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"Take cover!" yelled Sirius as he ducked behind a building. He shrunk his shoulders when the bricks exploded, chewing out the wall, leaving only a few inches of the wall beside his body. "This wasn't in the information I was given!"

Kingsley whipped his wand, and the ground rumbled and rose up to form a stampede of horses running towards the Death Eaters around the corner. He waited a second before stepping out of his cover and shooting two Death Eaters in the face and chest. "Deal with it, and start clearing."

"But, how?!" said Sirius over the explosions. "The spells are bouncing of Giants!" He could see the hulking red monstrosity that towered over the buildings; they dug their beefy hands into the buildings and rained the rubble all around. If it was just the Giant and a couple of the guys from his team, they could've taken the Giant out, but it wasn't that scenario— while they targetted the Giant, there were other Death Eaters dumping magic over them.

"Deal with it, he says," Sirius spat as he stepped out and pointed his wand over the building at the Giant that waved its tree trunk size club over the buildings and streets. "Avada Kedavra!"— he cursed, but as the killing green flew towards the Giant, it passed through a ward that rippled and the next moment, a silver shield conjured in the air that blocked the instant kill magic. "Shit!" Another problem — every Giant seemed to have a ward around them that appeared to detect the Killing curse and conjured silver shields to protect them.

The Giant, who had just been shot at, turned to look towards Sirius and, with a roar, began to stomp his way toward him; every step brought about an earthquake that shook the village.

"Shit!" Sirus cursed again; he could feel the tremors in his hear

"Move out!" he heard Kingsley shout.

Sirius didn't need to be told twice. He immediately apparated out, and the image in his mind was the place that he used to visit many a time during his time at Hogwarts. The broken house, Shrieking Shack, was still as horrific as it had been all those years ago— still one of the most frightful-looking things he had seen. Unlike the rest of the village, Shrieking Shack was calm and without conflict— it felt nice, but he knew he couldn't stay here. He needed to back to support his fellow Aurors against the Death Eaters.

He cracked his back and apparated back into the village right outside Three Broomstick, and immediately he was in the middle of the battlefield. He saw a lanky man not in Death Eater robes turn towards him. Both of them immediately upped their wands, and magic craked the air. Sirius stepped forth, and his magic grew a level to overpower his opponents, pushing him back without restriction.

But then he sensed something to his right. He pushed his magic forward to push back his opponent before conjuring a wooden shield to his right, a correct decision as it stopped a green glow.

"Two against one, eh," he flicked his wrist, and the dust around the street settled, and his two assailants moved closer to each other. "Don't do that," he grinned and ripped an area-wide fire spell that threatened to engulf them. Screams scratched the street as Sirius waited a couple of seconds before canceling the cursed fire from over his opponents.

"That's two down," he grinned, but then it jammed on his face.


He heard the sound of wood being strained. Sirius turned back and saw a figure squatting over the Three Broomstick, looking down at him. The next moment, the figure jumped, and at that moment, he saw the fangs and sharp nail claws barred toward him.

It was a Vampire.


A spell struck the jumping vampire and sent him flying to the ground. The Vampire yelped and screamed as a yellow spell dragged him through the dirt until half of his body was inside the ground.

Sirius turned, and his nerves turned taut at the sight of Invisible Vigilante standing a few paces away from him. He immediately pointed his wand towards him.

"You— !" he hissed.

"Hmm. . . what? Why are you wasting your time pointing your wand at me? Point it at Death Eaters. Take care of that Vampire before you leave," came from the masked vigilante before he turned away.


The masked man turned and asked, "What?"

"Were you at the resort today?"

". . . As I told your superiors, I do not have time to play with Death Eater's children. To make myself clear, I was not there. Now do your job," saying that he flew away.

Sirius watched as the Invisible Vigilante flew towards the Giant, and multiple glowing red chains appeared from his body and stabbed into the Giant's body, making it shriek in pain. It tried to smash him with its club, but an explosion knocked back its arm before ice grew over the Giant's body in various spots. Within a minute, the Invisible Vigilante had taken down a Giant.

"Damn it!" Sirius felt he need to contribute too. He stepped towards the Vampire only to be thrown to the side by a shockwave caused by a massive explosion. He groaned in pain but got to his feet, focused his blurry eyes towards the north of the village, and saw lights flashing somewhere, bright enough to be visible above the houses.


o - o -O - o - o


Quinn had just knocked out the Giant and the Death Eaters supporting it when he felt the whiplash of some powerful magic approaching him. He exerted his own magic and canceled out the incoming force.

'They already started fighting,' he thought, peering at the exchange of magic happening in the distance. "You're fighting too close to the village," he muttered, "move away. . ." He knew what kind of damage could happen if those two fought. There were people nearby who would be caught up in their fight as collateral damage, which would defeat the process of him helping the Aurors.

Quinn removed his eyes from the fight between Dumbledore and Voldemort; he lowered himself to the ground and made sure to put enough magic into the Giant to ensure he wasn't waking up for at least a day or two. As for the other Death Eaters, he had struck them hard enough that they were in no condition to be doing anything. He would've used Tetani Nervum, but the spell took time to complete its effect, and he didn't have that kind of time— he was going to knock them out and let Aurors do the clean-up.

'Business as usual—'

His thoughts were interrupted when he felt magic behind him and conjured a physical shield to have the best chance of blocking whatever it was. The metallic shield was struck with a spell, got dented, but retained its integrity.

"Found you~," said a gruff voice in a sing-song voice.

Quinn turned, and for a moment, he thought someone had cast an illusion spell on him, but that thought was ridiculous and only lasted half a second before he realized he was staring at reality. The reality of Fenrir Greyback standing in front of him, standing on his two feet and holding a wand in his hand.

"How?" he asked. He usually only took arms, but in the case of Fenrir Greyback, he had taken the Werewolf's arms and legs when he had infiltrated Hogwarts. . . it was a decision to make sure the Werewolf had no mobility.

"Dark Lord's favor," said Fenrir, spreading his arms wide, flexing his fingers. "I have been waiting for this for so long. . . I can taste my desire to rip your arms off your body, pull off your legs, wring out your guts, and feed them to the young ones. . . a treat!"

"If I knew you would be spouting this bullshit, I would have killed that night," said Quinn. Dark Lord was able to reverse Tetani Nervum; that wasn't a good sign, not a good sign at all.

"Too late for that now."

"Any other dear victims I need to be aware of?"

Fenrir hmphed. "As if anyone else could be as miraculous as me. I'm the great Fenrir Greyback, a Werewolf, superior to your kind. Magic wanted me to wield and thus allowed the Dark Lord to heal me. No one else was worthy of this honor."

"You speak too much," said Quinn. No one else was cured? That was excellent. 'There must be something in the Lycanthrope physiology that was able to shake off my curse,' he thought. It made him curious and made him want to keep Fenrir alive for experimentation, but— "You will be dying today," he preferred for this insanity to be dead.

"We will see about that!" Fenrir raised his wand and shot a Killing curse at Quinn, who didn't even move and conjured a wooden square to block it.

"I defeated you that day; what makes you think today will be any different," said Quinn as he kept on dodging, deflecting, countering Fenrir's magic effortlessly.

Fenrir grunted in frustration. He stuffed his wand into his pocket and retrieved a potion vial.

"What is that?" asked Quinn, cautious.

"Another favor," said Fenrir, grinning. He popped the cork and downed the liquid in one gulp. He threw the vial, breaking it on the ground, and started laughing maniacally. "He was right; I can feel it! I CAN FEEL IT!"

There was a terrible snarling noise. Fenrir's head lengthened. So did his body. His shoulders hunched down. Hair spouted visibly on his face and hands, which then curled into clawed paws. The Werewolf reared, snapping its long jaws.

Quinn straightened his back. He glanced up at the sky; the moon in the evening sky wasn't a full moon. Fenrir shouldn't be able to transform. He then glanced at the broken vial on the ground.

"The Dark Lord is becoming an annoyingly growing problem," said Quinn. Voldemort had created a potion that could trigger the Werewolf transformation without the presence of the full moon. "He is going to be killed today."

"Fool! The Dark Lord can't die," growled Fenrir. It was impressive that he could speak while in his current form. "And you need to worry about yourself because I'm going to kill you right now!" Saying that he charged toward Quinn, who calmly raised his hand and shot a dark curse. Fenrir crossed his arms and received it. "It's no use! I'm invicible—" but before he could complete the sentence, Fenrir collapsed to the ground.

Quinn looked down at his feet, at the convulsing Fenrir, who shook violently.

"W-What did-d you do-o-o?"

Quinn shrugged. He said, "You were never a threat. I just had to get some information out of you," he tapped his temple. "It is pitful that you did not notice. If not, do you think I would have not struck you down the moment you opened that maw of yours?"

Even though he couldn't find how Voldemort had fixed Fenrir, he could see flashes of Voldemort brewing the potion that Fenrir had used to transform, and only him. Which was good because it meant that Voldemort was the only one capable of brewing it. He also had the location of the base.

'I will go and eradicate that house afterward,' he thought.

"Time to rest, Greyback," said Quinn as he faced his palm towards the Werewolf.

"NOoooOOoooO—" . . . with the last yelp, the might Werewolf drew his last breath.

Quinn looked down at the dead Fenrir for a moment, and a plan formed in his mind.


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Fenrir Greyback - Werewolf - Second chance; never stood a chance.

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