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They had been there for an eternity when Zeke suddenly came to his senses.

"How long have we been watching anime?"

"Around 2000 Years ... "

" ... this thing is a frightening black-hole."

They both decided to take a break from watching anime.

The two brothers started fiddling with the controls again. Eren decided that he wanted to save his mother. No way was he going to sacrifice his own mother just so Armin could eat his 'Burrito' later.

'Input: Save Carla Yeager, don't divert Dina'

'Output: The refugee ships refuse to take a crippled woman.

Result: Eren, Mikasa and Hannes die with her.


Eren ends up hating the Paradis Island and names the Eldian people as devils'

'Input: Heal her legs'

'Output: She is sent out alongside Armin's grandpa among the 250,000 to be eaten by titans'

Shit, it really was impossible? Wait! What if Grisha gave her his titan? No, then this whole thing never happened. 'Sorry mom', Eren apologized in his mind. Its not "you vs Armin" but "you for a little bit vs Armin". That Burrito really smashed a big boulder on Eren's plans. She gotta die.

"By the way, what is your true endgame, lil'bro?"

Both of them were done with bullshit secrets and lies. They did not want to waste the time that they could better spend watching anime.

"This is the final equation. The justice league avenger squad must be capable of killing me, but the strongest member and the one to kill me must be Mikasa to satisfy Ymir Fritz. That is why Levi must Nerf and Kenny must die. The sharp-shooters like Sasha and Theo Magath must die as well. Only Gabi can shoot with good timing for me."

This was the biggest problem, but Zeke realized something.

"Then why would you use full power of the founder? Just use a shorter selection of titans rather than all types of all the previous users."

"I can barely restrain Ymir from doing even more. I let them wrap Dynamite around my neck, and yet the idiots failed to just flip the switch. I literally let it stay there for an eternity instead of simply removing it which only worked cause Ymir doesn't know about new technology. I wanted Jean to blow my neck off cause I knew Mikasa would find this action incredibly sexy. They can both bond over beheading me later on."