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The brightly shining tree of paths had never felt so insulted. Founding titan was extremely powerful but it had never before been as much as this. Separating founding titan from the royal bloodline meant that its activation required two different consciousness, opening up possibilities that never before existed and making Eren the strongest being ever, more so than even Ymir. And after obtaining god like powers, Eren had the audacity to use the excuse that the temporal sequences had become confusing to him?

"Armin, all the time of past, present and future has become the same to me. I can no longer separate them. Bertholt was not to die that day ..."

It pissed the tree off that it was being blamed for Eren's mothers death. This after it gave Eren the power over time that was exponentially larger than anything before. It decided that enough was enough. It would create a proper interface for the access of paths so that Eren could no longer blame it for his own incompetence or his friends half-hearted treachery.

When Eren's head flew in the air due to Gabi's bullshit anti-recoil sniping skills and landed in Zeke's hands, everything converged again. He got all the memories all the way to his death and even his time as a bird but this time when Eren stood in front of the tree, he saw that there was a screen and a keyboard. The screen was showing a blinking cursor with enter username written over there.

'Eren Yeager'

'wrong username'

He stopped for a moment, not expecting this. Then he tried the same thing again and failed. The next choice was


'wrong username'

'10 pack'

'wrong username'


'wrong username'

After many many more tries, he considered if he was missing something. Acting on a hunch, he typed

'Eren Jeager'

'correct username'

'...' Why? He felt like ripping his hair out.

'create password'

'tatakae' He typed without hesitation

'password must have minimum 8 characters containing lowercase, uppercase, alphanumeric and symbols'

After trying many others, he was on the verge of going mad when Zeke showed up.

Zeke had never seen his brother so haunted. Although he was hoping that Eren would help him with the euthanasia plan. he was prepared to be betrayed and what he needed to do after that. In the worst case he would have to stop genocide, not because he was against it but out of spite towards betrayal from his brother. None of that prepared him for this though.

"So you are stuck on this new piece of technology? Even though it would let you alter the events with great accuracy?"

"Yeah. I wish Hange or Armin were here."

"I am almost disappointed little brother. Why look to them when you have the real genius right here? Let us work together to see what we can do with this."

And so began the tale of two brothers tinkering with timelines of Shingeki no Kyojin.