Chapter 2: The Invasion:

Spider-Man was still swinging around New York City on patrol, he kept an eye out for General Viper while also keeping an eye out for any other crimes in the process. "Remember, keep an eye out for Viper and his Militia." Spider-Man could not keep General Viper out of his mind. Every one of his thoughts were circled around finding and bringing down General Viper. "You Whooooo! Crime, come out come out wherever you are. Spider-Man's here to stop you." Spider-Man at this point was calling out any crimes in a humorous and sarcastic manner.

"Hey Spider-Man." Yuri suddenly dialed in Spider-Man.

"Oh hey Yuri! What's up?"

"The boys down at The Raft managed to get those 16 Viper Agency assholes to talk."

"That's good. What'd you get from them?"

"They told us that we should be expecting random attacks real soon."

"We'll be ready for it."

"Oh yea, i did what you suggested. There's heavy police presence at major areas and landmarks around New York City. Apparently my message got through to all 5 Boroughs of New York. It was taken much more seriously than I intended."

"That's great Yuri. Just goes to show how your an awesome Cop and how dedicated you are to your job."

"Yea. But enough praising me. I've got some important things to tell you."

"Boy you are as stubborn as ever. Anyways, whatcha got?"

"We've found some documents of the vehicles and air crafts they used after we inspected their crashed armor trucks. They've got Boats, Armored Trucks and Vans and a few other designs that I don't feel like naming and for air crafts they Helicopters. So be on the lookout for any of those things."

"Got it."

"And one final thing, where should our new 'play dates' be locked up? The Raft Or Ryker's Island?" Yuri asked her question in a sarcastic manner.

"Awwww Yuri, we can't let our new friends know about our secret hangout spot, The Raft." Spider-Man, much to Yuri's slight annoyance, was being humorous about the situation at hand.

"Just shut up and pick which prison with loads of psychotic killer inmates or crazed supervillains these guys should be locked up in."

"Okay Yuri, put them in Ryker's Island."

"Done. I've gotta go now. Someone needs to arrange their imprisonment."

"Later Yuri."

"Catch you later Wall-Crawler." The Police Captain then disconnected from the call with Spider-Man. Spider-Man continued swinging around Manhattan. He was now once again back in Midtown Manhattan. Spidey swung past the United Nations Headquarters. He noticed that there were armed forces around the surrounding area of The UNH. The forces were mixed between Swat Teams, Regular Police Officers and just a few National Guards that were there. Spider-Man landed on a roof and decided to take some pictures of the United Nations Headquarters. He snapped a marvelous picture that caught the whole thing as well as the armed forces on patrol. "I'm gonna get this framed when I get the chance. Even though I don't work for The Bugle, I still love taking pictures." Spider-Man then carried on about his day.

Just as he swung off, his crime radio went off.

"All Units! Report of an attempted break in and robbery! It's a takeout place on East 60th Street. Right down the block from The Queensboro Bridge. All units respond."

"And it looks like that's my cue. And it's just a swing down 1st Avenue!" Spider-Man then swung in the direction of 1st Avenue. East 60th was right near The Queensboro Bridge so it didn't take long for New York's Spider Themed hero to arrive at the scene.

"Get these two bitches over there with the rest of them! Move it dumbass!" That was the sound of a petty thug in a group of 8 men yelling at one of his colleagues to move the hostage to the circle of 5 people.

"Stop yelling at me dumbass! Next time I'll just kill you."

"Yea, you've been saying that same bull for years now! Just shut up, grab the money while I move these hostages!"

"Please, we don't want any trouble! Just take the money and leave us alone!" One out of the 5 hostages was pleading for their lives as they didn't want to be killed over money. There were three men and two females.

"Shut your damn mouthed before we kill you for the satisfaction. Now, this is a popular food joint. It makes money...goooooood money. We're gonna take this money."

"And some of your food!"

"Shut up and do your damn job! Now where was I? Oh yea, we're gonna take every last dollar you've got in this place. We're gonna get paid real good. So do yourself a favor and shut up. Unless you want a bullet in not only your skull, but these 4 assholes with you."

"..." The man that was standing up for the group had no more words to say, as he did not want to endanger the well-being of himself and the 4 people that were with him. Unfortunate and Unbeknownst to the thugs and fortunate for the hostages, Spider-Man was crawling through the vents of the fancy takeout place.

"I've got to save them." Spider-Man looked through the vent to observe the surroundings of the restaurant. He saw the 5 hostages were being held at gunpoint by two of the thugs, armed with a pistol and shotgun. Two more of them we're helping themselves to the drinks at the bar. The other 4 were placing the money inside duffle bags. "I've gotta play this smart. If they spot me before I'm ready to engage, they'll kill those people no questions asked." This situation was a matter of life and death for those people, so Spider-Man needed excellent precision and accuracy.

"Hey man, you heard about that Captain Snake Viper guy or whatever?"

"You mean the one that kicked The Spider's ass not to long ago?"

"Yea that one."

"Pfft. That dude's scary man. I mean, nobody should be that fucking huge."

"Pfft. Tell me about it. I've never seen The Bug tossed around that much before."

"Better him then us. I wonder where the general guy is now."

"Who cares, let's get this job done. There's this car I've had my eye on, she's a beauty man."

Spider-Man listened in on this conversation while still inside the vents. "Aw, my 2nd favorite number one after Jameson is gaining recognition now. Anyways, it's time to wrap things up around here. I've gotta go find General Viper and bring him down." Spider-Man continued looking around for something to distract the thugs from the hostages. He noticed that the vent he was in was directly next to a ceiling fan. "Got it. I'll unscrew the lightbulb and these two will move away from the hostages. I web these two up, the rest of them will be no problem." Now that Spider-Man had a well thought out plan, he could engage stealthy at first and then loudly. He opened the vent and proceeded to take out the light bulb, gaining the reactions he wanted from all of the thugs.

"What the hell?"

"Which one of you idiots turned off the lights?"

"How should I i know shit brain? That's why I said What The Hell?"

"Whatever? Just investigate it and get those lights back on!" The two thugs that were holding the 5 hostages at gunpoint moved away from them to investigate the light. Spider-Man waited for his opportunity to strike. Once they were there, he opened the air vent and grabbed both thugs with his web-shooters. He wrapped them up in web cocoons and for a humorous sake, he hung them from the spinning ceiling fan. Spider-Man then dropped down to engage the 6 remaining thugs in combat.


"Ah crap! Its Spider-Man! Get him!" The 6 thugs began surrounding him.

"Guys, if you want to order food, just ask a waiter instead of creating a hostage situation and robbing the place!" Spider-Man began attacking the thugs.

"Don't let him hit you idiots!" The 6 thugs were already starting to get overwhelmed.

"Hey Spider! HAVE A DRINK!" One of the thugs tried to hit Spider-Man with a champagne bottle. This obviously didn't connect as it was webbed out of his hand.

"No thanks! I'm not thirsty!" Spider-Man said this in a sarcastic manner. He flung one of the thugs into the air and began beating him down in mid air.



"Who Cares?! Kill him somehow!"

Spider-Man knocked the first of out 6 thugs out. He now had 5 of them to deal with now.

"Have A Seat Web Head!" Another one of the thugs tried to throw a stool at Spider-Man. As the stool was coming his way, he used his webs to capture it and send it flying right back at the same thug.

"Come on Guys! If you give up, I'll make you all some homemade donuts!" Spider-Man spat out another joke which angered the thugs even more. They all tried to charge at him at the same time, but Spider-Man jumped out of the way, letting the 5 crash into each other. "Man, you guys are jumpy!" He then proceeded to web up three of the thugs, taking them out of the fight. One of the two remaining thugs tried to punch Spider-Man, but he responded with a back kick. Spidey then wrapped up his legs in webs and humorously hung him upside down on the ceiling fan with the two thugs he took out earlier. "Well, these guys are gonna be puking all over the place."


"Oh! The Big Bad Bad Guy is angry!" The remaining thug tried to shoot Spider-Man with a pistol. But thanks to his Spider-Sense, he easily got alerted. He then used his webs to yank the pistol out of his hand. He then decided it was time to finish off this failed robbery. Spider-Man punched the thug in the face. He punched him a second time. Spidey then finally finished him off with a spinning heel kick to the face, knocking him unconscious. "And that's another crime thwarted by Spider-Man!"

The 5 hostages now knowing it was safe, stood up and showed extreme gratitude for Spider-Man saving their lives.

"Thank you Spider-Man! I don't know how I'd ever repay you!"

"Don't. Are you guys alright?" Spider-Man asked all 5 of the hostages if they were okay, which they all nodded in response. "Good. The Police will be here soon. For now you guys pick yourselves up and wait until New York's finest arrest these guys. Later." Spider-Man then proceeded to walk out of the main entrance to the place. He swung off just as The Police arrived to find The Thugs all wrapped in webbing for them.

General Viper's Militiaman were now populated around the City. They had yet to attack or make any moves yet. They were all waiting for orders to make any moves. They were all armed to the fullest extent. They were prepared to do whatever commands General Viper told them to do.

"General, a majority of our numbers are populated in Manhattan, shall we commence?"

General Viper responded back to the walkie talkie. His voice as usual sounded menacing in his trademark Spanish and Latin Accent. " ease soldiers. We will begin shortly. For now keep planting those bombs around The Flatiron Building and it's surrounding areas. I want the Spider to see who he's dealing with."

"Yes sir. I guarantee you that your commands will be met with ease."

"Good...Gentlemen, plant the bombs in the surrounding areas of The Flatiron Building...It will distract The Spider long enough to bring our forces into The City."

"Already on it sir...The Venomous Way..."

"Is The Viper Way." General Viper disconnected from the walkie-talkie. The VVA Militiamen continued with their orders to plant the bombs. They were strong enough to kill a great amount of innocent people and destroy anything nearby.