Full summary: Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are a happily married couple. Together, they lead the Avengers and train Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man. Finally, their lives seem to be calmer and they enjoy it immensely. Until, one day, Heimdall shows up and they get to know about Thanos, who wants to get all the Infinity Stones and destroy the universe. Can they stop him with the help of all their friends? - Last part of my series 'Together, We're Stronger', my version of the events in Avengers Infinity War and Endgame, focuses on the following couples: TONY x STEVE, EVERETT x T'CHALLA, LOKI x THOR, CLINT x PHIL

Hey there! Here's the next part of my series 'Together, We're Stronger'! It's set after 'Getting To Know You', 'Knowing You', 'Falling In Love Isn't Always Easy', 'Not An Illusion' and 'A Matter Of Trust' in this order. This time, it covers the events of Avengers Infinity War and Endgame! It focuses on four couples: Tony and Steve, Everett and T'Challa, Loki and Thor as well as Clint and Phil. Others will also have their moments, but those are the main characters in this. To understand everything, it's good to have read the other stories. Actually, I wanted this to be a oneshot, but I noticed very quickly that it won't work. So this story will have more chapters. I don't know how many, but at least five, I think.

I hope you like it, please let me know what you think! The first chapter is an introduction.

I don't own the characters or places!

Avengers Compound, New York

"No! How often should I repeat it? You can't bring yourself in danger like that." Tony said sternly and crossed his arms. "You're not ready for it."

The kid groaned. "But Mr. Stark, you're also going out there to stop the bad guys!"

"Because we know what we're doing, Peter." Tony replied immediately. "You, on the other hand, don't. How many times did you come back injured in the past months?"

Peter Parker opened his mouth to reply, but Tony didn't give him a chance to speak. "Far too many times, that's true. So no more going out to save the world until we finished your training."

"The people need Spider-Man!" Peter argued loudly. "I can't just let them down!"

"There are also people who prefer Peter Parker alive." Tony shot back. "Ever considered that? Your aunt May is always really worried when we bring you back injured." Honestly, Tony was also very worried when the kid got injured, but he would never mention that in front of him.

For half a second, it looked like Peter wanted to reply something, but then he shut his mouth again. "Alright." He said in the end, though he didn't sound happy.

Tony grinned. "Awesome. I bet Steve and the others will be back soon, then we can start!" He clapped his hands and gestured for Peter to follow him through the Avengers Compound. It was a normal Saturday for the Avengers. Steve, Sam and Bucky were out on a mission, while Nat and Bruce were in the lab, Rhodey was training with Pietro outside and Wanda was reading a book. Actually, she'd been talking about her powers with Tony (they had to find a way to help her gain more control) when JARVIS had told him that Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, was in trouble once more. He'd left in an instant to rescue the kid.

Now that they were back, Tony had scolded him for being too reckless. It was true, Peter rarely came back from a mission uninjured. They already had training lessons every week, but apparently, it wasn't enough. So Tony had decided to stop him from going on more missions before he learned to be more careful. He'd mentioned this to Steve some time ago and luckily, he agreed with that. The kid was also very important to him.

"How are things at school?" Tony asked to ease the tension between them. He'd upset Peter more than expected. "You had to make a presentation with Ted last week, didn't you?"

"Ned." Peter corrected him simply. "Yes, we did. It was really good, the teacher liked it."

Tony smiled slightly. "Wasn't that the one about clean energy we spoke about?"

Peter nodded silently.

He grinned. "Then it's no surprise that it was good! After all, I helped you with it." The kid had hesitated very much to ask him first, but in the end, he'd found the courage and Tony had helped them with it. After all, he was in expert in that area.

"Thanks for that." Peter smiled.

"You already thanked me." Tony noted. "Maybe you can stay uninjured instead of doing it again?" He suggested and gestured at the cut on Peter's cheek.

"I'll try." The kid ran a hand through his hair. "So what will we be training?" He asked curiously.

"Whatever comes to Steve's mind." Tony said simply. "I'll stay for some time, but there are important papers I have to look at later. Ms. Potts will come back from LA next week and then she'll want them all signed on her desk in the tower." He grimaced at that.

"What will I be deciding?" A voice behind them asked and they both turned around. Steve, Bucky and Sam were walking towards them, all in their gear. There was a curious look on Steve's face and he smiled when his eyes met Tony's.

"We'll have to plan more training sessions for Spider-Man." Tony explained. "I just had to rescue him again."

"I would have been able to deal with them alone." Peter muttered.

"Of course you would." Tony noted and quirked an eyebrow. "I bet Karen just informed JARVIS for no reason at all."

"You don't always have to save me, Mr. Stark." The kid crossed his arms. Tony glanced at the others and noticed that they were following the conversation with amused looks on their faces.

"Are you up for a training session or do you need time to cool down after your mission?" Tony asked them. JARVIS had already told them that nothing had happened on the mission.

"Training sounds good." Sam grinned at Peter. "We could practice the new moves I invented lately."

"You also need to improve your speed." Bucky added. "You're fast, but that isn't enough in a battle. You have to control your movements." They started to walk towards the gym, an insecure looking Peter behind them.

Tony and Steve watched them leave, but didn't follow yet. Instead, Steve wrapped his arms around Tony. "I missed you." He whispered and kissed Tony's neck.

He chuckled. "We didn't see each other for a few hours, love." He said softly.

"Far too long." Steve argued and his lips wandered to Tony's cheek.

"I missed you too." Tony muttered before he pulled Steve closer to kiss him properly. "Mr. Stark-Rogers."

Steve smiled softly. "I love you, my husband."

Tony chuckled. "You never get tired of mentioning that."

"So do you." Steve replied and they kissed each other again. Only when Bucky called their names impatiently, they let go of each other and followed them into the gym.


"And you really think that they will just accept it?" Everett asked curiously.

"They will." T'Challa replied confidently and took his hand. "They wanted a decision from the leaders of Wakanda and that's what they will get."

Everett chuckled. "You are the king, I'm just telling you my opinion. Either you listen to it or not. It's always up to you."

T'Challa stopped and looked at him seriously. "When will you finally see how important you are to this country, Everett? You're not just my fiancé, you've proven many times that you can do very much for Wakanda."

He sighed. "I still don't understand why you've chosen me, of all people."

T'Challa took both his hands and smiled softly. "I love you, Everett Ross. Do I really need to repeat all the reasons?" The look on T'Challa's face told him that he was considering just that.

Everett chuckled. "No, you don't." He leaned in to kiss him. "We don't have that much time, remember? I'll have to leave soon. Otherwise, I'll not arrive in New York in time. You know how they get when that happens. They'll never even consider our offer then."

Now it was T'Challa who sighed. "I don't want you to leave." The king of Wakanda muttered.

"It will only be for a week." Everett said. "And may I remind you that it wasn't my idea to be the representative of Wakanda?"

T'Challa pulled him closer. "Doesn't change the fact that I would never let you go, if it was possible." Again, they kissed each other.

"I also don't want to leave." Everett whispered. "But it's necessary."

"Unfortunately, that's true." T'Challa touched his cheek softly. "Then let's go. We don't want M'Baku to get impatient, after all." Hand in hand, they walked into the throne room.


"That's the solution to our problem?" Loki asked and eyed the object in front of them incredulously. Next to him, Thor also looked sceptical.

"Its a mold." Eitri explained. He was still looking shocked from the news that Asgard was destroyed and everything else Loki and Thor had told him. They, on the other hand, were worried by the fact that Thanos had a gauntlet to control all the Infinity Stones now. "A king's weapon. Meant to be the greatest in Asgard. In theory, it could even summon the Bifrost."

"Did it have a name?" Thor asked.

"Stormbreaker." Eitri replied simply.

"It's the solution to our problem, yes." Thor said to Loki, answering his question. "How do we make it?"

"You'll have to restart the forge. Awaken the heart of a dying star."

Inwardly, Loki groaned by this statement. It didn't sound easy at all. However, he helped Thor to make everything work. He just hoped that they would be fast and arrive on Midgard in time to stop Thanos from getting all the stones. He was sure that Heimdall had made it there safely. They just had to find him again.

Secret SHIELD headquarter, somewhere in the US

Clint walked towards the building slowly and looked around once more to make sure that no one was following him. Once he was inside, he followed the hallway to the conference room, ignoring all the other small offices where people were sitting in front of screens. Some of them were even talking softly.

"What do you mean, something happened in Brazil?" A familiar voice asked when he got closer.

"A strong trace of paranormal activity." A young woman answered. She was standing in front of the others, who were all looking at something on the big screen on the wall. It was a map. Skye saw Clint first and smiled at him, which made the others turn around as well.

Phil smiled when he saw his husband. Clint smiled back at him and sat down on the empty chair next to him. Without even thinking about it, he took Phil's hand and squeezed it.

Skye didn't let herself get interrupted by Clint's appearance. By now, they were used to it that he just left for some time on a regular basis. After all, he had to stay in touch with the other Avengers. In short words, Skye explained what she'd found out and they started to discuss if they should go there or send another team instead.

"How are things in New York?" Phil asked once they'd finished their discussion.

"Everything seems to be normal." Clint explained. "Nat says they didn't have important missions in the past weeks. Tony and Steve are training that kid, Spider-Man. They think he'll be a good addition to the team. And Everett Ross will be in New York soon, some business concerning Wakanda. They'll invite him to the Compound for dinner one evening to exchange information."

"Don't they communicate on a regular basis?" Phil frowned.

"They do. But it's always better to talk to someone in person." Clint said. "Honestly, I think they just like him." He smiled slightly. "In Wakanda, things also seem to be calm."

"Do we know where Fury and Hill are?"

"Last time, they were seen in Washington. However, Nat couldn't tell me what they were doing." He frowned. "Most probably, it's something important when they even keep it from us."

"Or Fury is still upset because you yelled at him shortly after Clint's return." Skye noted. "And that's why he doesn't tell you anything."

"He wouldn't hold back information because of a simple argument." May threw in thoughtfully. "He knows that holding grudges can cause much trouble."

"I think so too." Phil agreed, though he didn't look too happy when the argument was mentioned. After Clint's return, Phil had confronted Nick Fury with all the lies he'd told Clint over the years and how he'd affected their relationship. It ended in a huge argument, especially when Clint also joined it. In the end, Melinda May had to stop them from hitting each other. Ever since, Fury only contacted them when it was necessary.

"I think we shouldn't go." Phil said suddenly and they all looked at him questioningly. "Brazil. We'll send a team instead."

"Why?" Simmons asked.

"I'm not sure, but I have the feeling that we're needed here." Phil muttered and Clint frowned at his husband. When their eyes met, Phil smiled slightly. Clint decided to trust his intuition.

"So what will we do instead?" He asked.

"Have you ever been to Baltimore?" Phil asked. "Another team of us has come across a riddle they can't solve. They're sure that they saw a person who could walk through walls."

"Sounds crazy." Skye muttered.

"Impossible." Fitz argued.

"Don't say impossible." Clint muttered. "You've never met Wanda."

"So Baltimore then?" May asked, her face a neutral mask as usual.

"Would be worth a try." Phil said, but his eyes wandered to Clint, waiting for his opinion. It was always like that, ever since they were leading what was left of SHIELD together.

Clint nodded slowly. "Let's do it."