My beloved Yelena,

The King was murdered. Remember when I said nothing ever happens? Toss that out. Everything seems to have happened within the past two weeks since I caught Macbeth arguing with his wife. The night Duncan, the King, died, everything was in uproar. Guards were rushing all over the place. But still none noticed me.

The servants were whispering, gossiping about how the King's sons went missing not long after the King was murdered. Many believe they did it. Some mentioned the head of his army, the Thane MacDuff, who was first to discover the body.

I thought that rumor might has something substantial to it, so I watched MacDuff the next day. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Until the night that is. It was so strange, and oddly terrifying.

He was just sitting on the bed, staring at a wall. I was almost ready to retire to bed myself, but something happened. Shadows grew all over the room, but the candle never went out. Three figures of hunched over women in cloaks appeared out of the darkness from a corner, and the candle and the fire started to burn dark blue.

They spoke in hoarse whispers to MacDuff. He spoke in whispers as well, but he was pale and seemed horrified. I had tried to move forward to hear what they were saying. I only caught one words before everything went wrong. Macbeth.

Then, the fires shot up in columns and the women were facing me.

Yelena, their faces.

There was no life in them. They were like walking corpses. They could see me somehow, but MacDuff couldn't. I ran. I made it back to the room I slept in, and locked the door, casting runes to keep everything out.

I didn't see them again. Everything was semi-calm for the next two weeks as preparations were made for Macbeth's coronation. The coronation itself went well, but the banquet…

When Macbeth walked in, he stared at an empty chair and started screaming. He shouted about murder and talked as if someone was standing there. His wife rushed up and walked him out, coming back and telling everyone that everything was fine, he had episodes all the time.

She forced everyone to leave. It was very suspicious. In my time here, I had never seen Macbeth act like that.

Things are going very strangely, and I'm starting to get worried. Can you please ask M what I'm supposed to be doing here, and who those women are, what they want, and why they were here, and what's going on?

I love you honey. Can't wait to get out of this hellhole. Hope you're well.