I awaken in a familiar void, a fiery bird of prey in front of me, staring. Unnerved by the beast's beedy stare, I call up my inventory to grab some sort of weapon, only to be met by nothing. I try to call up my status window, activate a skill, anything to the same result. My breathing begins to quicken as panic begins to set in, only for it to be burned away by rage.

"What the fuck have you done to me?" I roar at the thing, the Phoenix whispers a voice in the back of my head.

"I am in need of a Champion. I choose you," his voice, for it sounded masculine, was impassive, uncaring, as if I was little more than an interesting ant set before it.

I bite back a snort, "Well you chose the wrong person. So send me back and leave me alone. I do not serve," I snarl, straining to move against the invisible force that holds me in place.

"I CHOOSE YOU!" The bird's voice booms out, reverberating through me with a sense of finality that brings with it a wave of resignation.

"Fine," I snarl as all of my will to fight dissipates from the effect. "Just send me back."

"No, you are unfit as you are currently. You shall be reborn, remade into something greater. Reforged in the crucible of combat into a worthy Champion."

You have no right

Relief washes over me as Sebastian's voice echoes across the void, as a man that looks remarkably like Sebas manifests beside me, an aura of overwhelming power surging across the void.

The Phoenix ignores it, blinking slowly as he glares at Sebastian. "So you say," The bird intones as a cyclone of flame swirls around him.

The flaming figure vanishes, leaving behind the scent of woodsmoke as Sebastian's Avatar Person thing pats my shoulder.

I am sorry, but someone interfered with my system. I was unable to save your data.

"It's fine," I lied, exhausted by everything that had happened. "So what now?"

At my question the Systems face becomes grim, resolute.

We fight. You become stronger than ever before, and you take vengeance upon those who wronged you.

"Obviously, but what about Phaedra, Harley? Are they….gone." I choke out, not wanting to truly hear the answer.

Not quite. While I was unable to bring them along, I managed to save them as Companion Gems for the new Gatcha. You will get them back.

I let out a sigh of relief, setting my shoulders back as I stand tall, "Then let's get started. We have work to do. So where am I heading?"

A Modified My Hero Acadamia world. Good Luck

The void swirls away as a new pop-up appears.

My Hero Acadamia Jump Chain

You have 1000cp to spend modifying your jump.


You may choose any of the below origins. Your age shall change depending on the choice.

-Drop In (Free): Ah! A rogue element, a ghost within society. That gives you a lot of freedom to do what you please, but what will you use it for?

Will you be an unlicensed hero taking justice into your own hands, branded a vigilante by society? Will you penetrate the shadows cast by All Might's light for business or personal gain? Whatever you decide, what your fate in this world is, that's in your hands.

(Age: Roll 2d8+16 'or' Take 14)

-Student (Free): A young boy or girl with aspirations of greatness, currently living your average middle school life. You're looking to take the entrance exam for a hero academy for high school. Whether that's U.A. High or a rival school in the form of Ketsubutsu Academy or Shiketsu High, your family gives you their complete, unwavering support.

Of course, if you decide to live a normal life or choose a different path in life, they'll still stick with you 100% and might even be relieved about the relative safety.

(Age: Take 14)

-Hero (200CP): You're a professional hero! You've long since went through the tests, schooling and training required to earn your license and have been doing this Hero of Justice thing for a while. You've probably got a fan or two out there for your past heroics, but in such an era you don't get into terribly much trouble. That might be changing soon however. . .

(Age: 2d8+18)

-Villain (200CP): Standing in stark defiance of this age of prosperity is you, part of the dark underbelly of society. Whether your motivations clash with heroes or you're pure evil, this is your identity, a Villain. You've likely already got a rap sheet full of petty crimes or a warrant on your head for something more serious, but either way you're already part of civilization's shadow unlikely to leave it. Normally you'd have to watch out for heroes to get anything done, there's just too many for you to deal with by yourself. Something is in the air though. . .it feels like "change."

(Age: 2d8+16 'or' Take 14)

I let out a hum as I thought it over. While I obviously am not a true hero, going to UA does provide me with the best opportunity to improve and grow stronger, which unfortunately removes Drop-In as an option. While I could establish myself as a Villain or even a Hero from the start, I'm not delusional. Either way will paint a target on my back by the other side. So I guess Student? I mean, just because I'm aiming for UA doesn't mean I can't still be a villain. I just need to be subtle about it.

General Perks

-[Superficial Mutant] (Free): With the advent of Quirks, many humans also took on incredibly mutated appearances which was part of the reason for social norms to break down.

You may customize your own appearance, basically deciding to look like almost anything you want with a few minor limitations. First, humans are still universally bipeds no matter how strange. Second, they're still solid unless a Quirk specifically renders them otherwise. Third, they're still generally around the same size as old humans, with a few exceptions being radically shorter. Forth, these incredibly varied bodies generally lack notable mechanical advantages besides maybe some extra natural weapons like horns, fangs or claws.

-[Empowered Quirk] (100CP+): Some people get a bad hand, landing a Quirk that feels just a bit weak or limited compared to the ones other people got.

While you'll be able to choose your own Quirk, you may still wish it was a bit beefier than how it starts out. That's where this comes in, allowing you to take your Quirk to another level. With each purchase, you may take your current Quirk and increase its Tier by one level, though Tier-3 Quirks or those boosted to Tier-3 are no longer applicable. This allows you to increase the quality of your Quirk in a variety of ways.

This includes having the main function become more potent, having flaws lessened in one way or another, making it more versatile or just an all-around boost in general ability. As long as it's thematic, you may choose what direction it's taken.

Through this perk, a Quirk taken from Tier-0 to Tier-3 after multiple purchases would gain equivalent power and/or utility to others found on that tier. Flaws may not be entirely erased even if all emphasis is put in. Empowered Quirk applies after Quirk Marriage, not to component Quirks in one.

-"Old Fashioned" (300CP): You don't have to have an incredible Quirk to help people. You don't even need an incredible Quirk to beat someone down.

Your body is in peak physical condition by the standards of humans in this world, which would seem mildly superhuman to people not from this world.

From agility to strength to stamina, you're stacked, and damn do you know how to throw a mean punch on top of it all. Even your mind is sharp and ready for the spontaneous appearance of villains.

-[Quirk Marriage] (100CP/200CP/Variable): Quirk Marriages are marriages out of convenience, couples with powerful Quirks getting together in hopes of even stronger offspring. They're often loveless and just kept up for appearances outside of that though.

Whether because of convenience or love however, your parents' quirks lined up just so to give you something rather interesting. You may select two Quirks from the table instead of one. Pay full price for the highest Tier Quirk you select, and 100CP for the second.

Treat these Quirks as belonging to your parents, and you getting the hybridized result, something entirely new. Depending on the Quirks selected, your parent's Quirks might merge into a cohesive whole in you like Bakugo's Explosion, or something oddly clashing like Todoroki's Half-Hot, Half-Cold. To determine effects, look at the qualities of the selected Quirks, as they may each contribute greatly regardless of their original Tier. To determine the power, versatility and/or utility of your new Quirk, use the highest Tier of the two Quirks you selected as this new Quirk's Tier.

Alternatively, you may take things to a new plateau of creative design. This option allows you to select four quirks instead of two, "those of your grandparents" to divvy up as you like; you getting the final result. Pay full price for the highest tier Quirk of the four, and a flat 200CP for the remaining three. (Note: There's freedom to determine how any two Quirks you select marry, giving you control over the final result as long as you properly represent them. Power level is determined by Tier, so four Quirk marriages aren't stronger than two Quirk marriages, but they do give more creative control.)

-[Quirk Proficiency] (200CP/Free for Heroes & Villains): I see you've tussled with the boys and girls in spandex before! Was it beside them. . or against them? Can't quite remember! Regardless, over those years of flexing and accumulating experience, something spectacular has happened! You got good! Ordinarily you would have no experience with making use of your Quirk. Sure you might be well aware of what it does, but in this world that regulates their usage you never really got to train it, experiment. By purchasing this, you obtain two important things, with the first being training. Ever since you were young, you've been able to experiment with your Quirk in an environment that allowed you to figure out the nuances, strengths and weaknesses.

You could have attended a prestigious hero school and learned from some recognizable names in the industry. You could have picked things up through trial and error in the criminal underworld. It could just be an overbearing pair of parents that beat it into you. You definitely know how your Quirk though. The second advantage is experience, several years worth of experience in applying your Quirk. Perhaps you've figure out a neat trick or two that no one could have predicted. Perhaps you've mixed in complementary skills into your Quirk usage. Something else? Whatever the case, you're great!

I let out a groan, both [Empowered Quirk] and [Quirk Proficiency] were extremely tempting but together take up nearly a third of my total cp to spend. I wince as I accept them, but a more powerful quirk can only be a good thing, and one I don't need to figure out the nuances of is even better.

Student Perks

-"It Might Be Destiny" (100CP): You don't have to be an adult or someone big and important to leave a lasting impression on someone, and you don't need to be a hero to help people when they need it. You have a way of landing chance meeting with or running into people during formative or troubled moments in their lives. They might be complete strangers having a bad day, or an old acquaintance looking for a fresh start and no plans.

Whatever the case may be, it's in your hands what you do with these chances. Befriending someone when they're looking for a friend, hurting them when they're vulnerable or simply giving them a bit of direction. These meetings happen often and you'll always know when it's happening.

-"Push Through" (100CP): Many Quirks lack common precautions you would think would be built in. Training and even active use of powers can sometimes hurt, a lot, and you don't have time for that. You can push through the pain of any self-inflicted injuries and push the stimuli to the back of your mind as you focus on the situation at hand, whether that's combat, training or something else. Break your arms in a dozen places each? Fracture your legs? If it's an emergency you'll still be able to keep running and fighting and moving. Just be careful you don't cripple yourself in the process.

-"American Dream" (200CP): Good old hard work, it really pays off and you know that better than most. You make a promise, you write up a training schedule, even a new year's resolution, you follow through. Whenever you promise something, to yourself or someone else, you'll stay aware of that promise and have the wherewithal to follow through on it even when other things may be distracting you.

In addition, your sense of self-discipline has been refined to the point that you'll actually do that training, fulfill that resolution, even if it would be a pain. You'll only be failing to put in the work you promised or keeping your word, when you actively, willfully choose to renege.

-"Do You Ever Do Something UN-Cool!?" (200CP): Heroes in this world stick out, standing in the spot light and inspiring those who watch them, those who surround them. They're still people though, they were young once, you too can inspire people even if you're not a hero yet.

Something about you just makes you hard to forget. Even young you're leaving impressions on people, though what kind tends to vary based on what you're doing.

What's more, you've become more endearing, with your good points accentuated in people's perception, especially to those who already like the way you carry yourself on some level. Even if you're a complete asshole, 'someone' would probably still appreciate your manliness or honesty, wanting to be your friend or think you're cool. Just don't push it too much, ya know?

-"My Way" (400CP): Do you have dreams? Beliefs? Ideals? Are you willing to fight for them? Prove their worth even when they come under fire or get questioned by those you respect with all your heart? Few would find someone more dedicated and loyal to their system of beliefs. Your courage in the face of adversity is truly praise worthy, as is your seemingly insurmountable integrity. Maybe most importantly though is your ability to combine your beliefs with efficient decision making, being able to think your way through situations intelligently without compromising your ideals. Even if it looks like the easiest or best way clashes, you'll likely figure something out, because how could your heart possibly lead you astray?

-"What's in a Name?" (400CP): Names are of incredible importance in the hero business. Your hero name is supposed to be both personal and designed explicitly for evoking the kind of image that endears you to the public.

Meanwhile, the names of your special moves are supposed to be these snappy, signature parts of your image that not only help you remember the specific techniques, but drive them into the minds of the public and your enemies for completely opposite reasons.

You're excellent at coming up with all kinds of snappy, memorable names that can actually evoke the emotions you intended instead of falling flat, sending mixed signals or in the worst case possible, just not being remembered.

Your names forge attachment, your hero names dig their way into social perception while special moves evoke recognition and hype or dread depending on whose side you're on. Other names would likely carry their own special connotations too, and you can help others with names that carry these properties on top of that, inspiring someone to think of names that carry these effects.

-"Herotaku" (600CP): There's fanboys and fangirls, and then there's you. You're an absolute maniac when it comes to monitoring and geeking out over the hero/villain scene.

The moment you see someone in good old spandex your mind starts going into overdrive, thinking about who would like them, how their personality fits with being a hero or villain, the best applications for their powers off the top of your head, good partners or strategies involving them and more. If you're not careful, you could get lost in thought just picturing them in various scenarios and making logical guesstimates over how well they would do, what their weaknesses are, the benefits of their Quirks and so on.

Your target doesn't necessarily have to be a hero or villain either, anyone with a superhuman power can apply as you try to figure out possible applications and likely uses of their ability. This perk gives you lots of valuable insight on how to approach people either as opponent, what you could do to potentially beat them, or as a friend, how you could work with them.

-"Plus Ultra!" (600CP): Not everyone in life gets a good hand every time. Perhaps you lost the power lottery, or you've just got some of the worst tools possible.

Maybe you're even just in a tough situation, stacked against seemingly insurmountable odds. No amount of brute force can help you out whatever it is, so what's a kid like you supposed to do? You put your mind to it and never give up, that's what! You've got an amazing mind when it comes to finding the advantages where none appear to exist.

If you have the time, you can turn that crapsack power into something people call cheating! You can make those tools fit for an artisan! You have the power to overcome foes no one thought you could be by the power of applying yourself!

As long as you still have hope and the ability to think clearly, your ability to formulate plans and make the best of your situation is second to none. Nothing shall impede your progress, Plus Ultra!

Reading through, I decide to ignore the Student Perks for now. While some of them could be extremely useful in the future, I want to see what else I could gain before making a decision.


In the current era, 80% of the populace is born with natural, innate powers that manifest around the age of four. This is their individuality, also known as "Quirks", and they behave as just another function of the body, like your muscles.

Quirks can be worked out to become stronger, or degrade if gone unused or pushed. They can even develop previously unknown qualities or fall entirely due to atrophy. The price of a quirk will vary depending on its power and general utility. Alternatively the User can gain 500cp and roll the Wheel of Quirks. This wheel is filled with hundreds of quirks from MHA, and a few powers from other worlds, but the trick is anything can be gained. You might get something as powerful as One for All or something as weak as Fast Growing Nose Hair.

I scratch the back of my neck, thinking. While it would be the smarter option to simply choose a quirk, I can practically hear Cremation calling to me, I don't necessarily need one. The Game could bring me on par to any number of powerful beings given the time. And I really want those cp. I choose the Wheel as hundreds of names flash past my vision, I vaguely recognise a few like Erasure, and can spot a couple from Fanfiction such as Quicksteel, before eventually the wheel ends up landing on one.

Skill Added:

[Quirk: Shatterpoint] - Lvl 0 (0%)

Glass Manipulation

SP Cost Varies

You can detect and telekinetically control all forms of glass within a 10ft radius around you.

I give a soft smile, an idea slowly forming. This power is mostly offensive, razor sharp glass can do a lot of damage to a person,and if used properly it would be quite villainous if I'm not mistaken. So until I can better cement myself as ruler of the underworld, mostly to prevent possible assassination attempts and to keep my identity being revealed, this shall be the power I use.

I had assumed you would take Cremation again, you seemed rather fond of Pyrokinesis

I was, but I was intending to become a pyromancer as my first class.

Not a rogue or a Gunslinger?

"I'm gonna be the sneakiest damn mage!" I proclaim. And besides, there was nothing stopping me learning how to shoot manually without the class system to help me.


Your Origin gets a 50% discount for their matching Items/Equipment. 100CP Items are instead free for the matching Origin.

[Drop-In Items]

-"False Certifications" (100CP): Contained within, a variety of licenses, cards and official looking papers that can help you get away with most illegal activities if you don't attract too much attention to yourself or said activities.

Keep your operations on the down low and people will let you operate as normal, such as if you want to do a bit of vigilante heroism while trying to look legit.

-"Unlisted Apartment" (200CP): An out of the way apartment built on top of some building downtown. No worries about paying rent, since your address technically doesn't exist.

Still though, an unmarked home with utilities in the city is like a secret base, right?

-"Police Scanner" (400CP): Looking like some completely normal police scanner you'd buy off the internet, this isn't something so simple, and neither are the reports coming through. This police scanner alerts you of crimes in progress in your current town or city, or just in your immediate area. This includes crimes not currently reported, allowing you to rush off and prevent injustices that may have passed under the watchful eyes of the law.

-"Industrial Support Workshop" (600CP): A true beauty, this workshop is stuffed with all the industrial tools, machinery, resources and reinforced walls you could hope for making support items. Whether it's the polymers and press needed to make that durable, form fitting costume or the drill, steel and electronic components needed for a new tool, you can equipment for heroes and villains alike with what you find inside.

There's nothing too outlandish as far as materials go, but you couldn't hope for a better stocked and reinforced area for making and testing hero/villain support items. Post-Jump your Support Workshop attaches itself to the warehouse.

I immediately chose the Unlisted Apartment, it only made sense to have a super secure hidden base. I also grab the Police Scanner, because I'm pretty sure kicking the asses of criminals and villains will be an easy source of both loot and exp.

[Student Items]

-"All Might Memorabilia" (100CP): All Might has been around with fan clubs and marketing services everywhere creating a veritably endless amount of memorabilia and damn do you have a lot of it. Posters, action figures, DVDs, clothes, recordings of his different fights out in public, autographs and all sorts of other valuables and knick-knacks that show off your super fan status.

-"Scholarship" (200CP): Some schools may have difficult tests and entrance exams to weed out unwanted or those not cut out for their classes, but certain people can skip this process. You have this nifty scholarship which you can use once per Jump on whatever school you may be applicable for, suddenly gaining a solid recommendation from someone trusted by the staff or leadership of the school and whatever tuition is needed to attend.

In this Jump, you could use this to bypass the testing phase even for somewhere upscale like Yuuei or its rival schools just like Yaoyorozu.

A special note though, adults can't suddenly get back into middle or high school, but they could still use this to get into and attend various colleges and universities both here and in later Jumps.

-"Otaku's Notebook" (400CP): As if you had our boy Midoriya come in over the summer and write it for you, you know how a notebook absolutely jam packed with expert hero and villain analysis. This book is full of public details along with personal insight on all heroes and villains that have been in the news or public eye enough for a super fan to write about them.

What they're like, notes about their Quirks and how they use them, what they could be used for, potential team ups or scenarios that they could be introduced too.

This book is basically a cheat sheet that can prep you on any hero and villain with even a bit of renown. It's up to you to figure out how to use it though.

-"In With Industry" (600CP): You have an incredibly influential family with decades in the hero business. The older generations are all very experienced in this line of work and have amassed a great deal of wealth and resources, willing to share it all with you.

They'll gladly supply the best and brightest trainers, tutors, equipment and connections within the industry. They might even know some people with Quirks similar to yours that can help you with the fine details of exploring and training it.

Whether it's mentoring, supporting or just loving you like a good family, they'll be there for you. In future Jumps, this family will often be part of the relevant big business, defaulting to some kind of law enforcement with nothing else to fill that role.

(Note: If your origin here or in the future is "Drop In", you'll be adopted or welcomed into the family soon after the Jump begins, welcomed as one of their own.)

Wincing at the cost, I picked up the Otaku Notebook. Detailed notes on the quirks, abilities and general skills of all the big time pro heroes and villains would be invaluable to anyone, more so to me considering I would potentially have to fight both.

[Hero Items]

-"Uniform of Justice!" (100CP): The hero's costume is their uniform, the symbol the public can recognize and know someone is on their side. To be without one is ridiculous, so here's yours. This costume is made using a few of your own suggestions before being thrown together by professionals to make it stylish, iconic and most importantly, functional.

While it may provide variable levels of actual protection, the costume itself is extremely resilient to damage

-"Iconic Equipment!" (200CP): Not all heroes need it, but many use the equipment granted to them by the support industry to complement their skills and Quirks and make them a better hero. Precision made custom firearms, specialized braces that reduce the stress of physical Quirks and close combat, sturdy synthetic ribbons to bind enemies even during combat, specialized armor pieces and more.

You have up to three individual pieces of equipment that serves the purpose of emphasizing your strengths or downplaying your weaknesses. Keep in mind that it won't really be stuff that stands up on its own merits, but elevates what you can currently do.

-"Personal Merchandise!" (400CP): The big names are so lucky, with their huge fan clubs and endless array of merchandise that they probably get royalties from even if they didn't look to have it made. Well, now you can get a piece of that pie too, as you now have your very own merchandise line and a manager in charge of production and selling it.

You'll have a website with all sorts of personal brand name clothing, toys, posters, fact books and more. Give your guy some time and you might even start seeing it on the shelves of some local convenience stores or specialty shops in malls.

-"School of Hard Knocks!" (600CP): In the current age, where heroism is publicly and officially endorsed, hero schools have popped up all over the world, and you've gotten in on that.

While your school doesn't have near the budget, facilities or reputation of somewhere as globally recognized as U.A., you have yourself your very own hero school with its own advantages. It has everything you could possibly need, with the primary facilities being as big as a high school could be expected to be and a full teaching staff of experienced or retired heroes. The school grounds are bordered by reinforced walls, host several areas for practicing outdoors in rescue, disaster relief and combat scenarios and simulations.

You can choose whether to be the principle of your school or leave it in the hands of someone else, but you'll always be associated with the school as its founder.

In future worlds you can spawn a new school which can teach people the ins and outs of heroism in addition to a normal education, even if they lack their own Quirks or equivalents.

This personally had nothing I was interested in. Yes it had some incredible gear, but was more suited towards an established hero in my opinion.

[Villain Items]

-"Black Market Costume" (100CP): Heroes need to be easily recognized, but the opposite is the truth for Villains in most situations. Villains can't afford to have a signature look that traces people back to them. Your costume, illegally obtained, is every bit as form hugging and functional as a hero's costume, but instead of iconic and noticeable, its design is focused on being as concealing and stealthy as possible.

-"Illegal Armory" (200CP): Illegally obtained, this support equipment fills many of the niches that a hero's equipment might fill, emphasizing strengths or downplaying weaknesses. While heroes may have integrity that means they prefer not to rely on their equipment however, a villain's equipment is often a lot more pronounced and lethal.

-"Anti-Quirk Drug" (400CP): This is a special drug that works like a poison that attacks the gene that operates a person's Quirk, shutting it off for several hours after entering the bloodstream. This drug comes with a gun case with an air pistol and bullets that can be filled with the drug, effective at short ranges for shutting off the Quirks of those it shoots.

Certain Quirks that alter biology can avoid the effects of the drug entering through simplistic means, while durability based Quirks may be able to bounce the bullets away.

The gun case contains a bottle of the drug and six bullet blanks that are recovered/refilled after a day.

-"Quirk Enhancement Drug" (600CP): This is a powerful type drug that's illegal in numerous countries around the planet. Your specific batch is notable in that it comes from the African continent, which produces the most potent Quirk Enhancement Drugs.

The drug comes in a large canister held safely within a padded suitcase, enough to fill the six injectors that come with the package deal. Each injector counts as a full dose, and upon usage it massively empowers the user's Quirk for up to two hours straight.

A man whose Quirk is the manifestation of 10cm blades from their arms could suddenly start producing branching, hyper sharp blades from their entire body that could punch through concrete and steel like it was butter.

A muscle augmentation Quirk could allow someone to turn into a hulking brute that could crater the road with one big punch. These are just examples of what it can do to lesser or basic Quirks. The drug even works on Mutation Quirks with unpredictable results.

Care must be taken when the drug is applied however, for it has addictive properties and turns the tongue black as a side effect with repeated, allowing heroes and law enforcement to identify frequent users of the illegal drug even if they haven't taken it.

Arguably the worst side effect is the mental dimming that causes most who take the drug to be reduced to following their base instincts and thought processors, causing them to become a danger to themselves and others.

A recipe for the Quirk Enhancement Drug is included in your suitcase, allowing you to produce more over time. The injectors are self-fixing and self-cleaning after each use to prevent cross contamination.

I quickly buy the Black Market Costume and the Illegal Armoury. Having those for my villain persona would vastly improve my capabilities and make it harder to track me down. I only had 100 cp left, nowhere near enough for the Trigger. Which means if I want it I would need a drawback. Scrolling through them I quickly decide against it. The few drawbacks available that are worth enough are incredibly damaging. Which ultimately leaves me with 100cp left.

Scrolling through, the Quirk Marriage catches my eye. A potentially powerful second skill… Well that is certainly worth the cp. Once again the massive wheel appears, spinning rapidly before finally landing on one.

Skill Added:

[Quirk: Thermoshape] - Lvl 0 (0%)

Heat Manipulation

SP Cost Varies

You can detect and telekinetically control heat energy in a 5ft radius around you

My lips curl into a smile. Not only does it synergise well with pyromancy but it can also be used, eventually, to create glass to be used with Shatterpoint. Okay, I think I'm ready. Give me my stats Seb, and my class is Pyromancer.

Very Well. If you wish I can give you the same flaws and related perks as before.

Eh, don't bother with Remorseless. That wasn't worth it in the long run.

Traits Added:

[Dragon Sin of Wrath]

You have the temper of a dragon, quick to anger and slow to calm.

[Fox Sin of Avarice]

You want it all, Wealth, Woman, Power, and will do anything you need to get them,

Perks Added:

[Luck of the Irish]

Increases chance for critical hits, Increased Loot Drops, Increase chance for higher tier Loot Drops

[Jack of all Trades]

You can master anything given enough time. All EXP gains are increased


Name: Arhain Dravenson


Level: 0 (0%)

Class: Pyromancer

Race: Human/Phoenix Hybrid

Damage Absorption: Fire

Damage Immunity: Radiant

HP: 500 (50/Second)
MP: 500 (50/Second)
SP: 500

END: 10

STR: 10

DEX: 10

INT: 10

WIS: 10

CHA: 10

LCK: 10

Skills Added:

[Gamers Mind] (Passive)

Allows the user to think logically and calmly

Allows a peaceful state of mind

[Gamers Body] (Passive)

Grants the user the body of a video game character, able to be improved indefinitely

[Observe] (Active)

Provides Information on a target when used

[Boon of the Phoenix] Added

Skills Added:

[Wings of Ardent Fury] - Active

Can form wings of molten fire.

Gain a flight speed of 10DEX per Second when formed

[Ignition] - Active

Can heat up body temperature indefinitely.

I wince at the slew of knowledge that surged into me, a brutal headache forming. Growling softly to myself I start the jump, the void tearing itself asunder as I jump into a new game.

I find myself slumped on a black leather sofa in a massive penthouse apartment. Shaking off the last vestiges of exhaustion I stand on shaky legs, gripping the back of the sofa for support.

"Sebatstian, you said this world was modified. How?" I ask the empty room, my voice hoarse.

Minor Character Modifications, Characters from other worlds have been added, UA is now a University and it has been combined with the Solo Levelling World

I freeze at the last line. Extra characters and modifications I can deal with, same with UA being a Uni. But the Rulers and Monarchs are something far beyond me until I can get some serious power levelling in.

"Okay, the system changed. How do I increase my stats?"

Through performing the tasks relevant to the stat, through quest rewards and through Stat Crystals

Okay, I can handle that. Exploring my new home I find a small gym, filled with fancy equipment for me to use. Quickly getting changed into some work out equipment I hop on the treadmill, pulling out my phone as I begin to research the exact changes of the world.

+2 End
+ 3 DEX

After running for several hours that was my total stat gain, and I have no doubt it would only get harder as time went on. On the plus side I had a much better idea of how this world worked. Quirks appeared as usual in the MHA canon, but ten years later so did the Solo Levelling Gates. Magic doesn't seem to be a thing, or rather it's categorised as a unique form of radiation from the gates.. This does mean I simply have to worry about broken quirks instead of broken magical abilities.

This so-called radiation has been harnessed in several different ways. The main one is through crystals that are mined from Gates and are used to generate power for the world. The rest seem to be primarily harnessed in creating items that enhance the quirks of individuals that fight in the Gates.

The Gate's themselves haven't changed much. They are still essentially dungeons that contain monsters in them, opening in seven days to release the hoard upon the world. But instead of shutting down as soon as the boss is killed, they remain open until the full seven days have passed, allowing for full removal of all resources.

The monsters inside are also fully utilised, the slayer of them gains the core which can be sold to various organisations. The details of what it is used for isn't the clearest, but it seems to have some use. The corpses often contain valuable materials that can be used or simply rendered down into meat to be consumed. Apparently monster meat is edible by humans. Monsters also have a tendency to drop items. Weapons, Armour, accessories, all with magical effects and Runestones that can be used to gain additional abilities providing you have a compatible quirk.

Gates are also treated in a similar way to Endbringers from Worm. Anyone can try and help to clear one, Villains that help are given a sort of neutrality for the process and are allowed to sell any cores they gained from the Gate. It is also a way for former Villains to try and redeem themselves, with several across the world having successfully done so.

The main thing I was interested in however was that the Jeju Island and Kamish incidents both occurred. Which meant that not only did I have access to a massive island full of monsters I can use to grind against and gain loot but the items from the Kamish raid, the two daggers, the corpse and the runestone, were all available for me to steal.

As I explored the apartment, resting from my workout, I noticed a small van parked in the alley, a group of men carrying heavy looking duffel bags into a nearby garage. If that isn't some form of villain activity then I don't know what is. I pulled out my own costume, it wasn't fancy but I liked it.

A pair of black combat trousers with kneepads, black body armour covers my torso and arms with a leathery material below it, a form-fitting skull shaped helmet covers my head, a thin layer of material over the eyes. Not enough to obscure my vision but enough to avoid being recognised. A pair of black steel toed combat boots and black leather gloves with reinforced knuckles finished the outfit.

I then look over the equipment. Most of it is basic gear like first aid kits, zip-ties, things I would potentially need, but two items stand out. The first is a long combat knife, a bladed hook on its back, the second is a pistol I was extremely familiar with. A Heckler and Koch P30L. Of course I don't have the ability to accurately shoot with it yet, so there was no point in taking it but the knife gets strapped to my belt.

It takes a few moments, but I manage to set up a custom equip function in my inventory. By simply thinking Equip Villain Outfit it equips the costume for me, providing its in my inventory of course, as I head out of my apartment, riding the elevator down.

I duck into the alley and as soon as I'm out of vision from any civilians I equip the costume. I draw upon [Shatterpoint] as broken glass swirls around my feet, a few intact bottles rolling after me as I head into the garage. My mind was already made up, these criminals would die but I definitely need to level up my Quirk. One man was leaning on the side of the van, his back to me as the glow of a cigarette peaks over his shoulder.

Common Criminal
Quirk: None


Clenching my fist, the remaining glass bottles shattering into tiny blades. The sound prompts the man to begin to turn around, only to see me forcefully gesturing to him. The glass responds to my call as it launches at his face, shredding it and most of his throat as he falls down with a thud, gargling as he slowly drowns on his own blood.

I quickly checked the back of the van, just to be certain but it had already been emptied. Patting down the corpse I find his wallet, which was thrown into my inventory quickly. The only other place the rest of the people, and more importantly whatever they had, could be is the office looking room in the corner. Peering through a crack in the window I see three people, one lounging on a sofa, one resting on the room's rafters and one seated at a desk counting out piles of money.

Common Criminal

Quirk: Lesser Shock Absorption

HP: 100

MP: 000

Criminal Thug

Quirk: Monkey

HP: 125

MP: 000

Criminal Thug

Quirk: Furnace Breath

HP: 125

MP: 000

The man sitting in the sofa was the lesser threat, shock absorption wouldn't do anything to stop glass shards, and with my Fire Absorption and Thermoshape, the money counter with Furnace Breath wouldn't be much of a threat either. My biggest problem honestly would be the one in the rafters. Just looking at him I see his limbs are elongated, and a prehensile tail. I can only assume that there is some increased agility or something that comes with it.

Taking a calming breath I swipe my arm out, the glass window shattering, launching deadly projectiles flying through the office. The one in the sofa takes the main brunt of it, his back becoming a mess of blood as he drops to the ground, groaning in pain. The Monkey mutant managed to avoid the worst of it, a few small cuts covering his arms was all the damage he sustained.

With an inarticulate cry he jumps at me, diving through the now glass free window. He lands a punch across my jaw, wincing as he hits the hard plastic-like material of my helmet. I push myself into his personal space, bringing my head down onto his face in a brutal, headbutt, blood flying everywhere as his nose breaks.

Of course the final man hadn't been idle, running behind me he let loose his quirk. A powerful stream of heat is shot from his mouth, the air rippling from it. It shoots onto my back with force, causing me to stumble, releasing the mutation quirk user from my grip. Snarling I swipe at them with both arms, [Shatterpoint] and [Thermoshape] working in tandem as my SP is drained.

The wave of heat and glass was devastating, it hit both men head on, tearing their bodies to shreds as I fell to my knees exhausted, a single pop-up taking up all my attention.

Level Up

Letting out an ecstatic cry I force myself up, slowly walking to the office, stuffing all the money into my inventory.

+1,014,102 Yen

Quest Added:

[Choose Your Destiny]

Hero Path:

Objective 1: Get Into UA High

Objective 2: Defeat 10 Villains

Bonus Objective: ?

Rewards: ?

Villain Path:

Objective 1: Steal 10,000,000 Yen

Objective 2: Kill 10 People

Bonus Objective: ?

Rewards: ?

The idea here was most certainly to choose a path, but why do that when you can have both. I loot the place for all its worth, finding guns, drugs and jewellery. These idiots must have been active for quite some time, but were too small a scale for most heroes to bother with. Well its simply my gain.

I leave the garage, unequipping my costume in favour of plain clothes as I head back up to my apartment. Once safely inside I begin to sort out my loot. The drugs are practically useless to me until I can get contacts to sell them. The same is likely true for the jewellery… Unless.

"Shop," I commanded, a blue window opening in front of me. I took a look through it only to be disappointed. It would seem that it is used for buying exclusively, using gold? Can I please get a tutorial on this?

The Shop is a place to buy magical items and gear in exchange for gold. Gold is earned through quests or as a rare Gate Monster drop

So to even use the shop I need to start participating in Gate Raids, seems easy enough. But one more thing, Where the fuck is my spells?

In response to that comment a massive book thuds on the ground, I struggled to lift it because of its size. Great so to even access magic I need to study.

I grit my teeth and get to work. I need to become more powerful anyway.

Spells Learned:

[Create Bonfire]

Range: 60ft

Costs 50MP

Creates a Bonfire at a point you can see within range, any creature in the bonfires space takes 50 Fire Damage, then a further 50 for every 5 seconds of contact.


Range 120ft

Costs 50MP

Shoot a bolt of fire at a creature within range. Upin being hit the creature takes 100 Fire damage and has a 10% chance to be inflicted with the {Burning} Status effect

After reading through the mind numbing book for almost an hour this was my reward, two simple fire spells. Not much use in the long run, but it should hopefully be a semi-decent start.

I lean back in my chair, thinking over my next move. The smart thing to do would be to power level, head over to Jeju Island and wipe out the Ants there. But that means I end up missing the School I ended up enrolled in, Alderra High, and from there my chance to get into UA.

It wouldn't be the end of the world to be brutally honest, but not going to UA would set me back by months. Luckily it's close to the end of the school year so it is only for a short while, I can be done with it quickly.

As I was waiting, the Police Scanner begins to speak, I had it set to only announce Gates and Villain attacks.

"Alert the Hero Commision, A Gate as opened on Takoba Municipal Beach Park, I repeat a Gate has opened on Takoba Municipal Beach Park"

I freeze for a moment, do I risk it…. Nodding to myself I rushed out. If it's a lower ranked Gate then what's the harm in helping.

As soon as I get close to the beach I see a line of police holding back the curious public, the large swirling portal just ahead of me.

[C-Ranked Gate]


If I recall correctly C Ranks were average, not the weakest but nowhere near the bullshit power of the higher tiers, worth the risk I hope.

With everyone's attention on the Gate it was easy to equip my costume, the crowd parting as I walk closer. The police officer closest respectfully nods to me as I pass, not daunted in the slightest by the villainous costume.

There is an eclectic group waiting at the Gate, a mixture of Hero's and Villains alike. I recognise Death Arms and Kamui Woodsfor the hero's, and Rappa and Tengai as the villains. One man, standing apart from the rest however I don't immediately recognise. His back to me only shows a purple cape and the top of a similarly coloured helmet.


The Master of Magnetism

Quirk: Magnetism

Lvl: 180

HP: 250

MP: 000

I barely manage to suppress my squeal of excitement. Magneto is one of my all time favourite characters from anything, and he is right in front of me. I walk over to the group, feigning nonchalance as I get looks from the rest of them. I was an unknown so that was to be expected I guess. Glancing at Magneto a hidden grin splits apart my face, it was Ian McKellen. FUCK YES!

Magneto checks a pocket watch, glancing around. "We shall wait for ten more minutes before entering. That should give enough time for any late comers to join."

The smooth calm tone of his voice washes over me as I once more struggle to keep my composure. Taking a deep breath I trudge over to the piles of rubbish and abandoned junk in the area. Stopping in front of a car, missing it's wheels, I pull my arm back, sending my fist through its window.

Creating a small inventory window I make the smaller shards of glass to go inside it, pocketing the larger ones. I repeat this on the other windows, except the missing back, until I get to the windshield. It was far tougher and I wasn't able to simply punch through like before.

"Would you like some help," the amused voice of Magneto sounds behind me, the old man floating as he looks on. "And an explanation might be in order. Senseless acts of destruction do not seem necessary right now."

"Need material for my quirk. Can't guarantee there would be some in there," my helmet clearly has some kind of voice changer, it comes out synthetic sounding. Magneto nods in understanding.

"I see." He says, raising his hand. I don't know exactly what he did but the end result was the glass shattering into large fragments. I nod my thanks to him as I carefully pick up the pieces.

"Now, I do believe it is time to begin. If you are quite finished that is?"

"Aye, I'm ready." The man simply floats over to the Gate, his cape fluttering dramatically as I have to awkwardly run over to catch up, causing Rappa to snort in amusement.

We enter the portal, the feeling of static covering me as I enter into the large cave network. Almost immediately we were attacked, small reptilian humanoids wielding pickaxes.


E-Rank Dragon

HP: 10

MP: 10

They honestly weren't a challenge, my main issue was that the glass had a tendency to shatter on their scales rather than penetrate them, but that just ended up giving me smaller and sharper blades to work with.

+12 Gold

+1 Lesser Stat Crystal

"I thought this was meant to be a C-Rank!" Yelled Rappa, getting up close to Magneto as soon as the Kobolds were killed. "I wanted a real fight."

"You should know how this works. A Gates ranking is based on an average of the radiation we detect. If monsters this weak are found that means either there are hundreds of them," Death Arms shouts over, standing behind Magneto.

"Or that the boss is of a high ranking." Magneto states, his voice grave. "We are likely dealing with the latter, so be prepared."

We continue, heading further along the tunnels. There were a few attempts at ambushes, but with Magneto's ability to sense metal they were quickly stopped. It was honestly pitiful, the man was so far above their level that they couldn't do anything.

The temperature begins to rise as the tunnels open up, a large cavern with rivers of lava flowing through. More Kobolds await us, as well as a winged variation of them, and large draconic looking beasts.


E-Rank Dragon

HP: 25

MP: 75

Fire Drake

D-Rank Dragon

HP: 100

MP: 50

Letting the more physical fighters handle the Drakes, I hurl glass at the flying Urds. The hairs on the nape of my neck raise, giving me just enough warning to dodge out of the way of a bolt of lightning thrown at me. So these things can use magic as well, that's so not fair.

It was annoying to have to only use [Shatterpoint], with my fire magic, as weak as it is, this would be a breeze. Stepping to the side of an Urd's firebolt I send glass flying, shredding the little fuckers wings. It drops to the ground, and I pounce on it, my knife plunging deep into it before it has a chance to recover.

+4 Gold

My SP was nearly gone, so I decided to let it regen a bit, fighting the few remaining Kobolds with my knife. One takes a wild swing at me, kicking it down quickly I stab it, the weakling dying immediately.

One hits me across the back with a wooden club, faltering as I stand and glare at it. My leg swung out, punting the tiny creature into one of the pools of lava, it's screams of pain echoing across the room.

+7 Gold

Level Up

The last of the Kobolds down, I look to see how the others are doing. Rappa and Death Arms were working as a team to wrestle a large serpentine dragon with two legs, while Magneto held another one in the air somehow.

Fire Lindwyrm

C-Rank Dragon

HP: 1500

MP: 250

They weren't there before, they must have shown up while I was preoccupied with the Kobolds and Urds. Death Arms manages to pin the Lindwyrm down, Rappa delivering a devastating blow to its head. Blue blood spurts out as it slumps down dead. Magneto sends the one he was holding flying, flashing through the wall on the far end of the cavern.

"An illusion. If I am not mistaken that shall be where we locate the boss," he says, slowly making his way over as he hovers above the rocky terrain. Avoiding any lava I hurry to catch up to him, matching his pace as I draw up beside him.

"So how did you do that, with the Lindwyrm," I ask, trying to be casual as I not so subtly dig for information. Judging by the amused look Magneto sends me I wasn't successful.

"All draconic Gate creatures have metallic bones. With my Magnetism is it a simple task, although I must admit it takes far more effort to control the higher ranked creatures." He explains as we come to the illusionary wall. Bracing ourselves we take the dive through.

The cavern is massive, the floor covered in obsidian with the back dominated by a pool of lava. And coiled in the center is a crimson dragon, his glowing amber eyes fixed on us.


Son of Kamish

A-Rank Dragon

HP: 50,000

MP: 30,000

"Ah, it is finally time. To finish what mine father started and aid in the destruction of the mortal world." I froze as the dragon speaks, hundreds of dagger-like teeth in his mouth.

Quest Added:

[Dragon Slayer]

Objective 1: Slay Kamish

Bonus Objective: Land the final blow

Rewards: 10,000 Gold, 50 Stat Points

Bonus Reward: Gatcha Token

"Kamui, get out of here. Tell them it's a Dragon, potential Gate Break scenario." Death Arms speaks softly, the wooden hero looks like he was going to argue, but realised that a dragon would have no chance of being caught by his quirk. He rushes out the back wall as the dragon stretches out.

Kalvaxus sucks in a deep breath and exhales, a flowing stream of molten flame thicker than a bus rippling out. Tengai creates a barrier around himself, Rappa and Death Arms as a rippling magnetic field surrounds Magneto. In a split second the obsidian on the floor surges up, creating a shield between me and the flames. I might not have needed it but it was wise to keep up appearances.

The moment the stream subsided Rappa jumps at the beast, sending a barrage of punches into its underbelly, Death Arms doing the same a moment later. Kalvaxus swipes at them, only for his arm to jerk backwards, Magneto straining to hold it in place long enough for a Barrier to form around the pair.

I try to help, sending waves of volcanic glass at the beast, but they were no more than a mild annoyance, unable to penetrate the thick scales. It was infuriating, Kalvaxus, despite not having harmed us yet, was more amused by our efforts than anything.

I wait for the perfect moment, and just as he sucks in another breath for the devastating fire attack I send obsidian flying, hundreds of razor sharp blade penetrating the soft roof of the dragons mouth sending spurts of blood flying as he lets out a bellow of pain.

His tail shoots out, swiping everyone into a wall with a thud. My ribs especially feel tender, as if broken. I already miss having stupidly powerful regeneration.

"Enough games, I should have slain you the moment you entered the Gate," the dragon roars, slashing at us. Tengai creates a Barrier around us, and Magneto creates one of his magnetic force fields layered on top of that. Obsidian swirls around it to further reinforce the one thing keeping us alive.

"Do dragons need their brains?" I shout out, watching my slowly draining stamina bar.

"Of course they do, WHY?" Magneto shouts, sweat beading on his brow.

"Because I have obsidian embedded in the roof of his mouth, if i can get to his head I can try and use it to wreck his brain," I bite back.

The man nods, turning to Rappa, Tengai and Death Arms, "You three need to keep him occupied for as long as possible." He turns back to me, "I can get you up there, but you will be alone."

"Well that's a risk I need to take." As the barrier drops and the other three rush out and I'm slowly lifted into the air, positioned behind the dragon. Swiftly I'm dropped onto him, I grab a horn and hold on, reaching out to the glass I can feel and drawing it upwards.

Kalaxus snarls, trying to dislodge me but failing, Magneto holding him in place. As the glass gets closer to his brain he begins to struggle against both the pain and Magneto, inching towards the lava. The moment before he dives in he freezes, his brain finally damaged enough by the obsidian to kill him.

The corpse slowly slides into the lava, with me running along the spine of the dragon. I jump just before it becomes fully submerged, landing on the rocky ground. Coughing, I lay on the cool shards of obsidian at the edge of the lava, concentrating. The glass lifts the very tip of the til out of the molten rock, enough for me to tap a finger on subtly.

+ Kalvaux's Corpse

Quest Complete:

[Dragon Slayer]

+ 10,000 Gold

+ 50 Stat Points

+ Gatcha Token

Level up x3

Groaning, I stand up, Rappa coming to support me as I stumble slightly. "Good job Kid," the villain says with surprising gentleness as he supports my weight, helping me out of the Gate.

We walk out, bruised but not broken, to a roaring cheer from the crowd. A large group of heroes had been gathered, including most of the top ten in response. Overhaul was also there, separate from everyone else, and the two villains head over to him. I stick around, on the outskirts of everything. I was unknown to everyone, no one seemed to want to approach although I could tell everyone was simply itching to.

The Gate becomes a hive of activity, crews entering to strip the place clean of anything usable. Eventually I was approached by one of the monster field butchers, people whose job it was to remove the monster cores before transport, a small leather bag in his hand.

He hands it over to me without a word, walking away to deliver several more of the bags. Inside were about a dozen glowing crystalline items, the monster cores.

E-Rank Magic Core


The magic core from an E-Rank monster, can be used in a variety of ways

Well that was informative. I pocket the bag, heading back to my home, the crowds parting for me as I get closer. It was difficult to find a place out of sight to unequip my costume, the Gate having drawn all sorts of people to it, but I eventually managed, hiding in an alleyway behind a bin.

I make the short trek back to my apartment, and slump down on the couch. I have fifty stat points to spend. I put ten into my Dex, Str and End, with twenty going into my Int to give me more magic.


Name: Arhain Dravenson


Level: 5 (67%)

Class: Pyromancer

Race: Human/Phoenix Hybrid

Damage Absorption: Fire

Damage Immunity: Radiant

HP: 1,100 (110/Second)
MP: 1,500 (50/Second)
SP: 1,100 (110/Second)

END: 22

STR: 20

DEX: 23

INT: 30

WIS: 10

CHA: 10

LCK: 10

Pulling out the wooden Gatcha Token I quickly snap it, the more power I can earn the better.

Infurnus Slug Summon Gem added

I can't help but smile at that one, Slugterra was as underrated as it was amazing. I immediately summon the slug, the gem shattering as the tiny orange and yellow slug appears.

Infurnace Slug

HP: 100
MP: 50

It's honestly stronger than I expected, I gently nudge the little guy as he jumps towards me, sticking to my hand. He wasn't slimy, but cool to the touch.

"I'm gonna call you Cinder," I tell him, he makes some little squeaking noises that I assumed were good. Heading to my kitchen I get a bowl, filling it with some food for the slug, mostly veg but a few chunks of meat. Leaving him to his meal, I began to prepare mine, because tomorrow I had the biggest challenge yet. School.

Update Successful

Unique Class: Slug Slinger is now available

SLugs can now be found in Gates

The blaring of my alarm wakes me up, far too early in my opinion as I wave away the pop-up, shambling to the kitchen. Cinder was already there, waiting for me to get him food. Quickly doing so I got ready, heading out after making sure there was no way for Cinder to escape.

Aldera was a stereotypical school, tall and lifeless. After reporting to the office I'm lead up to a classroom. The teacher, a balding man with a pot belly, gets me up to the front.

"This is our new transfer student, all the way from Scotland. Make him welcome class," He sounded lifeless, as if he couldn't care about anything.

"I'm Arhain Dravenson," I introduce myself, looking over the class and getting the shock of my life, Why the fuck are Midoryia and Bakugo fucking female.

Izumi Midoriya

All Might's Successor

HP: 110

MP: 000

Katsumi Bakugo

Queen Explosion Murder

HP: 150

MP: 000

I try my best to ingore it, taking the sole empty seat in the class, beside Midoriya. I offer her a smile and she turns away, blushing up a storm as she begins to mumble and mutter to herself.

The classes were boring, perhaps because of my Int stat but the end result was that all the work laid before me was completed with ease. It took far too long but the bell for lunch eventually rang as the students rushed out.

I begin to leave the empty room when something catches my eye, one of Midoriya's notebooks. Picking it up, I decide to take it to her, it would make for a great excuse for me to interact with her.

I find her in the cafeteria, sitting alone in the corner as she scrambles through her bag. I head over to her table, holding up the book.

"Looking for something?" I ask her, as her eyes go wide. I set the book down and she snatches it up, looking at me cautiously. "Mind if I sit?"

She nods slowly, and I sit, holding out my hand. "Arhain, Arhain Dravenson, and you are?"

"Izumi Midoriya," she says, shaking my hand. She spoke quietly, as if she didn't want to draw attention to herself.

We start talking, and as soon as hero's and quirks get mentioned she lights up. Talking animatedly neither of us notice anyone approaching until a hand slaps onto the table, a sharp pop and the sweet smell of caramel coming with it. Midoriya flinches away, retreating into herself as Bakugo sneers at us.

"So the shitty Deku has a boyfriend, any betting he's just as useless." Her two lackeys laugh like hyena's at the poor joke. Snarling I stand, causing her to take a few steps back as I tower over her.

"Piss off," I snarl, my knuckles cracking as my fists clench together.

"Make me," she bites back, her palm opening as an explosion sparks to life. It was childsplay to use [Thermoshape] to control the blast, sending the wave of force upwards towards the ceiling.

"Word of advice," I take a step forward, invading her personal space, "Don't use explosions against a pyrokinetic. My wings burst out, and a firebolt is summoned in each hand. She looks at me, before muttering an excuse and walking away, the other two following in her wake.

I dispel the flames, nudging Midoriya, "Why don't you stand up to her, she needs taking down a peg or two."

She cringes, "I'm quirkless." Her voice is a whisper, clearly expecting me to ditch her like the rest.

"And you still want to be a hero?" She nods, her eyes almost glowing.

"Well no offence, but you're a bit of a bean sprout. If you really wanna be a hero then you need to bulk up. I've got a private gym if you wanna use that after school?" She lights up as I say that.

"Are you sure?" she asks, disbelief in her voice.

"Course I am. But I might need your number," I say, a smirk on my face. She blushes crimson, holding out her phone to me.

Putting her number in my phone, I handed hers back as the bell rings.

"See you later Midoriya, its a date," I call back, causing her to blush harder and splutter.

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