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Chapter 2: A Dragon hunter?

Issei had no other choice but to clean his own mess. His mess being his dead comrades. Right now, he was headed to discard Shido's headless body in a nearby bin. As he carried Shido's corpse by the leg, he had a frantic look and his mind wandered.

Having no clue how he did it, he still felt wicked for the damage he'd caused and perhaps he should just report himself to the hunter corps. However, part of him didn't feel like giving away his freedom so quickly and it so happened that part was the more dominant. Before he closed the lid on Shido's, he gave him one last look. A look of sorrow.

Issei burst through the door of his old shack and scurried straight to the corner of the room where a tiny mirror was held up on the wall. He felt like his physical features were different. When he took a look, he was met with a bit of an unusual face. His eyes changed from a boring brown to red and when he widened his mouth, his teeth were now sharp, like fangs.

"HUH!" he moved back in shock. "The hell happened to me? I look like some lame-ass werewolf freak."

He looked at his left hand which always missed the smaller finger and was stunned to see it had mysteriously grown back. "Weird, long time no see, finger, sorry I sold you."

Apologizing to his finger was weird, though it wasn't the only thing that was off-putting. His entire body felt different; more sturdy, more robust, and a bit athletic, not like he didn't like it. He felt like a new person. Though, this new look gave him somewhat of a great feeling, though not enough to pull him away from this trauma. He had no clue how he killed Shido and Kurou, but why didn't Sato kill him instantly, maybe then he wouldn't take lives, and also, where did he disappear to when Issei regained consciousness? The only thought that could justify Sato's absence was him reporting the incident to the hunter corps and them coming to persecute Issei this instant.

That only made Issei feel worse, then suddenly in his mind, a very similar voice began speaking.

[Don't worry or feel threatened, Issei. Everything will be fine.]

Issei's eyes jumped in astonishment. "Wh-who are y-you?"

[You seem to have forgotten me. I spoke to you earlier.]

Suddenly, a throbbing pain arrives in his head; pulsing violently, causing Issei to shriek in pain. He fell onto his sofa in hopes of relieving said pain.

". . .No!" he uttered and the pain had suddenly vanished," I remember your voice. It's different from any other voice I've heard; it's clear and. . . nice. It's you, dragon, isn't it?"

[Yes. I suppose I should give you a proper introduction, but I'm not sure what to say.]

"It's okay. I'm sure you know my dumb name already. By the way, could you tell me what the hell happened earlier and why I killed the other guys?" he asked, becoming saddened once again.

[I am not sure either. It might be a discrepancy that occurred when the two of us fused.]

Issei was immediately staggered. "H-hold on. Did you just say fuse?"

[Correct. When I was dying, a small part of my brain was conscious and I used it to send my blood into your system before you died. It seemed as if you couldn't handle my blood and went berserk without even being conscious or when we fused, your survival instincts might have been triggered when you were faced with a near-death situation.]

"So I really did kill those guys," he said, unhappily. Then he let out a soft whimper as tears fall from his eyes, thinking of how horrible of a person he was earlier. "It's funny. I don't even know why I'm crying, it's not like I actually feel bad for them." He wiped his face once more. He honestly didn't know whether he should be saddened or be relieved by their death. Either way, his guilt would still stab away at him.

[I can't fully process your emotions but I apologize for how you're feeling, Issei.]

"Nah, it's fine. What's done is done and I can't change it." he sighed. "Though, I gotta say, why couldn't you talk earlier when I met you in the cave?"

[I honestly don't know how to answer that. Though, there's something you might need to know about me. When you first met me in my original body, I looked small but I can assure you that I have lived over thousands of years in a world called Asgard and then one day. . . . something out of the ordinary happened, and I ended up in this world, unable to talk and the amount of power I had was significantly lowered.]

"Oh, I see. . . no, I don't. . . but I kinda get it," Issei said, scratching his head.

[You see, Issei, when I sent my blood into your system, what came with it was me, but you have my power within; along with my consciousness, my desires, my weaknesses, and strengths. When I put my blood inside of you, Issei. I destroyed everything in your system, replacing it with new organs created by yours truly.]

Issei was left incredulous at that statement. Even if it was to prevent him from dying, it was plain creepy.

[Essentially Issei, you and I have become one, like conjoined twins as they'd say in this world. There are parts of you that have permanently change because of me and I'm afraid that there is nothing you nor anyone can do about that.]

Issei gasped. Indeed there was nothing he could do than find comfort in this new life as a half-dragon, half-human. "Okay, I get that. You had to do it regardless of the outcomes. I was practically gonna die, so. . . thank you. I wouldn't have made it out without you."

There was no response to this.

On the other hand, Issei didn't mind the changes. He enjoyed the luxury of having back a pinky finger and maybe his kidney had returned too. Well, he wouldn't know that, and whatever the dragon changed in his body, was more like a blessing than he made it sound.

"By the way, don't you have a name? I kinda hate referring to you as 'dragon' y'know."

[I'm afraid I can't remember what my name was in my previous life in Asgard.]

"Okay, since you'll be with me for like forever, I think I should give you a name." Issei looked up in thought while humming. "How does Rex sou— no that's too common. Davy? No that's dumb. Saory? Uhh, Nah. . . . Hey, how about. . . . Oblivion? I think it suits you since after you saved me with your blood, I went into a state of oblivion or whatevs. . . am I being philosophical here or are you okay with the name?"

[I think whatever you desire, is what you shall name me.]

"Cool. Though, I gotta say there's something still bothering me. It's Sato, he's gone."

[If I am to be corrected, was he the boy who initiated the attack on me?]

"Yeah, that's him alright. I honestly think he went to report me to the other hunters. Oblivion, there's just no doubt in my mind that that's the case. That's why I have to leave Tokyo and try to find somewhere else to stay, hopefully, a nice, small town where I can work without any qualifications and make easy money. That way I can truly enjoy my life. . . with you." Issei smiled and used his arms as a headrest, thinking about what his life could really be like if it were normal.

That was his only dream at this moment but now, there was no time for dreaming as an army of hunters could burst into his home at any moment. He needed to move and fast, too. A stern look crept up on Issei's face. "Oblivion? I don't feel like dying just yet, there's still so much I wanna do in this damn world. Like making friends, getting laid, and do so many other finer things. I honestly didn't want to become a dragon hunter so leaving this life doesn't mean shit to me."

[. . . . we are one Issei, anything you're feeling, I feel it too.]

"That seems like a good answer, I think," he replied, smiling.

Issei then spent the next couple of minutes packing whatever clothes he had left back, important souvenirs, and cash as well into a good-sized duffel bag. Finally finished with packing, he slung the bag over his shoulder and headed straight for the door. Before he left, he took on the last look at his home, cherishing the memories he had with it. There was a bottle of gasoline in a shed down the dump. He poured it all over the porch, the interior, and walls of his house then lit the whole thing on fire and extinguishing all traces of it himself. Tokyo was a big city and would take forever to exit on foot, luckily if not for his old motorcycle, he would have been doomed. He needed to stay clear of the farmland where he came from, as there would be the hunter's first location. Being careful with what route to take was also a necessary precaution, otherwise, a mistaken route could lead to his demise.


Sato walked down the narrow halls of a prestigious mansion in the middle of town. He had his usual unsmiling and grumpy face, he'd grown too tired from the confusion in his mind resulting from the case with Issei. Perhaps a bottle of beer could do the trick. When he turned the corridor, he was met with a line of guards on each side of the walls, looking sturdy and rather intimidating, but put no effect on Sato who casually walked past them. He approached a door at the end of the wall but was greeted with a firm hand that extended in front.

He eyed the guard's hand and simply smiled. "Oooh, I'm scared. What else? A punch to the face? Please don't waste my time and let me inside."

The guard gave him an intimidating glare through his helmet before lowering his hand.

Sato came into a room that was rather well kept together with trophies and ornaments neatly arranged on shelves. In the middle of the room was a slanted bed and laying on it was a surprisingly tiny young girl dressed in a cute Lolita outfit and skipping the pages of a magazine. Watching her, Sato cringed at what he was always expected to do when in the presence of his boss; he knelt on one leg and lowered his head in respect and honor.

"Greetings, Miss Ophis, it's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, or. . . whatever," he spoke under his breath, feeling ashamed to give respect to someone who resembled a child like he'd ever give respect to them either.

"Hi, Sato," she said, elegantly. "What is it that you wished to speak about."

Sato returned to his normal stance and sighed. "I'm not really here for the long talking, so I'll get to the point. My useless comrades are dead; Shido and Kurou, in case you forget." 'Which I think you have, old mutt.'

Miss Ophis rolled on her back and made a slightly worried look.

"Oh my, what'd we do now? I wonder which dragon did this? Must be a very powerful one that even you couldn't handle."

"It's not a dragon. . . or at least I don't think so, but It was Issei Hyoudou from Tokyo's dragon hunters, third branch."

"That seems very unfortunate, why would he do such a thing?" she pouted, sounded generally sympathetic.

"Because he's a traitor who aided and abetted a dragon, and when he got called out, he lashed out and killed em." he said, promptly, also thinking of the possibility it might be his fault that made Issei 'lash out', but quickly dismissed it.

"So, Sato, now that your comrades are dead because of this. . . Hyoudou boy, what will you do?"

Sato was baffled and took a while to respond. He thought of that question before he came here, but the easiest answer in any universe was to kill Issei, though, somehow, he couldn't do it back then, even seeing how the boy practically deleted his partners from existence, he couldn't do it. Now, he had the strength to do what he should've in the first place.

Sato grinned. "I'll hunt him down and kill him, Miss Ophis."

Ophis returned to her magazine without a slight change in facial expression.

"Very well then. Also, remember their other hunters from other branches whom you can call for assistance in your hunt for Hyoudou."

Before exiting, Sato took a deep bow with both hands pressed against his sides. "Yes, Miss Ophis." His face was stern and filled with veins, thinking of the things he'd do to Issei once he found him.

In just about three hours Issei had made his way miles across Tokyo and arrived at some unknown district that had old buildings, barely any pedestrians crossing at the moment, and just a bleakly environment. Surely no hunters would come out here, then again, he couldn't say the same for dragons and if they did, luckily, he carried his battle axe. He couldn't discard the little skills he'd picked up in his lifetime of being a hunter, and with his trusty axe he can put them into play by defending himself.

So he was on high alert the entire time and looked out for anything out of the usual. It was quiet for the most part until a scream of a child echoed throughout the area. It came from between two buildings on Issei's left, which he promptly looked to.

"Must be some kid. What'd you think, Oblivion, should I go take a look?"

The dragon inside made no response.

"Take that yes, then."

He then followed the direction of the scream and arrived at an abundance of tall bushes with thorns that served as a wall behind some little store that looked like it hasn't been attended to in a year. Again, Kudos to his weapon which he used to easily slice through the leaves and sharp prickles. Surprisingly, it opened to a huge construction site, or rather an abandoned one — probably due to the low commission in the area.

Stepping on broken blocks, Issei approached a cautioned tape and simply ducked under to reach the other side. When he arrived in the soon-to-be building, the aura he felt was repulsive, almost like that of a dragon he'd always feel when going on missions, but this one felt more dangerous. Then, he heard the scream again, louder and desperate. Issei began running to where he felt the sound was louder and as he turned a corner, he eased his foot in the ground, stopping at the sight of a little boy running towards him. He tripped and Issei went to pick him up, feeling confused.

"Hey, kid, are you okay?" he asked, assisting him to his feet.

The kid wore a frantic look and wiped tears, that looked like they had been there for hours. "It. . . it's a dragon, h. . .help!"

Being scared as well, Issei struggled to get a whole of himself. However, he was still legally a dragon hunter no matter how much he wanted to quit being one and abandoning this child and the dragon would take a hold of his guilt, just like the murder of Shido and Kurou. Maybe saving this child would make him feel like a good person; a feeling he hadn't felt in a while.

With that considered along with internal assessments, Issei put on a warm smile for the child. "Don't worry, kid. It'll be fine. Hey, what's your name?"

"Uhh, it's, it's, Benjamin," he replied, shaking and sobbing.

"Okay, Benjamin, I want you to go run away from here as fast as you can or else that big and scary dragon is gonna come and get you. Do you want that?"

"NOOO!" he cried.

"Good, good, good. Run!"

Following his orders, Benjamin ran off, the fastest he could. He went across the street and seemed to hide in a building. Great! Just his luck. Just as Issei thought he was gonna escape smoothly, another damn dragon had to interfere. He just hoped it was small fry like Oblivion was. No offense.

Issei started by scouring the main building, walking quietly, and being on high alert as usual. It would seem calm and quiet for an average human, but Dragon Hunters could easily sense the bastards. Must've been the constant searching for, and fighting them, it made their aura so distinguishable and as Issei approached a wall, that same aura grew. . . he knew exactly where it was.

Though before he could commence with an attack, it burst through the large wall, revealing its colossal, monstrous appearance, bat-like wings at the back, long spiral tale, and skin black as the night. Exclaiming a roar, it jumped after Issei who wasn't so quick to react but still managed to escape its crushing weight by taking a step out of its perimeter. Judging by its speed and size, one could tell that it was out of Issei's level lot. Unfair as it was, Issei did not cower. He made a fighting stance, holding the axe firmly while aligning it to his chest and forming his left hand into a fist.

Issei heaved his weapon and sprinted forward, seeing the dragon wasn't facing him. He ran up its tail and onto its back which was fairly easy, due to the dragon's poor posture. He swung the blade into its back which made the dragon jerk violently while releasing a growl of pain. Issei hoped no one was in the district, fearing the attention which would also result in the other hunters coming. He needed to end this quickly.

He attempted to jump down and try to strike its heart, but the axe was buried deep within its skin.

"Shit." he growled, trying the yank it out but failing.

Unknowingly, this made the dragon more aggravated and quickly shook the boy off his back, along with the axe. Issei took a hard hit on his back. He was sure some part of him might have been injured but wasn't couldn't tell what due to the lack of pain. He got up and surprisingly, stood perfectly on his feet. To this realization, he continued to fight, and with the dragon now towering over him like a sky scrapper, he ran forward, intending to go under him and come out behind to attack.

However, he received a vigorous kick to his side that he didn't expect, sending him into a wall. So much for thinking he'd end this quickly. It was so tiring that almost every fight ended like this. He had to think fast and turn the situation around. So, he got up and continued with his fighting stance, but before he could even attack, he was greeted with an ocean of flames. He shielded his face with both arms but the scorching fire managed to peel away his clothes and skin.

"Shit!" he screamed.

The flames grew fiercer and his tolerance to it decreased by the second. Suddenly, it vanished. Issei gasped and felt relieved, finally now able to attack but then, he felt a huge hand take whole of his entire torso. He rose to the air and when he squirmed around in the dragon's hand, it squeezed him to remain steady, breaking his ribs meanwhile.

A scream arose from him. 'Shit, what do I do now? Oblivion, if you can hear me, please give me some advice?'

. . .The was no feedback for some mysterious reason. It was getting annoying.

Suddenly, the dragon's grip tightened on him, making it difficult to breathe. His axe was wedged in the little space between his chest and the dragon's palm, so that was clearly not even worth trying to even grab. What was he supposed to do now?

As he felt his body being pressed, he glanced down and noticed something zipped past the dragon's leg. He blinked in confusion and just as he tried to register what he just saw, he felt himself, along with the dragon, begin to fall.

"Ah. . . Agh! What's happening here?"

The thing that had zipped past the dragon's leg had severed it from the ankle down.

That someone was running towards its other leg, incredibly fast as well. So fast, in fact, that Issei could only see a blur. This mysterious person, was a girl, wearing white coat-like clothing and a long red skirt; a Miko outfit, that gave plenty of room for her legs. Her hair was of a brunette's with two ponytails, tied with red ribbons.

Said girl wasted no time in severing the other leg of the dragon, effortlessly, with a long, well-crafted katana. She jumped into the air with little effort and ran the blade through the arm that held Issei firmly.

The severed hand had fallen to the ground and Issei managed to wiggle himself between two fingers, the same height as his legs. He was confused about who that person was. When he turned, there was the dragon, defeated and violently battered. What stood on top was her with her beautiful hair dancing in the wind as she pulled the katana from the dragon's chest, seeming to be where its heart was too.

Issei watched her with admiration and amazement in his eyes. Never had he seen such a girl so beautiful and strong.'Who is this girl? Never seen someone kill a dragon so fast, cool.'

She slung her sword over her shoulder and turned, finally noticing Issei. Narrowing her eyes, she made a stony look at him and tightened her lips.

"Making yourself seem human by acting defenseless, huh?" she spoke and her expression suddenly changed to anger. "Sorry, but that won't work on me."

"Huh?" Issei mumbled, bemused. Trying to understand what she meant by that, just until she appeared in front of him and he felt a sharp object gouging through his stomach. He glanced down to her katana, frightfully.

"Wha. . . .at?"

Trying to wiggle the sword out of him, he somehow ended up thrusting himself far back. The girl was slightly surprised by this but not too much, as she hadn't aimed at his heart.

"Oh? You think you can easily get away from me with that little trick?" she laughed.

While Issei was at least 6 meters from her, he tried to comprehend how he pushed himself so far back. It may be the effect of the dragon. When he lifted his shirt to check the wound the sword was supposed to leave, he was amazed to see it had healed. The dragon's blood must've really taken effect in his biological makeup!

He sighed.'Great, another dragon hunter and a strong one too. Just my luck. Dammit, I shoulda never interfered with the dragon before and just went along my way, but I just had to play the hero! Oblivion, If you can hear me, I really need your help right now, buddy.'

To no surprise, the being inside him said nothing, so Issei was left with no choice but to figure things out himself. Fighting her was not a consideration, she was obviously out of his rank as a hunter, maybe if he gambled with luck, it might work out in his favor for once and he might be able to escape.

Looking ahead, he could see the girl strolling towards him.

"I could do this many ways. I could start by slicing you limb by limb, striking your heart in one go, or just pummel you to death. Pick your poison." she stated.

Issei gritted his teeth in frustration. He flung his duffel bag towards her as a way to through her off guard, but all she did was cut in half with one slice. Her view was cluttered by the clothes that fell out but once cleared, she saw Issei running out of the construction site.

"Damn dragon." she cursed under her breath.

As Issei skid down a slope that led to the exit from an empty room, he fell. He quickly picked himself up and continued running. Suddenly, the girl popped up above him, held her sword firmly, and swung it. Luckily, it landed just inches away from his feet, but due to the intensity of her strike, the ground on which he stood, cracked. Issei was entranced by her immense strength, it made it difficult for him to think of another way to escape. Choices were now limited as she was too fast and would easily catch him. With that considered, he drew out his axe and put on his signature fighting stance.

He started with two heavy swings which she dodged easily. He then heaved the axe and swung it down hard, hoping it would at least slice her stomach. To his dismay, she struck it with her sword and broke it in half.

Issei gasped and looked down at his broken weapon, baffled at how he was previously holding a sturdy battle axe to now holding basically a rod. 'The hell? I did imbue it with quantum magic and not even a high-ranking hunter like Sato could break it. God, who is this girl? I don't think she's only fast and strong, I think she's a '

About to finish his analysis, the girl swung her foot into his rib cage, also throwing him into a wall. Issei rose his head weakly and tried to lift himself from the concrete. 'She's a' Again, he withstood another attack; a strike to the stomach with her fist that cracked his ribs. He vomited blood, the amount that could fill a cup.

Indeed, there was no doubt to his analysis, her strength, speed, alertness; They could all be evaluated over and over but one thing would become clear, these were nothing short of. . . .


A hunter whose skills and strength are so outmatched to any other that it was incredibly folly to compare them to other hunters. In this case, Issei accepted the fact that he was in deep shit. His insides felt like they'd been stepped on a thousand times and he was drained. Issei slowly cowered to the ground with blood running down his chin and just feeling utterly weak.

"Already giving up, I see. Why don't you quit the act and come out of your shell, you filthy mutt?" she said and parked her foot in his chest.

Even though he felt weak and seemed like he had given up, he hadn't. He still had feeling in his fingers and could easily form his hand into a fist. The corners of his mouth began curling into a faint smile. "I haven't given up. I've given in."

"Huh?" Murayama tilted her head, feeling confused. Suddenly, Issei grabbed her leg with one of his hands, his other sliding up her thighs, causing her to release a soft gasp and feeling unusual feelings. Unusual feelings that caused a red hot blush to creep up on her cheeks. He finally caught her off guard by giving in to her attacks and acting weak. Issei held her leg firmly and swung her into the wall.

"Shouldn't have let my guard down." she groaned weakly and watched Issei rise to his feet. He seemed fragile and a bit dead inside as well. It was a good time to attack him before he became a little aware and decided to put up a fight. With that considered, she darted towards him at full speed.

Issei stood baffled and soon his expression changed to worry and fear when he saw her coming at him with killing intent. With no other option, he shouted out for the one thing he knew would help him.

"OBLIVIOOOOOON! I need youuuuu!"

Without a moment of hesitation, shivers ran throughout his body. It was like an entire entity awoke in him, growling as if it was disturbed from its peaceful sleep! This indescribable feeling he felt was unlike another, almost like he was on top of the world. His vision turned black. The air felt thick and as soon as this feeling ended, he snapped back to reality.

His eyes opened,

glaring red and filled with veins.

He looked at the girl in front and immediately flashed his claws at her, not knowing if it actually hit her.

Whether or not it did, she immediately jumped on his shoulders and wrapped her feet around his neck. Now sitting on him, she made a frightened look and held her neck tight as blood spewed from it. Issei, on the other hand, struggled to get out of her grasp right before she managed to snap his neck.

As Issei fell into a state of unconsciousness. She removed her hand from her neck which had a massive claw mark.

Issei stirred. His eyelids slowly lifted and he bleakly registered his new surroundings. He found he was in some sort of small, dim room. Above him, were flickering lights that were dangling from a high ceiling and on his right, were weird and unusual drawings, patterns that looked like they dated back to centuries ago. Realizing this, he wondered where he was. He tried to move but felt bounded by something hard and metallic. Looking down, he found himself tied up with chains.

"Don't even bother trying to escape," A voice spoke. It was the girl from before. She stood in front of him and crossed her arms with a look of disdain. "I cut off your filthy arm and one of your legs."

Issei gasped in horror. He glanced down to his feet and arms and much to his dismay, he found that she was indeed speaking the truth. His left leg, right arm; gone. To this unbelievable situation, he began panicking.

"Di-did, Sato s-send you here? You're a dragon hunter, are you? I knew it, you're gonna kill me!" he stuttered.

She couldn't help but put a few fingers over her mouth and giggle at his foolish question. "Dragon hunter? Don't make me off myself, I would never associate myself with those low-lives."

"Th-then who are you?" Issei questioned, still shaking nervously.

"Geez, you're so scared for a dragon, it's embarrassing." she frowned. "I'll only leave you with my last name. Murayama."

Issei paused. "I-if you're not a dragon hunter then why'd you kill the dragon from before."

"just cause I slay the filthy mutts like yourself, doesn't mean I'm a Dragon hunter, I simply kill them for fun."

"Why?!" Issei fired back.

Murayama quickly drew her katana and lunged it at the tip of his nose. "You're in no position to question me. You're lucky I even spared your dumb ass. Now, I didn't bring you here for pointless banter; I brought you here because you managed to actually. . . . hurt," Her eyes darted to the side, awkwardly and she cleared her throat. ". . .You actually managed to put a dent on me with your mediocre attack. No dragon or anyone I've ever fought with has ever managed to dent my skin, but you, you were different!"

She lowered her weapon and folded her arms, now glaring at Issei

"That's some unique trick you got there; to hide your true form by taking the shape of a human. Quiet cowardly, I think too."

"You're wrong, I'm not a dragon, Imma hunter— well, was a hunter. . . . it's complicated, okay." Issei sighed.

"Whatever, liar." she scowled.

"Oh, please, I wish I wasn't."

"Don't speak!" Murayama hissed, raising her blade once more, causing Issei to jump in fear. She obviously hated his guts, despite just knowing him. Who knew what he'd say that will finally make her snap. "That fight that we had earlier, I should've won."

"Huh?" Issei raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"You obviously had some weird trick up your sleeve that gave you the upper hand or otherwise you'd lose to me."

Issei wrinkled his face. 'So she's just salty about me managing to put a scratch on her so she's holding me, hostage, now? How petty can one be?'

"Filth like yourself shouldn't dress up like a human and come into my territory to cause trouble, and somehow have the ability to fight back against me! If it wasn't for my abnormally fast reflexes. . . I would've died. No, impossible, I'd never die to any dragon."

"Okay. . ." Issei said, beginning to get bored of her whining. Despite just knowing her, he could already tell what type of person she was.

Murayama hummed as if deep in thought. ". . .Oh, I know, we can have one more fight. A fair fight."

Issei was drawn back by this. She was obviously stronger than him in any way or was she just too stupid to see?

"W-we don't gotta fight. You're obviously stronger, leave it at that. What I need, is for you to do is call an ambulance because I feel like an empty blood bag right now." Issei replied, shaking even harder.

"Huh, what're you whining about? Aren't you a dragon, your limbs can grow back, or did you not remember cause you've been stuck in this human body?" the girl growled

"My limbs. . . can grow. . . back?" Issei mused. "Oh, wait, my limbs can grow back!" he announced to himself. He remembered dragons are like lizards so their limbs do regenerate, however, all parts of their body repair if the heart is still active. He felt a little hopeful at that reminder.

Murayama made a confused look at him, thinking whether or not he was actually a real dragon. She immediately discarded the thought, thinking it's all just lies to make him appear innocent.

"I don't care about you or your pathetic lies. What's going to happen, is what's gonna happen, got it?!" she yelled to which Issei reluctantly agrees.

After, they returned to an empty street to commence their battle. Being a decent distance away from each other, Murayama had held her katana outwards with both hands, ready to strike, while Issei, having no weapon, was rather unconfident in his skills. He'd never had a real fight with another human before, minus the trivial ones he'd get into with Shido and Kurou, but who knows how this might end up. On the bright side, both his hand and leg had grown back, keeping true to the dragon DNA within him. He may need to find some way to utilize his newfound abilities.

"Ready when you are or I can just attack when I feel you're ready!" Murayama grinned.

"Wait, I'm not. See, I've never gotten into an actual fight with a human before. I told you I was a dragon hunter, so most of my fights were with dragons, which I still partially lost too, so—"

"Lies, lies, lies." she groaned. "You know, for a dragon that took on a form of a human, all you do is spout lies." Her grip on her sword tightens. "JUST SHUT UP AND FIGHT, ALREADY!"

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4. . ."

Issei's anxiousness grows even further. At the sound of her nearing the end of her countdown, his heart started pounding rapidly.

". . .3, 2. . ."

Immediately, Issei hopped into a nearby store on the sidewalks. Murayama stops her countdown and her attention lands on him. "Hey! Come back here, you filth!" Issei crashed through the huge window at the back of the convenience store and continued on his way to where he found another unused road. He noticed a rusty, vintage car parked improperly down the road. Something that could serve as a hiding area. Suddenly, footsteps were heard from behind. It was Murayama, tailing him with anger swelling on her face.

Issei increased his momentum, running harder and harder with sweat dripping from his face and hands. He approached the car and with one light step, he propelled himself towards the driver's window and went directly through the interior of the car and out the passenger's window, finally coming to a stop by pressing his foot into the ground. He knew that wouldn't be enough to outrun her as Murayama as she had been approaching the car as well. With a grunt, he raised his leg and kicked the car towards her, which she easily sliced in half with her Katana.

Murayama began breathing heavily as that defense had used up a lot of energy. "Damn dragon, why can't you just accept your death." She grounded her feet deep within the ground, set her katana to the side as if ready to slice at any moment, and took a deep, focused breath.

Not a second later, she blasted off at god-like speed and appeared behind Issei with a wisp of air surrounded her. Issei who was still looking in front, not realizing what happened, finally felt her presence. . . but it was too late. . . her katana was already rushing towards his back, directly positioned to strike his heart as well. She was a sneaky brat indeed, knowing where to position her sword.

"Say your goodbyes," Murayama whispered.

Issei still hadn't comprehended the situation, but he couldn't disregard the feeling of death looming over him.

Suddenly, a dark-haired girl, in the same attire as Murayama but a black bottom, sprung out of nowhere and slaps away her Katana with a bokken.

"stooooooooooop!" she screamed, to which both Murayama and Issei addresses their attention.

They all look at each other with intense astonishment.

SO, I know what you're thinking, "Why the hell is one of the kendo girls so friggin strong?" See let me tell you. I take one of the most useless girls and made her into a badass, why because I can and because she is kinda necessary to this story. You'll see!

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