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One morning at UA, as the students of Class 1-A settled down into their seats just as their teacher, Eraser Head, arrived, they received an unexpected surprise when All-Might showed up at the door with a girl unfamiliar to them. She had sandy blonde hair and brown eyes, and seemed to be in a good mood.

"*Sigh* Can I help you?" Eraser Head, aka Shota Aizawa asked, disinterest very apparent in his voice.

"If it's not too much," All-Might replied jovially. "I was asked to bring a new student to you-she'll be starting in 1-A today." He then looked down at said new student. "Go right ahead and introduce yourself."

The girl nodded, and stepped over to face the class in front of Aizawa's desk.

"Hi there!" she greeted. "I'm Juni-Juni Hanzui. My quirk is known as 'Earworm'-it's a form of telepathy. Basically, I can project any song I'm thinking of into other people's heads, sometimes to the point where they'll sing it out loud. (Maybe dance too.)." She then began rubbing the back of her head absentmindedly. "There's a catch, though-I can't control it when I yawn or-" Her face then began to contort as a discomfort familiar to many of us began to plague her. "*Ah-AH-AH-CHOO!*-sneeze." Juni's eyes went wide when she realized she'd been unconsciously thinking of the TV rerun she'd been watching the night before, and its particular theme song...

The rest of the class, however, wasn't aware of this. Midoriya was jotting down notes in his book just before something rather interesting began to happen.

"Seems like a niche quirk," he said while turning to his classmate a few desks behind, "don't you agree, Uraraka?"

The gravity-manipulating girl nodded. "I hear you, seems like-" she paused unexpectedly when, to her own surprise, a song lyric was the next group of words to come out of her mouth:

"It's time to play the music..."

She was then followed, surprisingly, by a just-as-astonished Todoroki:

"It's time to light the light..."

Midoriya blinked, unsure of how to react, before he found himself joining them:

"It's time to meet the Muppets..."

All three: "On The Muppet Show tonight!"

Juni had a very good idea of where this was about to go. "Uh-oh..." she said sheepishly, just as accompanying music began to play in the background.

Iida (shocked): "It's time to put on make-up..."

Mineta (flabbergasted): "It's time to dress up right..."

Yaoyorozu (doing her best Liza Minelli): "It's time to raise the curtain..."

All three: "On The Muppet Show tonight!"

Aizawa (very much monotone): "Why do we always come here?"

All-Might (strangely unperturbed): "I guess we'll never know!"

Aizawa: "It's like some kind of torture..."

Both: "To have to watch the show!"

Jiro then stepped in with the drum solo, followed by Tokoyami handling the trumpet solo quite capably.

One half of the class: "So now let's get things started!"

The other half of the class: "Why don't you get things started?"

Asui (leaning on the centermost desk): "It's time to get things started..."


"On the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, Muppetational-


Bakugo wound up capping it off by blowing the party horn that had suddenly appeared in his mouth, much to his own shock. The class looked around at one another, astonished by how much of a production a simple introduction of a new student had turned into, before quietly getting back into their seats.

Aizawa, sitting back down at his desk, looked at Juni. "Miss Hanzui, please take your seat," he said in a neutral voice. Juni warily nodded in affirmation, before finding a spot between Ashido and Kaminari. She inwardly hoped the rest of the day wouldn't be as awkward.


**Author's Note(s)**

Three guesses as to who my OC's name is a play on.