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A Prime Beginning


That was the first thing Izuku registered as he returned to consciousness w-what's happening? he though with confusion. Why was he in pain? He couldn't remember as he drifted in the black void of his own mind the last thing I remember was…oh right, I saw a shooting star and made a wish…and then the star suddenly changed direction and came right at me and blinded me… he thought as he remember the white star and the burning feeling that fallowed as it shot into his chest.

But then what was happening now am I dying!? Is that why it hurts so bad? the poor boy thought in a panic as the pain started to become unbearable. Like his body was being reconfigured on the cellular level.

Izuku's mind fell into despair at that thought. He couldn't die yet! He still had his dream of becoming a hero! He couldn't let it go.

Before he could spiral further, the burning in his chest became even worse and he internally screamed in agony, and just when he felt like he was about to go insane from the pain, it suddenly abated with a static pop!

Izuku gasped with relief as he suddenly found he had a body in the black oblivion of his own mind, and clutch at his chest while breathing heavily "w-what…" he muttered between breathes before hesitatingly removing his hands and looking down at his chest, only to see a blue orb with particles in it like electrons, burst from his chest and float before him, while pulsing like a heartbeat

"What's happening to me?" Izuku asked the void as he gazed at the pulsing orb "I don't think I'm dead…or at least I hope I'm not…" he muttered as his mind kicked back into gear with the pain gone "then, is this the effect of someone's Quirk? But what kind of Quirk would do this? It could be a-muter-muter-muter-" and so he devolved into one of his famous muttering sprees as he tried to figure out what was going on.

Of corse the idea that this might be his Quirk, had crossed Izuku's mind, but he was afraid to get his hopes up. After all, what were the odds that his fleeting wish had been fulfilled.

Izuku's muttering was abruptly halted by a sudden zapping sound, like when the orb poped to life from his chest, and the orb glowed brightly in front of him and blinded him for a moment, forcing Izuku to cover his eyes.

Izuku un-covered his eyes to see a silhouette encompassing the orb for a moment as it continued to pulse to it's own rhythm "w-wha-" Izuku stuttered but then gasped as Izuku's heart seamed to skip a beat while the blue one did the same. Izuku clutched his chest as the process repeated itself, almost like the orb and his heart, were trying to synchronize their beats together, and as they got closer together, Izuku's vision flashed with each beat, until.


Explosions rang in Izuku's ears. A vision of a metal landscape, under a star filled sky with two moons, flashed before him momentarily.


Another beat and a bolt of energy whizzed by Izuku's ear as he saw robots coming at him with weapons raised.


Another beat, and Izuku found his arms replaced with red, blocky, metal ones with blue hands. He heard a shifting sound and felt his left hand and arm shifting until a yellow energy axe replaced his hand as he clashed with another robot with a spiked ball and chain, made of purple energy.


Izuku gasped as that raspy voice echoed in his head.

"One shall stand. One shall fall!"

Another powerful and more heroic voice sounded as Izuku looked around for the source of the voices.

Then, there was one final pulse and suddenly Izuku found himself completely immersed in the vision. His weak and skinny child's body replaced with that of a robot, with predominately red plates, save for his legs, hands and helm, with grates and window panels on his chest that gave him a very muscular appearance and bare faceplate and wheels on his legs.

More then that though. Izuku felt strong. He felt like what he imagined All Might felt like. With the strength to overcome anything and the wisdom of years of experience and of past heroes at his back…and with the crippling weight of an entire world and all those on it, weighing heavily on his shoulders, as he stood proudly. Never letting his burden show.

Then, suddenly, Izuku found himself lunging forward and clashing with another robot with silver plates and a similarly boxy build with red eyes and a massive cannon on his arm, and a head that somewhat resembled a bucket helmet.

The fighting was fierce and brutal and Izuku had no control over his actions, as if he was simply reliving a battle that had already happened, and yet he found himself completely invested in the fight, as he lost all sense of self. He felt his mind slipping. No not slipping, merging. He didn't know what was going on but he understood why he was fighting and he knew how.

"I'll rip out your optics!" The other robot threatened as they grappled. No not a robot, a Transformer. A Decepticon…Megaton. The names came to Izuku as if by instinct. Wait, was his name Izuku. Yes, but not just that. Another name filled his being. Another conciseness, another Soul…Another Spark.

Optimus Prime.

Yes that was his name too. Izuku/Optimus continued to do battle and as they did, the line between them became thinner and thinner as the battle continued and Izuku/Optimus knew exactly what to do. Strike here, dodge there, transform and maneuver around his opponent, then transform back and fire.

It was all so instinctual to them that Izuku was becoming lost in the fight. Izuku and Optimus were becoming lost in each other. But then, just as the battle reached it's climax.


An explosion ripped the two combatants apart Izuku/Optimus felt their body being ripped apart, sending a glowing blue liquid. Energon, he remembered, flowing from his now missing limbs as they were flung from the metal landscape that he now knew to be a ship, into the vacuum of space. The Ark. Yes that was the name of the ship, and they felt their body be broken down further by the swirling vortex, ripped into reality as they were sucked in.

All sense of time and space become meaningless as their body was broken down, leaving only the pulsing orb in their chest, which was now being absorbed into a spherical object in their chest with two handles and a crystal held, protected within.

Izuku stumbled in this thoughts when he became aware of this object and his mind was temporarily separated from Optimus as he made contact with it. Almost like it was blocking him for a moment. Oddly enough though, the object, for it was the one thing Izuku could not seam to instinctively know the name and purpose of, felt almost confused by his presence, merged with Optimus.

But soon enough their body was completely gone, leaving only the object they now resided within. Drifting though nothingness for who knows how long, until another rip in reality appeared before them and they fell though, drifting towards a very familiar planet.

They then began to fall into the planet's atmosphere and Izuku/Optimus could fell the Crystal within the object reaching out to any and all life around them. Searching for something.

Many promising conditions came and went. Others less promising. But then, a presence grazed past the object's senses. A pure and innocent presence, but with it also a determination unlike any other. A powerful will, like a blazing inferno to burn out all evil, the likes of which nether Izuku or Optimus had ever felt before.

And just like that, the object suddenly changed corse, heading to the presence it had felt like a beacon.

Izuku, in a brief moment when his mind fell out of sync with Optimus, thought that this object. This relic of pure power and wisdom and life, was heading for his hero. For All Might. So he was all the more shocked when he saw their destination and Izuku found himself staring at his own face, staring dumbly up at the burning fireball that had suddenly changed corse and was heading for him and imbedding itself in his chest. He had been so shocked by what had happened that him didn't even react or scream, and that's when something whet wrong.

The object was unable to properly merge with his purely organic form. And that was when the pain really hit him and he screamed at the top of his lounges "AAAAAHHHH!"

"Aaahhh!" Izuku screamed as his mind and soul collided with something and he and Optimus were forcefully separated and that's when the panic set in again what's happening to me? I almost lost myself in that he thought, distraught as his mind struggled to make sense of what he'd seen and experienced.

Before he could fall fully into his panic again though, Izuku felt a warm and calming embrace and looked up to see the blue orb again. No, not an orb, a Spark. That's what it was called.

Why is this happening? What is happening to me? Izuku thought as he began to feel overwhelmed by everything. But then there was that calming embrace again, causing Izuku to relax and he felt as if he could almost hear a voice whispering in his ear. But he was out of sync with the Spark again. He could no longer understand the other Soul with him properly.

Izuku looked to the blue Spark "was all of that you…Optimus Prime?" he asked as he remembered the name.

And like a switch being flipped, a ghostly image of the Prime appeared around the Spark, along with twelve others behind him. And behind all of them, a massive cluster of sparks appeared, swirling and dancing around each other, as they all called out in one unified voice "AT LONG LAST. A RECEPTIVE SPARK".

Izuku felt justifiably overwhelmed by what was happening as he stared up at the massive gathering of Sparks. No, Izuku now knew what it was. The All-Spark. The Matrix. The Oracle. Vector Sigma. Primus. It was all of these things and more. It was power beyond mortal compression.

Just as Izuku felt the weight of all that power, baring down on him as he hyperventilated, the ghost of Optimus Prime knelt to his level and even shrunk down his a more human size "do not be afraid, for we are here with you" he said with such a comforting and powerful voice as he set a mechanical hand on the boy's shoulder "it is not too late to undo what has happened to you, but should you accept this power and responsibility, then you shall never have to fight alone. What say you?" the Prime questioned.

There was a lot Izuku didn't understand about what was going on, and he suspected it would be a long time before he truly understood all of it. But this he understood. This one question.

He was being offered power and a responsibly. He was being given the chance to become a Hero.

Izuku felt his dream finally within reach and all his memories of all the bullying and being singled out as Quirkless, flashed before his eyes. It was so very tempting to say yes.

But one thing held him back.

"Are you sure?" Izuku asked with his head downcast. He sensed Optimus and the other ghosts behind him, shift slightly at the question. He had felt their judging gaze upon him ever since they had appeared, now they seamed curious "am I really worthy of this?" he asked as he looked up at Optimus. A being that he knew from their time merged, was just as great, if not greater the All Might. Then all the heroes of earth.

Optimus seamed thoughtful for a second before he started chuckling and shook his head "I thought the same thing when I was chosen. Even now I still think was was never worthy of it" he said as he thought back on his past "yes, I believe you are worthy. Even more so because you understand the weight of the responsibility" he answered with absolute certainty.

Optimus then became thoughtful again as he gazed down at Izuku "Izuku…you can become a hero" he said with finality.

Izuku's eyes widened and he collapsed to his knees, while gripping his chest as tears began to flow.

The words he so desperately wanted to hear all his life, and finally been said.

Izuku pulled himself back together though as he looked up at the Prime and gave a nod "I accept the responsibility" he said with a voice of determination and in spite of his bare face plate, Optimus seamed to radiate pride "very well" he said as he helped Izuku to his feet.

The well of Sparks then spoke again, with their unified voice "THE GREAT TRANSFORMATION AWAITS YOU IZUKU MIDORIYA. PREPARE TO BE REFORMATTED".

And with that, the pain Izuku felt before returned ten fold and he screamed at the top of his lounges as he was engulfed in light.

Izuku felt like his body was being torn apart and reassembled, he felt like his very soul was being squeezed and compressed as his chest burned again as the light consuming him consolidated in his chest until it suddenly ended with a bright flash.

Izuku found himself gasping in relief again as the pain faded and he looked down at his chest to see a clean hole and where his heart should be, there was a brilliant green Spark, pulsating rhythmically like the beat of the organ it had replaced.

Oddly, Izuku didn't feel panicked over what he was seeing. In fact he felt almost comforted by the warm, staticky pulse in his chest, and on top of that, the pain he felt all throughout his body had died down from agony to feeling more like growing pains. Almost like his body was finally adapting properly to the changes that were happening.

Izuku then looked to the rest of himself but it was still obscured by a brilliant glow. He then sensed the thirteen Primes before him moving and look up to see them closer but still obscured as they held up their hands and the Sparks all condensed into a Crystal, and around it formed a shell that floated down to Izuku before flying into his chest, but this time of fit perfectly into place and did not hurt. In fact Izuku had never felt more alive as power flowed through him as the Primes all proclaimed "ARISE DEKU PRIME!"

And with that, Izuku felt his mind fade as it was pulled from the void it had been floating in all this time.

Izuku gasped awake feeling somehow both numb and energized. His body felt sore and his chest ached, as he lay in a hospital bed.

The boy just laid their for a while was it all just a dream? he thought as he lay there dazed.

Eventually though, Izuku grunted as he sat up "D-Deku?…" a familiar voice called out, barely above a whisper and Izuku froze. He then turned his gaze to his right, to see none other then his former friend, Bokugo, standing there, staring at Izuku slack jawed, and next him was Izuku's mother "K-Kacchan?" he asked in shock. Of all the people to be by his bedside, Bokugo was the last person Izuku expected to see.


The poor boy didn't get the chance to question him though, as his mom came running over and rapped him in a hug while she cried up at the ceiling with enough force to strip paint.

Izuku seamed to snap out of it at that "m-mom?" He stuttered before hesitantly rapping his arms around her as his mind processed everything.

He was in a hospital, meaning he had been hurt pretty badly. That lined up with what he remembered, but what about everything he saw and felt? Was that all just a dream?

"Well, you gave us quite the scare there young man" an elderly voice called out and Izuku turned his gaze to the other side of the bed, to see none other then the medic hero herself "R-Recovery Girl!?" Izuku stuttered her name in surprise and the elderly hero smiled "this young man found you unresponsive and convulsing in pain, so he brought you here" she explained while gesturing Bokugo with her syringe cane before chuckling slightly "it appears that it was nothing to worry about after all though" she muttered with a shake of her head "congratulations kid, you are official the oldest person on record to manifest a Quirk" she said.

Izuku arched a confused eyebrow as he continued to pat his still crying mother on the back "what are talking about, I'm Quirk…less…" Izuku trailed off as he finally noticed how his body felt.

He felt powerful. He could feel power burning within his chest and his senses felt sharpened and even expanded. More then that though, he finally noticed the skin on top of his forearms, or rather the lack there of.

Izuku lifted a trembling hand to see the skin on top of his arms, wrist and top of his hands, were replaced with green metal like gauntlets, with circuits and cabling under a thin sheet of transparent material down the middle. The joints in his fingers and arms were now mechanical and hissed ever so slight like hydroelectrics, with each movement.

His mother finally let Izuku go enough for him to look down at himself and see that he was now more muscular, with more metal interspaced and woven into his muscles and bones. Recovery Girl then handed him a mirror and he saw that his green hair now glow slightly, along with his eyes, which now carried a mixture of mechanical and organic features, and his jaws seamed to be replaced with green metal.

Izuku stared at his reflection for a long moment with jaw unhinged. Taking in the perfect fusion of flesh and technology that was now his new Technorganic body.

Izuku then felt tears streaming down his face as joy filled his being. It hadn't all been a dream. His wish had really been granted. He had a Quirk.

It wasn't a real Quirk, Izuku knew that, but it was a power nonetheless and he could exactly explain how, he really got it. He didn't really understand it himself. But none of that mattered to Izuku at the moment, his dream was finally within reach.

"IZUKU!" The boy's mother called his name as she hugged him again, this time more with joy then worry and her son hugged her back as he too cried with joy.

Bokugo watched the pair for a moment "tch" he clicked his tong with a frown and he started his way to the door "K-Kacchan!?" Izuku called after him and Bokugo stopped, and glanced back at him with that angry look in his eye that Izuku was familiar with "so you got a Quirk now…Then make sure you don't end up in this place again!" He said and Izuku, in spite of all the times this had happened before, was still taken aback a little.

Bokugo then turned to face the door again "and remember, I'm going to be number one someday, so don't even think of getting in my way damn nerd!" he called back as he left the room.

While the others had less then nice things to say about Bokugo, Izuku ignored them as he stared after his former friend. That was about the usual response he would expect but still, Kacchan stayed with me even after getting me here Izuku though. Perhaps there was a slim chance that they could patch up their broken friendship in the future.

Izuku set that thought aside though as he placed a hand over his chest and felt the power burning inside and pulsing in tune with his Spark.

Izuku had knowledge in his head that he didn't understand and powers that he needed to learn to control, and a face of determination set in over him as he thought this.

Just then, Izuku gasped in shock as his eyes glowed brighter and he saw it. A vision from the Matrix.

Izuku stood proudly on a cliff in the sunset, wearing his normal clothes. Then he turned with clenched fists and fire in his eyes, as red lines appeared on his body, accompanied by green lightning. And then a green glow fallowed it as it focused and consolidated until it sparked to life in his chest and moved over his body, changing him. Transforming him.

When the light faded, Izuku now looked more like a robot, in the same design as the hero costume he drew in his notebook so long ago. He had a face plate, like a respirator for his lower face and the top was a green helm with two antennae, like bunny ears, sticking out the top and backwards. They also twitched and shifted occasionally in response to sounds.

Izuku then crouched as the green lightning surged around him before he shot forward while throwing a punch.

And like that, the vision ended and Izuku smiled as the glow in his eyes faded, and he knew this was his first step in becoming world's greatest hero.

Meanwhile, in another realm of existence.

"Are we absolutely sure about this organic" Liege Maximo, one of the Primes, voiced his concerns over the new bearer of the Matrix.

Optimus Prime crossed his servos over his chest "we all witnessed the boy's past while I was merged with him. He has the potential to unlock the Matrix" he said with conviction, as his form was oddly corporeal as opposed to his counterparts, here in the Realm of the Primes.

"Perhaps, but it is also possible that your reasoning is influenced by said merging" Quintus Prime spoke up next, drawing the ire of Alchemist Prime "then clearly you weren't paying attention through the whole ordeal" he jabbed back.

"ENOUGH!" a voice boomed, before an argument could brake out and they all turned their optics to Prima in all of his glory "what we think of the matter is irrelevant. It is the will of Primus that the boy bear the Matrix and one day unlock it's power" the first Prime stated with finality, silencing them all.

Vector Prime then appeared next to him, also corporeal like Optimus, as he sliced his way into the realm with his sword, since he was still alive unlike the others "indeed, did none of you see the vision of Oracle! The great feats he will accomplish!" he spoke, being fully aware of all that had transpired, thanks to his mastery of time.

The Primes were effectively spit on their opinions of young Izuku, but the reluctant ones among them held their tongs.

Optimus sighed before turning his gaze back to the void and beyond. In spite of his body being destroyed, he was not actually dead, only resting stasis with the Matrix, waiting to be revived. But even in his current state, he couldn't help but think on what was to come.

The Ark was still out there somewhere, along with the Autobots and Decepticons, and Izuku would one day have to face them too. But there was something else out there too. An ancient evil that devoured entire worlds. And that too Izuku would have to face.

Optimus saw all of this from where he stood, ready to help the young boy when he was needed. He knew that Izuku was wrong about one thing though. This was not his first step to becoming the world's greatest hero.

This was his first step in becoming the universe's greatest hero.

The End.