Amy's surprise, the first thing her sister did when they got home was to go to her laptop and log into PHO. Normally the girl would call her boyfriend to talk for at least an hour after they got back.

"Ames! Come here, I found something!" Vicky's voice echoed through the house a couple hours later.

"What is it, Vicky?" Amy asked, rushing to her sister's side.

"Have you ever heard of Lothario? PHO wiki has him as an inactive cape."

"Should I have?"

"He seduced one of Lustrum's top lieutenants away from the movement," Vicky said. "The wiki says he was reported to have some sort of sex-based power. Look! There's a comment by AnnRoseEnglishProf saying that he was a demon in the sack! Didn't Taylor say her mom's name was Annette?"

"You think he and Danny are the same person?"

"Maybe," Vicky agreed. "Taylor said that her mom used to be one of Lustrum's girls before her dad got her out of the movement and that fits the profile."


PHO: Brockton Bay: Cape Watch: Anyone have any information on Lothario?

Glory Girl (New Wave) (Verified Cape)

So I was going through the cape files in the Wiki and I found an entry for a cape named Lothario. Anyone have any info on him? He still around? Says he's a rogue, does that mean he was a gigolo? Anything helps.

All Spandex

He's probably too old for you if he's still alive.

Glory Girl (New Wave) (Verified Cape)

Not looking for him for that. I'm looking for information because I found out there might be a cape in the Bay that I don't know about. Not knowing things gets people killed.


Since you're not looking for him and just want to get some information, I'm willing to admit that I know a few things about him from the old days. I'll send you a DM.


Taylor found herself wrapped in a hug and spun around several times the second she opened the door.

"Hello, Vicky."

"Hi, Taylor!" Vicky said brightly. "Amy has something to tell you!"

Amy shot her sister a look of reproach. "Um, you know about my powers, right?"

"Yeah," Taylor agreed cautiously.

"Well, I can read people's DNA the moment I touch them." Amy took a deep breath. "We're- uh, you and I share the same, half the same- we're sisters."


"And since you and Amy are sisters, that makes us sisters, too!" Vicky declared. "Group hug!"

Taylor found herself pressed up against Amy in Vicky's arms, not knowing what to think. "How sure are you?"

"Very," Amy replied. "And before you ask, yes, Danny is our father. I checked."


"This is going to be great!" Vicky said enthusiastically. "Now we can start that superhero team you talked about! I wanted to get the big reveal out of the way before we started planning. I know I suggested we call it the Sisters before, but what if Eric and Crystal want to join too?" She turned to Taylor. "They're your cousins by Aunt Sarah and Uncle Neil. You'll love them."


"Vicky's really excited to have another sister," Amy confided.

"I can see that," Taylor sighed. She didn't know what to think. On the one hand, she was happy to have more family but on the other it meant that her dad had cheated on her mom.

"That's not all," Amy continued. "Danny . . . dad's a cape. Well, sort of. He doesn't have powers, but he's still sort of a cape."


"Here!" Vicky thrust her phone into Taylor's hands. "I've opened it to his entry on the PHO Wiki. What powers do you have? I forgot to ask last time."

"Vicky, we're having a dramatic moment here," Amy hissed.

"Sorry," Vicky said, not looking or sounding sorry. "But it's just so exciting to have another sister!" She pulled the other two girls into another group hug. "Sister hug!"

Taylor had tears in her eyes. It was good to have friends again. She'd been so lonely.

"Dramatic moment over," Vicky stated. "Powers?"

"I can control bugs," Taylor replied.

"How many?"

"All of them," Taylor replied.

"Hear that, Ames? Our super team is going to be so awesome!"

"We're not starting a super team, Vicky."

"Not right away," Vicky agreed. "We have a lot of planning to do first."

"Let's get back to dad being a suspected cape before we do that," Taylor suggested. "How am I going to ask him about it?"

"Why don't you ask him if he has powers and sey-goo into the PHO Wiki from there," Vicky suggested.

"Segue, Vicky," Amy sighed.

"You say it your way, I'll say it mine," Vicky sniffed in derision.


Carol was waiting in the vestibule when they returned. The look on the woman's face promised a bad night for anyone who had the misfortune to cross her path that evening.

"I called the hospital. They said that you've been spending less time there this week," Carol accused. She failed to mention how happy they were that her daughter had found something else to occupy some of her time. "Do you know how it makes us look when you fail to spend enough time there?"

"Not today, mom," Amy said. She was absolutely not in the mood to deal with her mother's drama after finally working up the courage to tell her sister that she was her sister. "I'm not in the mood."

"You're not in the mood? You're not in the mood!" Carol's voice turned shrill. "What makes you think you can talk to me in that tone of voice in my house?!"

"I found out who my father is, Carol!" Amy screamed. A part of her mind noted the way the woman turned pale white but she didn't care. She needed to vent and by god her adoptive mother would listen. "Couldn't have New Wave's clean image ruined if people found out that I was the daughter of Lothario, could we?"

"Wait?" Carol's jaw worked. "What? Lothario?"

"Oh, no!" Amy continued. "Wouldn't want to ruin the team's family-friendly image by letting the world know that you adopted the bastard daughter of a man so promiscuous that people still think he had sex powers, would we?!"

"Sex powers?" Carol said faintly. This was not how she had imagined it would go if her adopted daughter ever found out her true parentage. "What sex powers? What are you talking about?"

"He doesn't have sex powers, Carol! He doesn't have any powers! He's just a normal guy! I know, I met him!"

"No powers, normal guy, you met him?" Carol repeated dumbly, trying to force her mind to make sense of what was happening. "What?"

"It's not Amy's fault her dad couldn't keep it in his pants," Vicky added hotly. "She's not going to start sleeping around just because her dad did!"

"I . . . call your Aunt Sarah and tell her that we need her to come over," Carol requested faintly. She figured that either her sister could figure it out or at least she wouldn't be alone in her confusion any longer. "I'm going to sit down until she gets here."

"Fine!" Amy shouted. The girl folded her arms and fixed her mother with a fierce glare as her sister dialed the number.

"Hello? Aunt Sarah? Yeah, we need you to come over. Amy and I were yelling at mom and she didn't yell back. She just sort of stared at us and repeated everything Amy said. I think there's something wrong with her. Hmm? We found out who Amy's dad is. Hello? Aunt Sarah? Are you still there?" Vicky frowned at her phone. Maybe they'd been disconnected. Her aunt's voice crackled. "Okay, see you soon." Vicky hung up her phone. "Aunt Sarah says she'll be here soon," she announced unnecessarily. "She said she's bringing everyone."

Vicky dragged her father into the sitting room and put him next to her mother. They didn't have to wait long before the rest of the family arrived.

"So I understand that Amy has found out the truth of her parentage," Sarah began, bracing herself for what was to come. "I imagine you have questions."

"Yes, Aunt Sarah," Amy agreed.

"Mom went like that after Amy told her," Vicky stated, motioning to her shell shocked parent. "Did you know Amy's dad, Aunt Sarah?"

"Yes. I met Amy's father on many occasions," Sarah admitted. "He wasn't-"

"You cheated on Uncle Neil with Lothario?!" Vicky exclaimed in shock. "Is that why Mom acts like that around Amy?"

"Lothario?" Crystal asked. "Who's Lothario and why would mom sleep with him?

"Unverified Cape, never did much and completely slipped off the radar a couple years ago," Neil supplied, looking more than a bit amused by the situation. To think he'd been dreading this moment since they'd agreed to take Amy in. He would have pushed to have done the big reveal years ago if he'd known it was going to be this much fun. "Supposedly had sex powers."

"We all met Amy's father," Sarah corrected. "He wasn't Lo-"

"You all used to have sex parties with Amy's dad?" Vicky interrupted. "Amy, are Crystal and Eric our cousins or our brother and sister?"

"Vicky!" Amy burred her face in her hands to hide the shame. She'd known she should have done something to render her sister mute before they tried to have a serious family conversation but her stupid morals had told her it would be wrong. Well, look, morals! Do you see what you've done?

"Mom?" Eric squeaked, looking sick.

"I did not have sex with Amy's father!" Sarah said loudly, starting to look annoyed.

"What about mom?" Vicky persisted.

"She didn't either, so far as I know," Sarah continued. "Amy's father wasn't Lo-"

"So dad slept with Lothario? And that's why mom has a problem with Amy?" Vicky looked more puzzled than anything. "Is that why he's depressed? Because he wants to go back for more and mom won't let him?"

Sarah pinched the bridge of her nose. "Mark did not have sex with-"

"What about Uncle Neil?"

Sarah shot a glare at her husband who was laughing so hard that he'd fallen out of his chair. "No one in New Wave had sex with Lothario or Amy's father!"

"Then why does mom have such a problem with Amy if it's not because she's Lothario's daughter?!" Vicky demanded. "I'm sick of it."

"Amy isn't Lothario's daughter," Sarah said, bracing herself for the big reveal. "She's-"

"Yes she is!" Vicky insisted.

"Stop interrupting me, Victoria," Sarah growled. She pushed down the urge to kick her husband while he was down. It'd feel good but it wouldn't make the jackass do something useful to help with the conversation. Her eyes sought her sister. Nearly catatonic; no help there. Mark was next and Mark was . . . laughing so hard that tears were coming out of his eyes? She'd normally have been happy to see that but under the current circumstances? Damn him, too! "Amy's father was the Marquis! We tracked him down to his home and arrested him. His last request was that one of us should adopt Amy to keep her safe from his enemies."

"No, he wasn't," Vicky disagreed. She was staring at her Aunt with an odd expression on her face. "I want to get back to the story about how you violated the unwritten rules later, but the Marquis was not Amy's father. Lothario is. Amy met him and checked his DNA and everything. She also met her half-sister."

"I thought you couldn't check your own DNA," Sarah said dumbly, her mind freezing up as she realized that everything she'd thought she'd known about her adopted niece's parentage was wrong.

"Once my blood has left my body, it's just blood. I can scan it and do stuff with it," Amy replied. "Why is everyone having so much trouble understanding that? I thought it would be obvious."

"Your father wasn't the Marquis?" Sarah asked in shock.


"Oh." Sarah collapsed onto the couch next to her sister. "I need to sit down for a little while."

"Useless," Vicky said in disgust. "All of them, useless."

"So we're not sisters, right?" Eric asked hopefully. "I mean we're not related. I mean." He forced himself to take a deep breath. "We're cousins, not brother and sister. Right?"

Amy sighed. "Aside from you and Crystal, no." She shot a glare at her other cousin, who was rolling around the floor laughing with their dads.

"And our parents didn't have sex parties with your biological father?"

"It doesn't look like it," Amy assured the boy.

"Then what's going on?"

"It's a long story."


Taylor's thoughts were whirling with the news her apparent sister had told her. Her father was a cape, kind of. Worse, her father was so promiscuous that people thought he was a cape that had sex powers. This was literally the worst thing a teenaged girl could find out about one of her parents.

"Dad," she forced herself to speak.

"Yeah, hon?"

"Do you have powers?"

Danny snorted in amusement. "What makes you think I would have powers?"

"Um, Amy and Vicky showed me a PHO Wiki page about a cape named Lothario," Taylor replied. "Did you cheat on mom?"

Danny sighed. "Taylor, your mother was very." He paused, trying to find the right words. "Open-minded when it came to relationships," Danny said awkwardly. "More so than I was comfortable with at times, to be honest. Your mother was aware of every encounter I had with another woman from the day I met her and was also participant in all of them. I never cheated on your mother, Taylor. I couldn't have ever done something like that."

"Oh." Taylor breathed a sigh of relief. "Why do you have an entry on the PHO wiki?"

"The Lothario thing was your mother's idea of a joke. She said anyone who could seduce one of Lustrum's girls had to have super sex powers and they were a lot more lax about checking things when the site was just starting out." Danny was bright red. "Can we stop talking about this or do you want to know more?"

"We can stop talking about this," Taylor said, both pleased and extremely embarrassed by what she'd been told.

"Good. What do you want for dinner? I was thinking pizza but I could be talked into something else."

"Pizza's fine," Taylor said. "Um, dad, one more thing."


"Is it possible that I might have brothers or sisters that you don't know about?"

"It is," Danny sighed. "We were always careful but no method of birth control is one hundred percent."

Taylor nodded, making a mental note to tell Amy to keep her eye out. "Okay, thanks, dad."

"No problem, kiddo, now let's never speak of this again."

"Unless I find one of my brothers or sisters?" Taylor asked hopefully.

"Unless you find one of my other hypothetical children," he agreed. "Definitely tell me if you do. I definitely want to be part of their lives should any exist. But what are the odds of that happening?"

Taylor waited until her father was distracted before dialing the number she'd memorized. "Amy? Yeah, dad said he wants to meet you. No, I didn't tell him. I asked him if he'd like to meet any of my hypothetical brothers and sisters and he said yes. And, uh, he also let slip that there might be a whole lot more than just you and me."

AN: Was somewhat tempted to make this a crossover with Ninja Sex Party in which Danny Sexbang changed his name to Danny Hebert. I decided that was a bridge too far, way too far.

"Hello, Ninja Brian? Silent treatment, huh. I don't blame you. Just wanted to let you know that I'm back and I want to get the band back together."

I was also tempted to turn this into a pseudo Loud House. You know, one boy and ten girls. I decided that was another bridge too far.

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Omake: The Bank

The Undersiders paused after exiting the bank. The sky was an ominous black and there was a single unknown cape in black standing next to the Wards.

Not a member of the Wards, Tattletale's power whispered. Brought here by Glory Girl? Darkness is due to a cape effect. Lisa paused. Sun is being blocked by insects, cape is controlling the insects, cape is fully prepared to kill everyone if you don't surrender immediately. Cape's sister was one of the hostages, cape thinks you hurt her sister, cape is fully able to murder everyone, cape wants to murder everyone for harming her sister, cape is looking for an excuse to murder everyone for harming her sister, cape will murder everyone if you don't surrender right fucking now! Lisa slowly put her hands up.

"What are you doing?" Grue demanded.

"Don't try anything," Lisa tried to keep her voice even. Spiders, spiders everywhere, her power whispered. Black widows on everyone, multiple black widows on everyone. Cape is disappointed that you're surrendering, cape wants to make an example out of you, cape will have the insects eat you alive if you don't surrender right fucking now! "Just put up your hands nice and slow and don't try anything."

AN: Luan Mao fixed a mistake I made in this.

Omake that involves tweaking an omake by Veive

It's omake ception.

Taylor was at the front desk checking out of the hospital with her father when the world began spinning and she felt an odd sensation, as if she was rising off the ground.

"Hi!" the spinning stopped and Taylor realized that she was in the arms of a familiar blonde. "I'm Vicky."

To recap, Taylor was a young lady who had recently undergone a positively ridiculous amount of trauma at the hands of her peers, so there was really only one logical thing that could happen upon finding herself helpless in the hands of a super powered peer.

She triggered and got superpowers.


Tweaked the omake:

The Undersiders paused after exiting the bank. The sky was an ominous black and there was a single unknown cape in black standing next to the Wards.

Not a member of the Wards, her power whispered. Brought here by Glory Girl? Darkness is due to a cape effect. Lisa paused. Sun is being blocked by insects, cape is controlling and empowering the insects, cape is fully prepared to kill everyone if you don't surrender immediately. Cape's sister was one of the hostages, cape thinks you hurt her sister, cape is fully able to murder everyone, cape wants to murder everyone for harming her sister, cape is looking for an excuse to murder everyone for harming her sister, cape will murder everyone if you don't surrender right fucking now! Lisa slowly put her hands up.

"What are you doing?" Grue demanded.

"Don't try anything," Lisa tried to keep her voice even. Spiders, spiders everywhere, her power whispered. Black widows on everyone, multiple black widows on everyone. Black widows have been given Alexandria package, and are biokinetic strikers. Cape is disappointed that you're surrendering, cape wants to make an example out of you, cape will have the biokinetic insects turn your fingers and toes into more bugs which will help the other bugs eat you alive if you don't surrender right fucking now! "Just put up your hands nice and slow and don't try anything."

End everything

End omake.

The idea is that Taylor's first power is to control bugs as planned.

Her second trigger gives her the ability to copy the powers of capes that are in her range and give those powers to her bugs.

Lung was not prepared for the dragon fly swarm.

Omake by Steve Brown

Or does Taylor have the ability to control insects that can when used by her power can also heal people?

Woman: Help! My husband has been hurt by one of the Merchants!

Dragonfly Medic to the rescue!


Merchant creep: What the? Who tripped me up?

Swarm: That was me, creep. You're going to jail for attempted murder.

Merchant: Jail? Sure, whatever. I'll be out by morning. Let's go.

Swarm: Not yet, creep. We need to check you for weapons and drugs.

Merchant: Not carrying anything. Check my pockets.

Swarm: Who said anything about pockets? Boys, time to do a rectal exam!

A line of cockroaches approach the Merchant whose eyes bugged out. (Pun intended)

Omake by Plmc

SS' Lawyer "I would like to point out that-"

Piggot "You can save us both a lot of time by shutting up right now."

Lawyer "What?"

Piggot "You''ll note that Miss Hess was found by Miss Dallon out of hours in her costume? These are her parole terms to NOT immediately be sent to the juvenile detention centre of our choice. Do you have anything that covers her breach?"

Lawyer "You are not allowed to enter Miss Dallon's claims as evidence."

Piggot "So your client has a better excuse for why she was partaking in illegal vigilante actions?"

Her parole isn't so she can be in law enforcement as a hero, it's so she doesn't go to jail for almost killing that one guy.

Omake by Plmc Taylor flung open the door. "Yes, I'll join you." Vicky cocked her head. "What?" "You're not here because you figured out that I had parahuman powers and wanted to ask me to start an all girl superhero group with the two of you?" Taylor blurted.

Superhero advice from the girl who doesn't do field work. "Please, Taylor, I can only handle one Vicky, don't go spouting important info at random like that."


"Right, I need to be the brains so she can focus on being the dumb muscle,"