Loud Rangers: Legacy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Loud House, Power Rangers, or Super Sentai. All rights belong to their rightful owners and companies.

AN: This is something I had stuck in my head after watching Loud House and Power Rangers nonstop. I recently read the Power Rangers comics from Boom! Studios and watched the fan series Power Ranger Unworthy on YouTube. Both of which I highly recommend you check out. I also wrote this because Netflix dropped most of the Power Rangers shows along with Beetleborgs and VR Troopers here in the USA. Anyways, instead of writing the usual Loud Rangers type of fanfic. I decided to do something different. Instead of Lincoln becoming a Power Ranger off the bat to start the whole thing off, what if one of his sisters and others become Power Rangers instead? And Lincoln isn't a Power Ranger, at least not yet. I'm also using a Super Sentai Team for this instead of the usual teams of Power Rangers like Mighty Morphin, Ninja Storm, SPD, or Dino Fury. The Super Sentai team I'm using is Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, which Power Rangers won't adapt into a proper show since Dino Fury will be the last adaptation apparently. Hasbro owns the rights and is cutting ties with Toei Company, which owns Super Sentai. Although I still have my doubts, no way Hasbro would stop adapting more Sentai stuff. Especially since the Power Ranger's 30th anniversary is close. Okay, since there are 12 Kyurangers, there will be 12 Power Rangers on this team, but Lincoln won't be one of them because I have something special for him. The villains for this story will be ones from past Power Rangers shows that survived or were MIA. Also, the ages are the same for everyone, if the Power Rangers are kids expect them to be like Justin from Power Rangers: Turbo. This means their bodies will age up when in Power Ranger form. They do this a lot on Super Sentai which is nuts. Anyways, give the story a read and check it out.

Chapter 1: Shattered Trust

It was a sunny a normal Saturday in Royal Woods, a pretty average day for one Lincoln Loud. He was currently at the Royal Woods Mall, he was sitting alone at a table at the food court. He looked bored and a little irritated that he was sitting by himself. Giving out a sigh, he pulled out his phone to take a look at the time. It was already around noon, and he has been waiting for his best friend Clyde. He asked him if they could hang out together and he agreed, but he was running late like always. Speaking of which, Clyde's been running late and acting weird a lot lately. And it wasn't just him either. Ronnie Anne, Sid, and Stella were acting strange too recently. At first, he thought it was nothing but girl stuff but most of Lincoln's sisters have been acting weird too. Lori and the others have been running late for dinner and showing up with minor injuries whenever they got home. Which was starting to worry their parents. At least Lola, Lana, and Lily were still acting normal. Well, what he considered normal for them anyway. To be fair, nothing around here really hasn't been normal since they showed up.

The Power Rangers!

It all started around a month ago when a weird and ugly monster showed up in Royal Woods and started terrorizing everyone. It destroyed cars, buildings, and attacked people left and right. The police and national guard tried to stop it but everything they did failed. Everything seemed hopeless until they showed up, the Power Rangers!

There were 6 of them when they first showed up, but now there are 12 of them.

A team of superheroes which were led by their leader, the Red Lion Ranger. They showed just when things were at their worst. Together they defeated the monster and saved the day. However, things didn't go back to normal after that, things only got crazier. From then on, a new monster would always show up and attack Royal Woods. Recently they started to attack Great Lakes City, but the Power Rangers apparently recruited more rangers to help. Now the Power Rangers were protecting both cities from evil.

Power Rangers were nothing new, there have been countless teams that have shown up. From Angel Grove to Coral Harbor, towns and cities were being threatened by monsters and evil forces. It didn't take long for Power Rangers to show up and stop them. They were heroes and everyone loved them, including Lincoln.

Thinking about the Power Rangers, Lincoln couldn't contain the smile he had. He was a big fan of the Power Rangers, like probably their biggest fan. He would always watch their fights when they showed up, either in person or on YouTube. He even tried to get their autographs after their fights, but they would always disappear right when it was over. Still, it didn't stop Lincoln from being a big fanboy. Lynn would always tell him he was being a nerd, but he didn't care. He loved the Power Rangers. Whenever he had time, he would also look up past Power Ranger teams and read or watch their fights too. Although he loved this team of rangers more than any other.

'Man, what I would give to be a Power Ranger.'

Lincoln had a dreamy smile and look on his face, suddenly that changed when a loud scream was heard!


Snapping out of his daze, Lincoln got up to look where the scream came from. He quickly saw a young couple running away from something. Lincoln's eyes widened in horror when he realized what they were running from. It was a big monster that looked like a robot with gears and wire and had a boom box for its head, and it wasn't alone since it was accompanied by a group of putty-like humanoids. Everything was pandemonium when they appeared, everyone began to run away screaming for their lives. Which made the big monster laugh like a maniac.

"Haha! That's right you stinking humans! Runaway from the might of Boom Master! Go my Putty Patrollers, lay waste to everything in your way!"

The Putty Patrollers did what they were told and started to smash everything in their way while speaking like they were underwater. They even started to chase after the civilians that were running away from them. Lincoln was of the people running away, but he stopped to hid behind a corner to watch the monster and minions continue their rampage. You may ask why Lincoln didn't run away like the others; the reason was really simple.

"They should show up pretty soon." Lincoln muttered to himself while trying to calm his fears from being so close to danger. "Come on Rangers, you always show up."

It would seem like Lincoln was right as an energy arrow of some sorts hit a Putty, causing the minion to fall on the ground burst into chunks of clay which slowly faded away. Boom Master turned to where the attack came from, he looked up to see 12 figures standing together up on the second floor of the mall. His fearful expression quickly turned into a smile.

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me!" Boom Master yelled in anger as he pointed at the mysterious figures. "Why can't you Power Rangers mind your own business!"

One of the figures hopped over the railing and landed on the ground gracefully. This person was dressed bizarrely and had a feminine figure, she had a strange suit on that seemed like red spandex and had a big red star on her chest with a red gem in the middle of the star. She had on a red helmet with a visor that resembled a lion roaring. This was the Red Lion Power Ranger, the leader of The Power Rangers.

"Guess you monsters aren't that smart since you keep coming after we always win, we'll always be here to stop you!" Red Lion Ranger exclaimed in a cocky yet feminine tone. "You tell your lame boss Scorpina to quit messing around and come fight us herself!"

"How dare you!" Boom Master screeched as he turned the volume up on his boom box head. "Empress Scorpina will rule this worthless planet, all that stands in her way are you stupid Power Rangers! Once I destroy you all then nothing will stand in our way!"

A second figure jumped over the railing and was followed by the others. Each of them landed perfectly next to Red Lion Ranger. The one standing right next to her was the Golden Libra Ranger, who was holding an advanced-looking crossbow in her hands.

"Give it a rest sis, you'd have better luck reasoning with a rock than with this guy." Golden Libra Ranger commented with a feminine but firm tone. "Let's just take this big ugly out along with his Play-Doh soldiers and get this over with."

Red Lion Ranger sighed as she summoned an advanced-looking sword of some kind.

"Fine, but let's remind these punks who they're messing with!" Red Lion Ranger yelled out in a much more serious tone. "Roll call!"

"Golden Libra Ranger here!"

The Golden Libra Ranger had a feminine figure and voice, she had a gold-colored suit with a golden star on the chest with a golden gem in the middle of the star. Her helmet was gold, and her visor resembled a balance scale.

"Silver Serpent Ranger, at the ready!"

Unlike the first two rangers, the Silver Serpent Ranger appeared to be a guy as he had a masculine body and voice. His suit was similar to the others but silver and with a silver gem in the middle of his star on his chest. His helmet was silver, and the visor looked like a king cobra.

"Orange Scorpion Ranger, ready to strike!"

The Orange Scorpion Ranger appeared to be a girl, she had on an orange suit and an orange star on her chest with a similar colored gem in the middle of it. Something really odd about her is that she had an orange scorpion tail that swayed behind her! Her helmet was orange with a visor that looked like a scorpion.

"Black Bull Ranger, ready to charge!"

The Black Bull Ranger looked to be a guy given his figure and voice, what made him vastly different from the others is that he was larger than the rest of the rangers. His suit was the same as the others but in his colors, his helmet was black, and his visor resembled a bull with long pointy horns.

"Pink Eagle Ranger, I'm ready to fly guys!"

The Pink Eagle Ranger was clearly a girl and was the smallest of the rangers, her outfit looked to be different from the other rangers since she had on a pink skirt and she two pink wings on her back. Her suit was pink with a pink star on the chest area with a pink gem placed in the middle of the star. Her helmet was the same color as her suit, her visor was black that looked like a soaring eagle.

"Like Aqua Bear Ranger, ready to go!"

The Aqua Bear Ranger appeared to be a girl; her outfit was similar to the others with one notable difference which happened to be the aqua-colored scarf wrapped around her neck. The suit she had on was the same aqua color along with her helmet while the visor looked like a bear roaring.

"Blue Wolf Ranger, let's rip them apart!"

The Blue Wolf Ranger was also a girl, she had on the similar suit each of the rangers was wearing with only one difference which was the patch of white fur around her next. Her out was blue along with her helmet, only that her visor was a wolf letting out a howl.

"Purple Dragon Ranger, let's gets loud!"

The Purple Dragon Ranger appeared to be a girl, but her outfit was very different than the rest of the rangers. Her outfit was purple, and she wore a purple coat with flaps that reached down to her ankles. It almost looked like a cape. The star was placed centered on her chest which was purple with a purple gem placed in the middle of the star. The helmet she had on was purple and the visor resembled a dragon with wings.

"Green Chameleon Ranger, ready to fade away…"

The Green Chameleon Ranger was a girl with a green outfit with a matching skirt just like the Pink Ranger. Her helmet matched the colors of her out, and her visor looked to be like a chameleon sticking its tongue out with its big eyes.

"Crimson Phoenix Ranger, I'm all fired up!"

The Crimson Phoenix appeared to be a girl, her outfit seemed to be a little more tactical and the star located on her chest was black instead of crimson, but the gem that was placed in the middle of the star was crimson. Her suit was a combination of crimson and black that perfectly matched her, her helmet remained crimson while her visor was black and looked like a phoenix with its wings spread out.

"Yellow Swordfish Ranger, I'm ready to give these guys some pointers if you know what I mean! Hehe!"

The final ranger was Yellow Swordfish Ranger and just happened to be a girl like the majority of the team. Her outfit was obviously yellow and similar to the other rangers, her helmet matched her colors while her visor seemed very odd-looking. The visor resembled a swordfish's head with the sharp end of the head sticking out prominently. If she weren't careful she could poke someone's eye out.

"Red Lion Ranger, let's kick some monster butt!"

Each of the rangers summoned their weapons and ran towards Boom Master and the Putties. The monster let out a beat-box noise before giving out a yell. He charged at the Power Rangers with his Putties following his lead. The Red Lion Ranger and Boom Master were the first to start fighting, while the other rangers fought the Putties.

"Whoa! They're all here this time! Those bad guys don't stand a chance!" Lincoln squealed in excitement. "I'm totally recording this!"

Lincoln pulled out his phone and started to record the ongoing fight, which was getting really good.

While Red Lion Ranger was fighting Boom Master, the rest of the rangers were making short work of the Putties. The Orange Scorpion Ranger punched and kicked at any Putty that got near her while she used her scorpion tail to swipe or strike them with her stinger. Once stung, the Putties became paralyzed and would fall over. The Pink Eagle Ranger flew in the air while using a blaster of some kind to shoot at the Putties. Yellow Swordfish Ranger slashed and sliced at any Putty that tried to get close to her, she was armed with what looked like to be a short sword.

"Geez, looks like these guys aren't really a cut above the rest! Haha! Get It?"

"Oh my god, can you please be serious for one second!" Golden Libra Ranger yelled with a groan as she roundhouses kick a Putty in the face before shooting at a couple with her crossbow. "Hey, babe! Watch your back!"

The Silver Serpent Ranger avoided a sneak attack from a Putty that was sneaking upon him. He used an odd-looking sickle-like weapon to slash at the attacking Putty that was reduced to clumps of putty, he then hopped over another Putty that was attacking him before he slashed and destroyed it completely. Seeing he was safe for the moment, Silver Serpent Ranger looked to give a thumbs up to Golden Libra Ranger.

"Heh, thanks for the save babe!"

"Can you guys stop flirting while we're fighting!"

Purple Dragon Ranger was gracefully dodging attacks from two Putties at once, she twirled around her weapon which appeared to be an advanced staff. She wacked one Putty in the face while she pinned her staff to the ground and used it to launch a flying spin kick at the other Putty. When she was done, she failed to notice another Putty trying to get the jump on her. Thankfully, Blue Wolf Ranger swiped at the Putty with a claw-like weapon that caused it to be destroyed after getting hit. Purple Dragon Ranger stopped to give a grateful nod to her fellow ranger.

"Good looking there Blue."

"No problem, anything for my favorite ranger!" Blue Wolf Ranger called out before spin kicking a Putty that sent it flying. "Let's make some noise guys!"

A small group of Putties was surrounding the Aqua Bear Ranger, the ranger in trouble looked scared as she held an odd-looking spear in her hands. The Putties were about to attack until a Putty slashed on the back and fell to the ground in clumps of putty. Soon the rest of the putties were attacked by an unseen force. When the final Putty was destroyed, the Green Chameleon Ranger slowly became visible and held a rapier-type weapon in her hand.

"Wow, like you totally saved me there!" Aqua Bear Ranger declared rather happily. "I owe you, big time sis!"

Green Chameleon Ranger sighed as she quickly turned invisible again. Meanwhile, the Black Bull Ranger armed with a short battle-axe and the Crimson Phoenix Ranger had a shield in one hand and a sword in the other was fighting together against a group of Putties. Black Bull Ranger destroyed two Putties with one slash from his axe, while Crimson Phoenix Ranger destroyed three Putties with one attack from her sword and shield bashed another Putty to the ground. The final two Putties looked too afraid to try and attack the two rangers until the Black Bull Ranger got tired of waiting.

"Let me handle this."

"They're all yours!"

Seeing that he got approval, the Black Bull Ranger let out a loud huff and charged at the two remaining Putties. Before either of Putties could do anything, the Black Bull Ranger gored them with his horns and threw them high in the air. The Putties soon turned clumps of putty when they landed on the ground.

"Ha! Those Putties didn't stand a chance!" Black Bull Ranger chucked beating his chest with his fist. "Looks like our fearless leader is fighting the big baddie by herself like always."

"You really that surprised? She's always gung-ho, there's no stopping her." Crimson Phoenix Ranger sighed while sheathing her sword into her shield. "I can't believe she's our leader, you know I think Silver Serpent and Golden Libra act more like leaders than her."

"You're right, but her sister made her the Red Ranger which means she leads. And come on, she ain't that bad." Black Bull Ranger reassured with a chuckle which became nervous. "At least, sometimes."

The rest of the rangers were finished up fighting, the only bad guy left was Boom Master. The boom box monster was having trouble trying to attack Red Lion Ranger, who kept dodging and ducking under the monster's attacks. Causing him to only get angrier.

"Hold still you stupid ranger!"

"Oh, come on! You aren't that slow are you?"

Boom Master tried to attack the Red Ranger only for her to sidestep his attack and roundhouse kick him in the chest. The monster reeled back from the attack; Red Lion Ranger saw this as her chance to end this fight. She smirked under her helmet and got her sword ready.

"Okay, time to end this!"

Red Lion Ranger got into a fierce stance and got ready, she remained like that until fiery-like energy started to form around her sword. Boom Master stopped to look at the scene with confusion until he realized what was happening.

"Wait for a second—"

"Regulus Slash!"

In a blur, Red Lion Ranger dashed towards Boom Master and unleashed a powerful attack on the monster. The Red Ranger suddenly appeared behind Boom Master while staying still in the same attack stance, Boom Master also stood still until he let out a groan and fell to the ground. Moments later Boom Master's entire body blew up in a fiery explosion. Now that Boom Master was destroyed, Red Lion Ranger unsummoned her sword and lifted her fist up in victory.

"That's another win for the Red Ranger!"

Most of the rangers cheered while a few either remained silent or sighed. They all went join up with their leader. While this was happening, Lincoln couldn't contain his excitement as he kept recording. He still couldn't believe he watched such an amazing fight.

"Holy crap! I can't believe I just saw that whole thing!" Lincoln smiled excitedly as he kept recording. "I also can't believe I have all that on video. Wait for a second, I should ask for their autographs! They haven't run off yet and this might be my only chance."

Lincoln quickly stopped recording on his phone to put it away, he then pulled out a small notepad he kept just in case of this exact situation. You never know when you'll run into a Power Ranger and need to get their autograph. He also kept it so he could write notes about the rangers, like their attacks, names for attacks, and tactics. After all, he was probably their biggest fan. Just as Lincoln looked ready to run out from his hiding spot to go talk to the rangers. The Red Lion Ranger pulled up her wrist where a strange device was located, she brought the device close to her face before speaking.

"Power down."

In a bright flash of red light, the Red Lion Ranger somehow got shorter until she appeared to be around a young teenager's height. When the light finally faded away, Lincoln could see more clearly, and he was shocked beyond belief by what he saw. Standing in place of the Red Lion Ranger was none other than Lynn Loud, one of Lincoln's sisters. She seemed pretty pleased with herself until she got lightly smacked behind the head by the Golden Libra Ranger.

"Ow! What the heck!" Lynn exclaimed in annoyance while rubbing the back of her head. "Why did you smack me?"

"For being an idiot! You know better than to de-morph in the middle of the open like this! What if someone saw you! We're supposed to keep our identities secret! That's what we all agreed to when becoming Power Rangers!"

"Come on! We are completely alone, look around you!" Lynn shouted while throwing her hands in the air in frustration. "Everyone took off when the bad guys showed up, so chill out. We won, aren't we going to celebrate?"

The Golden Libra sighed deeply while shaking her head a little, she pulled up her wrist to reveal she had on the same strange device Lynn had. And just like Lynn, she brought up to her face before speaking.

"Power down."

In a golden light, the Golden Libra Ranger was replaced with another person Lincoln knew very well. It was his oldest sister, Lori Loud and she gave Lynn a mild glare that she easily shrugged off. Much as Lori hated to admit, her sister was probably right. Everyone evacuated the mall when the monsters showed up. So, it should be safe. Besides, who's crazy enough to stick around during a monster attack? Nevertheless, Lori still looked pretty mad at Lynn for doing that instead of thinking it through.

"You're lucky Lisa hacks into the public cameras and shuts them off whenever we show up." Lori remarked rather harshly at Lynn, who rolled her eyes in annoyance. "Okay guys, since it looks safe you can go ahead and de-morph."

Most of the rangers let out sighs of relief or nodded. One by one as multiple colors of light flashed, each of the rangers went ahead and de-morphed. Lincoln tried his best to snap out of it, but he couldn't stop himself from gawking at the scene in front of him in pure shock. Each of the Power Rangers, the superheroes he revered more than anything and desperately wanted to join up with were people he knew! At least 6 of his own sisters were freaking Power Rangers!

Lynn and Lori were the Red Lion Ranger and Golden Libra Ranger respectively, while the Aqua Bear Ranger was Leni, and the Purple Dragon Ranger was Luna. The Yellow Swordfish Ranger was Luan, which made sense now that Lincoln thought about it. No one other than Luan would use puns like that while fighting for their life. The final sister of his who was a Power Ranger really shocked him, it was none other than Lucy! His little sister! She was the Green Chameleon Ranger apparently. Looking around at the rest of the newly revealed rangers, Lincoln saw people that were close with either him or his sisters.

Sam Sharp, Luna's fellow bandmate and not-so-secret girlfriend was the Blue Wolf Ranger. Bobby Santiago was the Silver Serpent Ranger while his little sister and Lincoln's close friend Ronnie Anne was the Orange Scorpion Ranger. The Pink Eagle Ranger was revealed to be Sid Chang, Ronnie Anne's other best friend she made in Great Lakes City. She was also Lincoln's friend. The Crimson Phoenix Ranger was Lincoln's close friend and classmate Stella Zhau, and the final ranger which was the Black Bull Ranger happened to be Lincoln's best friend and wingman, Clyde McBride.

"No way… this can't be real." Lincoln muttered in utter disbelief. "There's no way they're the Power Rangers, it doesn't make any sense."

Wanting to get a better look to see if he was mistaken, Lincoln took a few steps out of his hiding spot to try and get a better look at the de-morphed rangers. Unfortunately, Lincoln unknowingly tipped over a trash can that fell to the floor causing a sudden loud noise. Lincoln cursed under his breath as he decided to make a run for it, he quickly turned around to start running for the nearest exit. Lynn and others instantly heard the sudden noise and looked to see somebody running away. None of them could tell who it was because they were too quick, but they definitely knew it was a person.

"Oh crap, I think someone saw us!" Lynn exclaimed while pointing her finger at the fleeing person, she then acted in instinct and took off after them. "We can't let them get away!"

Lori and the rest of the rangers were completely caught off guard by this. They didn't seem to know what to do, they all looked at Lori. She looked surprised by all this at first but soon groaned in frustration. She had a feeling this would happen, but at least Lynn had the right idea. Whoever that person was, they couldn't let them get away. Not until they knew for certain that they saw them de-morph.

"We have to stop them! Everyone go after them now!"

Each of the rangers did what they were told, they all proceeded to chase after Lynn and the mysterious person. Most of them were running on the regular path after them while the most athletic of them were jumping over things in their way. The younger rangers were having trouble catching up, notably Lucy who tried her best, but she wasn't used to this much physical activity out of her ranger form. The same could be said for Leni, who decided to lag behind Lucy.

"This trip to the mall totally sucks!" Leni complained while panting from running. "I was hoping to do some shopping but now that's totes not going to happen!"

Lucy would have rolled her eyes and sigh at her older sister's antics, but she was having trouble trying to catch her breath. Finally, she had enough as she suddenly stopped. Leni stopped also stopped to see if Lucy was okay. The young goth quickly waved her away and nodded, Leni saw this and returned the nod. She resumed the chase while Lucy took a much-needed breather.

With Lincoln, he was running like his life depended on it. This may have actually been true since he had no idea what his sisters and the others would do if they caught him. It may have sounded ridiculous, but Lincoln legitimately feared his sisters and Ronnie Anne, he knew what they were capable of. That's why he was running away from them, he needed time to process all this new information. Too bad Lynn was catching up to him, which is why he was running like never before.

'This is really bad! I can't outrun Lynn, she's too much of an athlete while I can barely pass gym class. I need to hide but where?'

Lincoln frantically looked for the best place to hide while running through the mall. Suddenly he decided to run into the nearest open shop when he turned a corner to hide his escape, the shop just happened to be a clothing store. He quickly ran deep into the store and hopped over a counter to hide behind it. Calming his breathing a little, Lincoln kept quiet as his heart raced. He held his breath when he could hear Lynn approaching fast.


Lynn kept running as she sped past the clothing shop Lincoln hid in. She had no idea that Lincoln pulled a fast one on her. Lincoln didn't feel relieved just yet, he could hear the others quickly approaching. Eventually, the rangers ran past the store and tried to catch up with Lynn, but there was one who decided to stop abruptly which happened to be right in front of the store. That person happened to be Sam, she stopped because she noticed a strange scent and started to sniff around. The others kept on running but one person did stop which was Luna, she didn't have a Morpher it seemed but had the staff she used earlier as a weapon. Although it looked like a cane now, what made it unique was the design and color. The pummel resembled a dragon's head with gold and purple colors. Anyways, Luna looked concerned when she stopped to check on Sam.

"What's up Luv?"

Sam kept on sniffing the air around her until she took a big whiff, she at the clothing shop with a serious expression.

"I don't know but I think I caught a strange but familiar scent, almost like I smelled it before. Only I can't remember where or when I smelled it." Sam explained still looking rather serious. "It doesn't matter since I'm pretty sure whoever we were chasing is hiding in there."

Soon as Lincoln heard that, his heart rate became even faster. It didn't take long for him to panic a little, but he did his best to hold it together.

"Are you sure?"

"This nose doesn't lie, ever since we got our powers my sense of smell is like a wolf's. Someone is definitely hiding in there… should we check it out?"

There was a moment of tense silence that caused Lincoln to feel a deep dread. He knew that they were going to come in looking for him. Whether or not they would find him was entirely up to him. That's when he started to think of his options, he could only think of 3 at the moment. The first one was to stay here and hope they won't find him, which was a terrible idea. The second option was to come out and reveal himself, he knew they wouldn't hurt him, but he also suspected they would do something to him. Somehow Lincoln knew whatever they had planned it wouldn't be nice. The last opinion seemed like the obvious one.

'Okay, I might not be able to outrun them, but I can outthink them. I just have to think of a good plan, I'm the man with a plan after all.'

Both Luna and Sam entered the store, they took a look around to see this store was large enough to be able to hide rather easily. Lucky for them that Sam could sniff out whoever was hiding from them. Taking a quick whiff around, Sam stopped to narrow her eyes at the counter in the middle of the store. Sam performed a light clicking noise to get Luna's attention, she then pointed at the counter. Luna gave a nod to Sam, both girls slowly snuck their way towards the counter. When both girls arrived at the counter, Luna kneeled behind the left corner of the counter while Sam took the right corner. They took a look at each other before nodding. Suddenly both girls jumped over the counter hoping to catch whoever was hiding!

To their complete surprise, Luna and Sam found no one behind the counter.

"I thought you smelled someone hiding here?"

"I did!" Sam whispered rather loudly. "I'll try to sniff them out again."

When Sam tried to sniff around, she suddenly groaned in disgust and recoiled.

"What's wrong?" Luna asked with concern in her eyes and voice. "You okay Luv?"

"Yeah! It's just I smelled something really powerful just now!" Sam groaned in disgust while covering her nose. "You aren't wearing any perfume are you?"

"What? No, why?"

"Because I think that's what's messing with my nose." Sam explained while still covering her nose, she took a look around the counter and noticed something. "Look, there's a bunch of spilled perfume bottles laying here."

Looking down at the floor, both girls were confused to see a few bottles of perfume spilled on the floor. Luna seemed lost until she noticed a rack of perfume bottles behind the counter, it looks like they were sold here for customers. It didn't take long for Luna to figure out what was going on.

They were being played.

"Crap, whoever we're looking for knows about your sense of smell! They're messing with us!"

Luna and Sam were both shocked by this, they both quickly decided to split up and look around. Sam tried to use her nose again, but all she could smell was perfume. While they were busy trying to look for their target, they failed to notice a person sneaking around swiping some clothing items.

'I can't believe that work! Luna and Sam should really whisper, I'd totally be toast if I didn't hear them talking about Sam's super sense of smell! No time to celebrate, I need to get changed and get ready to make a run for it.'

With various clothing items in his hands, Lincoln found a changing room and walked in. A few minutes later, Lincoln quietly walked out of the changing room but looked different. He still had his regular clothes on, he only had added on some more clothes in case his sisters or the others recognize him. It would be pointless to be recognized after escaping, that's why he wore a disguise. While he still wore his regular clothes, Lincoln had on a blank and orange fleece hoodie. He also had on a white beanie with a pompom to hide his hair, and finally, he had on orange and black sunglasses.

'Alright, time to execute my plan!'

Now properly disguised and feeling brave, Lincoln slowly crept his way towards the exit. He made sure to avoid Luna and Sam while they were still searching for him, eventually, he saw the store's entrance and smiled. It looked like he was in the clear.


Lincoln quickly turned his head to see Sam running towards him with fire in her eyes. He looked to see Luna not far behind and running towards him too. At that exact moment, Lincoln's flight or fight activated. It's pretty obvious what he chose.

'Feet don't fail me now!'

That's all Lincoln could think as he started to run for his life yet again. He ran out of the store like a bat out of hell! Unfortunately, when Lincoln took a turn he instantly saw Lucy blocking his way! She looked serious about stopping as she looks ready to grab or trip him! Lincoln couldn't take another way unless he wants Luna and Sam to catch up to him, and he didn't get caught by Lucy or force his way through her. Lucy might be smaller and younger, but she's also a Power Ranger and there is no telling what sort of powers she had. While she might not hurt him, Lucy will do her best to try and stop him. Which meant Lincoln would have to use a secret weapon he saved for bullies like Chandler, a secret and ancient technique that he's mastered by watching TV.

"Pocket sand!"

Just as Lincoln got close to Lucy, Lincoln pulled out sand from his pocket and threw it directly at Lucy's face! The young goth didn't know what hit until it was too late. Her hair bangs helped to keep some of the hitting her eyes, but a bit of it got through and she accidentally inhaled some sand! Lucy was helpless to stop Lincoln as he sped right past her while she coughed and rubbed her eyes! Upon seeing their teammate in distress, both Luna and Sam stopped to see if she was okay.

"Oh crap, are you okay sis!"

"What did that guy do to you?"

Lucy kept coughing while trying to rub the sand out of her eyes which caused her to tear up a little because of the bodily reaction. When she was able to stop coughing and cleared out her eyes, she looked dejected and sighed.

"I think he got away…"

Both Luna and Sam looked to see the direction where Lincoln had run off and didn't see him no longer.

"Oh crap!"

Luna quickly resumed giving chase but had no idea where he had run off to. Still, she kept on running and hoped to catch sight of him. Both Lucy and Sam remained, and they looked very troubled. Sam took a look down at Lucy with a worrisome expression.

"You think we're in trouble?"

Without saying a word, Lucy answered Sam by letting out an exhausted sigh. That's all Sam needed to hear when she lowered her head in shame.

Meanwhile, Lincoln had somehow gotten out of the mall and started to head far away from that place fast as he could. While running he would occasionally take a peek behind him to see if anyone were following him. Call him paranoid, but it's understandable after what he's been through. Not only did he just live through a monster attack, but he also discovered the Power Ranger's secret identities and was chased by them. Lincoln still couldn't wrap his head around what kind of day he's had so far.

After he was far enough away and made sure he wasn't being chased, Lincoln stopped to take a much-needed rest. He decided to take a seat by a large tree not far from the side of the road. Sirens blared through the air as Lincoln saw multiple police and emergency vehicles drive past him heading towards the mall. A pretty standard sight after a monster attack. Lincoln finally caught his breath, but he was far from fine. Leaning against the tree, Lincoln looked up at the blue sky with a very troubled frown.

"They're all Power Rangers..."

It didn't make any sense to Lincoln; how could his sisters and friends be Power Rangers? Who had the power to do that and why would they do it? Slowly Lincoln began to realize something, it all started to make sense now that he thought about it. About a month ago, the Power Rangers first appeared, and that's when his sisters and the others started to act strange. His sisters started to come home late, they sometimes skipped classes or left early causing them to get into trouble. They would often come home more tired and have unexplained injuries. Lincoln also didn't usually see them around the house as he used to. Most of the time they would stay home and do their usual hobbies and stuff, but Lynn and the others would oddly be gone for the rest of the day until curfew. Even when it was the weekend, just like today.

Thinking more about it, Lincoln noticed his friends were acting odd. Ronnie Anne or Sid never really video chat him or called him much anymore, she doesn't even send the occasional text anymore. He just thought she's been really busy with her life in the city. That's why he never really thought much about it. However, he's been really bothered by his other friends. Both Clyde and recently Stella, they've acted really strange. Lincoln barely saw them after school or on the weekend, Rusty and the others noticed it too and thought they were hiding something. At first, Lincoln thought they were being paranoid, now he saw that they were right. They were hiding something, and Lincoln found out what.

'I can't believe they're all Power Rangers… why didn't they tell me?'

That's all Lincoln could think about. Why did his sisters and friends hide this from him? A part of Lincoln sort of understood why they hid it; secret identities were a major part of being a superhero. Still, that didn't mean it didn't hurt to find out your family and friends were lying to your face every day. And that's what really hurt, his sisters and friends have been lying to him. His sisters, who he loved more than anything. His friends Ronnie Anne, Sid, Bobby, and Stella, people he saw as family. What hurt most of all was the fact his best friend and wingman lied to him. Clyde, someone he trusted probably more than anyone else had kept this from him.

Suddenly Lincoln snapped away from his thoughts when he heard his phone vibrating in his pocket. Pulling his phone out, Lincoln saw that his mom had texted him. It read that she wanted him home right away. Looks like his parents were freaking out about the monster attack. Lincoln could only sigh in relief knowing that they didn't know he headed out to the mall today. All he told them before he left was that he planned to hang out with his friends, that's all it took for them to let him go. It was his sisters that they were more concerned about. They're lucky their parents even let them go out anymore after all the trouble they've gotten into.

"I better head home before mom and dad come looking for me." Lincoln mumbled to himself while texting his mom back. "I wonder what Lynn and the others are going to do? They'll probably be home late like always. Yeah, they're going to get in trouble for sure."

Getting off from the ground, Lincoln started to head to the nearest bus stop to catch a ride. That's how he got to the mall in the first place. While walking, Lincoln began to think about his sisters and the other's dirty little secret. Should he tell his parents and his friends' parents? He'd be lying if he didn't feel the urge to do. Much as he hates to admit it, he still felt hurt about this whole thing.

Lincoln would never admit it, but deep down he felt an ugly feeling he didn't want to feel. A feeling he felt bubbling inside him after he learned of the Power Rangers' real identities.

That feeling was jealousy.

On The Moon

Somewhere on the moon's surface, far from Earth. A large structure of unknown construction stood. It looked like a palace of some kind, the sheer sight of it would cause anyone a feeling of dread. This would be an accurate reaction, especially considering the history of this palace. This palace has been home to the most ruthless villains of Power Ranger history. This was once home to the likes of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, years ago this palace was abandoned but that is no longer the case. Now it was the base of operations for an old but dangerous enemy of the Power Rangers.

Inside the palace, in what looked to be a throne room of some sort. A beautiful yet very intimidating woman in golden armor sat on a large throne. She looked very displeased as she held onto a razor-sharp blade that resembled a scorpion's tail in her hand. Standing guard to her left and right by the throne were two Putties, a few other Putties were standing guard spread across the room. Suddenly the throne room doors opened, two odd-looking individuals entered the room. One looked to be a tough skeleton monster that was covered in skulls and skeleton-like armor, it also carried a large bone sword. The other individual resembled an anthropomorphic white Scottish Terrier.

"My Empress, I'm afraid we bring grave news."

The woman sighed as she closed her eyes with a disgruntled look.

"Yeah, looks like that monster we sent got creamed by the Power Rangers. It's sort of funny since that's happened to the last batch of monsters we've sent. You gotta admit, those brats are pretty tough."

Letting out a frustrated yell, the woman swiftly sliced off the head of a Puttie standing near her. The head and body fell with a thud before melting into putty. Everyone in the room winced in fear, even the Putties looked afraid. The woman got up to point her blade at the two monsters in front of her.

"Finster and Rito! I grow tired of these failures! You both are proving to be useless to me, and you know what I do to those who are deemed useless to me."

Using her blade again, the deadly woman cut the head off the remaining Putty standing near her. Both head and body fell and were reduced to clumps of putty. Finster flinched in fear and cowered under their Empress's cold gaze. Rito looked fearful as he took a step back away from the throne.

"I grow tired of this, I'm tired of losing and I'm tired of losing to those insufferable Power Rangers! It doesn't matter how many years have passed, somehow Power Rangers always show up to stand in the way! At this rate, I'm no better than those other fools who've failed to conquer the universe. The only difference is that I was smart enough to avoid the same fate as them, to be purified or destroyed by that fool Zordon's energy wave. And what do I have to show for it? A crumbling and abandoned palace, an idiot of a general and a cowardly sculptor whose creations keeping failing me! I can't even grow these worthless monsters, at least those other failures could grow their own monsters! I refuse to end up as the other would-be conquers! My budding empire will not fail, I will not fail!"

Finster, Rito Revolto, and the Putties cowered under Scorpina's wraith. They all kept quiet as they didn't want to end up like those poor Putties from earlier. Unexpectedly, the sounds of clapping could be heard echoing throughout the throne room. Scorpina and the others looked alarmed as they looked to the source of the clapping. In the shadows of the throne room, a figure stepped out from the shadows and appeared to be clapping. This figure looked to be an old robot of some kind.

"I must say, you are even more ruthless than what the rumors say."

The Putties and Rito Revolto jumped into action and surrounded the intruder. Finster ran and hid behind Scorpina's throne, while Scorpina seemed annoyed yet surprised by this intruder's sudden appearance.

"Who dares enter my throne room, speak now before you feel my wraith!"

The old robot bowed before looking up at Scorpina with its glowing green eyes.

"I mean no disrespect my Empress, my name is the mighty Scrozzle." Scrozzle introduced himself while still groveling. "I am a genius inventor from the cyber dimension, I recently escaped custody from Grid Battleforce, and I offer my services to you in exchange for protection."

Scorpina seemed surprised by this but also very intrigued. With a wave of her hand, she commanded Rito Revolto and the Putties to let him through. Scrozzle walked over in front of Scorpina, who sat on her throne to give the robot a scrutinizing gaze.

"Scrozzle, I've heard of your exploits. You served under that computer virus known as Evox. I've also heard you fought another team of Power Rangers that defeated you and your pitiful master. What could you possibly offer me?"

"Empress Scorpina, I will admit that I've had my fair share of failures. However, I would assume you know the pain of dealing with those troublesome Power Rangers."

"Trust me, you have no idea." Scorpina growled under her breath. "I don't think anyone had to deal with a team full of 12 Power Rangers constantly."

"Of course, that's why I'm offering you my services. Because you are different from the rest of those who failed to destroy the rangers. You're a survivor, and you will keep surviving but what if I can offer more than just survival."

Snapping his fingers, Scrozzle summoned a group of purple robots that appeared purple flash. This put Rito Revolto and the Putties on edge, but Scorpina and Finster looked at the newly summoned robots with fascination. Scrozzle gestured for one of the purple robots to hand him something. The purple robot handed Scrozzle a laptop-like device while making electronic squawking noises. The old tinkerer knelt down along with the rest of the robots in front of Scorpina.

"My Empress, I offer my army of Tronics, battle robots that will never stop unless destroyed. I also offer my Robotron-Maker which can make powerful Robotrons to serve you. Not only that, but I offer large battle robots known as Gigadrones that are similar to those infernal Zords used by the Power Rangers. Gigadrones can be morphed with Robotrons and even be sent into battle before their Robotron counterparts are destroyed. I have countless Gigadrones stored in the cyber dimension that can be brought over by teleporting them over to this world. I've heard these new Power Rangers have yet to use their Zords in battle, and that's if they even have Zords at all. Using the Gigadrones will catch them off guard and imagine if they do not possess Zords at all. They would be at your mercy. Empress Scorpina, I offer all of this and my complete devotion to you. All I ask in return is protection, and I will use everything in my power to help you in your conquest."

From what Scorpina has heard and seen, she was impressed by all of this. Sitting on her throne with a contemplating look, Scorpina thought about Scrozzle's proposal. She hated to admit it, especially when it was coming from scum like Scrozzle, but he needed to do something better than surviving. When Astronema, Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, and others were either destroyed or purified by that powerful Z-wave. She got lucky by being trapped in the Talos dimension where Rita's former ally Lokar ruled. He would not send her back until all his allies were destroyed or purified by the Z-wave, seeing he had no other options Lokar sent her back to this dimension but as an envoy. Scorpina arrived only a month ago and found herself at Rita's old palace where Rito Revolto and Finster were using as their home. They tried to resist her, but they proved no match for her and were now her servants.

Seeing as she had no one standing in her way, Scorpina decided to finish what Rita and Lord Zedd couldn't do. With an army of Putties and monsters serving her, she decided to attack Earth and finally conquer it! Unfortunately, it seemed like history repeated itself and those infuriating Power Rangers showed up to stop her. It's been a month since she's started her conquest and she hasn't conquered anything yet. She didn't want to return to Lokar as a failure since he would either destroy her or render her into a mindless servant. That's why she needed the Power Rangers gone. Maybe by having a brilliant inventor like Scrozzle she might finally succeed?

"Scrozzle, I hereby decree you shall be under my protection and rule. You will help me by doing what our foolish former masters could not do. We will finally destroy the Power Rangers and rule this pathetic planet!"

Rising up from her throne, the deadly empress walked down the step to Scrozzle and offered him a handshake. Scrozzle chuckled sinisterly as he accepted the handshake, Scorpina couldn't help but smirk evilly.

This was the birth of a dark evil alliance.

Royal Woods, Ketcham Park

Back on Earth, at a popular public park called Ketcham Park. A place with an interesting history, including a sandbox where you're likely to get chickenpox. This place had a secret, a secret that a very selected few individuals knew. Deep beneath the park, a large and secret base resided! This place was constructed by a very talented and brilliant genius with one purpose.

To defend Earth.

"You think she's going to be mad?"

"Oh, mad is probably the understatement of the century."

Walking through the highly technological halls of the underground base where the Power Rangers. Each of them was out of their ranger forms, they looked tired and gloomy. Except for Lucy since she always looked like that. The ones leading them through the halls were both Lori and Lynn.

"Okay, go on and say it."

Lori looked annoyed as she looked at Lynn while they kept walking.

"Say what?"

"Don't be a jerk, I know you wanna say I told you so." Lynn scowled with a sigh. "I know I messed up, but how the heck was I supposed to know some random guy stayed behind to watch us fight?"

The eldest Loud sister didn't say a word, she kept her eyes focused forward after that. Lynn looked angry that Lori was ignoring her, she wanted to say something but kept her mouth shut. The other rangers looked uncomfortable seeing this latest spat between Lori and Lynn which wasn't anything new. Often enough Lynn would always be butting heads with someone on the team. The rest of the Loud sisters didn't look all that uncomfortable since they were used to this because they lived together. The others were slowly getting used to it, but Lynn wasn't an easy person to get along with.

Eventually, Lynn and the rest of the rangers stopped walking when they made in front of a big mechanical door which opened to reveal a large room that looked to be something from out of a movie. The room looked like an operations center with futuristic monitors, chairs, desks, and other things you only see in fiction. In the middle of the room, there was a large futuristic table that showed a holographic map of Royal Woods. If that wasn't crazy enough, a robot appeared to be operating the holographic map as it stood close by pushing buttons. The robot was average size and looked shiny, it had a golden flying saucer-shaped head with a red visor that was flashing. Its colors were gold, red, and a little bit of grey underneath its golden plating around its limbs. Sid smiled when she saw the robot.

"Hey Alpha 8, how's it going?"

The robot, now known be Alpha, turned to look at Sid and the others. Its visor flashed brightly as it walked over to them in an odd way.

"Rangers! Oh, I'm so happy to see you all safe and sound. How did the mission go?"

When Alpha finished asking that, each of the rangers looked miserable or embarrassed. The robot quickly realized they got its answer given their expressions.

"Oh dear, Aye-yi-yi-yi!" Alpha 8 exclaimed shaking their head. "You all better report to her. She's at her usual spot at the observation station."

Lynn nodded as she gestured for the others to follow her. Alpha 8 resumed what it was doing before. The rangers walked over to the side of the large room where a huge viewing monitor was placed that looked to be the size of a movie theater screen. In front of the large monitor was a big futuristic chair that was hovering above the ground! The chair turned around to reveal someone sitting on it, it was Lisa Loud! And she did not look happy.

Each of the rangers looked nervous or tried to look calm and collected as Lisa stared at them with her scrutinizing gaze. The young genius stopped to sigh and rubbed her temples with her fingers. She looked at the others with a displeased look.

"Who wants to give a report of what happened?"

None of the rangers looked ready to do that, especially Lynn and Lucy. Each of the rangers looked at each other hoping one of them would step up. Most of them looked to Lynn since she was technically the leader, but Lynn remained silent and stood by with a nervous look. Finally, someone stepped forward which happened to be Lori. She looked more annoyed than nervous by what was happening.

"I'm not going to sugar coat it Lisa, we messed up and someone saw us de-morph after fighting Scorpina's goons. We think it's a boy around Lynn or Ronnie Anne's age, but we can't be too sure. He took off when we finally noticed him, and we chased after him. He gave most of us the slip, but Sam was able to track him down with her nose. She and Luna cornered him in a clothing store, they almost had him until he somehow figured out Sam's powers and overwhelmed her sense of smell. Eventually, they found him, and he took off. Lucy tried to stop him, but he somehow threw sand in her face and ran off when she was blinded. Luna tried to chase after him, but he disappeared without a trace. None of us could find him, we had to stop looking when the police finally showed up."

Things grew quiet inside the large room, everyone remained silent while they looked at Lisa to see her reaction to this unfortunate news. Astonishingly enough Lisa didn't look mad, but she didn't exactly look elated to hear this.

"I can't say I'm surprised to hear this unfortunate development. However, I am surprised it took this long for one of you to make such a careless slip-up. Truthfully, I anticipated for such a blunder to happen much sooner, but you all pleasantly surprised me. I will not ask who caused this to happen since I already know who's to blame."

Upon hearing that, Lynn lowered her head and clenched her hand into a fist. The others noticed this but decided to keep it to themselves. Lynn's sisters like Lucy looked at Lynn with worried expressions. Lucy wanted to reach out and place a reassuring hand on Lynn's shoulder but stopped herself from doing so. Not out of spite or anything like that, Lucy just knew Lynn wouldn't want to appear vulnerable in front of the team. It was no secret a few of them weren't happy with Lynn being their leader. Lori, Lucy, and the rest of their sisters had no problem following Lynn. But they were family with happened to be very biased, the others weren't so biased. Bobby placed his trust in his girlfriend Lori's choice and had no problems with Lynn's leadership. The same could be said for Sam but she did have some doubts. The main ones to doubt Lynn's leadership were Ronnie Anne, Clyde, and Stella.

These three were close friends with Lincoln, but that did not mean they held Lynn in high regard. Both Clyde and Ronnie Anne knew how competitive and stubborn Lynn can be when they spent time with Lincoln and his family. They also knew how often Lynn would give Lincoln a hard time, which didn't sit well with either of them. Stella only recently started to get the picture of Lynn's character, that's only because she was one of Lincoln's newest friends. And from what they've seen recently since being Power Rangers, their opinion of Lynn hasn't gotten any better.

"Lynn… you were chosen to lead this team. It's high time you start performing your duties with more responsibility and a level head." Lisa explained while looking at Lynn with an observant gaze. "Leadership is a large weight to carry, which is why you were picked to lead this team. If anyone can handle it, it's you. You'll make mistakes along the way like this, but that's what being a leader is about. I know you'll learn from this and do better."

Lynn slowly looked up to see Lisa giving her a small assuring smile. Which was a rare sight since the young genius did not like expressing such emotions openly. However, that didn't mean Lisa wasn't some heartless person. Lisa cared deeply for her family, especially her siblings. While she often complained about them and sometimes used them as test subjects. She loved them, even if they bothered her all the time with their immature and foolish antics. Lynn knew Lisa cared about them in her own way. Slowly Lynn perked up and stopped feeling sorry for herself.

Seeing that her words finally got through to Lynn, Lisa pressed some buttons on the arm of her hoverchair. Suddenly the large viewing monitor turned on and showed multiple homepages of social media sites or video sharing sites. It even showed the local news broadcast happening now that was covering the recent monster attack.

"You shouldn't worry too much about this little slip-up. I made several contingency plans for such an event to transpire. For you see, I've invented multiple software programs to be on the lookout for anything leaking your identities as Power Rangers out to the public. If any of my software programs spot anything unusual they will immediately delete it and send malware to this person. This malware I made is specifically made to erase everything on a person's computer or any other connecting device. Not only that but it will delete itself once done to remove any evidence of the malware. That way no one would suspect such sabotage. I also have some software programs going over the footage from the mall before I hacked them and shut them down. It'll go through the footage and find possible matches for the boy you met. No doubt it'll take some time and it might not give us accurate results but it's better than nothing. If we find the boy we'll track him down and bring him here to get his memory erased. Fortunately, I invented such a device just in case of this sort of event."

Lynn and the others couldn't help but be impressed by what they heard. They all knew Lisa was crazy smart, she created everything here. Eventually, Stella spoke and raised an interesting point that she noticed.

"Um, isn't that sort of illegal?"

An awkward silence followed, everyone looked over at Stella before looking at Lisa. The young genius seemed caught off guard but quickly decided to change the subject.

"A-hem! I'm pleased to inform you all that Project: Z is almost finished with completion. You may have yet to face any sort of threats that require such force, It'll be prudent to have them just in case."

'She totally changed the subject.'

The rangers all thought collectively by either sighing or chuckling sheepishly. Lisa's sisters already knew Lisa's experiments and creations weren't always legal or sometimes ethically right, the others were slowly learning that since joining the team. That didn't mean Lisa was malicious, in fact, she often did it with the best of intentions. Besides, what they do as Power Rangers is technically illegal if you really think about it. The only reason why the authorities didn't arrest them is that the Power Rangers are the only ones who can stop Scorpina's monsters. And that they can't really do anything to stop them.

"Hey Lisa, are going to finally tell us what Project: Z is?" Clyde asked catching everyone's attention. "You really haven't shared much about it."

Everyone looked over at Lisa after Clyde finished talking. Lisa kept an impassive expression, but that didn't mean she didn't feel somewhat annoyed. She knew she couldn't change the subject this time.

"I'm afraid I must keep the information of this project secret." Lisa sighed as she could see that's not what they wanted to hear. "And before any of you express your displeasure, I do this out of all your own-wellbeing in mind. All of you have been struggling with so much already both at home and academically."

Each of the rangers except Lynn and her sisters looked surprised.

"How the heck do you know that?"

The one to ask was Ronnie Anne, the others looked like they wanted to know that too except for Lynn, Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, and Lucy. Each of the Loud sisters looked uncomfortable or frustrated in Lynn or Lori's case.

"You seem to forget I live with your leader and fellow teammates. I've seen firsthand the struggles of being a Power Ranger. My siblings have faced such struggles at home and at school, something no doubt you've all have been facing yourselves. It's not easy to live a double life, being forced the answer the call when danger shows itself. Sometimes everything else becomes secondary such as school, jobs, socializing with friends and family. You are bound to face difficulties for missing out on such things. Not only that but I know that some of you have been finding it difficult to keep your secret from parental units, siblings, and friends."

Lisa could see she was right when she saw their faces filled with reluctance and guilt, even her own sisters had such faces. She knew they all wanted to share their secret of being Power Rangers with those they trust, but they couldn't do that.

"You all know keeping everything secret is paramount, if our enemies were to learn anything about us it would end in disaster."

"I don't see what the harm is letting one or two people know about us being rangers." Ronnie Anne commented with a frown. "It's not like we'll tell them everything like the base or anything. It just sucks keeping all of this a secret. I hate lying to my family and friends! If we could only just—"

"If you did that you'd be only putting that person and yourself in danger." Lisa interrupted getting everyone's attention. "Keeping this secret isn't just for your safety and everyone here but also for your family and friends. I apologize that you must deal with these struggles. You all know what's expected of you when you became Power Rangers."

None of them looked happy to hear this, but they all stayed silent which was very difficult for those like Lynn and Ronnie. Lisa's expression softens as she looked at her sisters and the others with a bit of guilt.

"Trust me when I say I understand your struggles, I want nothing more than to show the world of what I've created. To share my scientific discoveries and creations with the science community for the betterment of humanity. The discovery of the Kyutama stones is perhaps one of my greatest achievements. The power they hold alone is unimaginable, for example, such a limitless power source could provide clean, renewable energy for the future of mankind. However, upon my discovery of the Kyutama stones, I also discovered the grave threats ahead of us. This is why I decided to use the power of the Kyutamas to help defend the earth and humanity from extraterrestrial and terrestrial threats. In time, I built everything you see here from your Morphers to this very base. The final step was to find individuals that could not only handle the power of the Kyutamas but handle the important responsibility of being a Power Ranger."

Lisa paused to push the buttons on the arm of her hover chair, the large viewing monitor suddenly started to show various images and videos of other Power Ranger teams. Everyone looked up at the screen with awe and for some with a bit of envy. One way or another Lynn and others knew about the other Power Rangers, how could they not? They were actual superheroes that have saved the world countless times from evil forces like Rita Repulsa, Sledge, Galvanax, and Evox. Although there have been numerous teams in the past, everyone knew the Power Rangers.

"The Power Rangers before you have all faced similar issues. It may have not been easy, but they overcame such issues. Of course, many of you are far younger than when they first became Power Rangers. That doesn't make you any less worthy, since becoming Power Rangers you have all saved countless lives. If not for any of you, Scorpina and her forces would run rampant unabated. Some of you may doubt yourselves. This is understandable, but I chose you all for a reason. I know that you can overcome anything, especially together as a team."

The words Lisa had said clearly got through to them. Each of them couldn't believe Lisa had such faith in them. Even Lisa's own sisters were shocked, they all knew how Lisa could get. To hear such things coming from her was shocking, but not unwelcome as they were all smiling. Well, for Lucy she had an expression similar to a smile.

Upon seeing that she had lifted up the team's spirits, Lisa cleared her throat to get their attention on her.

"With all that out of the way, I think it's time we all head home. I believe we should go before any of our respective parental units get frustrated for missing our curfews. Besides, a good night's rest is required for increased productivity and effective cognitive functioning. Scorpina's next attack won't happen right away, but we must be ready. Those of you who reside in Great Lakes City should head to the teleporter. Say your farewells, for now, I have a feeling we'll see all each other very soon."

The rest of the team either nodded or voiced their agreement. Those heading to Great Lakes City began to say their goodbyes. Bobby and Lori were making a fuss about parting ways since they planned on having a date, but the monster attack ruined their plans.

"Boo-Boo Bear, I'm going to miss you! Don't forget to text me later."

"Oh babe, I'm sorry we couldn't have our romantic date today! I promise we'll have one real soon. I'll text you once I get back home."

Both Lori and Bobby were hugging and looked to be on the verge of crying. Their long-distance relationship was doing good, but they missed being able to be with each other. They're lucky being Power Rangers gave them the chance to see each other more often. They often used the base's teleporter to visit each other which they were really grateful for. At first, Lisa disapproved of the careless use of such a highly advanced device, but she relented and let them use freely. As the couple kept on causing a fuss, the others couldn't help but watch the odd scene unfold.

"Do they always have to do this when we leave?" Sid asked with a slight cringe. "They do know they can visit each other whenever they want, right?"

"At this point, I think they just love causing a scene." Ronnie Anne sighed as she looked tired. "Alright, guess we'll catch you guys later. Oh Clyde, don't forget to check on Lame-o for us. Weren't you supposed to meet up with him today?"

At first, Clyde seemed confused but quickly realized Ronnie Anne was right. He was supposed to meet up with Lincoln today at the mall to make up for not having time to hang out.

"Ah crud, we were supposed to meet up at the mall earlier, but the monster attack got in the way. Lincoln is totally going to think I flaked on him again."

After hearing this everyone looked concerned.

"Hold up, are you saying Lincoln was at the mall today?" Luna asked with a very concerned tone. She looked around the room still looking rather worried. "You guys think he's okay?"

Everyone seemed worried upon hearing that, each of them was close to Lincoln in some way. Some were closer like his sisters and his close friends. Lisa shared a look of concern as she pulled out a small tablet device. She went ahead and typed on in for a few moments before smiling in relief.

"Good news, I pinged Lincoln's phone and it shows he safe at home."

After hearing that everyone looked relieved. The last thing they wanted to hear was that Lincoln was hurt. The hardest part about being a Power Ranger is having a loved one get caught up in danger. That reason alone is why most of them were rangers in the first place.

"That's good to hear, we should all head out before our parents get worried. Mom and dad are already blowing up my phone with texts." Lynn said with a frown as she pulled out her phone. "Well, looks like we're going to have another talk with mom and dad tonight."

Each of the Loud sisters could only sigh or frown when they heard this.

"What the heck are we going to tell them this time?" Luna asked her sisters hoping for an answer. "Because I'm totally out of ideas."

"I'm sure you'll come up with something, I don't have to worry about such things because of my personal life-like android masquerading in my place." Lisa explained with a carefree expression. "Anyways, I'll meet you all in the teleporter room. Take care of the base Alpha 8, and don't forget to power down for the night."

"Of course, Miss Lisa." Alpha 8 called out happily. "Goodbye, and take care rangers!"

The rangers all watched Lisa leave the operations room with annoyed or envious looks. They all wished they could have an android to cover for them like Lisa, but Lisa wouldn't make any for them for some reason. Something about it not being too important or that she's too busy.

"You know, I think she only reminded us that just to mess with us." Stella pointed out with a frown. "Geez, I can't wait to get home."

Those last words were something that each of the rangers couldn't help but agree with. Today was a long day, even though they stopped Scorpina again. They had to worry about that kid who got away. Maybe he didn't see much or will keep quiet, either way, they couldn't do much since it was in Lisa's hands now. All they could do is wait.

Being a Power Ranger wasn't easy.

The Loud House

Lincoln Loud sat quietly in his room at his desk, where he looked to be in deep thought. It's been about a few hours since he got back. When he first got home his parents fussed over him, particularly his mom. They were really worried about him and his sisters being out when a monster attack just happened. They made sure he was okay and asked if he needed anything. Which was a pretty fair reaction given what happened. After calming them down, Lincoln asked if he could just stay in his room until dinnertime. They quickly agreed thinking he needed time to get over his shock from the monster attack. Well, they weren't completely wrong. He did need time to process what happened.

'I'm still trying to wrap my head around this whole thing. Man, it's messed up. My sisters and friends are Power Rangers!'

No matter how many times Lincoln thought that he still couldn't believe it. His sisters were Power Rangers, HIS sisters! It's not that they were terrible people, at least sometimes since they are only human after all. Lincoln could think of the countless times he's done some pretty selfish things, but this was different. It's just that he didn't think his sisters would be Power Ranger material. Lori was rather bossy and has a bad temper, she could end up being very controlling too. Leni proved to be quite absent-minded and ditzy, she acts more like a little kid and is too nice for her own good. Luna is always causing a ruckus with her guitar and music, sometimes she can unintentionally be obnoxious with it. Luan always takes her pranks and jokes too far especially around April Fools, and her puns could be very annoying. She can also be pretty ruthless when she wants to be. Lynn can be very immature and superstitious especially when it came to sports or anything competitive. Not only that but she has a really bad temper like Lori and Lola, Lincoln often found that out the hard way. Lucy was always gloomy and quite cynical; she also had an eerie way of popping up out of nowhere and accidentally scaring people. None of them really didn't seem to be deserving of being Power Rangers.

'But that's not really true…'

While his sisters have their faults, maybe more than a few of them. That's not what defined them. Lori tries her best to keep their chaotic family in order and safe, at times that requires being a little stern. Putting all her faults aside, Lori can be friendly, protective, and very kind. She loves her family and Bobby, who seems to bring the best out of her. Although being very ditzy and immature, Leni is a very kind and caring person with a big heart. Showing such kindness to complete strangers in need, and willing to risk her own health for her loved ones. Luna may have a wildness to her, but she is very kind and caring. Wanting to share her love for music with everyone. Maybe Luan can be a bit crazy with her jokes and pranks. She always tries to make everyone smile with the best intentions at heart. Not only that but she's always cheerful and supportive of her family. Lynn could be a real handful to deal with, but she does love her family. She can be supporting and show good sportsmanship. Typically, Lucy can be rather gloomy but there's more to her than that. She can very compassionate and loves her family and friends.

Lincoln will admit they often drove him nuts. There were bad times, he won't deny that. Still, that didn't mean he never stopped loving them. He loved them and the moments they've shared so far. Sure, they might get on his nerves sometimes, but he wouldn't trade them for the world. Did it hurt that they hid everything from him? Of course, but he understood why. The whole secret identity thing was necessary. Lincoln didn't want to think what would happen if the villains the Power Rangers always fought somehow discovered their identities. He really didn't want to think about what they would do to their families or friends, especially his family.

'It's not just my sisters though, my friends are Power Rangers too.'

His friends, Lincoln had a hard time calling them after everything he's discovered. Ronnie Anne, Bobby, Sid, Stella, and his best friend and wingman Clyde. He didn't really know Sam very well since Luna recently started dating her and bringing her around the Loud family. She seemed nice enough, Luna likes her and that's enough for Lincoln. Maybe in the future, he could get to know her better? It may sound a bit odd, but he didn't really know how to feel about Sam being a Power Ranger since he doesn't know her well enough. The others were a different story. He knew they had their faults just like everyone else, but this was different from his own sisters. His sisters were family, his friends were like family. Which meant it hurt just as worse finding out they've been hiding all this from him.

In hindsight, Lincoln should have suspected something by how strange they've acted. Ronnie Anne and Sid no longer stayed in touch like they used to. He can understand Bobby being that way since he's busy with the bodega and being in a long-distance relationship with Lori. Still, he just thought they were busy. Now it's Clyde and Stella that really bothered him. He can understand the others not staying in touch, but both Clyde and Stella were different. The only time he can see them or hang out is when they're at school. And that's when they're not ditching classes from completely out the blue!

It wasn't just Lincoln who noticed this either! His other friends could tell something was up. At first, his other friends assumed both Clyde and Stella were secretly dating, but Lincoln knew better. After that one big misunderstanding with Stella, they all agreed they would all just be friends. Besides, Clyde and that Chloe girl seem to be getting pretty close. So, Lincoln knew something else was going on. He just didn't think it was because they were secret color-themed superheroes. Did it hurt when he found this out? Obviously, they were his friends after all.

The number of hijinks they've all gotten into made them practically family. Lincoln could always count on them, that he could always trust them with anything. He saw Clyde like a brother! He knew why they kept this hidden, it was the same with his siblings. Nevertheless, it still hurt to find out. All of this was too much for Lincoln, and that's not just the stuff he knew about! He still had no idea how they became Power Rangers in the first place! Or how Lisa was involved in all this since he heard Lori mention her after that monster attack!

Was Lisa responsible for all this? Did she make them all Power Rangers and made all their gadgets? Did she also give them weird abilities like Sam? It was very possible knowing Lisa; she was a literal genius, and this seemed like a thing she would totally do!

"This getting me nowhere… what the heck am I supposed to do!"

That's what Lincoln's been struggling with ever since he came home. What was he going to do? Should he tell someone, like his parents or the other Power Rangers parents? Should he contact the police? Should he just confront them? The more Lincoln thought about those choices he quickly realized they were all terrible. First of all, his parents and the other parents would freak out and try to do something about it. Lincoln didn't know what they would do since his sisters and the others were literal superheroes with superpowers. He had no idea what they would do but he knew it would be a complete mess, and that's not considering what the police would do.

The police and authorities were grateful to the Power Rangers, they proved to be ineffective against the monsters and Putties. Although they were grateful for the help, there's no telling what they would do with this information. Technically what the Power Rangers do is illegal, so they might try and arrest. They would also probably tell the higher-ups, people from the government. Lincoln had no idea what they would do but he knew it would get ugly. The government might just take his sisters and the others away and do who knows what to them. They might even take their families away too, and that scared Lincoln.

So, those two options weren't really ideal.

Now the final option was a really big risk, for him to confront his sisters and the others with this information. However, he quickly threw that plan out of the window for obvious reasons. First of all, Lincoln had no clue what they would do to him. He could hope they won't do anything since they were his family and friends, but he knew better than that. When they found out they were being spied on they chased him through the whole mall. He had no idea what they would have done if they caught him, Lincoln knew they wouldn't do anything to hurt him. Well, he really didn't know about that knowing how crazy his sisters can get. He may love them, but even he knew they could get out of hand. His thoughts went back to times when he lied about being bad luck and that stupid sister fight protocol. He couldn't think of what Clyde and the others might do. For all, he knew they might just along with whatever his sisters do.

Yeah, it looks like that left Lincoln without any options. Any good options anyways. Besides, it's not like he had any solid proof to collaborate with all this. All he had was what he saw. During that monster attack, Lincoln only managed to record the fight on his phone. He stopped recording after the fight, which meant he had no proof other than his word. Which wasn't really a solid source. If he went to anyone they would think he's lying or crazy, maybe even both. His sisters and the others would probably believe him after they were probably looking for a boy around his age. Still, that didn't mean they would believe him without any proof. They'd probably brush him off or they might actually believe him and do whatever they planned to do before he escaped them.

"I'm totally lost, I got no clue what to do… so much for being the man with a plan."

Sinking into his chair with a defeated sigh, Lincoln looked up at the ceiling with a frown. Suddenly he could hear someone knocking at his door, he quickly straightened up and looked a little panicky. What if it was Lisa, Lynn, or one of the others?

"Who is it?"

"Hey Linc, can we come in?"

When he heard the voice, Lincoln sighed in relief knowing it was Lana's voice. He slowly got up and walked over to the door, when he opened it he was greeted by the sight of his little sisters Lana and Lola with Lily who was holding onto her blanket. Lincoln smiled down at his sisters, seeing them brought his mood back up.

"Hey, what's up?"

"We were just worried about you, mom and dad told us what happened today," Lola confessed with a sheepish look. "Lana and Lily kind of freaked out a little because they thought you were attacked by monsters."

"Oh really?" Lana asked looking at her twin rather critically "I remember you freaking out too when mom and dad told us."

Lola immediately blushed in embarrassment before turning to scowl at her twin.

"Shut up Lana! I was just worried because Lincoln has to help me with another beauty pageant soon." Lola huffed before sticking her nose in the air. "Besides, you looked ready to cry when you heard about it."

This time it was Lana's time to be embarrassed but she quickly scowled at her sister. However, before Lana or Lola could do or say anything. Lily slowly waddled over to Lincoln with a teary look on her little face.


Lily babbled out her brother's name before reaching out for him. Lincoln's heart melted a little when he saw. He quickly picks up Lily and gave her a reassuring smile.

"Aw, I'm so glad you guys were worried about me." Lincoln stated softly while smiling, he looked down at both Lola and Lana. "It got a little crazy, but I was okay the entire time, the Power Rangers came and saved the day like always. I even got to see them fight, I actually got the whole fight on video."

Both Lola and Lana looked shocked before they got really excited.

"For real! Can we see!"

"Yeah, I wanna see!"

Even Lily got excited as she clapped her hands and giggled.

"Pow-pow wangers!"

Lincoln couldn't help but chuckle and smile at his little sisters. They were actually Power Ranger fans like himself, not really serious ones like him but they loved them. After all, what kind of kid doesn't like real superheroes? Lana really liked the Green and Silver Power Rangers since they were based on reptiles, she pretty much liked all the Power Rangers since most of them were based on animals. Lola only seemed to like the Pink and Aqua Power Rangers, it seems she only liked them by how graceful and fashionable they looked. Lily loved all the Power Rangers, especially the Aqua Power Ranger since she reminded her of her teddy bear.

At first, Lincoln didn't know if he should show the video to them, but he shrugged and decided it was okay. It's not like it showed anything other than the Power Rangers fighting against the monster and Putties. Besides, he couldn't say no to those eager faces.

"Alright, let's watch it together."

The twins and Lily cheered causing Lincoln to chuckle. He walked over to his bed with Lily in his arms, both Lola and Lana rushed towards the bed. When he sat down, Lola sat on his left while Lana sat on his right. Pulling out his phone, Lincoln went to his recordings and played the video of the fight. Soon as the video started, both Lola and Lana leaned closer to get a better look. When the fight began to play out both twins and Lily started to cheer.

"So cool, check out the rangers kicking those monsters butts!" Lana cheered. "They're so cool! I wish I could meet them, I really wanna meet the Green and Silver Power Rangers! They're the coolest ones!"

"Oh please, everyone knows the Pink and Aqua Power Rangers are the best." Lola scoffed with a snooty smile. "They're the most pretty after all."

"Nu-uh!" Lana argued shaking her head. "Green and Silver are the best rangers!"





It didn't take long for both twins to start arguing back and forth. Lincoln only sighed, at least they weren't getting physical like most of their fights. Deciding to ignore it, Lincoln looked down to see Lily clapping and giggling at the fight. She got really excited when the Aqua Ranger appeared. Lincoln couldn't help but chuckle to himself if only his little sisters knew the truth. That they saw their favorite superheroes every day. A part of Lincoln wanted to tell them just to see their reactions, but he kept quiet. Another part of him watched the video with a little bit of envy, Lincoln would give anything to be like them. To be a Power Ranger.

Still, Lincoln smiled when Power Rangers defeated the monsters and saved the day. Although he couldn't help but feel a little envious, he was grateful for the Power Rangers. To be precise, Lincoln was grateful for his sisters and friends. It still hurt to discover when he found out about their secret. Like he had been made to look like an idiot, but Lincoln knew better than that. His sisters and friends were out there risking their lives to protect everyone. Who would have guessed his sisters and friends were the superheroes he's come to idolize? Not him that's for sure. The least he could do is keep their secret to himself, he owed them that much. After all, they weren't just his favorite superheroes, but they were family and his friends.

'It's going to be weird from now on, keeping their secret. It's also going to be really weird being around them. Man, I sure hope things don't get any more complicated.'

What Lincoln didn't know is things will not only get more complicated for him but for everyone. And that he would be right in the middle of it.

Tall Timbers Park

Not far from Royal Woods, in Tall Timbers Park it was getting late. Night was approaching, the sun began to set a few rabbits gathered around a local pond to drink. Things seemed very tranquil until suddenly something strange happened. A sudden flash of electric energy struck the pond and frightened off the rabbits! When the energy quickly faded away, it looked like something was in the water? Suddenly a lone figure surfaced from the water and began to slowly head to shore. Once out of the water, the figure dropped to its knees.

The figure looked to be very imposing, it wore a black or charred-like armor that covered its entire body. It had a black fabric wrapped around its waist like a Pteruges that ancient Romans and Greeks wore. The armor looked damaged and weathered. It had a strange circular device at the center of its chest that was sparking like it was damaged. That wasn't the strangest thing, the strangest thing about the figure was its helmet. The helmet looked like a Power Rangers, it looked eerily similar to the legendary Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. The only thing different was the color of the visor and helmet, the visor was a dark blue while the helmet was black with a bit of silver.

Labored breathing could be heard coming from the mysterious Power Ranger, upon closer inspection he looked to be very hurt. His armor was very damaged, the left side of his armor was broken, and blood could be seen seeping through the cracks. However, the blood was not red, it was blue? His visor was cracked and looked ready to shatter. His breathing was still labored, and he brought his hand to put pressure on his wound.

Slowly, the mysterious Power Ranger looked around to see where it was. He seemed very lost as he kept on scanning around the area. That is until it decided to move, the mysterious Power Ranger limped away from the pond and groaned in a deep voice. He kept on walking until he groaned in pain fell to his knees again. The charred Power Ranger looked down at his wound and let out a sigh.

"Has the Morphin Grid forsaken me… am I no longer worthy." The mysterious Power Ranger breathed out in a very deep tone. "Is this where my torment comes to an end…"

The injured Power Ranger stayed on his knees for a moment before getting up. He looked around for a place to rest, suddenly he saw a poorly hidden cave entrance that was covered by branches and with a boulder in the way. Seeing no other place in his sight, he limped over to the entrance. Not knowing his destiny will be forever changed for deciding to rest in that cave. For this was no ordinary cave, this cave was a secret hideout to two best friends. One of whom we all know very well. A certain white-haired boy that will change the destiny of the Power Rangers and the Morphin Grid as a whole.

This is where our story truly begins.

To Be Continued

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Blue Wolf Ranger: Sam Sharp

Gold Libra Ranger: Lori Loud

Black Bull Ranger: Clyde McBride

Silver Serpent Ranger: Bobby Santiago

Green Chameleon Ranger: Lucy Loud

Pink Eagle Ranger: Sid Chang

Yellow Swordfish Ranger: Luan Loud

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Crimson Phoenix Ranger: Stella Zhau

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