A/N: Hi friends, I'm back with another story. I decided to go with something completely different and out there, so I made this. Beware, Issei will not have any of the heavenly dragons in this fic because I think it is too overused and I'm just tired of seeing it. Also, this is set in an AU, if that wasn't already obvious and probably won't follow canon's plot and expect to see a harem. Anyway, I hope you like it. Heheheh.


And credits to Nosferatu869 for helping me develop my ideas.

Warning: This gets kinda dark in some scenes.

Now, enjoy.

Chapter 1: The new mission

In a dark cave, was Issei Hyoudou who had been backed up into a corner. He gripped his battle axe and swallowed nervously. The bleeding on his forehead worsen by the minute and the same went for the gash on his stomach which was caused by a dragon who ambled towards him. He held out his axe, waving it unsteadily. Unfortunately, another dragon had overpowered him and was now approaching him with skin hard as a rock, and eyes glaring down like he was prey.

"S-stay back, I warn you!" he yelled, however, the dragon hadn't complied and kept going.

Issei now regretted ever coming to this mission. Even though it paid a hefty price, this dragon was far out of his league. Issei whipped his head away as his opponent threw a heavy fist, which now smashed into the wall. Issei trembled and whimpered, reverting even further against the wall. He was surely dead and it made no point in holding up a weapon against this thing and with that considered, the battle axe slipped from his fragile grip.

"Ah, shit," he whispered and shut his eyes. "I'm screwed, aren't I?"

Suddenly, he felt a brightness around him and slightly opened his eyes. Now, through the tiny gap of his eyelids, there was a bright light illuminating from behind the dragon. It was blue and ecstatic. Soon, the dragon disappeared as he became engulfed in it, and when the light disappeared, what was left was just a skeleton, as if being displayed at a museum.

Coming from behind it, was a blonde boy, two years older than Issei and wearing a dark coat with embroidery designs. He walked towards Issei, who was perched against the wall, and stooped down. Without warning, he backhanded him across the face.

"How many times do I have to tell you to not get in my way, Hyoudou?" he asked.

Issei grunted. He shot a glance in the boy's way but couldn't retaliate. This guy was far stronger than he was and he knew the consequences of ever enraging him.

"I'm sorry, Sato," he muttered, staring to the ground but still harbored temptations of retaliation.

Sato side-eyed him and kicked him in the face.

"The fuck was that for, Sato? Your gonna make Issei weaker than he already is." another boy laughed, entering the cave so casually.

He was, rather, a chubby young man. His attire wasn't that of a normal youth but an adventurer. Another young man entered the gave, but this one stood a whopping height of 6'7 and had shaggy dark hair with a quiet dumb-looking face as well.

"Shido's right, Sato." He snickered and stopped right at Issei. "If you keep treatin' him like that, he'll become even more of a liability." He released a chuckle and walked off.

Their relentless ridicules and taunts became so customary each time they'd go on missions. Issei easily shrugged off this one, especially the abuse from Sato that he'd also grown accustomed to. If it were either Shido or Kurou who had hit him, he thought he could've easily fought back against them due to them being the same grade hunter as he was. Though they wouldn't want to admit being in the same rank as Issei. The disdain would pulverize them. However, Sato was different, being one of the highest grade Dragon Hunters in town, one could barely stand up to him.

Issei glanced at Sato and quickly drew back his eyes once he saw that Sato had noticed.

"What'd you wanna say, you little squirt?" Sato grinned.

Issei wheezed a breath. "I'm not so weak you know. I can be a high-grade hunter like you Sato. I can kill tons of dragons and—"

Issei puked blood as Sato's thrust his thick leather boots into his stomach. He carried back his feet and gave Issei a callous look.

"Don't ever utter sentence including my name and yours, ever! You want to become a high-grade dragon hunter? Psst. When we came to this mission, you rushed off before us to go exorcise the dragon and got your ass handed to you. Now, I've gotta report that someone in my group got hurt all because of your stupid ass, and it'll put a bad stain on my group."

Sato pulled him up by the collar. The other hunters, Shido and Kurou, were left in fearful shock. Sato glared into Issei's averted and frightful eyes.

"If you ever get in my way of victory, Issei Hyoudou, I'll kill you."

He released Issei, dropping him to the ground, and walked towards his two other comrades. Stopping at the biggest one, Shido, and smothered his hands all over his fat stomach.

"The hell did you just wipe on my shirt, dude, I mean Sato?" he shouted and daintily stretched out his shirt.

"Don't question me," Sato remarked and exited the cave.

The other boys followed behind. Kurou experienced immense laughter at Shido's reaction to his shirt. Back in the cave, Issei curdled in pain and pulled himself up. He should've known not to upset Sato, whether it be accidental or not, the result would always be something similar to this. He held his stomach where the dragon had scratched. As he trotted forward, he felt a sudden rage boiled within him and he couldn't help but give Sato a fierce look.

Sato slowed to a stop. He felt the boy's eyes peering on him from behind. He whipped his head around and saw an angry Issei. Sato grinned.

"What? You wanna fight, you dumb ass weakling?" He asked and gathered an orb of blue light.

Issei took a stance and gripped his battle axe, but then let go. Seeing this, Sato made the orb of light disappear.

"As I thought. Let's go guys."

Sato left the gave briskly. The other boys followed behind like they do at the end of every mission. They all stepped out in the dazzling sunlight, leaving Issei alone in the cave. Issei sighed at yet another failed mission. Left with nowhere else to go, besides home, he exited the cave.

It was 5:00 pm when Issei arrived at his house. He lived in a small, dilapidated shack that sat in an abandoned junkyard that was used to store cars. It was repulsive and made of wooden planks which were slowly rotting. Though, despite these horrible traits, he was lucky enough to find it when he ran away from his previous foster home. It wasn't his intention to run away, he'd always wanted people to love and care for him but what he got, was a drunken father who'd hit him for not doing his chores correctly, or rather the way he wanted it and a mother who was constantly high and would forget him at outings just because she'd been off with some random guy she just met.

So now, he lived on his own as a 16-year-old boy. Since he received no pay from previous missions, the only cash he had left, was earned from selling his kidney to some guy he made a deal with on a bus ride, and then he got a nice 8000 yen from selling his pinky finger too.

When Issei pulled the door to his home, the stench that hit him was unlike any other. He clapped a hand over his nose and made his way inside. His house was rather cramped together with most furniture in one place. The coffee table was littered with empty soda cans, candy wrappers, and old porno DVDs he found behind high schools. The floors probably weren't clean for months and the walls as well. He disliked his dump of a house but being a grade 1 dragon hunter just wasn't paying him enough to get an upgrade.

"Ah, shit! Not again." he cried out as he stood over a pool of water, behind his old couch.

Suddenly, something wet fell on his face. When he looked up, he saw the blue sky, which was seen from a huge crack in the roof.

Issei sighed depressingly. "I hate this."

After, he had spent almost the entire evening searching for something in the junkyard that served as a substantial object he could use to tape over the hole. Eventually, exhaustion overcame him and he stopped at an old, mutilated car and decided to go back to the shack.

When he finally stepped inside, he fell onto the couch, which wasn't too far from the door, instantly falling asleep.

Perhaps, even dragon hunters needed rest. Though, rest was the least of the boy's worry as he was desperate for cash and lots too, which is why he couldn't fixate on the mystery behind dragons. Once he found one, he planned to kill it, get his payment and leave, also, if he could pretend to kill one, one rather kind and gentle, and still receive payment, he would. But, scenarios like that were unlikely. Most dragons he met were raging monsters who wreaked havoc for no reason at all. They would often overpower him and someone else would do the job and kill it, granting them the money instead.

Either way, he would love the benefits a lot of money could give him. He could buy all the food, game counsels and porn magazines, and other things he wished he could have. However, for now, that was just a dream he wanted to become a reality.

Morning came and Issei was jolted out of bed by the loud buzzing of his phone. He had fallen to the ground and slowly opened his eyes from a deep sleep. He wiped his face and lazily flung his left hand over to the direction of the buzzing. He grabbed his phone. Seeing who the caller was, he quickly sat up.

It was his boss, Mr. Ayoshi. A year ago, when Issei left his foster parents, he spent weeks, homeless, at a train station. One day Mr. Ayoshi approached him and offered him some food and even allowed him a place to stay, temporarily. Issei thought his kindness was out of pity but in actuality, Mr. Ayoshi desperately needed more recruits in his dragon hunter company so it could be recognized by the government and offered Issei a position in the dragon hunter corps, which the boy easily accepted when he heard that there was money involved.

Issei answered the call.

"Yes, Mr. Ayoshi?"

"[Issei, my boy, guess what? I've gotta new mission for you?]" Mr. Ayoshi sounded happy.

Issei looked stern. "What's the mission, sir? Give me the details."

"[A family down north owns a farm. They've been hearing disruptions at night and the next morning they found some of their crops eaten and their cattle missing as well.]"

"And you think it's a dragon that caused this?"

"[Certainly! One of the farmers even said they saw it with their own eyes.]"

"Okay, I'll be there as fast as I can," Issei replied briskly. "Though, what's the payment?"

Mr. Ayoshi paused before answering. "[How does 6000 yen sound?]"

Issei took a moment to think. Six thousand wasn't nearly enough to grant his needs. Even hunters in his rank were paid more, at least 15k to 25k.

"Eh. Isn't there a higher payment?" he demanded.

"[Issei, you've only ever killed one dragon and that was with the help of one of your comrades, Sato. If you want to get higher pay, you'll have to put more effort into your job and actually kill some dragons. I'm sorry but the most I can give you in your current state is at least 6500K.]"

Issei sighed. "Okay, guess I'll accept it."

"[Great! Also, that will be tax included. So, will you be doing this alone or go with your comrade, Sato?]"

"He's not my comrade!" he fired back. "And I'll be going alone."

"[Geez, what's with the high tone? Either way, good luck!]"

Issei hung up the phone and threw it on the sofa. He sighed once more and went to get dressed for the new mission.

It was about 8:00 am, a perfect time to go on a mission, in fact. Issei put on whatever was the easiest thing he could find in a ball of old and worn-out clothes on the ground. He ended up with a torn, thick jacket, a plain undershirt, and two black boots. He grabbed his battle axe he had rested at the door and imbued it with his [quantum magic] for approximately one minute. That was all the quantum magic to be imbued into a weapon for it to be able to dent a dragon's skin.

Dragon hunters used quantum magic to fight against dragons. They would learn it in their first week of training to become a hunter. However, Issei didn't quite grasp the way to use it, he knew it involved manipulating your energy waves through different techniques but that involved too much brain work. The only way he knew to utilize it, was imbuing it into objects like swords, knives, etc, opposed to Sato who could use it effortlessly and create orbs of energy in the palm of his hands.

Issei strapped the axe to his back and left the shack. He rode the old busted-up motorcycle he had found in the junkyard a couple of months ago to the informed location at the northern side of town.

He arrived at a large plantation filled with blades of green and lush grass. As he walked wade himself through the thick bushes, he embarked upon two farmers. They stood fidgeting and looked worried, watching the little cattle they had left who were mindlessly munching away on some grass. Issei approached the man wearing an overallse and a straw hat.

"Morning, sir, I'm the hunter who was assigned to slay the beast who's been causing you all trouble." Issei began.

The farmer turned to Issei briskly. "Oh thank goodness, your here! I'm sure you know of the details already; our crops have gone missing, our cows been eaten, though, there's something you should know, young man."

Issei was intrigued by this. He cocked his head outward and listened closely.

"The dragon who did this is no ordinary one," he grunted. Issei made a perplexed face in correlation to his statement. "It's strange I tell ya! Last night when I reported the incident about that damn dragon messing with up my farm, I went to go rest cause I knew y'all would come deal with this. But, then I heard one of my cows scream out so I ran to go check on em and when I did, I saw the dragon, in full flesh and everything, doing sum n' to one o' my cow with it's, with its blood. I tell ya, it was strange."

"Why didn't you tell us that in the reports?" Issei asked.

"Cause I was so shocked. I couldn't even move, luckily the damn beast never saw me, and from that, I've been here ever since young man," he patted the ground with his feet. "In this same spot."

"Okay, sir. I'll see what I can do." Issei replied, looking real stern.

The farmer began narrowing his eyes.

"Wait…. Aren't you that weak hunter we heard got into trouble every mission?"

Issei's stern and mighty expression immediately coiled away as his lips broke into an awkward smile.

"Now where did you hear that?" his voice had lost all confidence.

"Just some rumors kid. Now, don't mind that and go do your job and kill that. . . thing!"

Issei's confidence had shriveled. Finally, someone acknowledged him as a registered Hunter, but it was for a notorious reason. However, he couldn't deny it, even his boss called him out on his failure as a hunter. If he wanted to prove himself and rise above his reputation of being one of the weakest hunters, he'd have to complete this mission. But even if he did, he'd still be getting practically bolts for pay. If only there was another way to make money without an education.

He removed the bad thoughts from his head and focused on the mission ahead.

Issei arrived further down the farm and stopped at the sight of a diseased cow. He stooped down and fanned away little pests and flies that fluttered around it. The cow's stomach was mewled out and a repulsive scent came from it.

"So that dragon did this, huh?" he mused. "It's strange that it didn't attack the farmer."

He wondered just what type of dragon caused this. Maybe it had a blood manipulation ability based on its description by the farmer. Then again, that farmer must have been engulfed in shock, making bizarre visions spring forth from his imagination or something of the sort. On the other hand, Issei's knowledge of dragons was quite limited, so he had no clue if it could be true. Before he became a dragon hunter, he had heard rumors of how dragons came here.

A decade ago, a large rift appeared in the sky above Tokyo; big and bright, and possibly giving birth to the lot of dragons in Japan.

Issei then made his way through the bushes and crops. He approached a large gathering of rocks which he noticed from the farm. Immediately, he heard the sounds of footsteps and drew out his axe. He crept behind a large boulder, trying disparately to make himself unknown. He padded the ground and came behind a little runt in the means of devouring a dead calf.

Issei squinted in confusion. He'd never seen a dragon that was so small before. Its skin was rugged and scaly as any other dragon but there were red veins scattered all over its purple body.

Issei didn't even attack. He just stood there.

The dragon had been munching away and came to a stop. It sensed Issei's presence and quickly turned at him. At this, Issei gripped his battle axe and was ready to fight, but then lowered it once he saw the dragon crouched down in fear.

'Is he scared?' Issei thought.

The dragon kept staring at him and released a low growl. Issei was wedged between the thought of slaying this dragon or leaving it be, after all, it didn't seem to hurt anyone. Instead of going for the farmer, it went after his cattle and plants. Issei scanned the ground and found specs of half-eaten leaves, grass, and other crops it stole from the farm.

Suddenly, Issei lowered his weapon to the ground. "Hey, don't worry, I won't hurt you." he was quite nervous saying that, not knowing whether the dragon would pounce on him or not.

"My name is Issei. You don't attack humans do you?" he chuckled.

The dragon made no response and just stared. Issei felt slightly awkward and backed away. He felt weird but not threatened as he'd always feel when faced with a dragon.

He walked further and decided to touch it, but the beast quickly went back.

"It's okay, It's okay, I won't hurt you," he said and continued reaching out at the dragon.

Before he could react, the dragon darted at him, pushing Issei to the ground. Issei felt the weight of the dragon on his stomach. He grabbed his axe but quickly let it go once the dragon had removed itself from him. It had taken something from his pockets and when Issei sat up, he saw the beast munching on a pop tart he'd had in his pocket for future consumption.

"Wha. . . you took my snack?" he mumbled. "What the hell kinda dragon are you?"

He received a short glance from the dragon before it went back to eating its pop tart, tugging and ripping the paper apart. Issei couldn't help but give it a gentle pat on its head which it kindly accepted. Issei was relieved that it wasn't aggressive and impulsive, it was one of a kind. The boy smiled at this but a daunting thought came to mind.

He still had to complete the mission by killing the dragon.

He felt almost crippled thinking that. Though there was no other choice and he had to make money.

Issei took a deep breath, followed by a sigh. He took one last look at the dragon and then. . . . a new thought came to mind.

"Hey? Dragon?" he spoke. "Could you like, play dead for me?"

It gave him no response again and chewed away on the snack. It did stop for a while to look at Issei but ultimately returned to the food.

"You know, like pretending to be defeated when your not?" While saying that, he laid flat on his stomach, portraying the idea of acting dead.

Again, no response.

"Hey? Dragon? Are you even listening to me?"

It had finished the food and finally turned to Issei's direction. It noticed the position Issei had put himself in and copied it, laying flat on its stomach as well, and closing the eyes as if resting.

"Whoa, you actually did it. You're the best, man, or girl, or dragon, whatever. Just stay there." he smiled and whipped out his old smartphone.

As the dragon lay on the ground, seemingly following Issei's orders, a red thick substance emerges from its mouth. Issei lowered his phone as he was suddenly transfixed by the event taking place. The substance looked almost like blood as it slithered on the side of its face and levitated to the air. Eventually, the blood-like substance fell onto the dragon's back and for a second, Issei thought that this dragon fully understood him, because it did look as if someone sliced its back.

Issei had no idea what it just did but it served the role of playing dead.

"Great, it's just like the real thing." He snapped a pic with his phone in hopes of showing his boss as evidence of him completing the mission and get his money.

He stooped down at the dragon and rubbed its head. The bloody substance all over it seeped back into its mouth and the dragon shook himself to his feet.

"You've got a pretty unique ability, you know?" Issei said, smiling.

When the time got late, Issei left. He felt rather conceited in himself and was lucky he didn't have to hurt the dragon.

Before he had left, he had warned the dragon to not interfere with the farmer's crops again, or any one's property, for that matter. He wasn't sure if it understood him, but at least he thought so. When Issei met with Mr. Ayoshi at the hunters' organization, he was quite nervous to show him the photo of the supposedly dead dragon. But, he did and he was surprised when Mr. Ayoshi believed and rewarded him with payment. He should've felt ashamed that he lied to his boss about the mission but it was worth it. He couldn't heartlessly kill the beast when he had felt a connection with it.

Weeks had passed and Issei would constantly go visit the dragon. At first, it was rather reserved but gradually became friendlier, especially when Issei brought it food; food which he acquired from spending his income, and gave it head pats. He had to be careful with what he spent, so he mostly bought the dragon's favorite food — pop tarts. The beast also served as a great entertainment tool when it did its strange ability by controlling its blood. Issei did at times have a hard time communicating with it but all in all, he had grown quite fond of the dragon. He just had to ensure that no one found out, especially someone from the Dragon Hunters Corps.

Issei's money had finally finished after purchasing one last pop tart for the dragon. He wished to name it but wasn't quite sure what name would fit it.

It was about midday and there were no missions he needed to attend. He'd have to go search for a new mission to earn some cash and he just wasn't feeling that. A nice relaxing day with his pet dragon was good enough for him.

Turning to the spot where the dragon was kept hidden, Issei was met with a rather unfortunate encounter.

It was Sato and his group. Standing over the dragon who laid in a pool of blood and had bruises and wounds on his body.

The pop tart fell from Issei's hand as he had a horrified look. Sato and the two other hunters heard the ruffle of the snack when it hit the ground and turned towards Issei with a rather blank facial expression.

"G-guys, wh- what are you doing?" he uttered while shaking nervously.

"What does it look like idiot, we're killing this runt," Sato remarked.


Sato gritted his teeth. "Why? Have you been eating shit this last few weeks that you forgot your job is to kill these bastards?" After saying that, he stomped on the dragon.

"STOP IT!" Issei yelled.

"What's wrong, idiot? You feel bad for this little shit?"

"N-no, i-it's not that! It's just the-that. . . . it's harmless, that's all. I mean it hurts no one, why do we have to kill it? Can't we just leave it be or lock it up somewhere?"

A low growl escaped Sato's mouth. He dashed towards Issei and ran his knee into his stomach. Blood spewed from Issei and he began losing his footing. He wobbled around but Sato grabbed him by the collar and gave him another knock in the stomach, followed by a large fist to the face. This time Issei fell to the ground and hard too.

"Have you lost your goddamn mind?!" he yelled with saliva escaping his mouth. "Don't you know you're a fucking dragon hunter, you shouldn't give a shit about these damn creatures! Why do you even have sympathy for them?" He then stomped on Issei. "ANSWER ME!" he shouted, adding more strength behind his stomps.

Issei was used his hands to shield his face but that did no good as he received more blows to his stomach.

"I. . .I-I'm sorry, Sato. I- I shouldn't have shown sympathy. I. . .I'm s-sorry."

Sato had finally stopped. He was sweating and his lips curved into a grin.

"Now, I think you've finally learned your lesson."

Issei was shivering and tears began to form in his eyes but he regressed from crying as he feared what Sato would do. As he jerked a little the pop tart, that he dropped, was shoved further into view by his leg. Sato caught glimpse of it.

"The hell is that?" he growled and suddenly remembered seeing that somewhere. Oh, it was when he came here to kill the dragon. There were a bunch of pop tart wrappers on the ground. He ignored them, thinking it's just someone idiot who doesn't know the correct place to put his trash, but it was clear what they were used for.

"Oh, so you've been before?" he smiled menacingly at Issei. "Not only did you show sympathy for this monster but you also knew it, hid it from the hunters' corps, fed it, cared for it? Awe, how adorable." He then stretched out his hand. "One of you, bring that dragon over here. . . . .and pass me a sword"

They both followed orders. Shido, being the bigger one, carried the dragon which was covered in blood and Kurou handed over his sword that was slender at the blade. Sato took it with absolute pleasure.

"This thing is what you treated as if it were your own blood. You're a disgrace to the dragon hunter corps, Issei Hyoudou. For punishment, you're gonna watch me kill this dragon-like the mutt it is."

Issei crawled further towards Sato. He held on to his feet. "N-no, please don't hurt it, I'm begging you!"

Sato's face twitched into a smile. "Uwu!" he giggled. "You really like this thing, do you? Wonder how you'll react when I do this?"

He whipped the blade in the air and swung it down rapidly, slicing off the dragon's foot. Seeing this, Issei coiled with heartbreak. He screamed.


"Oh really?!" Sato chopped his other leg and now, leaving the dragon in a pathetic state. Though his face seemed unemotional, the creature was obviously hurting by the tears that rolled down its rugged skin.

"Now, for the last attack, where should I strike first?" he grinned. "Oh well, let's just go for the weakest point of a dragon, its heart."

Sato set the blade above his shoulder, positioning it towards the dragon's chest, and with one precise movement, he struck but Issei suddenly moved in the way and the blade ripped into his chest instead.

However, that did no good, being a long sword it stabbed the dragon as well and now, Issei and the dragon were conjoined together.

Issei coughed up blood.

Sato and his group gave surprised glances.

"What the hell did you just do, you little shit?" Sato yelled.

"Wh-what the hell did you do, Sato? You killed him!" Shido added while shaking.

"I didn't. . . . I-it's his fault. He came in the way when he shouldn't have." Sato drew out the sword that held Issei and the dragon together. Bits of blood came out as well.

Sato breathed heavily. "We can't let anyone from the hunters' corps find out about this. We have to get rid of the body."

The other boys horrified looks deepened when they heard that.

While they were busy conversing about their plans, Issei and the dragon were bleeding out excessively. He could feel the dragon's cold and almost lifeless skin. He tried to move his finger, but could barely make it twitch. The feeling of loneliness overwhelmed him to the core and his heartbeats were slowly fading.

Was this really how he was going to die? Without ever getting the feeling of having a loving family. Stupid Sato! Issei had a mass of disdain towards him, but there was nothing he could do now.

Issei took whatever strength he had left and glanced at the dragon. It seemed peaceful in its demise and there, Issei only had one thought.

'I'm sorry, buddy, It's my fault why you got hurt. Please forgive me.'

Suddenly, the dragon's blood leaked out from its mouth. The hunters behind him were engulfed in their heavy conversation, they hadn't realized this. Issei noticed but barely looked surprised because of having the inability to move any muscles. The blood grew in mass as if the dragon had emptied everything from his body and now, forming a puddle, the blood began running along the ground towards Issei. It approached Issei's mouth and entered the gap between his teeth. Soon, it slid down the pathway to his throat and went down his esophagus.

Gradually, his entire biological system changed as the blood made its way to the bloodstreams and cells.

Issei experienced a sudden indescribable feeling and it was like all his troubles were gone; the pain and sadness and his desire for a fortunate life seemed as if it were just granted.

What was this feeling?

. . .

. . .

. . .

When the others finished their conversation, they finally faced Issei. The plan was simple and horrendous. It was for Shido to use his quantum magic technique [rapid Fire] to get rid of Issei and the dragon simultaneously. He was quite nervous as he trotted towards Issei but he stretched out his hands and made them burst into flames.

Issei felt a subtle feeling of life water filling his chest almost as if the wound the blade made was slowly vanishing. Then a sharp voice entered his consciousness.

[It's not your fault, Issei.] The voice came in soothing and calm.

'Huh,' Issei mused. 'Who is this in my head.'

[It is me, Issei. Don't you remember me? You showed love to me, I felt kindness, I felt loved, I felt like a person.]

Hearing this, Issei had a massive inkling of who it was. But was it really it? Out of sincere doubt, he questioned.

"Is this you, dragon?"

[Thank you, Issei. I like the sound of your voice. I loved hearing you talk about dreams and experiences you'd like to live out. Even though you were not fortunate, you loved your life, Issei. But, now it's time to fight!]

Hearing that; all the pain, the adrenaline, the anticipation, fueled within Issei all at once. This stir of emotions made Issei release a huge breath. Then —

His eyelids flew open as he felt the heat of Shido's fire. His eyes were red, filled with veins, and aggressively vibrant. He dashed out the way, leaving Shido, Kurou, and lastly, Sato in shock.

"What the hell just happened?" Sato yelled. "I told you to burn him, you moron!"

Shido happened to be shaking uncontrollably. He enlarged his flames and shot it towards Issei, who was kneeling on the ground. His head was tilted down, making it difficult to see his face. Then, a growl escaped his mouth, sounding like one of a dragon.

Veins scattered throughout Issei's body and his skin began growing scales. Two large horns twirled out the sides of his head came into a neat swirl as they stopped. Large claws extended from his fingers and his hand's pale color changed to purple right before claws shot from his elbows.

Issei dodged the fire with ease and charged towards Shido. Seeing this, Shido was so slow to react and with a sharp movement, Issei ran his hand through his neck.

Both Sato and Kurou gasped in horrific disbelief. Shido's head rolled on the ground, leaving a trail of blood and his headless body was frozen.

Kurou had no clue what to do and began panicking. "S-S-S-Sato, what do we do?"

Sato didn't reply as he was also taken away by what just went on. Suddenly, Issei dashed towards Kurou and grabbed him.


Sato heaved the sword in an attempt to strike Issei but paused when at what he saw next.

Issei, or rather, what was supposed to be Issei, hopped up Kurou's tall figure. He widened his mouth, revealing large fangs, and tore into Kurou's neck; munching and ravaging through his flesh. Kurou cried out, calling out for Sato, who was too busy with trying to get a hold of his sword, as even he, of all persons, was scared as well.

'Just what the hell did this guy become, he's almost like a, like a dragon' With that in mind, Sato held the sword steady and ran towards Issei, but stopped again when he witnessed him tearing Kurou's head off.

Issei was now holding a headless body again. He gripped the base of Kurou's neck and used whatever mysterious strength he had to tear his entire upper body in half.





Sato released the grip he had on the sword and it fell to the ground. He was out of words this time. He had no insults. No more kicks, punches, or embarrassing exploits, because what now stood before him was more or less


Issei seemed exhausted, he flung away Kurou's parts and slouched in front of Sato. His hands were painted in blood and he looked nothing like a human because of his now pointed ears and demonic features. He started walking towards Sato. Sato gasped, struggling to think of what to do, he was left with no other option and quickly vanished in a mass of blue light.




After a few seconds, Issei, somehow, snapped to his normal self.

He looked around and noticed the calamity around him; Shido's headless body, Kurou's body parts scattered about, and lastly, he looked down on his bloody hands and was immediately terrified.


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