The Negotiator

"… and then Anakin was able to successfully evacuate his troops before the explosives went off," Obi-wan reported, standing at perfect attention as he gave his mission report. "The droid factory is now completely destroyed and I have a few troopers coming over the data we were able to scavenge for any useful intel."

"And the creature you mentioned… this Sonic… You're sure he isn't a Separatist spy?" The Chancellor asked, his hologram frowning in worry. Masters Yoda and Windu, the only other two currently attending this meeting, were maintaining their secrete masks, but Obi-wan could tell they also had their concerns.

"I have had not had the to have a full conversation with him due to the circumstances under which we met," Obi-wan replied. Though the battlefield wasn't the place for serious conversation, Obi-wan had been delighted to find that the little blue alien was just as prone to banter as he was. Obi-wan had to fight to keep a smile off his face when this was discovered and Cody had grumbled a "not another one" under his breath. Focusing back on the present conversation, Obi-wan continued, "But from both, what I could sense and his own actions lead me to believe he isn't with the Separatists. He was willing to help us when he didn't have to and I sensed no ill intentions. He is very… bright."

Windu raised an eyebrow and Yoda's ears twitched, both recognizing what Obi-wan wasn't saying, that Sonic was Force-sensitive. Obi-wan also wanted to tell them about the strange disturbance that sonic appeared from, but didn't dare say anything over coms. Even with their most secured channels, there was still a chance their messages could be intercepted. The very last thing they wanted was for Sonic to become the target of the Sith.

"Still we should be cautious," The Chancellor continued. "Someone unknown could be dangerous. Perhaps you should leave him behind when your mission is completed."

"Unpredictable, the unknown is," Yoda hummed. "But fear it, we should not."

"Nevertheless, we are at war," Windu said. "And our security and the safety of our men can't be compromised just because someone doesn't seem to be suspicious. Once you finish cleaning up, bring Sonic back to Coruscant so we can better determine whether or not he is an enemy or an ally."

"Understood Masters," Obi-wan nodded in agreement. "May the Force be with you."

"And with you Master Kenobi," Windu replied before the transmission cut out.

"Do you think it's possible Sonic's a threat, sir?" Cody asked, his expression calm but his shoulders tense. "With the abilities, he's shown us, he could potentially cause a lot of harm."

"Everyone has the potential to cause a lot of harm, but thankfully most people don't," Obi-wan replied sagely. "Sonic has done nothing to earn our suspicion and I have the feeling we have nothing to fear from him. If anything, I feel there is much we can learn from each other. The way he interacts with the Force is fascinating I look forward to being able to observe his abilities more closely without the danger of blaster fire raining down on us."

"Of course you want to study him, sir," Cody sighed, though there was a smirk on his face. "In any case, we should probably make sure the camp's still in order. Skywalker and Tano can cause enough mischief on their own, even without a high-speed alien thrown into the mix."

"Too true," Obi-wan agreed with a chuckle. "We should make sure they aren't trying to blow something up because they're bored."

Thankfully there was a lack of explosions and there wasn't even something on fire. Instead, Obi-wan and Cody found Anakin and Asoka sitting amongst a large group of troopers from both the 212th and the 501st. They were all gathered around Sonic who seemed to have been entertaining them with stories of his homeworld and was just finishing up his latest one."

"…. And so I jumped out of the nearest opening I could find as the station continued to explode around me," Sonic said, gesturing widely with his hands to his captivated audience. "Luckily the Death Egg had entered the far enough into the atmosphere at that point so I could still breathe. I was just getting ready to go Super again to save myself from the fall when I spotted Tails flying out to me, allowing me to grab onto the wing and get us farther away from the still falling station."

"Impressive story," Anakin began as the other clones mummer to each other about the story. "But let me tell you about this one time I…"

"Yes, yes," Obi-wan cut in, making a few of the clones jump. He smirked at Anakin as he continued, "We all know how much you love destroying ships, especially your own…"

Sonic, Asoka, and several clones snickered at that as Anakin blushed and sputtered a bit as he tried to come up with a quick comeback. Obi-wan ignored the small amount of chaos he caused and finished with, "but I'm afraid we have work to do. We need to finish up here and head out as soon as possible. We've been ordered back to Coruscant."

"Already?" Anakin couldn't help but blurt in surprise. "We've barely gotten deployed again…"

"The council is interested in meeting Sonic so they can better understand his situation," Obi-wan informed, sharing a meaningful look with Anakin. Anakin gave the tiniest nod to show he understood. As friendly and helpful as Sonic was, he was still an unknown in many ways. They needed to know more about him before they could decide what to do with him. If Sonic guessed what hadn't been said, he didn't give any indication. Instead, he just offered his help as every packed off, and soon they were leaving the planet behind.

The Negotiator is a Venator- class Star Destroyer, one of the largest ship types in the Republic fleet. With all the equipment it carried, the large number of troops and workers, and everything needed to provide for them all, it was practically a city unto itself. While it could feel a bit confining after the longer campaigns, very few ever felt truly trapped in the massive ship. But to a being who considers traveling across an entire continent to be an easy job, it was an incredibly small space to be stuck in.

The first day onboard, Sonic spent the whole time either sleeping or eating. When concerns were expressed about his health, Sonic just explained how he had been in a crisis situation where he had spent about a week running every waking moment with barely any time for food or naps, ending in the energy explosion that sent him here only to end up joining their battle. When put in that context, they were amazed Sonic hadn't crashed sooner. The second-day Sonic still took things easy and spent his time talking to everyone he came across, learning about them, the galaxy they were in, and the war they were currently fighting.

By the third day though, his energy levels were back up to normal and he needs something to do, and of course, his first instinct was to run. Now in an enclosed space like a space ship there wasn't anywhere he could run to, but that didn't stop him and soon he was running all around the ship at high speeds. The shinies always jumped and stubble out of the way every time the blue blur came flying by, while those that been out on the field longer were able to ignore him after the first three times he passed by. Those who had been a part of the war since the beginning or had been fighting alongside Sonic in the last battle only paused for a moment the first time before focusing back on their work.

"Here he comes again," Anakin comments casually as he stood on the bridge next to Obi-wan and Cody. Sure enough, a few seconds later a streak of blue enters the bridge through one door before being out the next in a gust of wind. "You sure we can't find something more productive for him to use his energy on."

"His limited knowledge of most of our galaxy and its technology makes it difficult," Obi-wan replied, no even looking up from the datapad he was reviewing. "Besides, you can't judge someone for Turing to their favorite past times to relieve stress."

"You complain about my tinkering all the time," Anakin replied.

"Only because you left droid parts everywhere," Obi-wan said with a roll of his eyes. "But I never stopped you from doing it."

"It is beginning to affect productivity though sir," Cody added. "We should find something else to let him burn off energy."

"I suppose your right," Obi-wan sighed, putting the datapad away and waiting until he could sense Sonic returning. "Sonic, a moment please."

"What is it Obi-wan?" Sonic asked, stopping easily in front of them as if he hadn't just been moving at high speeds.

"I think I know an activity to help you pass the time," Obi-wan explained. "If you'll just follow me…"

Obi-wan turned and lead the way off the bridge with Anakin and Sonic following right behind, leaving Cody in charge. The three made their way down to one of the mostly empty storage rooms that the Jedi tended to use as training. As it became clear where the three were headed, the clones started to gossip about what they might get up to and anyone that wasn't currently on duty began to gather to try and watch what two Jedi and a super-fast alien were going to do. Anakin, Obi-wan, and Sonic ignored their slowly growing audience as they stood in the center of the room.

"Anakin, the crates if you please." Obi-wan requested. Anakin grin as he caught onto Obi-wan's plan and immediately stretched out his hands, using the force to levitate all the crates in the room to various heights and distances. Obi-wan gave Anakin a satisfied nod as he said, "Thank you Anakin. Now Sonic, I want you to try and hit all these crates, without breaking them, touching each one more than once, or touching the floor until your done."

"And here I thought you were going to give me a challenge," Sonic smirked before leaping at the first crate, curling into a ball midair. Now, Obi-wan and the others had seen how Sonic's quills could become razor-sharp as he easily shredded through numerous droids, so it was surprising to see that same fast-moving ball gently bounce off each crate, usually without even leaving a scratch. In no time at all, Sonic had bounced through the boxes and landed gracefully on the last and highest one.

"Is that all you've got!" Sonic called, the grin clear in his voice even if not everyone could see it.

"Alright wise guy, try this," Anakin replied with a playful smirk. He began moving the crates back and forth, not very fast yet though it was bound to change as they kept the game up. Sonic laughed and once more began making his way through the obstacle course.

Obi-wan was proud of the skill and control Anakin was showing for this excessive and let some of his emotions be sent across their bond. Once he got a flash of Anakin's satisfied pride in return, Obi-wan turned his attention to studying Sonic in the force and what he saw was fascinating. While he was right that Sonic was drawing on the force to guide his steps and control his impact strength, his incredible speed seemed to come from within. It seemed to Obi-wan to be a force gift, like Quinlan's psychometry, a strong ability that needed to be controlled rather than a skill to develop. O I-wan had never heard of a force gift granting super-speed like that, but then all things are possible with the force.

As Obi-wan watched Sonic flip and bounce around through the air, Obi-wan was reminded of Yoda's dueling style. Obi-wan couldn't help but wonder what a spar between the two would be like…

With the walls of a training room, two blurs were bouncing around at high speeds, one green and one a mix of blue and green. The air was filled with the sense of pleasure that comes with facing a challenging opponent and the thrill of friendly combat. The two blurs clashed and bounced around each other, barely touching the ground in favor of launching off the walls instead. After another clash, the two blurs separated again and for a moment Obi-wan could see them clearly. One was Master Yoda, with his green lightsaber held at the ready. The other was Sonic, a lightsaber of his own in his hand, its deep emerald color matching his eyes. The two grin as they launched at each other again.

Obi-wan blinked a little in confusion as the vision faded from his mind. It had been a while since he'd had a vision that clearly and never when he had been awake. He'd have to meditate later on the implications of what he saw and bring it up to the council when they got back to the Coruscant.

Eventually, even with all of Anakin's power and Sonic's great stamina, the two eventually got tired enough and their games ended. Once the crates were safely returned to the ground, Obi-wan came up to where Anakin and Sonic were joking together and said, "Now that you've been able to burn off your energy, we should meditate."

"Sound's boring," Sonic replied while Anakin snorted at the comment. "In case you haven't noticed, I don't really do well with the staying in one spot for a long time thing…"

"Be that as it may, it's still necessary," Obi-wan went on patiently. "I need to teach you how to shield. You're projecting most of your emotions and presence, which is not something we wean when we get to the temple. At best you'll be distracting and at worst you could accidentally overwhelm the unprepared, such as the younglings."

"Okay…." It was obvious Sonic didn't really get what Obi-wan was talking about, but he still joined them as they sat down.

"Now breath deeply…. Yes like that… and focus on the energy within and around you…" Obi-wan guided, closing his eyes. "Let your mind clear as much as you can. I'm going to reach out with my mind to gently prob around the borders of your mind. I want you to see you can recognize my touch and then try and build barriers to block me out."

Sonic's ears twitched and one leg would start to bounce before he'd catch on and stop it. He wasn't really meditating, but he was focusing on breathing deeply and his presence calmed enough for Obi-wan to decide to go ahead with his plan. Carefully, Obi-wan stretched out with his mind reached toward's Sonic's bright presence. As he tested the edges, Obi-wan was surprised to realize that projecting like this was Sonic's subconscious way of protecting himself. Anytime Obi-wan tried to push through he'd be swept back by Sonic's feeling of confidence and self-assurance. Even when Obi-wan pushed forward with as much strength as he dared, he couldn't get past the tide of Sonic's projected feelings and inner light. It was a strange and unique way of protecting oneself that Obi-wan couldn't help but wonder if it was possible or even practical for others to use this technique.

Obi-wan was pulled out of his musings by the sound of Anakin snickering.

"Looks like I'm not the only one that finds meditating hard," Anakin said as Obi-wan opened his eyes. Obi-wan couldn't help but sigh to realize that Sonic had fallen asleep at some point, slumping over where he sat. It seems they'll have to work on this later. Hopefully, they could get Sonic some decent shield before they arrived a Coruscant.