By the time the Negotiator entered orbit around Coruscant Sonic hadn't been able to manage mental shields, but he was able to at least keep from projecting quite as much. He was still bright in the force, but he was no longer blinding. It would have to do as Sonic, Obi-wan, Anakin, and a few troopers were already in a shuttle heading down to the temple. When they landed, Master Windu was waiting to greet them.

"Welcome back," Windu said as Anakin, Obi-wan, and Sonic came down the ramp. "I assume there was no trouble on your return trip."

"Surprisingly true," Obi-wan agreed with a small smirk. "Allow me to introduce you to Sonic the Hedgehog."

Sonic, who was busy looking around at the new planet, looked over at the sound of his name and gave a quick wave. He was bouncing on his feet, eager to run around and explore. Windu looked over Sonic with a hint of curiosity in his gaze, though his expression and posture remained neutral and professional.

"Welcome to Coruscant," Windu said with a slight nod before focusing more on Obi-wan. "We better head up to the council so you can get a full report and can meet Mr. Hedgehog for themselves."

"Just Sonic is fine," Sonic replied. "So where's this meeting place?"

"In the council chamber at the top of the main spire," Windu replied, his brow furrowing. "Wh-?"

"Race ya!" Sonic replied before he began sprinting towards the temple. He only managed to go a few dozen feet before he was suddenly floating midair. "Hey! What's the big idea?"

"Sonic, you can't just go racing through the temple," Obi-wan sighed, hand still outstretched. He had suspected Sonic was going to try to run the first chance he got once his feet touched solid ground and had been ready. "Not only would it be disrespectful the last thing you want to do is startle a bunch of force sensitives. Just trust me on this and you'll be able to go for a run soon."

"Alright," Sonic sighed in agreement, tapping his foot impatiently once he was placed back on the ground. Those who had stopped to stare at the display quickly went back to work as the three Jedi moved to join Sonic, the troopers being dismissed to enjoy their brief break on Coruscant.

The group drew a lot of attention as they made their way through the large halls of the temple, particularly the strange blue alien in their midst. Sonic, though he kept his promise to not race through the temple, didn't exactly walk calmly by the Jedi who were leading the way. He often zipped around to get a better look at the rooms they passed or to say hi to the more interesting-looking Jedi. At one point a group of younglings were being herded past and one of the little ones tripped because they were running. Before they could hit the ground though, Sonic had managed to race over and catch them. After making sure they were okay, Sonic sent them back to the group, which immediately broke into excited chatter about the incident. No doubt stories about Sonic were going to be spread across the whole creche soon.

Finally, they made it to the council chamber, Windu taking his seat while the others remained standing in the middle. Because of the war, several council members couldn't be there in person, but their holograms occupied their seats, using the special secure channels reserved just for these types of meetings. Obi-wan and Anakin soon began their story of the disturbance they felt and finding Sonic because of it, going into more detail about Sonic's help. Sonic also gave a brief summary of where he came from and the events that lead him to arrive here.

"While I'm not in a hurry to leave, I would appreciate any help you could give me in finding a way home," Sonic concluded.

"We thank you for your assistance in the battle you happened to get caught in and we would like to help you," Master Windu began politely. "But I'm unsure how much assistance we can provide. From your story, it doesn't seem like it's a matter of figuring out where you're planet is and providing transport."

"And it seems unwise to try and duplicate the circumstances that got you here," Master Mundi added. "An energy explosion like that would be unpredictable at best and easily deadly."

"Not to mention we don't have or know of anything like those… Chaos Emeralds?" Master Fisto said, looking at Sonic for confirmation of the name.

"The Chaos Emeralds are pretty unique to my universe, but I find that most have some sort of powerful objects," Sonic replied, tapping his fingers on his crossed arms as he thought. "I've seen powerful rings and even swords, though gemstones and crystals definitely seem the most common."

Saying swords and crystals in the same sentence like that immediately brought to the mind of every Jedi of the powerful crystal that lies in the heart of every lightsaber.

"We do have something like that," Obi-wan said, holding his lightsaber out to Sonic. "But they aren't as powerful as what you're used too so I have no idea if it would work."

Sonic looked a little confused as he accepted the metal hilt, but as soon as it settled in his hand he understood. All the Jedi could feel as Sonic's presence instinctively reached out to attempt to connect with the crystal. Sonic wasn't rejected, but there wasn't really a connection though, but it was expected when using a crystal attuned to someone else.

"This has potential though it's definitely not enough," Sonic muttered before looking at everyone. "Is there a place with a lot of… whatever's powering this?"

"Kyber crystal," Windu informed. "And yes there is, but it is a very sacred place to our order and we rarely allow outsiders to even know of its location. We don't like risking pirates and other thieves finding out about it."

"Dangerous too, it can be," Yoda added. "Tested, those that enter are. If travel there you wish, then prepared you must be."

"Yes," Windu agreed. "It will take time for us to discuss granting you permission and you can use that time to learn some of our ways so you can transverse there safety. We'll figure out what lesson you should take soon."

Sensing the dismissal, Anakin lead Sonic from the council chamber, the doors closing behind them as they left. Obi-wan didn't take his seat right away, drawing curious gazes.

"More to add, do you?" Yoda asked.

"Yes Master," Obi-wan nodded. He then described the vision he had, making the council a mix of surprise and contemplation.

"Interesting your vision is." Yoda hummed. "Meditate on it, we must."

"Agreed, in the meantime, we have more to discuss," Windu concludes. Obi-wan nodded and settled in his seat for what was sure to be a long meeting.

Sonic was provided a room with a few basic necessities. It was small but comfortable, but Sonic didn't stay there for more than five minutes. After being in a spaceship for so long the last thing he wanted was to be in a small room. Instead, he thoroughly explored the Room of a Thousand Fountains, enjoying all various plants housed within before settling on a wide tree branch for the night.

Something that didn't occur to Sonic was that his amateur control over his presence still slipped back to its more instinctive state the moment he was asleep. This was normal for most learners, but it did mean that he was a shining beacon in a semi-public place that anyone curious enough would be able to find. It was late enough that only a few Jedi would wander close enough to see him sleeping before leaving him to his rest. That changed of course once the sun rose and the temple became much more awake.

Sonic's ear twitched as the sound of giggling followed by loud shushes reached him. Even in his mostly unconscious state he could tell the sounds weren't dangerous, so he didn't feel the need to move as he slowly became more awake.

"What do you think it is?"

"It's so blue!"

"I want to pet him!"

"Ssshhh! You might wake him up."

Sonic couldn't help but smile at the children's voices below him, amused by their curiosity. Opening his eyes, he glanced down to see a crowd of small children, both humans, and aliens. They locked eyes, the children froze for a moment and Sonic gave them a wave. A few children immediately scattered, shrieking and giggling in delight at being caught staring. The rest stayed put and a few of the braver ones even waved back. With a laugh Sonic jumped down, doing a flip as he fell through the air just to show off, earning some delighted gasps.

"Hi kids, what can I do for you this morning," Sonic greeted.

"Hi," a girl that looked mostly human except for her pink skin. "Can a pet you? Your fur looks so soft!"

"Sure, just stay away from my quills, they can be very sharp," Sonic replied, sitting gown and holding out his arm for the girl to feel. "And while I'm here…. Do you and your friends know how to make flower crowns?"

When Obi-wan came looking for Sonic a few hours later, he found the hedgehog surrounded by younglings. They all had a ring of flowers on their heads and the children were still making more. Whenever one finished one, they would run-up to the nearest Jedi that happened to be passing by and giving them it to wear as well. One child even came up to Obi-wan and Obi-wan obliged the child, smiling as he sensed the child's delight as they placed the flowers on his head.

"I see you've been busy," Obi-wan commented once he was close enough.

"They were curious and they remind me of my friend Cream who was around their age when I met her," Sonic replied, gently shooing away the younglings still clinging to him. "She loved flower crowns so I thought these kids might live them too, and I was right. Anyway, did you need something Obi-wan?"

"I'm just letting you know Anakin and I are being deployed again and no, you're not coming with us," Obi-wan said before Sonic could comment. "This isn't your fight and we still have much to learn about each other before you'd be trusted on the field anyway."

"I don't like sitting on the sidelines," Sonic grumbled, but nodded. "But you guys know this battle and these enemies more than I do. I stay out of it for now, but I hope I can earn your trust soon so I can be of more help."

"That's a very wise decision Sonic if you truly wish to help I'm sure you'll find a place with us soon, In the meantime, I'd like to try meditating with you again before I go," Obi-wan said, settling down in a quieter spot though they weren't far from where the children were still working.

"Really? Again?" Sonic sighed, reluctantly settling across from Obi-wan. "Maybe you should explain how this is supposed to work because I'm pretty sure I'm not getting it."

"Alright," Obi-wan obliged, feeling a little nostalgic for when Anakin was first learning. "The force flows through each of us and the world around us. The basic purpose of meditation is to strengthen the connection of the force within us with the greater force of the universe. To start with, you'll need to focus on yourself, find your inner peace and light. Once you find it, you use it to reach out to the world around you. As you're still learning, you can reach out to me and I'll be able to guide you further into the force. You ready to begin?"

Sonic nodded though he still couldn't quite grasp the concepts Obi-wan was trying to describe. Still, it sounded a little similar to what he does when he connects to the Chaos Emeralds to go super. Maybe if he does that, he'll get a better idea of what he's supposed to do. Closing his eyes and slowing his breathing, Sonic focused on the chaos energy contained with him, the warm pulsing energy within that flows through his entire body, filling him with strength and speed. Once he could feel that energy he tried to reach out, it was hard to do it without a specific powerful force to latch onto like the emeralds, but Obi-wan was a distinct point and it helped that Obi-wan was reaching out to Sonic as well. Sonic latched onto him and Obi-wan guided him to the greater force around them.

Now, something that Sonic knew and that the Jedi hadn't fully grasped was that he was from a completely different universe with different rules, not just an unknown solar system. The force and chaos were very similar energies and were compatible in many, ways but they still worked on different wavelengths and couldn't truly blend on their own. Sonic lacked the skill and mental discipline to overcome that kind of obstacle on his own, but now he had Obi-wan helping him. Obi-wan, though he didn't really realize it, was acting like a bridge between the two energies, allowing the two energies to almost be in harmony with each other and allow Sonic to connect fully with the world around him for the first time.

The thing is, Sonic has very unique instincts when it comes to dealing with the powerful energies that make up the fabric of the universe, especially when compared to force sensitives. He doesn't demand and take power to unleash on the world around him like the Sith, nor does he ask for lent power and allow himself to be a conduit for it to guide and aide himself and those around him like a Jedi would. No, when Sonic calls upon the world's energy, he absorbs it, letting it amplify everything he is body and soul to give him the strength he needs to save the world.

To Obi-wan, and pretty much any force-sensitive playing the slightest bit of attention to the world around them, Sonic's force presence suddenly and rabidly grew and shown brighter than ever, almost as powerful as Anakin. It was like a mini sun just flared to life in the heart of the temple. It was a surprise and probably have been frightening if it wasn't for the way the force danced around Sonic in welcome, almost like it was greeting him now that were properly connected.

"So pretty!"

The child's voice was followed by several others murmuring in agreement, making Obi-wan curious. He opened his eyes to a startling sight. Sonic's quills were flowing in an undetectable breeze and was even floating slightly off the ground. While it was unusual for a learner to draw on the force for that kind of effect, what was truly startling was the fact that Sonic's fur had taken on a golden shine. It wasn't enough to cover up the blue, but it was visible and almost seemed to glow. Visible physical sparks of energy danced around Sonic, giving him a sparkling effect. The sight was surprising enough that Obi-wan's metal hold on Sonic slipped.

To Obi-wan's credit as a master, he didn't lose his grip on Sonic completely, which would have immediately pulled Sonic from the force and given the hedgehog the equivalent of mental whiplash strong enough to knock him out for the rest of the week. In fact, the slip was small enough that in a normal situation nothing would have happened. But this wasn't a normal situation and that slipped caused Sonic's connection to become unstable.

Sonic's presence began expanding and shrinking rapidly as Sonic tried to keep the connection, but it was slipping away from him. Obi-wan as rapidly as he safely could begin drawing Sonic from the force. As they surfaced, the energy Sonic had absorbed into himself exploded outward. Some of it was physical, feeling like a warm breeze passing over those in the garden. The rest of it was pure energy, a wave of pure light side force soothing those it passed over and making children giggle.

"That… was certainly something…" Sonic said with a confused chuckle, his fur once more its normal blue.

"It certainly was," Obi-wan agreed. "Though I recommend you don't do something like while I'm away."

"No worries there," Sonic assured. "I don't think I even could do that again on my own."

The truth of that rang in the force, making Obi-wan pause. Sonic really would not be able to connect to the force that fully again without help. While it should have been reassuring, the implications were a little concerning.

The crowd had gotten over their shock and they whispered discussion, reminded Sonic and Obi-wan that they weren't alone. When Obi-wan spotted Windu and Yoda among the crowd, he was suddenly grateful he's being shipping out in an hour. They wouldn't be able to keep him for the long meeting that was sure to come from this. With a sigh and a smile, he went over to tell them what happened.

Sidious stood at the window, swirling a glass of wine while he looked at the Jedi temple in thought. Early that morning he had felt a wave of light side energy come from it. It wasn't the most powerful thing he felt, but it had been disgustingly bright. So much so that it had briefly burned through the darkness that filled the senate from decades of greed, selfishness, and Sith influence. The darkness reclaimed its dominance after a moment, but that moment had enough to have an effect on the session that had been going. Those that were stupidly genuinely good had been inspired to be a little bolder while the normally selfish majority had felt just the slightest more generous. It had caused a bill to increase relief effects to planets effect from the war from being dismissed as to dangerous to being passed.

While the bill was insignificant in the grand scheme of his plans, the source of that lightwave could potentially be a huge problem. He knew of course the likely culprit, that blue hedgehog that Kenobi had found and said was bright. Unfortunately, because he had expressed his concerns in an attempt to get the alien abandoned so his own agents could pick it up, he'd couldn't get to it now. Asking for a meeting would raise too many questions that he couldn't afford this late in the war, not when he was so close to completing his goals.

No, he'd have to arrange some other way to meet this unknown alien. Then he'd know whether he could use it or need to eliminate it.