A sudden silence filled Hadrian's ears as the sorting hat was lifted off of his head, and that honestly didn't surprise him. From what he knew about the "Boy-Who-Lived" persona from his parents, the majority if not all of the kids in the school were expecting a golden boy of sorts, one who was a shining knight and a hero for the light. Well, they were in for a rude awakening.

The first person to begin clapping was, oddly enough, the Headmaster, and soon after the rest of the great hall began clapping. Hadrian strode over to the Slytherin table, all the while maintaining his "pureblood" mask, and took a seat near the far end of the table, next to Daphne and Tracey. They both had shocked looks on their faces, while Daphne's was nowhere near as recognizable as Tracey's was, it was still noticeable, and after he sat, he began to make himself a plate of food.

"Hello, Hadrian." Daphne's somewhat timid greeting brought his eyes up from his food to her form, and he gifted her with a small smile, nodding for her to ask her question. "Why aren't… why aren't you sitting with the other purebloods?" She had a somewhat questioning look on her face and Hadrian swallowed another bite of his baked potato before answering.

"You two are some of the only people who haven't tried to use me for either of my names or have poked comments at me based on my heritage. I don't like bullies." And with that, Hadrian resumed eating and after a few more dazed looks from the two girls, they began to follow suit.

Dinner was a light affair, with the trio only speaking a few times during the hour-long opening feast and Hadrian didn't complain. He didn't really… know how to speak to people that weren't his family and he knew he was dreadful at making friends so he sat in the comfortable silence until the headmaster dismissed them from their seats.

Hadrian was rather impressed with Hogwarts. It was a truly magnificent castle and from what he had seen, it was going to be everything his parents had told him it would be. It was a very old, but very beautiful place and Hadrian was almost mystified by the amount of magic and history the castle held.

The prefect leading them, Gemma Farley, was a dark-haired witch and one that was pure-blood but she seemed like a reasonable person. She, along with the other perfect Fergus Berrow, lead them along through the castle, and eventually, to the dungeons, which was where the Slytherin common room was and also where his future dormitory would be.

The dungeons were in the far lower side of the castle and only Professor Snape's classroom, as well as a few other empty ones, occupied the damp, dark space. Hadrian liked that. While he wasn't as antisocial as he had been, it was nice to have his primary source of solitude, and the place where he was probably going to spend the most time in be somewhat isolated from the rest of the castle. Sure, there was the library, but people, not Slytherin could find him and try to talk to him. While he wasn't against meeting new people he wasn't entirely giddy at the prospect. So the dungeons were a perfect place to indulge in his introverted tendencies.

The entrance to the common room was quite… dramatic. It was a door, a wide tall one at that, but it sat in the corner of the turn of the hallway, and the door was all black, with a stone snake's head in front of it. The perfect, Farley, said, "Verdant", and the door began to open. Inside was a darkly lit room, littered in green banners and just overall green furniture, along with some dark brown couches and tables. It also had huge windows in it, but they looked out across the Black Lake instead of somewhere else. He only managed to see a little more before the prefects coughed into their hands, signaling for the first years to pay attention.

The prefect had begun monologing about house unity and appearances and Hadrian had begun, slightly to his shame, to zone out. He had already been told most of these things by both his parents, as well as his Aunt Narcissa, to remain stoic, poise, and to always present a unified front when it came to the other houses. If he had been sorted into Ravenclaw, most if not all of the same rules applied but weren't as heavily enforced inside the House, whereas in Slytherin these rules were the foundation of what ideals the House stood for. But Hadrian didn't mind. He had already been used to being reclusive and also holding up a mask to conceal how he actually felt and who he was, and, from what his parents had told him, he understood the basics of Slytherin politics. And he was also a Black, he had been essentially trained in the art of deception and verbal sparring. Also, from what he knew of some of the students and their families, they weren't going to be exceptional competition. Crabbe and Goyle immediately came to mind. That made him almost laugh. He glanced around at some of the other students and he knew most of the children.

Rosier… Pucey… Higgs… Hell. I know most of these kids, and I know for sure that they now know all about me. That should make things easier. The door opened up again and Hadrian glanced up towards the noise and came upon a familiar sight. Professor Snape was a tall man. Not overly tall, but taller than average, and had neck long hair that was either naturally oily or just greasy, but he held himself with a stature that screamed don't mess with me. In all black, his cape billowed behind him and he assumed a position in front of the horde of children that was assembled in the common room.

Snape's monologue was similar to the prefect's but included more rules and also more information about Hogwarts. Hadrian, who had been listening intently and trying to burn everything he had just heard into memory, began to walk forward toward where his new Head of House was walking towards.

The room, which Hadrian had now guessed was Snape's Office, was a rather large one that had a large ebony desk on one side, but a large collection of potion ingredients and even a few cauldrons on the other one. "Please, take a seat."

Severus Snape hated children. He taught them year after year but hated almost every single one of them. The "almost" was the keyword. There were a few, that weren't complete dunderheads and had a remote sense of control and aptitude. He also had a few friends. There had been almost none in school, except for a few, but after he had decided to become ever so slightly more social in order to not live out the rest of his life as a reclusive potions master, and that had led him to meet the Blacks.

Regulus Black was one of the few acquaintances he had in school, and he found he enjoyed the man's company as well as his wife's. He originally disliked the man, due to his relationship with his brother, but after said brother saved his life he decided to quit being bitter and get along with some actual people. The Marauders had originally been bloody menaces, but they had matured in their later years, and Severus found he could stand their company if it pleased Lily. He had already ostracised most of the purebloods in Slytherin by association with Lily, but he valued his friendship with her more than the strained acquaintances he had with a lot of the purebloods in Slytherin, and while he didn't think Peter Pettigrew was alright, he could tolerate the others, and he often time simply hung with Regulus and Eva.

They understood him, in a way only a few people ever had and he was very grateful to call them his friends. They visited him at Hogwarts, he visited them at their apothecary, and he always found himself wishing that the war hadn't happened almost without fail.

Sirius Black had originally been a dick. A righteous one at that, he would be the first one to tell you. The stereotypical bully-jock combo led him to be a hero in the eyes of most of the Gryffindors, while an enemy to most of the other houses. He was a ponce, a prick, an arsehole, all of the above, and it wasn't until his sixth year that he had started to mature. It took him realizing that murder was a horrible thing and a crime, and him to get over his pride for him and Severus to get along with each other.

James Potter had been in a similar situation.

He was basically a twin of Sirius, and the two were often strutting around the castle causing mischief and pranks as they marauded about, and it also wasn't until he realized that Sirius had told Snape were their respective werewolf friend transformed and had intentions of sending him there. After that, they found they go along, and found themselves in a strange group of people.

Himself, James Potter, Sirius Black, Lily Evans, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Regulus Black, and Evangaline Rosier. Quite the group. A bunch of Gryffindors, outcast Slytherins, and a werewolf. What a group…

So as Snape did his rounds of checking in with some of the more nervous first years, he wasn't heartless after all, he wasn't surprised when he came across the spitting image of a young Regulus Black with aquamarine grey eyes. The boy was lean, quite tall for his age, and definitely carried himself like a Black. The boy was sitting against one of the posts of his four-poster bed and was gently preening the head of his snowy owl. The owl seemed quite relaxed and was gently nipping back at the boy's hands before she flew off towards her perch, which rested near his dresser. The boy, now standing, was almost up to his upper arm, which was quite impressive considering his age. He knew Regulus had been a taller child, and it seemed that he took after his father.

"Mr. Black… a word." The other two boys in the room, one Theodore Nott and Blaise Zanbini made little cringing faces to each other, and unbeknownst to them, both Professor Snape and Hadrian saw both of them. Snape let out a few muttered words and then made way for Hadrian to follow him out of his dorms and into the common room, which eventually led to his personal office.

Hadrian knew that despite what his roommates thought of their Head of House, this visit was more in line with introducing himself to the son of his two friends. He knew, from his parents, that they were close to the Professor in school, and had kept contact with him after both the war and school, but he had never met the man. He respected him. But he knew from personal experience that his respect could be lost quickly, but still had a feeling that his potions professor was a good person.

"Please sit." They had arrived in his office thirty seconds ago, and Hadrian had been staring at the large wall covered in tattered books and potions ingredients. The office was rather small, but it was organized in a way that allowed for the potions master to work efficiently and still get work done. There were a few pieces of clutter on his desk, a few photos, and a few books, but not that much. He had been watching a ladle stir itself in the back mindlessly until Professor Snape's voice brought him back to reality.

He sat down in one of the two seats in front of the large oak desk, and propped one of his legs on the other, allowing for himself to sit back comfortably and still maintain complete focus on what his teacher was about to say.

"Your parents sent me a letter before this term. Do you know what was inside?" Hadrian nodded and replied with a, "No sir.", which made, in turn, the Professor nod, and then parrot a similar position Hadrian was in. The two eyed each other for a minute or two, and then Snape cracked the ice by dropping, "They mentioned your familiar."

Hadrian knew that this had been a possibility. Samara was a basilisk. A snake that would grow to exceedingly large lengths, had very venomous venom and had eyes that could kill people by looking at them. So, with the Professors approval, he lifted up his shirt and let Samara, who had been comfortably curled around his body, uncurl from it and instead wrap around his shoulder, with her head nestled comfortably around his neck.

Snape watched on in a sort of reverence and awe as he began whispering things to her in parseltongue as she woke up from her nap.

"Hello, Samara… I have someone who'd like to meet you. My new Head of House…" Samara hissed back a reply but he couldn't make out what it was. Samara instead tried to further burrow herself into his shoulder and tried to get back under his robes, but he managed to grab her and resituated her in a way where she would be bundled up in his lap.

"She's very beautiful." Snape had seemed quite uneasy when he first heard Hadrian speak parseltongue, but as he watched the two conversate and the boy begins to gently massage her head, he felt himself relax in the presence of the 5 XXXXX beast sitting in his student's lap.

"Does she need something for her… eyes?" Snape had been watching Hadrian's familiar as the boy calmly stroked his familiar's head. He knew that people with parseltongue had some resemblance of control over the snakes they talked to, but a creature was still a creature. He didn't want one of his students petrified or worse because they were idiots or the snake made a mistake.

"No, Professor. She has a third eyelid that makes it so she doesn't hurt anyone if she looks at them. She also knows not to bite people." The boy hadn't looked up from where his eyes rested on his now sleeping snake. He had also lowered his voice as not to startle her.

"Good, Mister Potter. Now, I trust both of your parents, I knew them in school and consider them dear friends, but if anything should happen-"

"I know what will happen if Samara should act out and hurt someone."

The silence between the two lasted for a couple of minutes with Professor Snape looking at his student and Hadrian looking at his familiar with a concerned look in his eyes. Samara was his first real friend, and he didn't know what he would do without her.

"You are free to go, Mr. Black."

The trek back through the common room was a quiet one, for one Hadrian Black. They were mostly unoccupied, save for a few older students, but none of the younger ones were about, due to the curfew. He had to retuck Samara back under his dress shirt and robes, but he managed not to wake her and also managed to make it back to his room without anyone noticing him.

His room was one he shared with two other boys, both his year, and he hoped they wouldn't be a problem. Most of them, many of the upper years, wouldn't be a problem at all due to the fact he knew that they knew who he was. Heir Black. WIth Regulus now having a son and an heir, he had re-activated a lot of the older alliances with some of both the dark and neutral families, and Hadrian had been briefly introduced to most of them, but he really didn't know any of them. Just that they probably wouldn't fuck with him. This also applied to most of the younger years as well, but he knew that a few, such as Malfoy and some of his allies, but as Heir Black, he was mostly guarded.

The door to his dorm creaked open when he pressed weight on it and opened the handle. The two boys were asleep, their beds a mess.

It seemed Nott like candy.

Blaise had his clothes arranged in a semi-orderly way, at least better than Nott, but he also seemed to enjoy sweets. The wrappers were all over his bed.

Hedwig was sleeping on her perch and he tried not to wake her up when he went over to his dresser, but it seemed the floors of his dorm were creaky, and Hedwig perked up when she heard him advance over to her. "Sorry, Hedwig." The owl hooted what sounded like a welcoming and she crooned appreciatively when he started gently petting her head. The two remained like that for a while before her eyes began to droop and he found himself getting undressed and putting his clothes away. He gave her one last appreciative scratch under her chin and then crawled into his covers.

Samara, it seemed, had already coiled up under them and began to gently wrap herself around him as he curled up under the covers, with his snake familiar and closest companion wrapped around him.

"Goodnight mom, Goodnight dad."

Hadrian supposed as he washed the sweat and grime from his body in the shower, that his nightmares wouldn't leave him even though he had been getting better. His parents had been advising a mind healer about helping him acclimate to both his home at Grimmuald and now Hogwarts, but he had hoped he wouldn't wake up in a pile of sweat.

It seemed not.

Samara had hissed calming words in his ear as she worked his way around his body, and Hedwig nipped lovingly at his ear until he calmed down. It helped. A lot.

He woke up an anxious mess, borderline close to tears and trembling and it took a lot of time for his two familiars to calm him down.

There were no windows in his room, in any of the rooms for that matter, and the only ones were in the common room and they displayed the black lake for all to see. But it still appeared dark, by the looks of it, so he headed over towards the showers and began a simple daily routine. Showering, simple daily hygiene, and he also let Samara wrap around him and for Hedwig to head towards the owlery. Apparently, his parents had gotten permission to let him keep both Hedwig and Samara in his room, but he wanted Hedwig to be able to fly around and not fret about him all the time. She deserved better than that.

So, with Samara under his robes, and Hadrian himself in black and green robes, Hadrian grabbed one of his books and made his way to a comfortable-looking chair in one of the corners of the common room.

He doesn't sense the older and younger kids walking into the room. He's too absorbed by his book in his hands, and the information inside, but does when a pair of people sit across from him. He stops reading and freezes.

"Hello, Heir Black."

Hadrian tries to reel in whatever anxious emotion begins to bubble up in his chest and steels his emotionless mask into place, and it begins to work. He marks the page on his book and places it on the desk in front of him. He looks up and sees a pair of students. Daphne Greengrass and Tracey Davis. One is anxiously staring at her own hands which rest in her lap, while the other is staring right back at him.

"Hello, Heiress Greengrass. Miss Davis." His calm, unwavering voice builds confidence inside him and he is pleased when the anxiety he feels inside of him doesn't leak into his voice. Greengrass hums appreciatively and begins to speak but is cut off by an anxious Davis.

"Do you think Snape will be a git? Do you think that the others will hate me because of my parents? Do you think that we'll do magic today? What about Quidditch? What about-"

"Tracey! Let the poor boy talk!" Daphne's voice has a hint of amusement laced in it as Tracey lowers her head in embarrassment and Hadrian also feels a bit of amusement build up in his chest. He lets a few seconds pass before he begins to answer her questions.

"No, I think Snape will be reasonable to us snakes from what some of the older Slytherins have old me. Perhaps, I know some won't because they have actual heads on their shoulders, but there will be some who will hate you for your blood status. I do believe we will do some magic today, but I don't think we have Quidditch until later this week." As he finishes his answering of her questions, he doesn't realize that now it is time for them to head for the Great Hall and begin to eat food, as well as receive their timetables.

And despite the fact that he is close to having a nervous breakdown, he is also excited. Excited to begin something new. He isn't a freak. He isn't a mistake. He is Hadrian Antares Black.

Hi! Fixed some mistakes that I made and didn't see under review, like Snape calling Hadrian Mr. Potter, and wanted to answer some review questions.

For Tracey seeming nervous, I think she has a right to be given she is entering a house notorious for blood supremacy and blatant bigotry and racism, while also only have two friends.

I think this also makes sense for Hadrian, since his entire childhood he didn't have friends and was shunned and called a freak. Also abused. I think it makes sense for him to be nervous and while I does makes sense for Hedwig and Samara to feel some of those same emotions due to them being his familiars, Samara comforted him earlier in the story, and I like the idea that they aren't animal versions of him. Sorta like friends instead of extensions of himself.

I also think Dumbledore confusion does make sense since he was under the impression that Harry Potter was coming to Hogwarts, not Hadrian Black, and instead of his golden boy, he got Hadrian which I think would confuse anyone.

This story will not have a Horcrux Hadrian for those asking. I just don't think that it fits the story very well and don't want to have it in my fic. Also, I don't think it's very public knowledge that he was once Harry Potter, but only Dumbledore has suspicions because he now knows Harry Potter doesn't exist. Other adults I think have to be suspicious, but most think it's was a general mistake, and that Harry Potter is missing or something. More of that in next chapter.

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