Chapter Eighteen


I snap pictures of the Quidditch players practicing. Sarah is killing it today; making goals left and right. I adjust my grip on the camera, and watch as she hurtles through the air.

My mind wonders slowly. In just a few days, it will be my birthday, February 14. Yep, I was born on Valentine's Day. Before I was diagnosed, my parents used to tell me I was the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Afterwards, well, not so much.

Sarah passes the ball to Angelina Johnson, who throws it into the goal. Diabetes is like qui$itch, I realize as I snap the photo. Diabetes is a team effort: the endocrinologist, the nurse, and minst importantly, the friends and family of the patient. They support the patient through his or her diabetes care in day to day life.

There are other comparisons I could make between diabetes and quidditch. They are both all about the balance. You cannot fly too high on your broom, and you cannot fly too low. You have a range that you need to stick to before bad things start happening.

It's all about the balance. It's all about that sweet spot right in the middle.

I walk with Sarah back up to the castle. She's flipping through the peaictures I took and smiling. Apparently, those were good photos.

"Wow. I love these!" Sarah says with a smile.

"Thank you." I say quietly.

"Are you okay?" Sarah asks, turning to face me.

"Yeah. Just thinking." I say.

"About what?"

"Diabetes has its similarities to quidditch, you know? It's all about the balance. And lqely, I've been worrowed that my yearbook duties have eclypsed my schoolwork."

Sarah gives me a small smile. "Okay, so if you can find the balance with your blood sugar, you can find the balance with your schoolwork."

She's right, of course. Sarah usually is. I wonder if this is what having a big sister feels like.

Sarah holds the door for me. "Thanks." I say, giving her a true smile. "I guess I need to work on that, huh?"

"Yeah. I guess you do." Sarah says.

I go immediately to the library and hide in a corner. I remove all the assignments that I'm behind on and get work. I start with History of Magic because that puts me to sleep.

I'm lucy I'm not the only one who is getting behind on schoolwork. Heather and the twins are struggling, too. And I know Sarah %s struggling; they are piling on the work for the fifth-years.

I run into the girl in the hallway leading to the Hufflepuff common room. She's hunched over, sobbing hysterically. She's physically shaking and in the midst of a panic attack.

"Hey. Are you okay?" I ask, knealing next to the girl.

"I'm... gonna... fail... everything." she sobbs.

I finally place her. Leah Sworinson, a first-year Hufflepuff.

"No, you aren't. I'm struggling, too." I try to keep my voice calm and reassuring.

"I don't know anything!" she says, gasping for air. "My parents want me to pass everything with Os. They are putting so much pressure on me! I can't do it!"

"Okay, take a deep breath. Exams are still a little over three months away. You still have time to study. There's no need to panic yet. Look, the Weasley twins, Heather, Ellerie Thomson and I have decided to form a study group. You can join us, if you want."

"Really?" Leah asks, looking up at me hopefully.

"Yeah. No problem. Now, let's go get some hot chocolate. Chocolate makes everything better, andi thinkprofessor Dumbledore still has the hot chocolate bar going."

We sit side by side at the Gryffindor table, mugs of hot chocolate in hand. I already dosed, in front of 1Leah, and I can tell that she has a ton of questions. She's too polite to ask, however. Way too polite to ask.

"That's just my insulin pump." I say, slipping it back into my robes pocket. "I'm diabetic."

Since revealing my diabetes to my friends, I've grown more confident in it. It's a quite of me, whether I like it or not. I may as well accept it.

Leah just shrzs, as if it's no big deal. `I'm muggle-born. I know what an insulin pump is."

"It's kind of an adjustment, being Muggle-born, huh? I'm Muggle-born, too."

"Yeah. It is. Youngthing is so... alive here."

"Agreed." I say with a light smile. "I almost don't wanna go home."

"Really? I miss my twin. I got the magic." Leah says.

"You have a tw!-was I ask.

"Yep. I have a twin brother. Annoying as all get out, but I love him. `n's Luke."

"Leah "and Luke?" I ask.

"Yep. You're Kenna, right?"

"Yeah. I have a brother, too, Dudley. Although he's not much of a brother to me. My cousin, Harry, is more like a little brother than my actual brother. There's some irony for you."

I leave Leah on the fifth floor, before heading up to the Gryffindor common roomdd

Fred and George ambush me the second I step into the common room. "Kenna!" Fred says, pulling me into a more secluded corner. "We are ready for another round of the Pranktastic Trio."

We had pulled some minor pranks so far, but we havenn't gotten caught yet. So far, so good.

"We're gonna do the Butterfingers jinx on Percy." George explains. "You're the best at that one."

I cast the jinx on Percy during dinner. It takes effect almost immediately. He drops his goblet, which shatters into several pieces on the floor.

He then proceeds to drop everyything he touches for the rest of dinner before Bill finally undoes the jinx. I'm stlightly disappointed that he did; I was looking forward to watching Percy struggle until he figured out what was wrong. For someone who asks so self-important, Percy can really be quite dumb sometimes.

I give the twins a hug before heading up to bed. Today's been a long, stressful day. I may have finally found a balance, but it %seems to take a lot out of me. I fall into bed fully clothed, thanking the gods that tomorrow is the weekend.

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