Naruto: Maelstrom of the Force (Working Title)

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I've made several attempts at Naruto/Star Wars Stories over the years but this one will probably be the last. Lunar Eclipse was my first story and badly needs a rewrite. Privateer I like but is unpopular. Event Horizon…It never really worked. Lastly there was Fingers of Plagueis that never went anywhere. Anyway; this fic has nothing to do with any of those and centers around Uzumaki Naruto as a former Jedi Padawan. It starts around the time of Episode I: The Phantom Menace and will continue from there. Naruto is about the same age as Padme Amidala (a couple of years younger) so that puts him about three years older than Anakin Skywalker. My main sources for information are the Wookieepedia and Narutopedia. Here is Chapter 1. Enjoy!

Chapter 1/Prologue

Year 32 BBY*①

Core Worlds, Corusca Sector, Planet Coruscant, Grand Jedi Temple

A blonde boy of about twelve years of age was standing in the High Jedi Council Chambers before two of his heroes, Jedi Grandmaster Yoda and Jedi Master Mace Windu. His normally sparkling blue eyes were full of sadness. He was covered with horrible scars including whisker marks burned into his cheeks that were all carved into his body with the plasma edge of a light saber. Those were the scars on the outside. The scars within were much; much deeper…

Mace Windu said, "Naruto Uzumaki; we have considered your request and after a long debate among the Jedi Council have decided that your decision to leave the Jedi Order is the correct course of action. The terrible torture you had to endure at the hands of your former comrades was too much for anyone to handle and the fact you've made such a mature decision is a credit to both you and your forbears. I want you to know that your parents Minato and Kushina would have been proud of you. I realize these words may seem hollow to you but it is time to move on and forget about the past. Personally, I am truly sad to see you go. It has been a pleasure knowing you."

Yoda said sadly, "Find those responsible for this atrocity; we will. Bring them to justice; we promise you. Remember young Naruto; the Force will be with you; always…"

The former Padawan went to pack his things and leave the Grand Jedi Temple forever…


His Jedi Master Jiraiya had defended Naruto to the death only for young Uzumaki to fall into a trap himself on the way back to their ship. There was a large group of Padawans and Masters gathered on the Planet Onderon in the Japrael System. No one knew exactly why but when Jiraiya and Naruto landed there to investigate; the Jedi gathered there turned upon them in ambush. It had been a hellish experience and Naruto felt as if his connection with the Force was severed as he was tortured.

The ones torturing him were fellow Padawans much to the young blonde's horror. Their hoods were up and their eyes glowed gold like some sort of evil reptile's would. He heard them chanting in some language he didn't understand but one girl said in Galactic Basic; "Reach out for the darkness because the light with not save you!"

Naruto wasn't without options though. As he felt the various light sabers etching tribal designs into his body he turned his focus within and found the chakra that his people were said to have. He felt an explosion of power within and his torturers screamed as if blinded. No one on his home world Renatasia*② had unlocked their chakra since legendary times but Naruto knew that's what it was. When the young blonde came to he was back aboard Jiraiya's ship horribly wounded and scarred. He told the ship's nav computer to take him to the Jedi Temple and collapsed in the pilot's seat…

The next time Naruto woke up he was in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant in a bacta tank and felt more dead than alive…

Flashback end…

Jedi High Council Room

"A tragic loss; this is." said Grand Master Yoda.

Master Mundi nodded. "He is the Chosen One; to lose him…"

"Naruto himself believed he was tainted in some way." said Master Windu. "He left for all of our sakes; not his own selfish reasons."

Master Plo Koon added; "…And mere days after; Master Qui Gonn Jinn discovered another…This is no mere coincidence…"

Grand Jedi Temple, Front Stairs

Naruto was on his way out to parts unknown when he crossed paths with the rather unassuming man, Senator Sheev Palpatine who was on his way to the Jedi Council to seek their guidance revolving around the Naboo Crises. The Senator was currently in the running to become the new Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic and many would have found it strange for him to stop and talk to a mere boy. Sheev saw the facial scars on Naruto and raised his eyebrows. "Young Uzumaki; is that you my boy?"

The blonde glanced over at Palpatine and greeted him respectfully. "Senator Palpatine; how are you today?"

The Senator looked at Naruto for a moment and said quietly, "I heard about your Master Jiraiya. He was a great man. Please accept my condolences. It must have been absolutely soul crushing for you."

"Jiraiya died to protect me." said Naruto. "I will always honor him."

Sheev nodded in sympathy, "Of course you will my boy. Just take it slowly. The grieving process takes time." Then he said reassuringly, "I'm sure your new Master will help you through these hard times."

Naruto said sadly, "I have no new Master Senator. I am no longer in the Jedi Order."

Palpitine was shocked. 'This wasn't supposed to happen.' "The Jedi Council…they threw you out?! This is an outrage! A young man of your prodigious talent shouldn't be thrown away like trash! Let me talk to them."

The blonde smiled sadly and said, "It was my idea to leave Senator; not theirs. I bear no ill will against the Jedi Order. They raised me after all."

"But what about those that attacked you?" asked the politician. "You could be in danger my boy." Sheev smiled and said; "Why don't you join me for a while till you get back to your old self? If the Jedi don't want you then I can certainly see your potential."

Naruto shook his head and said, "Thank you for your kindness Senator but I must be going. I have a ship waiting to go out system."

"If you are ever in need; remember my door will always be open to you Naruto." said the Senator sadly.

"Until we meet again." said Naruto. "May the Force be with you." The young man took off without waiting for a reply.

'This didn't go according to the plan.' thought Palpatine darkly. 'What went wrong on Onderon…?'

Galactic Senate Building, Chancellor Sheev Palpatine's Quarters

The Naboo crisis was over and both Qui Gon Jinn and Darth Maul were dead. The new Chancellor had just returned from Naboo and was seething.

Dart Sidious thought to himself; 'Young Uzumaki had such enormous potential! I had my agents follow him and the boy just vanished. Luckily I have found a replacement in young Anakin Skywalker. There is much fear in that one. I just have to nurture it slowly and gently until he joins the Dark Side. For now I'll have to contact Count Dooku and tell him to set the plan in motion…'

Year 26 BBY

Outer Rim Territories, Centrality Sector, Planet Renatasia III, outskirts of Mathilde City

Naruto awoke to another day in the quiet pastoral sector of Renatasia where the major industry was herding nerfs for the people that lived in the city. He yawned and stretched before mentally greeting his spirit partner Kurama. 'Good morning Kurama.' He said mentally. 'I'm eighteen today; what should we do to celebrate?'

'You mean aside of the Coming of Age Ceremony at the Temple of the Fox?' asked Kurama with a yawn. 'I have no idea. Maybe we could go bow hunting.'

Naruto thought back to how he'd discovered his furry companion six years ago…


Naruto had just returned to Renatasia on a tramp cargo freighter all the way from Coruscant. It was the end of the line when the ship arrived in Mathilde City. The blonde was almost healed physically but in constant pain from the scars. Travelling out to the countryside where the school he would be attending was at; Naruto was reminiscing when he heard a thundering voice in his head. 'About time you heard me! I've been calling you ever since you woke me up on Onderon.'

The blonde went bug eyed and mentally said, 'W-who's there? Am I dreaming?'

'No moron; you are not dreaming. I am Kurama the mighty Kyuubi no Kitsune.' said Kurama. 'My power has manifested within you. You should be honored.' said the ancient fox haughtily.

Naruto sweat dropped and then cried anime tears. 'You're that imaginary fox friend I had as a little kid! Oh by the old gods! I've lost it. I'm going to have to be on medicine the rest of my life!'

Now it was Kurama's turn to sweat drop. 'Look Naruto; I AM one of the old gods. You're not crazy. Trust me.'

The blonde cocked an eyebrow. 'Okay…say you are an old god. How did you get here?'

The Fox sighed. 'Well; OBVIOUSLY you are a descendant or reincarnation of one of my earlier containers. This is a good thing Naruto.'

'How so?' asked Naruto.

Kurama replied, 'You now have access to the inner force of chakra and the outer force of the midichlorians… and I can train you better than anyone.'

The blonde sighed sadly. 'But I'm cut off from the Force Kurama. I can no longer be a Jedi. Besides, I left the order.'

'You mean those silly Sith runes carved into your body?' asked the ancient fox. 'I'll just do some tweaking to your body and get rid of the bad scars. '

Naruto's eyes widened; 'What do you mean by tweak my body? Am I going to turn into a fox or something?'

'…Now THAT would be COOL!' gushed Kurama. 'Ahem… Sadly; no. What I am going to do is increase your body's ability to heal about tenfold. Basically you'll be granted a healing factor that allows your body to recover at a rapid pace from injuries.'

'You can DO that?' asked the twelve year old excitedly. 'That's so wild!'

'Of course I can.' replied the fox. 'The scars will be gone in no time and all that will be left are the whisker marks and the other useful ones.'

The blonde asked cautiously, 'How are they useful?'

'I will explain it all in due time my apprentice in foxhood.' replied Kurama 'All in due time…'

And thus a friendship was born…

Flashback end…

Naruto was heading towards Mathilde City on his speeder bike to participate in the Coming of Age Ceremony that would make him a spiritual adult when he saw smoke coming from the city. He saw masses of transports coming out of the sky and recognized the types. 'Trade Federation transports…? This is an invasion!' thought the blonde as he recalled the Naboo Crises a few years ago. Naruto was a volunteer pilot in the Renatasian Defense Force and raced towards the landing field he was to report to should there be a national emergency...

Dispersal Landing Field M-22

Naruto arrived at the landing field and saw a lineup of slightly worn Delta-7 Aethersprite*③ interceptors. They were only about six years old and in good order but the dirt and paint corrosion were a bit obvious. The twelve ships were painted olive green and black to blend in with the forested terrain in area. They were spread out so if the field was attacked that the fighters wouldn't all be destroyed at once. This was the outskirts squadron four; Call sign: Blackbird.

The blonde rode up on his speeder and reported in to the Squadron Intelligence Officer. He handed his citizen identification card to the Officer who scanned it and said, "Naruto Uzumaki, Volunteer Pilot Officer. You have over 100 hours flying time and are assigned as Blackbird 9. Here's a helmet; the flight suits have all been handed out already. Report to Squadron Commander Roche at once for your orders."

Grissa Roche was a tall woman with spiky lilac hair that was in a pony tail*④. She was very much a disciplinarian. 'She's probably the only reason this squadron is flight ready… and she's sexy.' thought Naruto lecherously as he walked up and saluted. "Volunteer Pilot Naruto Uzumaki reporting for duty Commander Roche."

She turned to Naruto and said; "Uzumaki; my favorite stunt pilot. Are you ready for this?"

Naruto grinned; "I'm ready to fly Commander." he said with a wink.

Grissa smiled back and said, "Make sure you come back alive. That's an order. Where is your flight suit?"

"The Intelligence Officer said they were all assigned already." replied the blonde nonplussed.

She sweat dropped. "Well, you've got a helmet at least. We'll get you a flight suit when on becomes available. Get to your fighter. Go!"

The blonde remembered Master Jiraiya's words of advice on fighter to fighter combat as he climbed into the cockpit:

-Get in as close as you can before firing. You're usually further away than you think.

-You get shot down by the one you don't see.

-Scan the stars constantly; you need to see them before they see you.

-Never get separated from your flight if you can help it.

Naruto sighed before firing up the engines, activating the shields and charging his twin laser cannons. "Thanks Jiraiya." he whispered. "This is Blackbird 9. I'm ready for takeoff." he said into his comm. link.

"Blackbird Leader to Blackbird Squadron; lift off!" said Commander Roche.

As the Aethersprites roared off of the ground; Naruto wondered how many of them would make it back alive…

The squadron took off in a staggered formation to intercept the transports before they could land their battle droids at the Capitol of Mathilde. "This is Blackbird Leader. Flight C; intercept the fighters flying top cover. A and B flights will attack the transports."

"This is Blackbird 9; acknowledged." replied Naruto. "C flight; form up on me."

"…This is Blackbird 10; roger."

"…Blackbird 11, I copy."

"…Black bird 12; understood."

Naruto and C flight quickly ascended and accelerated to face the onslaught of Trade Federation Vulture Class Droid Starfighters*⑤. Actually; they accelerated too fast.

"Where are they?" asked Blackbird 11.

"Below us!" replied Naruto. "Break right and stay in formation. Remember, one pass and haul ass."

"Tally ho!" yelled Blackbird 11 as he accelerated back towards Renatasia.

The four Delta-7s dove from above and behind the Vultures and Naruto managed to shoot one down. His blue eyes sparked with chakra as he rapidly climbed back with his Aethrsprite clawing for altitude. Blackbird 10 was still with him but 11 and 12 were nowhere to be seen… The blonde made another pass through the droid formation and shot down another Vulture as did his wingman. By that point the droid fighters had scattered their formation and the whole sky seemed to be full of laser bolts, explosions and fighters from the blonde's point of view.

As Naruto climbed for another pass he noted the Vultures were retreating and the sky was suddenly clear. Glancing over at Blackbird 10; Naruto called, "This is Blackbird 9. C flight; check in."

"Blackbird 10 standing by."

"Blackbird 12 here; standing by."

Naruto ordered his flight to form up and circled above Mathilde while the rest of Blackbird Squadron shot up the transports below. "This is Blackbird 9; come in Blackbird 11." called Naruto. Then he called control. "Blackbird 9 to M-22; we've lost contact with Blackbird 11."

"Copy that Blackbird 9." answered M-22. "Maintain patrol until recalled."

An hour later Blackbird C Flight was back at the M-22 Field. Blackbird 11 was already there having been shot to ribbons due to overshooting the target. The pilot (Baum) was badly shaken up but alive. His fighter was a write off though. C flight had six kills between them (three for Naruto) and managed to come back alive. The rest of Blackbird Squadron had a field day. The slow; ponderous transports the Trade Federation employed were easy meat for the Aethersprites.

And so it went for nearly six weeks. Blackbird Squadron was in the thick of combat flying two to three sorties a day until there wasn't a Blackbird Squadron left. Replacement pilots and fighters never covered their losses and the field was soon being bombarded by droid tanks and droid troopers on the ground. Naruto ended up trapped in a partially collapsed bunker for the night with Commander Roche. As the explosions rained down she said; "We're going to die here Naruto." Then she kissed him like a fallen angel. Naruto was mesmerized as Grissa Roche opened her flight suit and exposed her luscious breasts to him. Then there was another explosion. And another; and another. Naruto and Grissa made love frantically in the dirt of the collapsed bunker all night like a pair of terrified children knowing they'd never see the morning sun…

Naruto woke up in the morning to the peaceful sounds of Roche's soft breathing. He'd lost his virginity to a beautiful woman that he fantasized about. The blonde felt incredibly happy inside. She soon woke up and kissed him in the silence before they both got dressed and looked out of the slots of the bunker windows. Naruto wanted to say something to her; anything to convey how he felt but Grissa shushed him and the pair sneaked back to Malthilde City…For them; their little part of the war was over.

Two weeks later the invasion attempt was over and the Trade Federation fully withdrew having decided that the bloody battle wasn't worth it with the appalling losses they'd suffered. Everyone was celebrating the victory and the lilac haired beauty took Naruto to a hotel to give him another night of fantasy. It was a joyous occasion and Naruto was completely enraptured by his wonderful lover.

The next morning Naruto got up only to find Grissa was dressed already. She looked ill. Naruto asked; "Grissa; are you all right?"

She gave him a watery smile and said; "Last night was wonderful Naruto…but we can't carry on like this; I'm married."

The blonde felt a feeling of revulsion and self loathing deep within and he choked out; "M-married?"

Grissa nodded. "I should have told you but I knew you weren't that kind of guy. I'm sorry Naruto; but I can't leave my husband for you. I was going to say goodbye in a note but you're so beautiful… Please forgive me. Please keep this affair between us."

Naruto shed a tear and said in a hollow voice; "My lips are sealed." Then she walked out of the room and out of his life…

A week later Naruto was attending a military ceremony representing Blackbird Squadron and didn't see Commander Grissa Roche anywhere. A member high command pinned an award an award for his participation in the war that really didn't mean anything to Naruto. It turned out Renatasia's war was ended by the intervention of the Republic and more importantly the Jedi Order. When the Jedi arrived the resolve of the Trade Federation collapsed like a house of cards. The blonde felt depressed and empty but felt a presence in the Force that he hadn't felt I a very long time…

"Naruto Uzumaki!" called a voice. He looked at the source and saw Mace Windu.

"Master Windu?" asked the blonde. Naruto smiled and bowed. "It's an honor to see you again sir."

Mace grinned sightly. "Look at you Naruto. You shine again in the Force. I could sense you from orbit. What are you doing out here in the Centrality Sector?"

"This is my home world Master Windu." answered the eighteen year old.

The veteran Jedi Master asked, "Then you've joined the military?"

Naruto shook his head and said, "I was strictly a volunteer."

Master Windu looked deeply into Naruto's blue eyes and said; "You've recovered from your ordeal then." It was a statement rather than a question.

The blonde nodded and said, "Yes Master; I have."

"Do you have anything here Naruto?" asked the Jedi Master.

Naruto saw a flash of Grissa in his mind's eye but let it go. "Aside of going back to nerf-herding? Not really."

Master Windu looked shocked for a second and said; "You aren't serious about being a nerf-herder are you?"

The blonde nodded. "I needed some peaceful times to recover from my wounds."

"What would you think about coming back to Coruscant?" asked the Jedi Master. "I believe the Jedi Order would welcome your return."

Giving a genuine smile; Naruto asked, "When do we leave…?"

Outskirts of Mathilde City

Naruto was packing his things in a backpack and wondering what would happen in the future. Something deep inside him foresaw dark times ahead. They all seemed to whirl around an individual in the eye of a hurricane of war across the galaxy. The blonde had yet to see who it was but that individual was there and not a figment of his imagination. The Trade Federation was acting aggressively and yet the Republic rarely batted an eyelash. The politicians seemed worse than ever and if the news was correct there were a lot of systems that were protesting the Republic's actions (or lack thereof). It was a tinderbox full of anger that just needed a spark to ignite it.

'This Galaxy is just burning with rage Kurama; I can feel it building up pressure slowly but steadily. The question is who is pulling the strings.' thought the blonde.

Kurama's tails flicked back and forth in aggravation. 'The question on my mind is what we're going to do about it and where we fit in. I have a feeling that the Force itself is playing o role in your destiny.'

'One person can't change the fate of the Galaxy Kurama.' replied Naruto.

'You'll never know until you try Naruto' stated the ancient fox. 'You just might find that flipping the right switch at the right time could tip the balance one way or the other.'

Core Worlds Space

The trip from Renatasia to Coruscant was a quiet one and Naruto divided most of his time between meditating and talking with Master Windu about his thoughts and visions of the future. Unlike Anakin Skywalker; the title of Chosen One had never been spoken to Naruto and outside the Jedi High Council no one knew. Grandmaster Yoda had warned against training Skywalker and as the boy grew more and more powerful; the less Master Windu trusted the boy. Naruto on the other hand he trusted implicitly. There was a gut feeling that Mace had telling him they needed the whiskered blonde back in the fold.

"Found Naruto Uzumaki; you have?" asked Yoda over the holographic display.

Mace Windu nodded. "I believe it was the Force at work. This is no mere coincidence that I crossed paths with him again."

Yoda nodded. "See; I do. Much training he will need."

"Perhaps not." replied the dark skinned Master. "He has been training himself obviously. Naruto shines like a beacon in the Force."

The diminutive Master's ears perked up. "Interesting this is. The council; I will advise. May the Force be with you."

"And you Master Yoda." replied Mace…

Core Worlds, Corusca Sector, Planet Coruscant, Galactic Senate Building

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was sitting in his quarters when he suddenly felt a presence that was most unwelcome in his grand plan for the Galaxy… "Naruto Uzumaki… You escaped my web but were cut off from the Force as a result. Now you are back blazing like a star in the light side." He grimaced in anger. "It's such a shame I'll have to snuff you out."

Darth Sidious had been carefully grooming Anakin Skywalker for many years now; gently stroking the boy's ego and arrogance as a trusted friend… But Anakin was only fifteen now. It would take a few more years for him to grow into his power. Naruto though –he was beyond the reach of the Sith Lord now. 'Perhaps I could stir a little jealousy in young Anakin and have him destroy Naruto for me. It will take a few years but I believe it can be done. The future will follow my plan. Still, the Force is clouded around Uzumaki. I'll have to manipulate things to keep him in check.'

There was still a mystery afoot to the Sith Lord though. 'I have to wonder about the Sith Runes I had carved into Naruto's very flesh so long ago. I had foreseen him becoming the next Exar Kun. He should have been drawn into the Dark Side by those Runes alone. What went wrong? I will have to look into this personally. Perhaps with time and some careful planning I can turn him using those Runes. Yes…yes. Uzumaki will join me or he will die!'


*①: BBY: Before Battle of Yavin

*②: Renatasia: Is located in the Centrality Sector of the Outer Rim Territories. It was settled by humans from Grizmallt around 3950 BBY and the expedition there lost contact with rest of the galaxy for millennia.

*③: Delta-7 Aethersprite: These are nimble little interceptors were designed for the Jedi Order and are also known as Jedi Starfighters. See Wookieepedia.

*④: Grissa Roche bears a strong resemblance to Anko Mitarashi with lilac hair.

*⑤: Vulture Class Droid Starfighters: These are the standard unmanned starfighters of the Trade Federation. See Wookieepedia.

So that sets up the premise. Naruto is eighteen and going to theoretically rejoin the Jedi Order. His experiences are outside the normal Jedi beliefs and he's been in a short but violent war. How is he going to fit into the Order now? On a personal note I'm much happier with this clean slate approach as opposed to the sequels. The story will be written in the same spirit as Lunar Eclipse. That is to say; the Star Wars Universe will be built around the story rather than the story being built around the existing canon.

Assuming I continue this there will be many things to decide such as Naruto being a light or Gray Jedi, pairings and whether or not he'll be friends/enemies with Anakin Skywalker. I also am considering writing it in episodes like The Clone Wars rather than a day by day approach. See you next time (if there is one) Blue out. 5/31/21