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We walked briskly to the front room where the others were. I could hear traces of a conversation as Naofumi opened the door. "—world's like a game."

"I agree. It's just like the VRMMO Bravestar Online". Ren said.

"VRMMO? Aren't those things of the future?" Asked Motoyasu. "Anyways, I've never heard of that game, but it's like the console game Emerald Online".

"Console? Those antiques? All games nowadays are VRMMO's, though".

"Uhm… what's a VRMMO?" I couldn't help but inquire, they were speaking Ancient Greek as far as I can tell.

"How've you never heard about VRMMO's? They're everywhere!"

"... I've never seen them either". Came the resounding response from the summoned Heroes, well, other than Ren, who looked just shocked at the response.

Itsuki raised his hand and asked a shrewd question. "Everyone, what sort of games are present and what do you think this world is like? To me it's a console game called Dimension Wave."

"VRMMOs, Bravestar Online". Ren repeated.

"It's a console game called Emerald Online."

"No idea". I answered automatically. While I may have been technologically superior to Rin (in almost every way, seriously, she couldn't even push a button to record my favorite show without making it a huge scandal…), I had no idea what they were talking about.

"It was a book for me…" I looked towards Naofumi, who only shrugged and waved his arms around him at my questioning look.

Ah, that book.

Motoyasu started to speak once more. "Ren, for you this was a VRMMO, right?"

"That's correct". Ren crossed his arms and nodded.

"Itsuki, Naofumi, Emiya, do you know what he means by that?" Motoyasu looked towards the three of us for our answer.

"I've seen the term before in a couple of gaming magazines and science fiction games".

"I've seen the term in light novels before".

I was the odd one out. "I've never heard of them before today, but to be honest, I'm not super up-to-date on technology".

Once again Motoyasu turned to Ren and addressed him. "Do any of the games we've mentioned exist in your world's past?"

"No, I consider myself a history buff at least when it comes to gaming and I've never heard of them… Are you all sure they're famous?" Ren couldn't help but prod, it was clear he didn't believe us. And I was slowly getting a sneaking suspicion on what was happening.

Now I am really glad Rin is not here.

Motoyasu nodded in response. It was clear he also was getting to the point where he was connecting the dots too, which seriously impressed me that he managed that. He didn't look like someone that smart to begin with. "They are. How about a general knowledge question then: who's the prime minister of Japan?"

"Yuta Masato."

"Yawara Koutarou."

"Kodaka Enichi."

"Ichifuji Shigeno."

"Ichifuji Shigeno."

Other than Ichifuji Shigeno, I did not recognize any of the names spoken, and cemented the idea and made me glad Rin decided not to do a surprise visit to the library.

The Castle and the grounds around it would not survive.

Motoyasu continued posing such questions for a while before he made a statement once more. "It seems like other than Emiya and Naofumi, we're all from different Japans."

"It does seem that way". I had to agree, Motoyasu had some good deduction skills, probably would be a good warrior if he got out of the mindset of himself to be superior to everyone else in the room.

Who am I kidding, I've been telling that to Rin for years now and she still acts the way she does.



"So, everyone! It seems like you're all knowledgeable about this world's ru- systems?" Motoyasu clapped his hands in delight as he looked around the group.

Two of the five present nodded their heads in agreement, but I had to raise my hand. "I have no idea about them…"

"Neither do I". Naofumi added. "You see, I was reading a book and suddenly arrived here".

The three with actual weapons huddled up and spoke to each other. Slowly Naofumi looked at me in confusion as we both leaned in to hear what they were whispering about, absolutely confused by their actions.

"But...that guy...shield… unknown"

I ended up using [Reinforced] on my ears so I could hear better, annoyance slowly boiling up from the fact they were trying to keep secrets from them.

"Of course he knows the shielder class is weak, right?"

"Yeah, he must, but just in case…"

They stopped huddling together so I canceled the [Reinforcement], still awfully confused by their words.

Shielder class? Weak?

Naofumi must have heard some of the same, for he tried to change the subject.

"So it seems like you guys are all familiar with this world's ru- systems? Would you mind giving us two" He gestured at both himself and me. "pointers?"

"Don't worry, your good buddy Motoyasu is here to tell you how it is". Motoyasu interjected. "You see, in Emerald Online there is a class called the Shielder. They use shields mainly, high defense, low attack, you know how it is".

Both myself and Naofumi decided it was imperative we listen, it was important we get every advantage, especially when it seemed like the King himself had it out for us.

"Well, quickly the high defense rating that the class gets is overshadowed by the amount of damage the enemies deal out. In short, it's a sucky class".

That's… that's it? That wasn't any help at all, that was less than helpful, that was all but detrimental to Naofumi. The Shield Hero looked dejected for a moment, before perking back up. "Well, that just means that the devs patched it later on, right?"

"No-one was playing it so they never got around to doing so…" Motoyasu scratched his chin as he looked up to the ceiling without much care. Whatever good karma he gained with me just got thrown out the window.

"Well, what about you guys?" Naofumi asked Itsuki and Ren, who both only shook their heads.

"Sorry, but it's the same in my world"

"Same here"

If all of that holds true in this world, it's good that I partnered with him. The extra defense could help out while I attack… and that way Naofumi isn't left alone as well, I can help him — ah, what's the term for it?— level up.

"No matter, there are still others, like me, who can deal damage for you if you can use your defense well". I tried my best to cheer the dejected Shield Hero up. The others summoned (minus Naofumi) didn't seem to care, as I could overhear them talking amongst themselves.

"... the terrain is mostly the same, just with different names".

"The hunting grounds are different for each class, so we should probably go to different areas".

Even now, they don't tell us anything to help. Seriously, they are the supposed 'Heroes' to defend this world and they are being awfully stingy with their information. I couldn't help but tap down on my growing annoyance on the three.

A door was knocked upon. "Honorable Heroes, we have prepared a meal for you".

Shirou [HUNGER] is the [ENEMY]

Everyone in the room turned to me, but with practiced ease I walked out of the room, face set as metal as I ignored my stomach that would rival Saber's call for hunger. The attendant had a mirthful smile on her face as she led us to the mess hall.

"Everyone, please help yourselves to whatever you'd like". She walked up to a clear table, filled with nice table wares and several chefs waiting on them to sit.

"Seriously? We have to eat at the same time as the knights?" Ren grumbled under his breath.

He seemed to be extremely ungrateful, and didn't care to observe his surroundings as they were chefs not knights. "They made the food," I unsubtly corrected him. "Why shouldn't they eat at the same time".

"No". The attendant shook his head. "We can't imagine doing that. When you have eaten your fill, the rest of the food here will be served at your introduction."

Taking in the smells (Both of the magical and non-magical varieties), I gave a nod of approval to a majority of the meals. Each time I found myself enjoying a dish I asked for the name so that I could make them once again when I had the chance.

Finishing up, the five of us returned to our rooms. There were talks of baths and how to wash off, but eventually the conclusion was reached that they should skip it for the day— there was time to ask in the morning, after all.

I walked towards my own chosen room, closing and locking the door. I stared at the door for a moment before I placed [Reinforcement] on the door, the hinges, and used [Alteration] on the lock. To ensure that no one would be able to use a key or pick the lock to open the door. I also put [Reinforcement] on the window and did the same [Alteration] for the lock on there as well.

There, that should last the night, and trap whoever is in here with me. I placed my hand on the wall, and started to do [Structural Analysis] of the room, to see if there were any hidden doors or openings, or to see if anyone was clinging to the walls or the ceiling through usage of mana, od, or tools.

Giving a sigh of relief at finding nothing, I decided to get ready for bed.

I ended up using [Alternation] on the pillows, bed, and blankets too.

They were too coarse for my taste.

I woke up at the crack of dawn as usual, though it was highly unlikely that anything would happen so early in the morning. I stretched my arms over my head as he shook off the sleep that still lingered.

I walked up to the window, placing my hand on the window and expected the [Reinforcement] to be on it's last leg, only to be mildly shocked at seeing the spell going on strong with no signs of weakening whatsoever, the same with the [Alternation] on the window lock.

My [Reinforcement] was no joke, beating out Rin on her usage (She was really annoyed by that), but this was taking the cake.

Maybe because it's a different world? I wonder. I continued to stare at the window for a moment before I began [Tracing] something that had nothing to do with swords.

A stirring spoon. Rin's stirring spoon. A jewel encrusted one. It took a little more to bring out, since it wasn't a sword nor resides in my [Unlimited Blade Works], but it would be a good test to see how it holds up in this new world.

After placing the spoon in his pocket, he walked up to the door and dropped the various spells laced through the door, opening it up to greet the new day.


I blinked at the noise, looking down at my feet to see what looked like a crude version of a lockpick on the ground. I reached down to pick it up, doing a small once over before casting [Structural Analysis] on the broken piece, only to get vague impressions of the former owner of the lockpick.

Frustration and anger being the main thing to take away from it, also fear, for whatever reason. Beyond that, I wasn't able to pick up anything else from the piece.

Whoever it belonged to, it just made me more wary of the King and the upcoming 'adventurers' that were chosen for the group. I shook my head and threw the metal away, it wouldn't be a big help anyways, not in this medieval society in any case.

As I made my way to the mess-hall, I passed what I believed to be the kitchen, stopping at the door and staring inside. For such a medieval society and structure, the kitchen actually looked pretty advanced, with running water and what looked like cold storage.

"Yes sir? May I help you?" One of the kitchen staff walked up to me, seeing me standing at the doorway. "Would you like one of us to whip you up something to eat this morning?"

"No… Say, can I make a request."


"Holy shit." Motoyasu exclaimed out loud, causing me to chuckle as I worked on the last bit of breakfast to be taken out, many of the kitchen staff staring at me with wonder in their eyes and took the last plate and carried it out.

Walking out from the kitchen I saw the 'heroes' staring at the large assortment of food placed on the table before them.

Japanese and English, with a bit of American cuisine thrown in to give a bit of flavor. Luckily it turns out a majority of the food on this world was the same as the one back home, although there was that magical fruit I used that actually caused the pancake batter I was using to freeze up.

"Morning!" Naofumi grinned as he sat down at the table, with the others following suit, staring at the feast with a wide grin.

"Good morning." I replied, in a moment adding that "There's some breakfast laid out."

"So I can see." Naofumi brightened up as though he was looking for something before his face fell flat once more. "Damn. I was hoping they had coffee."

"Don't I know it." I chuckle a little, so use to brewing a cup for Rin every morning that I actually didn't know what to do with myself before I pushed on.

Rin… I hope you are okay. It's only been a day. But I know you, you are looking for me.

"You okay man?" Motoyasu asked me, apparently what I was feeling must have shown on my face.

"Yeah, I just miss my girlfriend."

"Shit, man I am sorry. She is probably worried sick."

"No, she isn't." I commented blandly, giving the rest of the table an unconcerned look.

"Hey…" Ren grimaced a little, giving comfort that wasn't in his wheelhouse of social niceties.

"I'm more worried about what she is going to do when she gets here." I took a bite of scrambled eggs, critiquing my own meal.

Maybe I should have used more butter.

The rest of the table, along with the attendants there, were staring at me like I grew another head.

"Hm? Oh, yeah. Rin, my girlfriend, she is a far better magus than myself. There is no doubt in my mind she is trying to find her way here."


"Nee-san, please calm down. They won't just suffer your wrath, I'll be helping..."

Shortly after we ate breakfast— perhaps around ten o'clock in the morning, judging by the sun's position— we were summoned by the King.

Inside the audience chamber, there were twelve apparent adventurers. From stereotypical magi to people dressed in a knight's gear, they ran the gamut. I frown upon their entrance, none of them look like they were battle hardened adventurers, some of their armor look brand new.

Feeling the suspicion from earlier rear its ugly head, I decided to use [Structural Analysis] on the group.

Oh my god, they are all nobles.

I groaned quietly, gaining Naofumi's attention as he turned to look at me with a questioning gaze. All I could do was shake my head and mouthed 'Later' to him, hoping he would get it. Thankfully he did, giving a curt nod before turning back towards the group.

It was at this point the King walked into my view, now just realizing he was carrying a staff in his grasp.

Despite the fact that staffs are far apart from swords, it seemed as though this particular staff still qualified as a [Weapon] because I could start to use [Structural Analysis] on it from a distance.

This was my folly, as once more I gained a splitting headache. For a second I couldn't think, but I must have shut off my circuits once more instinctively. Fortunately, the drawbacks from Analyzing this particular weapon were not as bad as that of the shield, and I still managed to gather a small amount of information from it.

[Fenrir's Rod] was the name of the staff in its current form and it had multiple different ones. At the moment, it would increase his own attack power against wielders of the four Legendary Weapons.

I looked towards Naofumi, eyes widening just a tad to show my surprise. The King seemed prepared for conflict, but still, wasn't it overkill to have something like that when it seems like all the 'Legendary Weapon' wielders were new to conflict.

… But then I remembered the glances, the stares. They were only waiting for an opportunity to attack Naofumi and myself, by extension.

Smart play. Rin would be impressed by the level of caution he holds.

"Welcome, Heroes."

Though I bowed in greeting in time with the others summoned, I still stood behind them.

For the moment, it wouldn't make sense to interfere with what the King was planning (though it seemed like I would be targeted), since I still had no idea about Aultcray Melromarc XXXII's capabilities (outside of the staff)— or his plans (other than Naofumi's possible death). With that staff he is holding, it was clear he could handle the other four with ease if they turn hostile.

I was the outlier. The unknown. My very presence would throw a wrench in his plans, or at least I had hope that it would.

"As promised, we have gathered companions to follow you on your journey. They are all eager to make your acquaintance."

The twelve mentioned companions seemed to perk when addressed. I wonder how long they were staying here.

"Now, choose which of the Heroes you wish to serve."

At those words, I moved to stand beside Naofumi— we had partied up after all. I waited for the group to choose, and to my non-shock, they all chose the three other summoned heroes, but ignored Naofumi and myself as we were not even an option. I couldn't help but sigh.

Seriously, I might need to get to the bottom of why everyone hates Naofumi.

My 'party leader' seemed surprised and annoyed at it . "Ehh! Why does no-one want to party with me…"

One of the attendants present whispered to the King as I [Reinforced] my ears so I could hear their hushed conversation.

"Your majesty, some have overheard the Shield Hero saying he was not familiar with our world."

The King's response was audible to all but the deaf, as he tried (and failed) to hide a minor grin. "I see… So there were those kinds of rumors…"

Naofumi moved closer to me while looking dejected. In order to cheer him up, I patted him on the shoulder. He still gave a depressed sigh, but mustered up a smile and gave me thanks for sticking with him.

With no sense of decorum, Motoyasu interrupted. "Did something happen?"

The King decided to respond, seeming annoyed he had to do so. "A rumor has been circulating that the Shield Hero was summoned to this world without knowledge of this world, contrary to what the prophecy stated would happen. Is that wrong?"

Motoyasu nudged Naofumi's shoulder, making light of the matter. "Guess they overheard us last night."

And that doesn't concern you whatsoever, does it? I couldn't help but grimaced, realizing someone had been in the room (or close enough to listen in, the walls could have been thinner than I first thought) and I didn't even know they were there. Thankfully my sense of smell was better at clearing up the extra mana now— if someone else were to intrude, with the prevalence of 'magic' here, I should be able to sense them. As I saw Naofumi opening up his mouth I started to wonder if he was going to make a big deal out of it. With the way everyone seems unfriendly, I sure hope not.

"C'mon—" his voice died down at the same time that he saw my glare, warning him not to speak about it.

Suddenly, a woman spoke up. "My Lord, I shall go with the Shield Hero."

"Oh, are you sure?" I could see the bulge of a vein forming on his brow, it was taking all his power not to smite Naofumi (and myself) into dust.

"Yes." The smile reminded me of Rin. When she was playing with someone who she took for a fool. Usually I was at the end of those smiles and it was never anything good.

"I'm with him as well." I piped up, but I might as well have said nothing at all, given that I was completely and utterly ignored.

The King seems disappointed for some reason… I came to another quick realization. They are nobles, could it be that he knows her and for the same reason that everyone here hates Naofumi, he doesn't want her to join his party?

"Very well. Naofumi, you are to scout suitable companions on your own. Because you have so few people that can attack, just for this month I will increase your stipend."

"Y-yes your majesty."

"Then, I shall distribute the funds. To the Sword Hero and companions, 600 silver. To the Bow Hero and companions, 600 silver. To the Spear Hero and companions, 600 silver. To the Shield Hero and companions, 800 silver." Gesturing to one of the attendants, they began the process of handing out the silver. A minute passed before the King spoke once more. "You may be dismissed."

In such a manner, the meeting with the King ended and the present adventurers as well as the Heroes left the audience chamber and filed out to one of the halls.

Of the three people in Naofumi's party, the lone female started first. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Shield Hero. My name is Myne Sophia. Let's do our best!"

… Her voice sounded a bit forced on the pleasantries though.

I introduced myself next. "Emiya Shirou."

Barely any acknowledgment, part of me is not that surprised.

Finally, Naofumi spoke. "And I'm Iwatani Naofumi, apparently the Shield Hero."

"That's good. Come I know a place where we can get supplies, armor, and weapons." She turned and led the group, I slowly fell some ways back, keeping an eye on the red head before me.

"What's wrong?" Naofumi whispered to me, also falling back some as he saw the blank look on my face.

"Did you invite her to the party?" I muttered under my breath, glancing to my side to see his reaction.

He grimaced and shook his head slightly. "No, she didn't even react to the invite. Maybe only heroes can see the screen?"

"Yeah, no. I can see the screen and I'm not a 'Hero'. Besides, remember that status magic is widespread here. Everyone probably has it. She's likely a noble as well, so she's probably trained to ignore things that are unwarranted and or unneeded. She definitely got the invite." I growled a little, it was clear something was happening, but I had no idea what.

"Does this have to do with anything with the King?"

"Maybe. I'll tell you later when we have more privacy. For now, just keep your guard up. I'll do my best to keep us alive." I said as I began to pick up the pace.

No need to give her a clue that we were suspicious of her.

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