Hey, everyone I had this idea for a Harry Potter/Kiba idea. I think I am the first one to come up with this idea. This is basically Harry replacing Zed, but this is 10 years before Kiba starts and after Roya is taken in by Master Zico. Sirius will be replacing Sara. I am working on an OC Spirit for Sirius, but I can use help designing it. It's a Cerberus based one and it's either going to have fire as it element or fire, ice, and lightning (like King Cerberus from Devil May Cry). This is going to be Harry x Roya pairing. No harem for Harry this time. I won't be explaining what people and Spirits look like (except OC characters, OC Spirits and I do Harry's casual clothes and his and Roya's clothes for the Ball and wedding). If you want to know what the Spirits look like watch the show. I might be called lazy for doing this, but I am doing this to get people to watch the show. I love Kiba and I want more people to get into it.

A five-year-old Harry was laying in his cupboard bloody and bruised from his uncle beating him for messing up cooking breakfast even though he is five years-old and shouldn't be cooking in the first place.

"Please someone save me from this place. I don't wanna be hurt anymore and I want to have a family that loves me and not hate me. This place is not my home but my prison. I hate it here. I want to be free. Free like the wind. Please!" Harry prayed in desperation. Magic is a curious thing. It can many great things both good and bad doing things once thought impossible to achieve even in a million years. Magic is both sentient and yet not sentient. It is mostly used by other's commands, but It can choose to act by its own will and that what it decided to. Magic can feel emotions since emotion is what used mostly by nearly all species that were granted the gift of Magic to fuel and use its powers was sadden about its children that were using its powers to abuse and tortured others. For the sake of one of its children that were blessed with its gift and was a favorite of not only it but also Fate, Destiny, Death, Love, Luck, and even the Wind itself knew it needed to save him. Otherwise, it's child will not survive, and the world will become a harsher and colder place then it is today with no chance or hope of becoming softer and warmer place. What Magic did in this case was to open a sort of gate to another world where people called Shard Casters exist. Shard Casters are people are able to conjure magic through marble-like "shards". These practitioners are called Shard Casters. With the power of the Shards, the Shard Casters are able to cast spells in combat and control monsters called "Spirits". Casters are easily identified by having mysterious symbols located anywhere on their body. Slots for shards can be found along these symbols which usually encircle them. Shards grant the power to use various magical techniques. Magic was searching for a Spirit called Amil Gaul who it and five other Spirits were called Key Spirits who were known as the strongest Spirits and Amil Gaul was the strongest of them. After a while Magic found him.

'Why have you sought me?' Amil Gaul asked (telepathically). Magic showed Amil Gaul Harry's past and what his Fate and Destiny and what would happen if steps aren't taken.

'Atrocious. He is a child and children are meant to be loved and protected. Even more so if they are a blessed child favored by a higher being or more and this so-called blood purity nonsense as well as their treatment on first generations and even those they called half-bloods will only doom them into extinction.' Amil Gaul said in disgust. Magic then "told" Amil Gaul what it believes to be the best course of action.

'You want me to take him into my world and place him in Templer for his new home as well as make him a Shard Caster and not only that you want him to be my partner?' Amil Gaul asked. Magic confirmed yes. Amil Gaul then thought about it. Harry was a favorite of the Wind itself and he is a Spirit who's element is wind, and he and Harry can be both stubborn and rebellious. Not only that Harry once the blocks he had, and soul piece of Tom Riddle aka Voldemort was removed Harry's full magical power can be release and his power was impressive for a child. It even surpassed an above average 7th year student of Hogwarts if that student wasn't inbred and had training at a younger age than a normal above average 7th year student. Which suits him fine since he is the strongest Spirit outside of Tusker and having a strong Shard caster would be good to have so he doesn't depend on him too much. But there was one thing.

'How will Harry get training for his magic?' Amil Gaul asked. Magic then show Amil Gaul Harry's Godfather Sirius Black and show him what happened to Sirius. Then Magic told Amil Gaul it's plan.

'If I take Harry in three years you will transport his Godfather to the Seekers? It's a good idea since it would take a while for you to do this again and in that time I believe I can contact a Spirit to appear when he comes to be his partner and I do believe I know the perfect Spirit for him. Very well I will take Harry and I know just who to bring him to. The person I am thinking of has changed for the better and has recently took in a little girl around Harry's age and he is doing a good job so far. I believe he will be the right person to raise and train Harry.' Amil Gaul said. Magic and Amil Gaul then started the process of transporting Harry. A few minutes has pass for Harry as he was laying down in pain trying to go sleep when suddenly a small tornado formed with him in the center. He was in shock as the tornado then grew in size expending and becoming taller as it was doing that it started to crush the house and pull the pieces into it. Harry was somehow spare from it, but the Dursleys weren't as they were crushed by the pieces (as well as Marge and her dog Ripper as they were staying there for a week) killing them. When the tornado got to a certain size it stop growing and stay in place. Harry then saw Amil Gaul with his wing blades out as a dimensional gate opens.

'Go inside the Gate and it will transport you to a new world where you will have a better life.' Amil Gaul said as he flies into it. Harry felt like the being was being honest and decided to go into the gate. After he enters his injuries were healed and his left started to get jewel like markings (Zed's Shard Caster marks). He then fell unconscious as Amil Gaul then turns into a Spirit shard and enters one of Harry's Shard marks. After that Amil Gaul immediately destroyed the Horcrux in Harry's head and the blocks on Harry's magic. On the other end of the Gate an old man known as Master Zico was facing a Zymot soldier (same soldier from episode one of Kiba) using his Spirit Fyron to fight against the soldier's Spirit Zuigyu while his foster granddaughter and student a five-year-old girl named Roya was hiding where she wasn't close enough to get hurt but close enough where she can watch all the action. Suddenly a tornado of wind descended from the sky and when it dispersed Harry appeared.

"A child?!" Master Zico said shocked by the tornado and a child looking like he at least 3 years old and was wearing very ragged clothes that look like it was meant for an adult pig appearing from the tornado like the tornado brought the child here (which it kinda did as the Gate turned into a tornado for some reason).

'Who the hell this kid? Tch doesn't matter since I can use this to my advantage.' The Zymot soldier thought to himself.

"Zuigyu attack the kid!" The Zymot soldier ordered as his Spirit went to attack Harry.

"Fyron stop him!" Master Zico ordered Fyron in worry for Harry. Fyron uses it tail to knock back Zuigyu. The Zymot soldier then charges at Master Zico. Master Zico launches a bullet shard attack form his right hand's palm, but the Zymot soldier deflects all of them with his sword as he keeps charging. Master Zico then brought his right hand back and closes his eyes for a second then he opens then pushes his right hand forward as his attack became a flamethrower. The Zymot soldier's sword then deactivated. The Zymot soldier then brought his sword closer and saw that the attack destroyed the shards in his sword. The Zymot soldier then looks towards his Spirit which was grappling against Fyron.

"Zuigyu!" The Zymot soldier called out. Zuigyu used it's stinger to strike at Master Zico, but he dodges it. Zuigyu tried three more time with the last one backing Master Zico into a tree. Zuigyu was about to strike one more time and Master Zico was about to counterattack when one of Fyron's free hands grabs the stinger stopping its attack. Master Zico then looks to Fyron.

"Fyron, finish it off now!" Master Zico ordered. Fyron then breaks the stinger. Zuigyu then roars in pain as it backs off. The Zymot Soldier then grabs three Earth Shards from his Shard Mark and activates them to launch a sand attack at Master Zico. Master Zico then blocks it with a small Fire Shard shield effect which created a sand smokescreen. The Zymot soldier having place three new Fire Shards in his sword swings it twice, but Master Zico had disappeared! While was looking in front of him for Master Zico Master Zico places six Fire Shards two on the upper back, two on the lower back, and two on the legs of the Zymot soldier which he activated which created a web binding capturing the Zymot soldier as he then falls down.

"I would say that ends our match." Master Zico said to the Zymot Soldier.

"Damn it…" The Zymot soldier cursed in defeat. Fyron grabs Zuigyu pinches with two of its hands and then launches a fire attack from its month and uses it to "slice" Zuigyu in half which crumbles it as it turns back into a Spirit Shard in Master Zico's right hand.

"I will be taking your Spirit." Master Zico said to the Zymot Soldier.

"Master Zico!" Roya called out having left her hiding place and at Harry's side. Master Zico looks towards her.

"Look at his left hand!" Roya said. Master Zico saw Harry's Shard marks.

"So, this boy is a Shard caster then." Master Zico said while wondering where he came from and why did he come here?